WWE Champions 2020 Tier List: A Complete Guide to the Best Characters in Each Class

Scopely is a designer that has actually launched titles based upon several of one of the most famous brand names on the planet, consisting of Wheel of Fortune and alsoThe Walking Dead And that likewise consists of WWE, as the firm just recently launched a brand-new variation of its famous match-3 video game based upon the globally leader in sporting activities amusement– WWE Champions 2020.

Going past typical match-3 technicians, this video game enables you to accumulate a lineup of Superstars throughout various ages in the firm’s background, along with numerous activity RPG-inspired attributes and also video game aspects. It’s likewise obtained a variety of attributes that weren’t offered in the initial title, consisting of, yet not restricted to the enhancement of ladies’s wrestlers and also the brand new organization system.

In this WWE Champions 2020 rate listing, we’re mosting likely to be checking out 14 wrestlers that our company believe are the very best personalities in the video game– per course, that’s one unusual or hard-to-obtain wrestler and also one wrestler that is less complicated to get, yet not always typical sufficient to be located in the majority of Silver League loots. As the video game just includes a couple of ladies as contrasted to the male wrestlers, the Women area will certainly include our leading 2 selections (one super-rare, one not so unusual) no matter course.

We’re likewise mosting likely to review the advised action collections for each and every wrestler, along with their design and also age, and also for the most part, these wrestlers are offered in the loots for the existing month. (Otherwise, they would certainly have been offered in the loot coupons that were real-time towards completion of June.) Read on if you’re seeking to discover which personalities are possibly most reliable in the video game, no matter the setting you’re playing!


Mr T
Style: Chaotic
Era: Legend
Recommended Move Set: Leg Drop (Black, 10), Atomic Drop (Red, 7), Arm Drag (Red, 7)

mr t wwe champions 2020

Yes, we’re starting with the 1980s star of A-Team popularity, that was among the initial significant non-wrestling stars to complete in a WWE suit. With that in mind, he was offered in a June loot discount, and also if you occurred to hire him, he’s amongst the top Strikers you can include in your lineup. We advise outfitting the Atomic Drop (the 2nd red action), as this enables you to pick a 3 x 2 location or bigger (relying on celebrity ranking) to exchange right into black treasures, hence aiding you bill up the Leg Drop finisher.

After utilizing the Atomic Drop, make use of the Arm Drag to pick 2 treasures to exchange Power Gems of Strength– you’ll wish to pick red treasures in order to reenergize your red actions as the suit proceeds. Any Power Gems that might continue to be on the board at the time you make use of the Leg Drop finisher will certainly be damaged, hence including dramatically to the default damages. At the minute, he is not offered using loot, though as holds true in this video game, there’s constantly a possibility he’ll be re-added ultimately.

Baron Corbin “Lone Wolf”
Style: Aggressive
Era: Modern
Recommended Move Set: Stun Gun (Green, 6), Sidewalk Slam (Green, 6), Clothesline (Black, 5)

He might not be one of the most prominent Superstar for lots of followers, yet as for WWE Champions 2020 is worried, Corbin is just one of the much better Strikers out there that are (reasonably) very easy to unlock, many thanks to his incorporation in the July Jubilee Kick-Off Loot While the advised actions we stated do not consist of a finisher, the good idea below is that they just need a couple of treasures to bill and also can possibly do a great deal of damages, with the environment-friendly actions either producing or ruining Multiply Gems of Strength, and also the black action boosting the stamina of existing Multiply Gems.

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You can likewise stick to the default action collection, that includes the End of Days finisher (13 black treasures to bill) and also the Deep Six (6 red treasures to bill, makes 4 arbitrary treasures right into environment-friendly treasures), though the End of Days’ high action cost can possibly be a trouble.


Andrade Almas “El Idolo”
Style: Aggressive
Era: Modern
Recommended Move Set: Double Moonsault (Blue, 10), Missile Dropkick (Black, 6), Rope Elevated DDT (Black, 2)

Now recognized by simply one name on WWE tv, Andrade still passes his complete ring name in WWE Champions 2020, and also his poster is just one of the included rewards in the July Jubilee Kick-Off Loot discount. That makes him instead hard to obtain, yet as you’ll discover from the advised action collection, his Double Moonsault finisher and also Missile Dropkick (initial black action) successfully aid each various other out when it involves billing.

Using the Missile Dropkick enables you to pick a location to exchange right into blue treasures, while landing the Double Moonsault allows you exchange a certain location right into black treasures. When speaking about 3rd actions, the Rope Elevated DDT (the 2nd black action) enables you to transform a certain location right into Multiply Gems of Strength, hence boosting your possibility for damages and also acting as a great enhance to the initial 2 actions we talked about. Given exactly how reusing the board can be the secret to triumph, largely utilizing those initial 2 relocate combination with each various other is very advised.

Jeff Hardy “The Hardy Boyz”
Style: Focused
Era: Modern
Recommended Move Set: Swanton Bomb (Blue, 10), Midsection Double Leg Drop (Green, 7), Diving Leg Drop (Green, 8)

jeff hardy wwe champions 2020

He appears in the loot as soon as you get to Silver League 4, and also as soon as you obtain advertised to Silver League 5, you can obtain a two-star Bronze poster of him. Consider on your own extremely privileged if you have a three-star Jeff Hardy (also at Bronze rarity) like we do, due to the fact that amongst the much more typical wrestlers in the video game, he is among the very best to make use of available, no matter which setting you’re playing. Our recommended action collection includes his Swanton Bomb finisher, along with 2 environment-friendly actions that do not need much billing up.

You might still require to have the appropriate sort of board before you, yet if there are sufficient blue and also environment-friendly treasures to match, after that go all out. Using the Twist of Fate (7 yellow treasures to bill) as your 3rd action– hence staying with the default arrangement– is likewise fine, yet the Diving Leg Drop is a far better selection for us as it deals much more damages and also enables you to in fact pick some blue treasures to ruin.


Kofi Kingston “Against All Odds”
Style: Focused
Era: Modern
Recommended Move Set: Trouble in Paradise (Green, 10), Boom Drop (Blue, 7), Russian Leg Sweep (Blue, 3)

You might recognize him for his amazing tasks to stay clear of removal at the Royal Rumble and also for his busy, high-flying actions, yet this certain variation of Kofi Kingston is a Technician, and also he is among the much better ones you can open– presently, he’s offered using July Jubilee Contest Essentials, yet at 4 bronze celebrities, you’ll need to be rather fortunate to obtain him.

For our recommended action collection, we advise turning on the Russian Leg Sweep as soon as you can– it’s a low-damage, quick-charge action, yet it enhances environment-friendly treasure damages by 125 percent for 4 turns, and also the damages keeps piling the much more you utilize it.

At some factor in the suit, you can make use of the Boom Drop to ruin 4 environment-friendly treasures of your selection, and also as soon as filled up, the Trouble in Paradise enables you to pick a certain location on the board to ruin, hence making it wonderful for reusing– if you’re unable to obtain the win today. The Leaping Elbow Drop can likewise be turned on for protective objectives versus Technicians or challengers with environment-friendly actions, as it takes as much as 2 MP from a challenger’s environment-friendly actions.

Jey Uso “The Usos”
Style: Chaotic
Era: Modern
Recommended Move Set: Samoan Splash (Green, 10), Northern Lights Suplex (Purple, 6), Samoan Drop (Green, 6)

jey uso wwe champions 2020

Another tag group expert that has posters offered using the July Jubilee Kick-Off Loot, Jey Uso is likewise even more of a high-flyer than a technological wrestler in the genuine WWE, but also for the objectives of this video game, he certifies as a Technician– and also a great alternative that you can grab in the process while proceeding from organization to organization.

We’re not followers of his default action established– the Superkick just needs 2 yellow treasures to bill, yet it’s an exceptionally low-damage action and also its main results just can be found in helpful when you’re completing in tag group suits. Regardless of suit kind, it’s finest to exchange the Superkick for the Samoan Drop, which takes 6 environment-friendly treasures to bill and also damages 2 arbitrary purple treasures as soon as performed.

The Northern Lights Suplex enables you to establish 3 Countdown Gems that ruin arbitrary 3 x 1 locations after 3 turns as soon as put, and also the Samoan Splash, which acts as his finisher, bargains bonus offer damages for each and every Countdown Gem that has actually not yet detonated at the time the action is made use of. All informed, he will not do as much damages as various other Technicians with those actions, yet he assists reuse the board rapidly and also, as we stated above, is a probable lineup enhancement at the time of creating.


Edge “The Rated- R Superstar”
Style: Aggressive
Era: Ruthless Aggression
Recommended Move Set: Spear (Purple, 10), Edgecator (Black, 7), Downward Spiral (Black, 8)

edge wwe champions 2020

As among the wrestlers offered in Dynamic 9 (D9) Ultimate Loot, it will not be very easy (or affordable, for the most part) to obtain this year’s huge resurgence tale in his timeless Ruthless Aggression kind, yet if you obtain a D9 Loot Coin and also attract him, you have actually obtained aNo 1 Trickster whose finisher does not need way too many relocate to bill, along with some recovery capacities with his initial black action, the Edgecator, which develops a lots of arbitrary Submission Gems, which can after that change right into Leech Gems of Strength.

Activate the Downward Spiral– Edge’s 2nd black action– and also utilize it in order to change a minimum of 8 Leech Gems (relying on the variety of celebrities) right into purple ones.

Once you have actually obtained sufficient purple treasures, you can after that strike the Spear on your challenger and also pick 4 treasures to ruin for extra damages. It will not be as much damages as your ordinary finisher, yet it needs to get the job done for the most part, specifically if you pick the appropriate treasures to ruin and also develop some combination damages.

George Steele “The Animal”
Style: Aggressive
Era: Legend
Recommended Move Set: Jumping Splash (Purple, 12), Bodyslam (Black, 8), Shoulderbreaker (Green, 6)

We obtained The Animal as component of among the periodic presents Scopely provides to offset web server problems and also various other troubles (using the Masters of the Universe loot discount continuous at the time), so if that’s likewise exactly how you obtained him, do not work him out– if we might make use of a sector term.

Steele’s in-game variation does not have a showy action collection, yet his initial environment-friendly ability, the Shoulderbreaker, is constantly good to have actually furnished as it enables you to take some Health from a challenger. (Naturally, this comes to be much less beneficial once a challenger is close to obtaining knocked senseless, yet it’s wonderful to make use of in the very early goings.)

The Jumping Splash finisher deals out bonus offer damages based upon the number of purple treasures get on the board at the time of usage, to make sure that’s likewise rather good to have. And while this has absolutely nothing to do with his efficiency as a Trickster, we should not overlook the truth that Steele’s post-victory computer animation reveals him eating on the turnbuckles, much like his late real-life matching did in the past.


Vader “The Mastodon”
Style: Focused
Era: New Generation
Recommended Move Set: Vadersault (Red, 14), Chokeslam (Green, 12), Short-Arm Clothesline (Green, 9)

vader wwe champions 2020

Should you have the ability to complete the Dynamic 9 competition and also obtain an Ultimate Loot Coin, you can obtain an ensured first-class poster, and also while there are 3 offered Powerhouses that you can obtain with among these coins, Vader is perhaps one of the most reliable and also sensible of them all.

Like your standard Powerhouse, billing up those actions can be laborious, yet outfitting both environment-friendly actions can make this procedure less complicated. The Short-Arm Clothesline enables you to pick some treasures to ruin, while the Chokeslam allows you pick 5 treasures to change right into red treasures– if you see a great deal of environment-friendly suits, this can be a very easy method to grab the win.

Once you have actually obtained sufficient red treasures, you can make use of the Vadersault finisher, which enables you to pick a minimum of a 2 x 6 location to ruin for a good deal of added damages in addition to the currently eruptive default damages.

Roman Reigns “Juggernaut”
Style: Aggressive
Era: Modern
Recommended Move Set: Moment of Silence (Red, 15), Samoan Drop (Red, 10), Leaping Clothesline (Black, 9)

As among the initial couple of male wrestlers opened, Reigns might need a little persistence if you’re utilizing him as your marked Powerhouse early. His actions, while eruptive and also efficient in dealing a lots of damages, take incredibly lengthy to bill up, and also if the board’s out your side, that can have you counting the lights and also taking the pin if your challenger’s solid sufficient.

However, obtaining Reigns to 3 celebrities will certainly enable you to furnish his 2nd black action, the Leaping Clothesline, which assists you obtain those red treasures off the beaten track by ruining 3 of them randomly.

Using the Samoan Drop (the 2nd red action) enables you to pick which 2 treasures to exchange Blast Gems (unlike the default black action, Corner Clotheslines, which transforms 2 arbitrary red treasures right into Blast Gems), while the Moment of Silence damages one arbitrary Blast Gem in addition to all the default damages it deals out– simply see to it you’re assured to knock senseless your challenger once you utilize it!


Jim Duggan “Hacksaw”
Style: Aggressive
Era: Legends
Recommended Move Set: 3-Point Stance Clothesline (Yellow, 11), Old Glory (Red, 7), Atomic Drop (Green, 5)

jim duggan wwe champions 2020

Assuming you have actually leagued up much sufficient, the D9 competition we stated above is your best effort of obtaining a luxury bronze Superstar at once. However, the Showboat course is instead under-represented, with just one wrestler because course amongst the offered incentives. While Duggan’s action collection could not be as amazing as that of your standard

Showboat, each of his default relocates operate in performance with each various other to successfully secure challengers as long as you utilize them right. Ideally, you’ll wish to start by utilizing the Atomic Drop to pick 9 treasures to change right into Reinforce Gems– these are treasures that deal added damages and also cost actions yet do not in fact impact the Pin Meter.

Use the Old Glory to transform 4 arbitrary treasures right into yellow treasures, and also as soon as you have the ability to make adequate yellow suits, you can make use of the 3-Point Stance Clothesline to round off your challenger– relying on the number of Reinforce Gems are still on the board at the time you utilize it, you can deal out a strong quantity of bonus offer damages!

The Rock “People’s Champ”
Style: Defensive
Era: PG
Recommended Move Set: People’s Elbow (Yellow, 12), Rock Bottom (Blue, 9), People’s Punches (Blue, 8)

Truly, there’s nobody even more tried-and-tested on the planet of WWE Champions than the Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment (or Hollywood). But The Rock’s PG Era variation, that, as you recognize, is the initial Superstar opened in the video game, is likewise as trusted as they obtain as much as the easier-to-obtain Showboats are worried.

He’s wonderful when it involves reusing the board, as billing up the Rock Bottom with 9 blue treasures enables you to pick 2 yellow treasures to position on the board– that’s a terrific method to string with each other a combination while billing up his People’s Elbow finisher.

As for the People’s Punches, which we recommend outfitting as soon as you obtain The Rock to 3 celebrities, these rise yellow treasure damages by 30 percent for 2 turns, which can actually be handy if you’re attempting to bill up the finisher. The People’s Elbow does have its downsides in the kind of reduced default damages, yet if you’re privileged sufficient, you can let loose some extra combination damages afterwards square loaded with treasures (3 x 3 or 4 x 4, relying on the number of celebrities) obtains damaged.


Ronda Rousey “Rowdy”
Class/Style: Striker/Focused
Era: Modern
Recommended Move Set: Armbar (Black, 10), Regalplex (Green, 8), Samoan Drop (Yellow, 7)

ronda rousey wwe champions 2020

As women wrestlers were just just recently consisted of in the WWE Champions data source, it will not be very easy to hire them to your lineup. As such, there is just one lady in the listing of offered posters for the D9 competition, which’s the UFC Hall of Famer transformed (previous) Raw Women’s Champion, Ronda Rousey.

Looking at the advised action collection, it’s clear that you do not have any type of selection below when it involves the treasures that can be become an additional shade or to an additional kind, yet it’s relatively very easy to make use of the additional actions (Regalplex and also Samoan Drop) to bill up the finisher– the previous modifications 4 arbitrary treasures of any type of shade right into black ones, while the last damages 3 arbitrary black treasures.

The good idea regarding the Armbar finisher is that you can put up to 4 Submission Gems on the board for an optimum of 3 turns, and also if there are any type of treasures continuing to be, they can be changed right into X Break Gems– these are specifically unusual, yet effective treasures that can ruin both angled lines where they lie!

Stephanie McMahon “Best for Business”
Class/Style: Trickster/Chaotic
Era: Modern
Recommended Move Set: Chokehold (Purple, 10), DDT (Blue, 8), Pedigree (Yellow, 6)

And yet once again, we have actually obtained an additional default personality sticking out as one of the much better selections amongst the conveniently available Superstars in WWE Champions 2020. Yes, we understand she battles extremely periodically in the real WWE and also is much much better recognized for her heel coupons as an authority number, yet as for the video game goes, Stephanie McMahon can in fact obtain you rather much in the very early Women’s Evolution trips, along with combined tag group suits.

The default action established jobs rather well, also as soon as you obtain her as much as 3 celebrities– the Pedigree is extremely simple to bill and also can aid you pack up on those purple treasures, the DDT develops Silence Gems, which protect against challengers from billing their actions as soon as those treasures are amongst their suits, and also the Chokehold ends up challengers off rather successfully– as you enhance her celebrity degree, you can put even more Submission Gems and also do damages for even more turns.

As it appears fairly tougher to open ladies’s wrestlers in the video game, having the Billion Dollar Princess as your lineup’s leading woman is most definitely not as negative as it appears.


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