WWE Undefeated Character Tier List: An In-Depth Look at All Characters in the Game

nWayInc has actually lately launched a brand-new fumbling ready iphone and also Android players called WWEUndefeated This is a formally certified WWE item, though as you might have discovered if you have actually currently downloaded and install the video game, it has absolutely nothing to do with the in-ring suits you might enjoy every Monday and also Friday evening and also throughout those regular monthly pay televisions.

This is a side-scrolling combating video game where each personality does outrageous variations of the actions they perform in the real world, and also there’s a great deal of method entailed when picking which cards to play– should you go with a strike or a grapple, or perhaps counter-attack? Those are simply a few of the choices you can make throughout the four-minute fights in this video game. If you have actually simply begun playing WWE Undefeated and also require some pointers and also methods that you can utilize beforehand to enhance your general gameplay, after that we recommend you heading over to our comprehensive novice’s overview, which features various pointers and also techniques.

At the minute, there are just bit greater than a loads personalities you can open in the video game, with one more 2– Stone Cold Steve Austin and also Triple H– as a result of get here quickly. That makes it much easier to absolutely no in on a favored, though as you would certainly in any type of combating video game, it’s still far better to accumulate as lots of personalities as feasible prior to picking somebody (or a couple of others) to concentrate on. That in mind, right here’s our WWE Undefeated personality rate checklist, where we offer you the inside information on every person you can open in the video game.

wwe undefeated best characters

Before we continue, we have actually provided all 14 Superstars presently offered and also categorized them right into 3 rarities– Rare, Epic, and alsoLegendary We have actually provided each personality’s kind (Brawler, Technician, or Powerhouse), design, period, finisher, fundamental statistics at degree 1 (as seen in the League display), and also when you can open them, in addition to some pointers on just how to successfully utilize each of them.

Take note that we have yet to open all the personalities in the video game, so some access might be based upon You Tube video clips that include them at work, in addition to monitorings we have actually made while encountering them in Practice setting.

I: Rare Superstars

1. The Rock

the rock wwe undefeated

Type: Brawler

Style: People’s Champion– Damage, Defense, and also Energy obtain a 10 percent increase when The Rock’s Hype goes to one hundred percent. He additionally restores power 10 percent quicker as soon as this Style is turned on, making it much easier to establish combinations.

Era: Attitude

Finisher: Rock Bottom (Speed– Medium, Range– Short)

Level 1 Basic Stats: Finisher Damage 241, Stamina 1,099

Unlocked: Training League

The Rock is the very first personality you reach open in the video game– he is the supply personality, so to state, and also the very same Superstar you will certainly reach utilize in the guide suits. By much, his most helpful unique, non-finishing relocation is the People’s Elbow, which can just be landed if a challenger gets on the ground. You can do a lots of damages on your challenger by utilizing the Rock Bottom finisher, after that complying with up with a People’s Elbow right after– that can seriously transform the trend, or permit you to more control the various other individual if timed effectively! He’s additionally a great personality to utilize if you such as to string strike combinations with each other, particularly if you have actually obtained his 2nd unique relocation, the People’s Punches, as component of your deck.

2. Finn Balor

finn balor wwe undefeated

Type: Brawler

Style: Finishing Touch– Gets a Damage increase of 20 percent whenever a challenger’s Health is much less than 40 percent. If you’re the kind of gamer that suches as rounding off challengers in a hostile fashion, you’ll wish to maximize his Style once it’s energetic.

Era: Modern Era

Finisher: Coup de Grace (Speed– Fast, Range– Mid, 5 Hits)

Level 1 Basic Stats: Finisher Damage 248, Stamina 1,099

Unlocked: League 1

Balor is among 2 NXT Superstars consisted of in the video game, and also he’s additionally the very first one you can open– you’ll likely open him after a couple of fights where both you and also your challenger are making use ofThe Rock His fundamental deck isn’t anything unique contrasted to your standard Superstar, yet because he’s a Brawler, you can additionally concentrate on strike combinations while attempting to accumulate Hype while additionally putting the periodic grapple relocation, especially the Sling Blade, which is among his unique actions. (The various other, the Float Over DDT, is fairly effective and also permits you to switch over sides with your challenger.)

He does, nevertheless, have an instead outstanding finisher in the Coup de Grace, which, in the video game, is a five-hit combination struck from high over with a fast arrangement time, making it very easy to perform, particularly versus challengers whose finishers call for longer configurations.

3. Otis

otis wwe undefeated

Type: Brawler

Style: Ham and also Slam– After shedding a Grapple Clash, he obtains a 15 percent Defense increase for 10 secs. Not especially helpful if you’re the kind that favors a striking assault, yet if you utilize your hurting relocates a whole lot, this can permit you to stay much longer prior to obtaining pinned– as long as you do not make on your own as well prone.

Era: Modern Era

Finisher: Compactor (Speed– Medium, Range– Mid, 2 Hits)

Level 1 Basic Stats: Finisher Damage 301, Stamina 1,099

Unlocked: League 1

The previousMr Money in the Bank might no more have a tag group and also might not be as noticeable as he utilized to be on tv, yet Otis is still among the even more enjoyable– and also reliable– Rare Superstars to utilize in WWEUndefeated He has some fundamental striking actions that are special to him, consisting of the Body Avalanche, which permits him to strike challengers with his entire body, and also the Caterpillar, which is a stomping relocation that can just be utilized on challengers on the ground.

He additionally has a fascinating take on his previous tag group, Heavy Machinery’s finisher, the Compactor– in right here, he goes down the challenger to the ground prior to a 2nd Otis briefly “tags in” for a body sprinkle prior to going away. This can do a great deal of damages on any type of challenger, and also it seems faster than lots of various other mid-paced finishers. As a perk suggestion, attempt making use of the Caterpillar right after landing the Compactor for a terrible finisher + unique relocation combination!

4. Adam Cole

adam cole wwe undefeated

Type: Brawler

Style: Star of the Show– Enjoys an 8 percent rise to his Damage and also Energy regrowth price as long as his Hype has yet to get to one hundred percent. This, to put it simply, makes him also deadlier than normal prior to he has the ability to land his ending up relocation.

Era: Modern Era

Finisher: Last Shot (Speed– Fast, Range– Short, 2 Hits)

Level 1 Basic Stats: Finisher Damage 252, Stamina 1,099

Unlocked: League 2

The longest-reigning NXT Champion in the brand name’s background appears in League 2, and also Cole ought to be an excellent personality option for anybody that prefers quick strike combinations. But while it might be alluring to concentrate on those striking actions when utilizing him in fight, he has a number of various other helpful, grapple-centric unique actions– the Panama Sunrise, while practically a strike, results in a grapple from the wall surface, while the Kneecap Brainbuster is a high-energy relocation with finisher-levelDamage

The Last Shot is additionally among the video game’s fastest finishers in regards to arrangement time, making it a terrific option also if you introduce it at the very same time as somebody that’s making use of a mid-paced finisher or slower. It additionally deals damages 2 methods– initially when he kicks the challenger to the ground, after that with the knee strike.

5. Drew McIn tire

drew mcintyre wwe undefeated

Type: Technician

Style: 3, 2, 1– Gets a 20 percent Damage aficionado for 10 secs in half-minute periods. This instead extensive Damage increase– and also one that can occur several times in the very same fight– is simply among the lots of reasons he is sometimes preferred to name a few Rare Superstars in the very first couple of organizations.

Era: Modern Era

Finisher: Claymore (Speed– Slow, Range– Long)

Level 1 Basic Stats: Finisher Damage 263, Stamina 1,099

Unlocked: League 2

McIn tire is among the a lot more fascinating personalities in WWEUndefeated While his ending up relocation, the Claymore, has an allegedly sluggish rate and also does spend some time to establish, we have actually seen it surpassing a number of quicker finishers. That, to name a few elements, come down to the truth that it deals out a lot more damages than a lot of others, regardless of being a running dropkick and also not a multiple-hit combination relocation.

That apart, it’s ideal to utilize a healthy and balanced equilibrium of hurting and also striking actions for the ruling WWE Champion’s digital matching. His unique actions, besides, consist of a set of reasonably high-energy grapples– the Alabama Slam and also the Tilt- a-Whirl The previous is especially reliable in shaking off challengers as it permits you to switch over sides after the relocation is carried out.

6. Kevin Owens

kevin owens wwe undefeated

Type: Technician

Style: Prize Fighter– Gets a 10 percent increase to Stamina Regeneration as soon as he obtains hit, with challengers alternatively shedding someStamina Regen This resets whenever he strikes his challenger. This, normally, isn’t a reason to allow him obtain struck repetitively throughout a fight, yet it does assist construct him up for some high-energy, high-impact actions.

Era: Modern Era

Finisher: Pop Up Powerbomb (Speed– Fast, Range– Short)

Level 1 Basic Stats: Finisher Damage 254, Stamina 1,099

Unlocked: League 3

Owens is the 2nd Technician you can open in the video game, which indicates you’ll wish to conserve up a bargain of power to make those grappling actions job. At the factor you open him, you might be running into even more challengers that utilize counters to obstruct grapples or reverse them right into grapples of their very own.

But that’s where his unique actions can be found in convenient, and also they both take place to be strikes– the Cannonball is a long-range, quick relocation that can go down a challenger, and also the Stunner is a two-hit combination that leads to a wallsplat. His finisher, the Pop Up Powerbomb, is additionally a rapid relocate regards to its arrangement time and also it does good damages, yet you’ll require to be at a close adequate range in order to draw it off efficiently.

7. Shinsuke Nakamura

shinsuke nakamura wwe undefeated

Type: Technician

Style: Strong Style– Gets an automated 25 percent Hype incentive after landing a three-move combination. As you can see, this is an instead challenging Style to turn on, particularly thinking about the organization where he appears and also the top quality of challengers at League 6 forward. However, this can be extremely hazardous if you obtain those 3 hits in without disturbance.

Era: Modern Era

Finisher: Kinshasa

Level 1 Basic Stats: Finisher Damage 252, Stamina 1,099

Unlocked: League 6

The King of Strong Style is the last Rare personality that can be opened, though you can buy him beforehand for real-life cash by means of limited-time deal. That stated, his unique actions are fairly fascinating, as one of them occurs to be a counter– the Cross Armbreaker, which is established with a ridicule and also counters a challenger’s strike.

Aside from that, his various other unique relocation is the Heel Kick Combo, which is a two-hit collection that can be introduced from midrange and also cause a wall surface bounce. Despite his Technician standing, we would certainly recommend making use of a strike-heavy crime with Nakamura, and also benefiting from his Strong Style so you can land several circumstances of his Kinshasa knee strike finisher.

II: Epic Superstars

1. AJ Styles

aj styles wwe undefeated

Type: Technician

Style: Phenomenal Precision– Styles has a 10 percent opportunity of touchdown a vital hit. This may not matter excessive in the grand system of points, yet those essential hits can accumulate and also bring about added damages in any type of provided fight.

Era: Modern Era

Finisher: Phenomenal Forearm (Speed– Medium, Range– Mid, 2 Hits)

Level 1 Basic Stats: Finisher Damage 278, Stamina 1,269

Unlocked: League 3

Once you get to League 3, Styles will certainly be the very first Epic personality you can open, though it may spend some time prior to you locate him in those reward boxes, offered his greater rarity. However, we would highly suggest utilizing him as quickly as you have him opened, as WWE’s Phenomenal One has a high-energy grapple– the Styles Clash– that can beat most others in a Grapple Clash and also deal out a great deal of damages.

He additionally has a clever strike combination in the Phenomenal Blitz, and also while this relocation can be utilized with any type of various other Superstar, you’ll likely be presented to the Payback Punch counter when playing asStyles His finisher, the Phenomenal Forearm, is appropriate between in regards to rate and also array, and also while it can be landed consistently, particular actions, such as Kevin Owens’ Cannonball, can permit challengers to escape it.

2. Kofi Kingston

kofi kingston wwe undefeated

Type: Brawler

Style: Boom Boom Boom– decreases the prices of his unique actions by 3 Energy factors whenever his Energy goes to 4 or much less. This would certainly refer to his S.O.S. and also Boom Drop, which both deal strong damages and also can be fairly helpful if their cards are dipped into the appropriate minute and also range.

Era: Modern

Finisher: Trouble in Paradise (Speed– Medium, Range– Long, 2 Hits)

Level 1 Basic Stats: Finisher Damage 222, Stamina 1,269

Unlocked: League 4

Although he’s understood to followers as one of the leading high-flyers in contemporary WWE, Kingston is oddly categorized as a Brawler in this video game, which indicates he’s a great personality to utilize if you’re a follower of those striking combinations. As we pointed out above, his unique actions, the S.O.S. and also Boom Drop, are particularly convenient if his Energy goes to 4 or much less, though you can just introduce the last relocation if the challenger is based.

Fortunately, his Trouble in Paradise finisher can be utilized also at lengthy array, also if it can be subdued by challengers with more powerful finishers gone for around the very same time. We recommend making use of the Trouble in Paradise, after that complying with up with the Boom Drop for a high-damage combination.

3. Seth Rollins

seth rollins wwe undefeated

Type: Technician

Style: Architect of Cards– All actions of a particular kind price one Energy factor much less if he has every one of them in the very same hand, e.g. all grapples, all strikes. This might be instead difficult to carry out as a result of the randomness of the video game and also the fast lane of the suits, yet it plainly makes it much easier to carry out those high-energy actions.

Era: Modern

Finisher: Curb Stomp

Level 1 Basic Stats: Finisher Damage 228, Stamina 1,269

Unlocked: League 5

The Epic Superstars maintain can be found in as soon as you get to League 5, which is where you can open Rollins and also profit his grapple actions, including his 2 specials– the King’s Landing and also theSuperplex Falcon Arrow The last relocation is especially dangerous– it’s a multi-stage assault that can get a substantial piece of your challenger’s wellness. The Big Swing, while not unique to him, additionally makes its opening night in League 5, so you can utilize it too in close quarters to toss challengers versus the wall surface.

While his Style isn’t as economical as Kingston’s when energetic, it can permit you to play those unique actions faster as opposed to later on– thinking you have actually obtained 3 Grapple Cards in your deck. Due to its reduced base damages, nevertheless, you might wish to resist on utilizing his Curb Stomp finisher versus a lot of challengers up until they have actually utilized their finisher initially.

4. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

the fiend bray wyatt wwe undefeated

Type: Brawler

Style: Let Me In– In our point of view, not as helpful as a lot of, yet helpful for improving Critical Hit chances over the period of a suit. Using an unique relocation reduces his Stamina by 6 percent and also boosts Critical Hit Chance by 4 percent, with a piling result for every time the Style is turned on.

Era: Modern

Finisher: Sister Abigail

Level 1 Basic Stats: Finisher Damage 251, Stamina 1,269

Unlocked: League 6

League 6 gamers will certainly have the ability to open the Superstar that is perhaps WWE’s a lot of strange personality presently– and also there’s no joyful children’ program host alter-ego to enter The Fiend’s means this moment. With the Sister Abigail, Wyatt has among the a lot more outstanding looking finishers in WWE Undefeated, and also it occurs to be up there in regards to base damages.

But prior to you can also reach utilize that finisher, you’ll require to accumulate some Hype, which can be made with well-timed strike combinations, in addition to his Running Crossbody unique relocation, which can be introduced from lengthy array. The Ura-Nage is called a great arrangement relocation for a combination, so you can utilize that too prior to complying with up with an Elbow Strike or any type of various other relocation developed to target based challengers.

III: Legendary Superstars

1. John Cena

john cena wwe undefeated

Type: Brawler

Style: Never Give Up– Reduces the Energy price of all Special Moves by 2 as soon as Cena’s Stamina goes to 40 percent or much less. This makes him one more great personality to utilize if you wish to deal a great deal of damages faster as opposed to later on.

Era: Ruthless Aggression

Finisher: Attitude Adjustment (Speed– Medium, Range– Short)

Level 1 Basic Stats: Finisher Damage 350, Stamina 1,464

Unlocked: League 6

The 16-time globe champ will certainly be the very first of the 3 Legendary Superstars (since this writing) you can open in the video game, and also he appears at Level 6, together with Shinsuke Nakamura and also “The Fiend”Bray Wyatt His base Finisher Damage is just 2nd to The Undertaker’s, so see to it to utilize his Attitude Adjustment whenever you have actually accumulated sufficient Hype– timing, certainly, will certainly still be essential.

Build up that Hype, as you would certainly for a lot of Brawlers, by concentrating mostly on strikes, and also as soon as you have actually obtained your challenger based, you can introduce his very first unique relocation, the Five Knuckle Shuffle, for additional damages. (Attitude Adjustment + Five Knuckle Shuffle is additionally a terrific means to transform the trend or conveniently placed a challenger away.) His various other unique relocation, the Running One-Handed Bulldog, is fairly effective too, and also permits you to switch over sides with your challenger.

2. Roman Reigns

roman reigns wwe undefeated

Type: Powerhouse

Style: Wreck Everyone– Quite prompt that this is his Style, offered his current heel turn and also Universal Championship run. Damage boosts by 2 percent and also heaps each time he deals out damages on a challenger. The Style, nevertheless, will certainly be shut down the minute he sustains some damages.

Era: Modern

Finisher: Spear (Speed– Medium, Range– Long)

Level 1 Basic Stats: Finisher Damage 281, Stamina 1,464

Unlocked: League 7

The Powerhouse kind Superstars just begin showing up as soon as you have actually gone fairly deep right into the video game and also got to organization 7, and also Reigns will certainly be the very first one you will certainly reach unlock. You’ll additionally experience him quickly throughout the guide suits. As he is a Powerhouse personality, you can take advantage of this by concentrating mostly on strikes, though the periodic grapple would not harm to blend points up.

The Deadlift Sit-Out Powerbomb takes your challenger to the ground with great deals of rate and also great deals of damages, while his various other unique relocation, the Leaping Punch (or Superman Punch, as it’s much better understood to WWE followers) leads to a wall surface bounce while additionally taking its toll on your challenger’s wellness. You will not have the advantage of a Style that decreases the power price of your actions, unique or otherwise, yet the last relocation, at least, prices simply 4 Energy and also can be utilized to target a standing challenger.

3. The Undertaker

the undertaker wwe undefeated

Type: Powerhouse

Style: Undead– Quite fittingly, he can leave a pin one additional time and also recoup some Stamina while doing so. This makes him fairly difficult to defeat, yet there’s a reason that he’s the extremely last personality that you can open in WWE Undefeated– at the very least for the time being.

Era: New Generation

Finisher: Tombstone Piledriver

Level 1 Basic Stats: Finisher Damage 361, Stamina 1,464

Unlocked: League 8

Last, yet most definitely not the least, we conclude this personality rate overview with the Deadman himself, The Undertaker, that, as pointed out previously, has one of the most effective finisher in regards to base damages– the Tombstone Piledriver is as close as one can reach being a game-changing finisher. The truth that he has an additional pin retreat is one more marketing factor for Undertaker, although you’ll require to be organization 8 or greater in order to open him.

He additionally has some unpleasant unique actions, beginning with the Choke Slam, which is a long-range grapple that bangs a challenger to the ground and also can establish some high-damage combinations. Likewise, the Last Ride additionally premises challengers and also establishes combinations, albeit with much more damages and also a quicker arrangement and also implementation time. As you would certainly with a lot of various other personalities of his kind, strikes are the primary secret to accumulating sufficient Hype to land that finisher.


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