Yokai Tamer Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Crush Your Enemies

Yokai Tamer is a spectacular Japanese- design MMOARPG developed by Eyougame, the firm behind titles such as Celestial Fate, Dark Domain and also Soul Destiny among others. The video game tosses you right into a globe that has actually been overwhelmed by devils and also Shikigamis, and also it depends on you to quit them from totally taking control of. The excellent information is that you will not be dealing with wicked by yourself. You can mobilize your very own Shikigami and also have him deal with along with you or provide you his power with improvement.

The video game likewise provides you a number of means to boost your power, consisting of places, astrolabes, epic equipment, and also a lot more. You can likewise join various other gamers by signing up with guilds and also collaborating in order to come to be more powerful. There are loads of points to do in this video game. In truth, there can be way too much to do sometimes. Don’ t obtain bewildered by all the jobs on your checklist. Just follow our Yokai Tamer novice’s overview for ideas, cheats and also methods prior to you delve into the video game!

1. Follow The Main Story

yokai tamer main story

Even if you are not a follower of reviewing unlimited discussion, and also you could not actually care much less regarding conserving the globe, that is still not a reason to forget your primary missions. Don’ t go escaping to side missions and also various other dungeons without initial going after the primary tale for regarding your existing degree enables. Once you struck a wall surface, proceed and also deal with various other points, after that return to proceed with the tale.

The primary missions are not simply there for telling fiction. A great deal of the video game’s functions are secured behind primary tale missions. If you do not proceed in the tale, you can wind up at degree 250 and also still not have the ability to cleanse tools or regeneration. You can simply browse the discussion if you’re quick-tempered. Just see to it you maintain advancing as high as you can.

2. Do Your Dailies

yokai tamer dailies

As with any type of MMORPG, there is constantly a listing of jobs that you have to achieve daily. Tap on the Daily switch on top of the display to watch that checklist. Don’ t fear since they are all very easy to achieve, and also they are all points you require to do on a regular basis in order to remain on track in regards to development. These consist of finishing dungeon runs that will certainly provide you the sources you require. As an included bonus offer, you obtain task factors whenever you write off a job on that particular checklist. When you get to particular task factor turning points, you will certainly be offered added incentives, consisting of offline crawler time and also Jade, the video game’s exceptional money.

Completing your dailies on a regular basis likewise provide you a long-term statistics aficionado. You will certainly see the aficionados you get on the left side of the dailies home window. Whenever you build up task factors, the statistics buff bar fills out. Tap on the Level Up switch when bench is complete. Doing so will certainly boost the total aficionados you get from your dailies.

3. Online Vs Offline Botting

Finally, you have a video game that recognizes the troubles of grinding. Botting is an attribute that enables you to grind for experience without really needing to play. You do not simply obtain the experience; you likewise grab all the loot that includes grinding. The video game provides you 2 alternatives: offline and also on-line botting. You would certainly assume on-line botting would certainly be much better, however the video game really motivates you to bot offline.

Offline botting aids guarantee you obtain the optimal experience and also loot per min according to your existing degree. Online botting ways you need to directly try to find the grinding place and also leave your personality there to do his point. If you aren’t listening, you might neglect to relocate to a much better place when your personality grows out of existing botting area.

Why would certainly any person crawler online, after that? Well, offline botting has a catch. You just obtain a couple of hrs of offline crawler time daily. You can buy a lot more, or you can make use of offline crawler cards, however generally, you will certainly need to go online at some point. You can gain approximately 10 hrs of offline crawler time by finishing all the day-to-day missions. You likewise obtain an additional 2 hrs from your guild daily. If you are a cost-free gamer, simply consume all your offline crawler time after that change to on-line botting.

4. Enhance Your Gear

how to enhance gear in yokai tamer

Let’s begin with among the a lot more fundamental jobs any type of MMORPG gamer have to do. Enhancing your equipment will certainly boost its statistics. Don’ t hesitate to purchase equipment improvement early since the degree will certainly be maintained also if you transform equipments. The just point that will certainly be influenced by your tools is the optimum degree of improvement. Higher quality tools will normally have greater improvement caps.

Just attempt to update every one of your equipment uniformly as high as feasible. Enhancement boost as the degree rises, so if you concentrate way too much on a solitary tool, you will certainly melt with your gold while obtaining very little adjustment in statistics.

5. Check The Gear Requirements

yokai tamer gear requirements

You will certainly obtain a lots of tools in Yokai Tamer, and also in some cases it’s also tough to inform them apart. You will certainly see an environment-friendly arrowhead directing upwards if a tool has much better statistics than the one you are using. A red arrowhead directing down will certainly inform you to trash that equipment. Now, you may come across tools that inform you they have much better statistics, and also you satisfy the degree demand, however when you attempt to outfit them, they will not allow you.

When that takes place, check the equipment demands. Aside from the degree demand, there is likewise a Class demand. To elevate your course, you require to satisfy the needed degree after that finish the connected Rebirth pursuit. The Rebirth pursuit will immediately show up on the left side of your display when you come to be qualified. Check out the checklist of Classes listed below, organized from least expensive to highest possible.

Souler (M)/ Soultress (F)

6. Fill In Those Gem Slots

The 4th tab on your Gear food selection is for treasures. These treasures provide you added offending and also protective statistics, depending upon their shade. Gems can be integrated with each other in order to produce top-level treasures that will certainly provide you much more statistics. The variety of ports offered for you to put treasures in depends upon the Grade of your tools.

Naturally, the greater the quality of the tools, the a lot more ports will certainly be opened. You will certainly acquire bonus offer statistics if you complete all 6 ports with treasures. Unfortunately, the 6th port will just be opened if you struck VIP degree 5, which indicates you will certainly need to invest a little bit of genuine cash on the video game.

7. Purify Your Gear

how to purify gear in yokai tamer

While the name appears to recommend you will certainly be getting rid of something negative from your equipment, all it actually does is include bonus offer statistics to your tools. As with Enhancement, Purify stat rewards are rollovered also if you transform equipments. You can amount to 4 stat rewards per tools. The initially stat bonus offer can be opened absolutely free. After that, you will certainly require to invest 100 Blue Jade to open each added port.

Each Purify effort will certainly transform the stat rewards to arbitrary features and also numbers. The rewards can rise or down. If you intend to ensure a great result, you can invest some even more Jade to assure Purple or over outcomes. You can likewise make use of unique rocks to assure a minimum of an Orange or Red result. Every Purify effort pricesPurify Gems These can be gotten from the Coin Dungeon, Gear Dungeon, or the in-game shop.

You will not have the ability to Purify all your equipment simultaneously. The initial tools you will certainly have the ability to Purify is your tool. You will certainly have the ability to open the various other tools as you level up. The last tools to be opened are your Shoes which will certainly appear at degree 340.

8. How To Get Better Equipment

Just since you improved and also cleansed your heart out does not indicate your tools will immediately be the most effective feasible in the video game. Equipment with Higher Grade are awaiting you, if you recognize where to look. To begin with, you can fuse much better equipment by giving up a number of additional items. Head over to the Red Gear food selection to begin fusing. Tap on both dropdown food selections on top left of the home window to select the Grade and also the sex of the tools you intend to fuse.

You will certainly require to give up tools of the exact same quality in order to produce a tools of the following quality. Even though there are 5 ports offered, you are cost-free to give up much less than 5. The catch is that the success price will certainly be reduced. If you stop working in fusing with each other the equipment, you will certainly shed all the tools you compromised and also obtain absolutely nothing in return, so take care.

Another means to improve tools is with the Ghost King dungeon. This is where you can beat approximately 3 Bosses daily so as to get a great deal of loot. The Ghost King dungeon will not be offered up until you get to degree 90, however that should not actually take also long. Make certain you finish your day-to-day Ghost King runs in order to obtain the most effective feasible equipment in the video game.

9. Devour All Useless Gear

how to devour gear in yokai tamer

Since you will certainly be grinding a whole lot, it will just refer time prior to your knapsack ports are complete. Most of the tools you grab will not actually serve. A terrific means to eliminate them is by Devouring them. Devouring will certainly give up numerous tools for providing you a mild boost in fight power. The a lot more tools you give up, the a lot more added fight power you obtain.

It might not look like a lot, specifically when you begin striking 7-digit fight power scores, however it is still much better than simply discarding all that tools. Don’ t neglect to place a look at the car-Devour choice when you are botting, so you do not lose out on even more loot if your knapsack comes to be complete while you are away.

10. More Stuff To Upgrade

As we pointed out previously, there are a lots of points that will certainly aid you come to be more powerful inYokai Tamer Unfortunately, that likewise indicates even more benefit you. They are not actually that tough to achieve. It’s simply a little bit very easy to neglect when you currently have greater than a lots points to think of. Here is a fast checklist of various other points you require to update in order to come to be more powerful.

Miko: A Miko in Japanese society is a temple maiden. In this video game, you will certainly have the ability to bring along one such maiden, and also she will certainly aid you come to be more powerful. You likewise reach enjoy her follow you about on the map. Go to the Miko food selection to invest Miko Rune Gems to level up your buddy. You can likewise gear up all the Miko you open with different things that will certainly boost your CP even more. Miko dungeons will certainly provide you whatever you require to update and also gear up these maidens.

yokai tamer miko

Mount: If you have actually played various other MMORPGs, you possibly currently recognize that places are those points you ride to move quicker. In this video game, places likewise contribute to your total fight power. Spend Mount Rune Gems to update them and also unlock added abilities that they will certainly make use of to aid you in fight.

Mitama: Mitama are cards that you can gear up and also update so as to get rewards. There are 10 ports in overall for furnishing Mitama cards, however you will certainly require to open them by getting rid of the equivalent floorings in theMitama Tower Mitama cards have various rarities, and also you normally intend to gear up greater rarity ones. Duplicate Mitama cards and also low-grade ones can be taken apart to obtain Mitama Essences that are utilized for updating.

Treasure: These are various unique things that you can trigger and also update in order to acquire much more stat rewards. There are 4 sorts of Treasure: Arms, Weapon, Astrolabe, and alsoTrump Higher quality Treasures can be opened withRebirth As an included perk to providing you much better statistics, they likewise transform the look of your personality.

11. Use The Right Skills

yokai tamer skills

Skills are unique strikes that your personality utilizes in order to deal much more damages to challengers. These are mainly ignored throughout your initial 100 degrees considering that you are stuck to the default ones. After you Rebirth a number of times, you will certainly have the ability to access brand-newSkills You have to after that select which ones to bring along, and also which ones to exchange out.

Make certain you meticulously reviewed the summary of each ability and also find out whether they will certainly aid depending upon your play design. If you can not determine, the video game is useful sufficient to inform you whether a specific ability is recommended for Dungeons or PVP.

Aside from energetic abilities, you likewise obtain a collection of passive abilities calledRhyme These are opened by finishing particular missions. Head over to the Rhyme tab and also faucet on the secured ability to figure out which missions you require to finish in order to open them.

12. Join An Active Guild

yokai tamer guild

Joining a guild must be just one of your concerns if you intend to come to be more powerful inYokai Tamer The trouble is, many respectable guilds will certainly have a battle power demand. If you have actually been following our previous ideas carefully, you need to have the ability to satisfy those demands in a day or 2. It is much better if you sign up with a guild that is rigorous with demands since that indicates their participants are possibly energetic and also will certainly have the ability to protect much better incentives for every person.

Guilds provide participants different rewards consisting of day-to-day advantages, red packages, experience, and so forth. However, these are all depended upon the amount of participants add in the direction of the guild’s success. Head over to the Active tab of your Guild food selection to see the checklist of jobs you require to achieve in order to gain task factors. As you will certainly see, you can just gain regarding 21 factors daily, and also the incentives on the Active tab call for thousands of factors. No issue just how thorough you are, if your guildmates are not contributing, no incentives will certainly be opened.

Perhaps one of the most beneficial advantage of belonging to a Guild is theGuild Skill Go to the Skill tab and also you will certainly see a collection of aficionados that you can update by investing Guild Contribution factors. The greater your degree, the a lot more aficionados you will certainly have the ability to open in this tab. Contribution factors are various from Activity factors. You can gain hundreds of Guild Contribution factors by on a regular basis taking part in various Guild Events.

13. Claim Your Achievement Rewards

yokai tamer achievement rewards

Reaching particular turning points in the video game will certainly certify you for Achievement incentives. Go to your Character food selection after that touch on the Achievement switch on the left side of the home window. You will certainly see numerous tabs that cover various classifications ofAchievements Just faucet on any type of tab that has an exclamation mark in order to assert the Achievements you had the ability to finish.

Aside from the incentives you get from each Achievement, you likewise gain factors each you assert. Remember the statistics aficionados you get from your dailies? There is an Achievements variation of that aficionado. You will certainly see this on the left side of the primary Achievement tab. Every 100 factors you gain from finishing Achievements, you will certainly have the ability to boost the degree of your aficionados. On top of these aficionados, you likewise open added rewards when you get to Achievement degree 50, 120, 150, 240, 350, and also 500. Tap on each tinted mask to see the rewards you open upon getting to those turning points.

14. Find A Good Marriage Partner

Before you take place assuming this is recommendations genuine life, allow us describe. The video game has a social system that enables you to construct a connection with an additional gamer and also at some point suggest marital relationship. While this is absolutely an enjoyable function to have if you are playing the video game with your better half, it really has rewards for affordable gamers also.

If you have guildmates that are likewise trying to find a Marriage Partner, this component would certainly be less complicated. Otherwise, you will certainly need to ask arbitrary individuals to wed you in hopes of locating a person that will certainly be on-line as frequently as you are. Active “pairs” are awarded with much more statistics aficionados and also added day-to-day incentives. Make certain you connect with your close friends and also guildmates to prevent throwing away presents on complete strangers that will certainly leave of the video game eventually.

15. Grab Your Freebies

yokai tamer freebies

The ideal points in life are cost-free, and also there are a lot of those inYokai Tamer Look at the vast selection of symbols on top of your display and also you will certainly see some exclamation marks. Those typically indicate there are incentives awaiting you to insurance claim. The ideal location to begin is theBenefits Hall Go to the Benefits area and also you will certainly see a number of tabs of possible incentives awaiting you to assert them.

The Check-In tab is a day-to-day login benefit that you can assert even if you visited for the day. The Online Reward tab provides you added incentives for remaining online. You gain even more incentives the longer you remain logged right into the video game. The Activity Giftpack tab provides you a lot more rewards if you log right into the video game in between 8am to 10am, 2pm to 4pm, and also 8pm to 10pm. You can assert the benefit 3 times a day, so establish your alarm systems. The Lv Rush tab provides you incentives when you satisfy degree turning points within the video game.

There are likewise a lot of single incentives in the Benefits area. The Game Notice tab provides you incentives however just if you review the information uploaded by the designers. The Claim switch will certainly be greyed out up until you scroll with the whole notification.The Resources tab is where the video game motivates you to download and install added sources so as to get the video game to run much better. It will certainly take you a long time to download and install whatever, however afterwards, you will certainly be offered incentives. The Redeem tab is where you get in any type of present codes you got.

Finally, the Follower tab provides you incentives for adhering to the video game’s different social networks systems. This one takes a little bit of job since you require to call their assistance and also send screenshot evidence that you actually signed up for their web pages prior to you come to be qualified for the incentives.

Saving the globe is a whole lot even more job than you assume. It’s a great think you have our Yokai Tamer novice’s overview to guarantee your success! If you occur to recognize added ideas or methods for the video game, do not hesitate to allow us recognize by leaving a message in the remark location listed below!

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