Zenonzard Best Cards Tier List: The Best Legend Cards for Building Powerful Decks

Bandai Namco’s Zenonzard: Artificial Card Intelligence remains to expand in appeal, getting to leading areas of the card classification on the Google Play Store in numerous nations, and also furthermore keeping mostly favorable customer testimonial rankings on both mobile systems. The preliminary experience can be frustrating provided the quantity of details you require to find out yet with your friend AI and also a little time and also persistence, also overall newbies in the style can swiftly take pleasure in and also obtain hooked on this card combatant video game.

Your friend AI can assist you develop your preliminary decks to utilize in fight and also the fast tutorial basically aids you develop your very own effortlessly too. Though it will certainly take you a great deal of time to gather every single card, the quantity of cards you have in your collection that continues expanding can make it a difficulty to develop on your own a deck. Of training course, the leading decks are readily available for you to see yet possibilities are that you will certainly need to invest a whole lot even more time to be able to replicate them specifically. While waiting to do so, the most effective training course to take is to recognize the most effective cards in the video game that acts as your “base card” where you will certainly develop your deck around.

If you have actually simply begun playing the video game or still at the phase of downloading it, you ought to review our Zenonzard newbie’s overview as it reviews all the standard attributes and also auto mechanics and also includes a number of straightforward ideas and also approaches to assist you at the beginning of your experience. For this overview we will certainly be solely providing the most effective legend-rarity cards in our point of view so if you take place to have them in your collection or would certainly be rerolling on your account, you ought to take into consideration constructing around them.

best cards in zenonzard

For our rate listing, we thought about general effect together with convenience of making use of and also expense. There are a great deal of effective cards in Zenonzard, also throughout numerous qualities. While some might be a little bit depending on specific motifs or various other deck parts, some can be really beneficial and also reliable by yourself. Again, we wish to stress and anxiety that this rate listing, like any type of various other, is very opinionated.

Likewise, if you have actually played various other prominent CCGs like Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh!, some cards that expand also effective can be limited and even prohibited. Given that Zenonzard has actually simply obtained launched and also extra cards are most definitely en route, several of the cards we will certainly provide below might differ in effectiveness and also prospective based upon the effect of brand-new cards.

Zenonzard S-Class Cards

Lachesis– Decider of Fate [Neutral – Cost 9N – BP: 500 – DP: 1]

lachesis zenonzard

Zenonzard card fights are normally a race to bring the challenger’s life indicate no. While gamers can additionally shed as a result of collection fatality, or lacking cards to attract, lowering life factors is the basic means to go. Regardless of just how the fight is going, if you have the ability to switch over among your Force’s factors with the challenger’s life factors, after that the fight will immediately remain in your support generally.

Lachesis is a little tough to mobilize with 9 neutral mana as a demand yet still manageable no matter your deck’s shade. In an environment-friendly deck that creates mana quick or a white deck that can relatively secure your Force till you prepare to mobilize her, Lachesis can be your secret to a very easy success.

Muo– The Sword of Kanatana [Yellow – Cost: 2Y 3N – BP: 500 – DP: 2]

muo zenonzard

For a mobilizing expense of just 5 mana, Muo’s BP and also DP are in fact pointless. Muo’s capability alone to disable all minion capacities, unless they are yellow, is the outright deal-breaker. A great deal of the minion’s worths are in fact based upon their capacities rather than BP and also DP and also closing them down with Muo can seriously spoil any type of deck’s technique.

Wallace– The Courageous [Neutral – Cost: 6N – BP: 600 – DP: 2]

wallace zenonzard

A Wild Land card that sets you back just 6 neutral mana to enhance all various other minions’ BP by 100 and also DP by 1 is currently excellent sufficient on any one of the areas. There are no problems to please too for his increases to trigger. This card’s worth just blows up considering you can lodge it on any type of deck making use of any type of shade and also still make a hardly-themed succinct develop endangering.

Zenonzard A-Class Cards

Acemy– Conjurer of the Shining Wing [Yellow – Cost: 0 – BP: 100 – DP: 0]

acemy zenonzard

With each shade in Zenonzard showing off an one-of-a-kind evoker that summons an effective, developing minion, Kanatana does not drag in regards to the mobilized arcana’s capacities. Ruler of the Azure– Of Acemy can be taken into your hand from the collection as soon as Acemy is positioned on your base. By default, Ruler of the Azure can return an opponent minion with 400 BP or much less to the proprietor’s hand whenever he assaults.

He can be developed whenever you mobilize a bird minion and also at degree 2, the returned minion goes to the base of the deck rather than the challenger’s hand. Once Ruler of the Azure advances to degree 3, he will certainly go back to energetic state whenever a bird minion assaults your challenger’s life.

Alezan– King of the Deep [Blue – Cost: 3B 5N – BP: 800 – DP: 2]

alezan zenonzard

The expense of 8 mana, with 3 blue mana, can be fairly frustrating to also consider when taking into consideration cards to develop about on, his raw power in mix with his control abilities can truly transform the trend of fight. Alezan can go up to 3 minions from your base to the area in energetic state after being mobilized, and also he can have any one of the opposing minions pull back to base whenever he assaults.

Baldrod– The Blazing Demon [Neutral – Cost: 7N – BP: 700 – DP: 2]

baldrod zenonzard

Being able to immediately damage an opposite minion with 1200 BP or reduced at the expense of having each of your Forces to take a damages is a reasonable sufficient bargain nevertheless you check out it. Baldrod being a neutral minion makes this card important as you can press him on any type of deck. Preferably, however, using him purposefully particularly in the late video game can be extra helpful. If you have just 1 or no Force left, after that there will certainly be no downside for mobilizing him.

Belphegor– King of Sorrow [Purple – Cost: 3P 5N – BP: 800 – DP: 2]

belphegor zenonzard

Speed is a variable to take into consideration in every suit. While cards that have high expenses can place you in danger of them not also making it to the combat zone, very carefully planning around survival till they do can result in a very easy roadway to success as soon as you be successful in mobilizing them. Belphegor’s expense of 8, with 3 purple mana, can make him appear frustrating to function about with yet his capacities simply can not feature a reduced expense.

Once he is mobilized, challengers need to pay an added expense of 1 to mobilize area minions. Even extra scary is that whenever Belphegor assaults, you reach restore any type of area minion card from your garbage back right into the area. The revitalized minion’s mobilize results will certainly not set off yet the just various other constraint is that you can not restore an additional Belphegor card.

Emeli– Conjurer of the Burning Embers [Red – Cost: 0 – BP: 100 – DP: 0]

emeli zenonzard

Aguma’s leading evoker, Emeli can grab Inferno Ring– Of Emeli from your deck and also right into your hand. Infrerno Ring sets you back 2R 3N, has 500 BP and also 2 DP, that can immediately deal 200 BP to 2 opposing minions. You can advance both the evoker and also the arcana whenever you mobilize a dwarf minion, among Aguma’s major courses. Inferno Ring offers Dwarves the Charge capability at degree 2, and also will just permit your red minions to be obstructed by adversary minions with a minimum of the exact same quantity of BP at degree 3.

Flare Zaura– The Superior [Red – Cost: 1R 6N – BP: 700 – DP: 2]

flare zaura zenonzard

Flare Zaura is in fact sub-par by default with just a triggered result of lowering an opponent minion’s BP by 500 for the turn he is mobilized. Once energetic and also improved with 1 red mana, he changes right into Flare Zaura– The Ignited Emperor, with 1000 BP, fee, will certainly decrease all opposing minions’ BP by 300, and also allows you attract a card when he assaults the challenger’s life. Considering whatever, the card draw capability is what makes him tick.

Jade Karajan– The Maestro [Blue – Cost: 2B 3N – BP: 500 – DP: 2]

jade karajan zenonzard

Token decks been available in numerous types in numerous CCGs. Though there are numerous decks you can produce with symbols in Zenonzard, Jade’s charm originates from the family member inexpensive of 5 and also the problem that you reach have a token whenever you play a spell. Blue is residence to a great deal of effective spells anyhow and also 200BP, 1DP merman are not that poor, particularly if you have Wallace about.

Lahrs– The Master Conjurer [Neutral – Cost: 0 – BP: 100 – DP: 0]

lahrs zenonzard

As an evoker, Lahrs can get effective minions from your collection and also right into your hand quick. Because of neutral shade, you can additionally press him right into any type of deck. Samurai Spirit– Of Lars, Ryu Jin Terra– Of Lars, and also Shin Ryu Aether– Of Lars are neutral minions each effective in their very own right. Samurai Spirt functions finest in decks that have extra evokers.

Millie– Celestial Tree Guard [Green – Cost: 2G 2N – BP: 600 – DP: 1]

millie zenonzard

While Demete area is residence to a great deal of effective minions with substantial BPs as well as additionally substantial expenses, a great deal of the minions with reduced expenses additionally succeed. Millie’s expense of 4 for a BP of 600 is remarkable sufficient yet what makes her attract attention is the capability to place an added adversary minion to relax whenever you target one minion to pull back too. Forcing adversary minions right into a remainder state is amongst Green’s specialized, so you will certainly never ever have deficiency of cards to make best use of Millie’s unique capability.

Orka– The Turbulent [Blue – Cost: 1B 6N – BP: 700 – DP: 2]

orka zenonzard

With collection control being amongst Blue’s specializeds, Having numerous cards with those capacities can assist you obtain the cards you require faster than various other shades. Orka allows you pick 1 from 3 cards on top of your collection to contribute to your hand after disclosing it to the challenger, leaving the remainder at the end of the collection. His stamina originates from remaining in energetic state and also improved with 1 blue mana.

Once he changes right into Orka– The Tempestuous King, he obtains Charge, blue minions gain Infiltrate till end of turn, and also your blue mana ends up being energetic if he deals damages. 7 mana might be a little tough for a blue deck to muster up, once you mobilize and also change him, he can be your prime finisher.

Sylvie– The Windrider [Green – Cost: 2G 4N – BP: 600 – DP: 2]

sylvie zenonzard

Using an environment-friendly deck offers you a great deal of good Nymphs to pick from and also with Sylvie mobilized, Nymphs presently in your base will certainly be changed to energetic condition, making it possible for even more mana schedule and also improving mobilizing capacity. When an enhanced minion assaults too, you can place an opponent minion in remainder state.

Rita– The Flawless [Neutral – Cost: 7N – BP: 700 – DP: 2]

rita zenonzard

Just like Baldrod, Rita can get rid of an opponent whenever she is mobilized. The exact same opts for when you mobilize a minion coming from the Sable Knight course. While there are no minimum BP problems, she can just get rid of neutral-colored minions. Although you might ultimately battle with a challenger that has no neutral minions in his/her deck, Rita will certainly still confirm her well worth as a damages of 1 versus the adversary’s life factors are brought upon when there are no lawful targets in play. Note that there are various Sable Knights under the Aguma (red), Demete (eco-friendly), and also Wild Land (neutral) areas.

Schniden– Cyborg Samurai of Machinas [White – Cost: 2W 3N – BP: 600 – DP: 2]

schniden zenonzard

Most decks in Zenonzard depend on magic cards not simply to sustain the gamer and also the minions, yet additionally to have something up your sleeve throughout the flash stage. With Kanatana (yellow) being the only shade that concentrates on summonging throughout the flash stage, all various other shades can be conveniently maimed if you take their capability to utilize magic cards away.

Schniden can disable a challenger’s capability to trigger magic cards supplied that your minion coming from the android or arcana course assaults throughout the turn. There gets on scarcity of either course in Machinas, so it is relatively simple to function about Schniden’s capability.

Serah– Conjurer of the Metallic Steed [White – Cost: 0 – BP: 100 – DP: 0]

serah zenonzard

Machinas’ evoker, Serah, summons Chrome Charger from your collection to your hand. Though the expense of Chrome Charger is 2W 5N and also just has 600 BP and also 2 DP, its capability to decrease adversary minions’ BP by 100 for each factor your Force with highest possible worth has, can provide a big benefit. Summoning and also android course minion can advance both the evoker and also the arcana to the following degree.

When you have an android minion in play and also Chrome Charger goes to degree 2, Chrome Charger can not be targeted by the challengers results and also magic. Chrome Charger at degree 3 goes to an entirely various degree as minions from the android course will certainly constantly win in fight versus the challenger’s minions no matter BP.

Twin-Horned Treewalker– The Impaler [Green – Cost: 3G 7N – BP: 1500 – DP: 0]

twin-horned treewalker

A huge piece of raw power, Twin-Horned Treewalker will barely have anybody to match its BP when it enters play particularly given that mana manufacturing is just one of Demete’s unique characteristics. The mobilizing expense of 10, with 3 eco-friendly mana, is relatively simple for eco-friendly decks to accumulate. At the really the very least, there are much less risks for such a pricey minion given that he can not be targeted by the challenger’s results. He additionally makes 1 DP for each eco-friendly mana in your base so at the minimum, his DP must be 3.

Vicerave– The King [White – Cost: 3W 5N – BP: 1000 – DP: 2]

vicerave zenonzard

An overall mobilizing expense of 8 can be frightening yet Vicerave is absolutely worth it. Each of the challenger’s minions are required to obstruct a strike from your minions as soon as Vicerave remains in play. With a BP of 1000, Vicerave can absolutely get rid of the opposing minions one at a time and also whenever Vicerave or any one of your minions win a fight, you deal 1 damages to your challenger’s life and also each of his/her Forces.

Yahmy– Conjurer of Everlasting Night [Purple – Cost: 0 – BP: 100 – DP: 0]

yahmy zenonzard

Each shade in Zenonzard has an evoker that can mobilize effective minions and also both evoker and also summoner can advance. Yahmy is Thanatos Region’s prime evoker that can Andoros– Of Yahmy from your collection to your hand. With 2P 3N, you can mobilize Andoros, that has 500 BP and also 1 DP, and also damage an opponent minion with an expense of 4 or reduced. Summoning a skeletal system minion advances both Yahmy and also Andoros, making Andoros a lot more effective.

Ziren– Binder of Souls [Yellow – Cost: 2Y 4N – BP: 500 – DP: 2]

ziren zenonzard

There are a great deal of minions with even more raw power at the expense of 6 mana yet Ziren’s capability to disable definitely any type of minion for a complete turn makes him a beneficial yellow minion in our publication. Once he enters play, you reach pick an opposite minion which minion will certainly not have the ability to strike, block, or relocate till completion of the challenger’s following turn.

Zenonzard B-Class Cards

Amelia– The Drifter [Yellow – Cost 1Y 4N – BP: 500 – DP: 1]

amelia the drifter zenonzard

To begin, Amelia has Swoop, which suggests you can mobilize her throughout theFlash Phase If a challenger’s minion has actually been gone back to their hand, Amelia’s mobilizing expense ends up being 0. At the beginning of your turn or whenever you mobilize a Sovereign Blade minion, she can recover a life factor if you have much less than 4 and also gains 300 BP if you have 4 or even more life factors.

Amelia– The Swift Dragon Rider [Red – Cost: 2R 4N – BP: 500 – DP: 2]

amelia the swift dragon rider zenonzard

As a staple demand for Sable Knight/ Swift decks, Amelia can swiftly renew released minions with her unique capability. Whenever Amelia or any type of various other Sable Knight is mobilized, opposing minions shed 200 BP and also your Sable Knight or Swift course minions gain 200 BP. After she assaults, the expense of the following Sable Knight you mobilize is lowered to 0.

Frieren– Lord of Dreadfrosts [White – Cost: 3W 6N – BP: 1000 – DP: 3]

frieren zenonzard

The expense of 9 mana with 3 white mana can take a while to stockpile yet Frieren is one end video game minion you would certainly wish to improve the rival area. With 1000 BP, assaulting and also dealing damages allows him to eradicate the challenger’s lowest-costing minions. This suggests that he can get rid of greater than 1 minion if they share the exact same expense. As an included perk, Frieren can just be obstructed by Dragons and also Dragonewts.

Griphone– Machine of the Arctic [White – Cost: 1W 6N – BP: 700 – DP: 2]

griphone zenonzard

Griphone’s result of allowing you attract 2 cards and also throwing out 2 after is in fact a respectable capability if utilized purposefully to assist you have much better cards at hand. Griphone, however, beams after obtaining improved as Griphone– Droid of the Tundra has Charge, offers all your minions 100 BP and also Resurge, and also go back to energetic state after winning a fight with an additional minion.

Helix– The Tri Lance [Blue – Cost: 2B 4N – BP: 600 – DP: 1]

helix zenonzard

Helix can relocate 1 of your minions from base to the area in energetic state when he assaults and also obtains 100 BP and also 1 DP whenever any type of minion relocates from base to the area. Definitely more powerful if even more remain in play.

Magma Fang– Lord of Blazefires [Red – Cost: 3R 6N – BP: 900 – DP: 3]

magma fang zenonzard

Magma Fang is absolutely a difficulty to mobilize right into the area once you do, he is a pressure to be considered. Once he assaults, you can promptly damage an opponent minion with 500 BP or reduced leaving much less problems to obstruct his 3 DP. Beyond the immediate kill, he can mobilize a dragon right into play whenever he immediately ruins an opponent minion and also the dragon has a BP of 500 and also DP of 2. As an incentive, just dragons and also dragonewts can obstruct Magma Fang whenever he assaults.

Marya– Knight of Poseido [Blue – Cost: 2B 4N – BP: 500 – DP: 2]

marya zenonzard

With a simple 500 BP, Marya ought to not be as certain to strike the adversary yet with infiltrate, or the capability to be just obstructed by minions with the exact same expense, you can have her strike more frequently. You would certainly wish to strike with Marya as commonly as you can because whenever she does, you reach recover one magic card approximately an expense of 5 from your garbage back right into your hand.

Solo– Lit Dragon Blade [Red – Cost 1R 6N – BP: 600 – DP – 2]

solo zenonzard

Solo can raise your motion by 1 if you have no minions in play when you mobilize him and also for the turn, will certainly have your mana with an increase result proceed its result also while in remainder state. Solo might not go over whatsoever before being improved once he changes right into Solo– Relentless Dragon Blade, he will certainly have fee and also go back to energetic state, providing an additional possibility to strike. When he changes too, your challenger’s neutral mana gets in the remainder state, leaving a whole lot much less shocks you require to bother with.

Solrakia– Lord of Sunflares [Green – Cost: 3G 6N – BP: 1000 – DP: 3]

solrakia zenonzard

An overall mobilizing expense of 9 will certainly be testing for each various other shade yet eco-friendly is, naturally, residence to quick mana generation. On top of the 1000 BP and also 3 DP, what makes Solrakia important is the capability to have actually minions mobilized throughout the challenger’s turn entered play in remainder state, decreasing the challenger’s rate. Solrakia additionally can just be obstructed by dragons and also dragonewts, making his 3 DP a frustration for unfavorable challengers.

Vahn Jean– Bearer of Fruition [Green – Cost: 2G 3N – BP: 500 – DP: 2]

vahn jean zenonzard

Demete Region is absolutely understood for creating mana swiftly yet Vahn Jean most definitely takes it up a notch. She gets in remainder state when relocated to base yet as for paying expenses of permits, she offers 3 eco-friendly mana to make sure that you can have all your large baddies out in no time at all.

Victoria– The Gilded Knight [Green – Cost: 3G 3N – BP: 800 – DP: 2]

victoria zenonzard

The 800 BP for 6 mana is in fact currently a reward and also the greatest disadvantage is the 3G in the expense. In any type of situation, if you are utilizing an environment-friendly deck, after that possibilities are that you will certainly have a great deal of eco-friendly mana. Victoria gains 1 DP, Charge, and also Resurge when you contend the very least 7 life factors. This suggests she can promptly strike the turn she is mobilized and also will certainly additionally go back to energetic state at the end of your turn. These conditional capacities will certainly often be energetic given that Victoria recovers 1 life factor whenever a challenger’s minion gets in the remainder state.

Zenonzard C-Class Cards

Aegis– Origins 2 [Red – Cost: 2R 5N – BP: 700 – DP: 2]

aegis zenonzard

Golem Decks are probably the most effective when it pertains to token uses And Aegis ruins all your symbols when he enters play, changing them with a Token Golem M each. Chances are that what you will certainly have are the reduced variations of Golems so having more powerful ones can most definitely transform the trend. Aegis additionally features fee, which suggests he can strike the exact same turn he is mobilized in the area.

Broona– Conjurer of the Magus [Blue – Cost: 0 – BP: 100 – DP: 0]

broona zenonzard

Every legend-rarity evoker is important in our publication although Broona slides a little behind the others. Juy– Of Broona, which is the arcana that Broona brings from your collection right into your hand, can relocate a challenger’s minion with an expense of 5 or reduced right into their base an in remainder state. At degree 2, utilizing a magic card with an expense of 3 or even more returns the arcana to its energetic state. At degree 3, magic cards in your hand expense 1 much less to bet each Merfolk in play.

Cedar Treewalker– The Chilliad [Green – Cost: 3G 6N – BP: 1300 – DP: 4]

cedar treewalker zenonzard

Yet an additional personification of Brute Force, Cedar Treewalker is an imagine 9 mana due to the fact that he is eco-friendly and also with 1300 BP and also 4 DP, together with pierce and also a decrease of 1 from damages that can be dealt to your life throughout the challenger’s turn, he is as solid for protection as he is for infraction.

Eleksai– Lord of Thunderstrikes [Yellow – Cost: 3Y 6N – BP: 900 – DP: 3]

eleksai zenonzard

Like all various other large children and also women in our listing, Eleksai will certainly take a while prior to he can reach sign up with the video game. The expense of 9 mana is in fact purposefully appear as you would certainly desire your challenger to mobilize his large poor minion the turn prior to you mobilizeEleksai Once Eleksai is mobilized, you reach return any one of your challenger’s minion back to the top of his/her collection. Eleksai can just be obstructed by Dragons and also Dragonewts.

Hardin– The Soaring Beast [Yellow – Cost: 1Y 6N – BP: 700 – DP: 2]

hardin zenonzard

When Hardin is mobilized, he can be accompanied with an additional minion that sets you back 4 or much less. While his standard result is currently excellent to have, Hardin ends up being also much better when improved as he obtains Charge, provide all your various other minions 200 BP and also 1 DP till completion of the turn, and also when he assaults, stops any type of opposing minion with an expense of 6 or much less from assaulting, obstructing, or relocating till the challenger’s following turn.

Khan– The Three-Headed Monkey King [Yellow – Cost: 2Y 6N – BP: 800 – DP: 3]

khan zenonzard

Khan is an extremely important element of any type of Chimera Deck and also can immediately decrease an opponent minion’s BP by 300 whenever you mobilize an additional chimera. At completion of your turn, all yellow mana go back to energetic state and also you reach attract a card.

Lucia– The Thunderstrikes Rider [Yellow – Cost: 1Y 3N – BP: 400 – DP: 1]

lucia zenonzard

For 4 mana, Lucia has the prospective to be as solid as any one of your dragon course yellow minions in the area. Returning a yellow dragon to your hand is a fairly low cost to pay taking into consideration Lucia reaches acquire their BP and also DP. There is little usage for her without as numerous dragon minions in your deck, however.

Ove– Conjurer of the Forest Abyss [Green – Cost: 0 – BP: 100 – DP: 0]

ove zenonzard

Demete’s evoker, Ove is finest utilized for Elf Decks yet can still work for various other eco-friendly decks. Her Arcana, Lunar Monarch, can position any one of the challenger’s minion in the remainder state till the challenger’s following standby stage after Lunar Monarch obtains mobilized. At degree 2, Lunar Monarch gives all Elf course minions 100 BP and also 1 DP. At degree 3, she can damage every one of the challenger’s minions that remain in the remainder state sharing the most affordable expense.

Rekindled– The Shadow [Purple – Cost: 1P 6N – BP: 700 – DP: 2]

rekindled zenonzard

Rekindled is only standard in the beginning considering his expense in connection with both BP and also DP. His just result is that he deals 2 damages to a challenger’s pressure when he enters play. His worth expands numerous folds up after he obtains improved as Rekindled– The Darkened Demon is solid not simply with decks that concentrate on damaging Force, yet additionally those that have weenies, or affordable minions.

Once changed, Rekindled immediately ruins all various other dragons in play. Whenever he assaults, he can bring up to 2 minions develop your garbage that are set you back 3 or much less, based upon the variety of your challenger’s Forces that have actually been damaged.

Rory– Brute of the Forest [Green – Cost: 1G 6N – BP: 700 – DP: 2]

rory zenonzard

Rory’s normal variation might not be that appealing as he will just position an environment-friendly mana in base as soon as he is mobilized. Knowing that he can be improved, and also with the eco-friendly mana that features him, will certainly make him extra eye-catching. Rory– Barbarian of the Earth has Charge, eliminates all neutral minions when he changes, and also places an opposite minion right into remainder state whenever he assaults.

Saishi– Priest of Thanatos [Purple – Cost: 2P 4N – BP: 100 – DP: 3]

saishi zenonzard

Saishi in fact does refrain from doing a lot on his very own yet can be really practical to have in specific circumstances, particularly in the direction of the last phases of the suit. His unique capability is that as soon as he is damaged, you can select any type of area minion card from your challenger’s garbage and also make a duplicate of it to mobilize in the area under your control.

Shatterbourne– Lord of Annihilators [Purple – Cost: 3P 6N – BP: 800 – DP – 3]

shatterbourne zenonzard

Shatterbourne’s mobilizing expense might be difficult yet immediately having the ability to damage any type of minion when he enters play is an effective capability. Another problem for newbies is the included expense of needing to throw out from you’re the top of collection right into the garbage heap, which typically seems like a hazard. With purple minions like Rekindled that uses your garbage and also Saishi, that can duplicate any type of minion on the opposing garbage, Shatterbourne can be conveniently thought about for practically any type of purple deck.

There are still a great deal of Legend- rarity cards we did not consist of and also in the meantime, we will certainly consider them a minimum of at a rate degree less than the ones we detailed. Again, even if a great deal of those cards are not below does not always imply that they are worthless yet instead, they might be have extra constraints and also greater problem of functioning about with to be reliable.

If you have actually played Zenonzard thoroughly sufficient or contend the very least checked out a great deal of the cards, you might really feel really in different ways concerning several of our choices which is something we approve and also wish to be informed around. If you have your very own choices you wish to show to us or really feel in different ways concerning several of the cards below, do not be reluctant to share your sights with us via the remark area!


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