Ulala: Idle Adventure Toys Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Toy System

Ulala: Idle Adventure is a still video game produced by XD Global for Android as well as iphone tools. In this video game, you are a neanderthal traveler that should take a trip throughout the continents as well as beat numerous beasts in order to collect food, tools, as well as much more. Of training course, such a hazardous trip should not be tried by yourself, so you obtain 3 colleagues to take a trip with. The more powerful you as well as your colleagues end up being, the further you will certainly have the ability to take a trip.

Strength in this video game, nevertheless, originates from various resources. You have your RPG staples such as tools as well as ability upgrades. You additionally obtain stat factor allowances each time you level up. The video game additionally allows you record as well as bring along animals in order to improve your battle capacity additionally.

An one-of-a-kind attribute of Ulala: Idle Adventure, however, is the Toy Box which permits you to gear up various playthings for various results. On the face of it, playthings appear like simply some added tools that you reach buy as well as put onto your personality. If you assume that, you can be making use of playthings incorrect. There are some complicated auto mechanics behind the Toy system, yet are afraid not, as our Ulala: Idle Adventure playthings overview will certainly educate you every little thing you require to find out about the plaything system.

1. Rush To Level 51

ulala idle adventure level 51

As with numerous points in Ulala: Idle Adventure, the Toy Box is secured behind a degree demand. You will certainly see the lock symbol on it when you attempt to see the Toy Box in your Character display. To unlock the playthings, you will certainly require to get to degree 51. It’s a rather high demand taking into consideration degrees begin to decrease after you strike 25. There are a couple of points that can aid you press ahead, though. Make certain you do not disregard your equipment improvements. Clatter Cards are additionally opened when you struck degree 42, as well as these need to provide you a significant increase in battle power if utilized properly. You can have a look at our Clatter Cards overview to ensure you obtain one of the most out of them.

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2. Buy Everything First

When you ultimately open the Toy Box, the Toy Store will certainly additionally appear in theShopping Street Tap on the Shopping Street island after that most likely to the Toy Store tab. You will certainly see a Marmot, Marmot Bell, Marmot Yellow Flower, T. Rex, T. Rex Belt, as well as T.Rex Hard Hat Since you will just have one plaything port offered at degree 51, you may assume you just require to purchase one collection, after that simply wait on the product turning to see if anything much better begins sale. That would certainly be a huge blunder due to the fact that the things for sale will certainly never ever rejuvenate.

ulala idle adventure toy store

You require to purchase both collections of playthings initially. Once you do, the grandfather will certainly recognize your taste as well as provide you accessibility to the actualToy Store This is where you will certainly see a selection of dabble differing rarities. This is additionally the moment that you will certainly have the ability to rejuvenate the things to buy. If you simply purchase one product from the first shop, the things will certainly remain there regardless of for how long you wait. You would certainly wind up losing out on the possibility to discover Legendary playthings for sale.

3. What Are the Numbers For?

ulala idle adventure numbers

When you purchase things from the Toy Store, you will certainly see that they have a number on the top left edge. The number suggests the port they suit when setting up the plaything. Tap on the Configuration switch right after acquiring a product to begin setting up. You will certainly see a greyed-out picture of the dabble ports phoned number 1 to 5 on top of the home window. Just dual faucet on the things you wish to gear up from the offered listing in order to furnish them. The sixth port is the plaything itself. It isn’t phoned number yet you will not have the ability to gear up any one of the devices on the initial 5 ports without the real plaything.

Keep in mind that things will just suit the port that match their number, as well as you can just gear up one item in each port. Even if you purchase 5 of a number 2 item, you will not have the ability to include them all to the exact same plaything. Always check if you currently have a particular item prior to acquiring it from the shop.

4. Don’ t Buy Refresh Chances

The video game provides you one cost-free refresh of things to buy each day. If you really did not such as the things you obtained, you can rejuvenate the listing once again for 12Rainbow Stones The trouble with costs Rainbow Stones is that you are not ensured a great collection also if you pay toRefresh If the following collection is equally as horrible as the initial one, after that the rocks you invested would certainly have been lost.

Rainbow Stones are extremely difficult ahead by in Ulala: Idle Adventure, as well as the most effective playthings in the video game can be actually pricey. You are much better off waiting till the following day to obtain your cost-free refresh than investing any kind of quantity of rocks. Even if you wind up obtaining a lot of Legendary things on your following refresh, you will certainly probably not have adequate Rainbow Stones to buy it early in the video game, anyhow.

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5. Sell What You Don’ t Need

Extra plaything items can be offered in order to recoup someRainbow Stones Unlike Clatter Coins, you do not obtain a complete reimbursement if you choose to offer an added plaything. You will certainly obtain much less Rainbow Stones than what you invested to buy them. This is why you need to hesitate prior to purchasing a product from theToy Store Regardless, if you wind up changing an item with a much better one, you can constantly offer it in order to gain back several of the rocks you invested purchasing it. To offer an item simply head over to any kind of plaything’s Configuration display. Tap on the Sell switch, after that pick every one of the items you wish to offer. Hit the Confirm switch to offer all the chosen things.

6. Don’ t Forget To Equip Your Toy

Toys are furnished with the Skills web page. You obtain one plaything port next to each ability. When you initially open the Toy Box, you will just have the port next to the initial ability opened. A typical blunder newbies make is that they disregard to gear up a plaything on the AFK tab. Keep in mind that you have 2 tabs for your abilities. Make certain you gear up a plaything on both tabs, or you will certainly be losing out on the advantages of the plaything for the easy fights.

how to equip the toy in ulala idle adventure

If you wish to gear up a various plaything, simply head back to the Skills display, after that touch on the plaything you wish to change. Tap on the Swap switch on the little home window that shows up. You can after that select a various plaything to gear up on that particular port.

7. You Can Only Equip One Of Each Monster

Once you get to degree 55, you will certainly have the ability to gear up a 2nd plaything port. You possibly currently purchased the very least one added plaything from the shop to prepare for this. Make certain the 2nd plaything you purchase is not the exact same varieties as the initial plaything. The video game just permits you to gear up among each beast varieties. That suggests also if you buy 2 Marmots, you will not have the ability to utilize them both. Even variants of the exact same varieties are not enabled. For instance, you can not gear up both the T. Rex as well as the Black Rock T. Rex at the exact same time. Keep this in mind prior to investing your hard-earned Rainbow Stones on purchasing added playthings.

8. How To Unlock Better Items

how to unlock better items in ulala idle adventure

Unlike in the Black Market, you can really partly affect what appears in theToy Store You can open much better things, so they will certainly have a possibility of showing up in the shop. To do this, you simply require to maintain boosting your ranking contrasted to various other gamers. Head on over to Hero Hill to see where you remain in regards to progression. Performing well contrasted to various other gamers will certainly gain you various quantities ofReputation When you get to particular Reputation degrees, you will certainly have the ability to open up breasts.

Tap on the Hero Hill Reward symbol on the leading right of the Hero Hill display to see the incentive breasts. This is additionally where you can see the benefits from future breasts. You will certainly see that these are all Legendary items. Tap on every one to see its results. Once you open any one of these items, they will certainly become part of the routine turning of things in theToy Store It will just refer waiting on them to take place sale.

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9. How To Earn More Rainbow Stones

Now that you have numerous Legendary items opened, you will certainly require a great deal of Rainbow Stones to be able to manage them. There are 3 main methods for you to gainRainbow Stones The initially as well as most regular one is theArena You reach gain a couple of Rainbow Stones each time you win in the Arena, yet you are just enabled 5 triumphes each day. You will not gain a great deal, yet at the very least you have the possibility to gain daily.

The 2nd means to gain Rainbow Stones is with the exact same upper body that permits you to unlock Legendary playthings. If you get to the called for Reputation rankings, you will certainly have the ability to open these breasts as well as gain big quantities of rock. The trouble is, you would certainly need to wait a while, as well as it comes to be harder to open breasts after time.

The 3rd alternative for earning Rainbow Stones is withClan Wars The incentive for joining Clan Wars is constantlyRainbow Stones Even if you shed, you will certainly still obtain Rainbow Stones, so ensure you sign up with a Clan that gets approved for the once a week battle. If you are not also aware of the Clan system yet, you can have a look at our Clan overview for more information.

10. Prioritize Sets Over Rarity

While browsing at the Toy Store, you will certainly see that the things have various rarities, comparable to just how tools are classified. Naturally, Epic as well as Legendary items break down much better statistics. That does not suggest you need to neglect any kind of blue things you see on the shop. When you see a red bell on a product to buy, that suggests it becomes part of a plaything that you currently have. You can after that touch on it to see its statistics. If you currently have a product for the exact same port, touching on the product will certainly reveal you a contrast of their statistics, aiding you choose if it deserves purchasing or otherwise. If there is no contrast, that suggests you do not have an item in the exact same port as well as acquiring that product will certainly enable you ahead one action more detailed to finishing a collection.

ulala idle adventure sets

When you consider plaything summaries, you will certainly see that there are greyed-out results. The initially one will certainly appear when you gather 3 items of the collection. The 2nd appears as soon as you finish the six-piece collection. These are wonderful results that will certainly aid you out a great deal, so it is much better for you finish a collection loaded with blue items than claim Legendary or Epic items. Always purchase an item if it permits you to trigger a collection bonus offer also if the rarity is reduced.

11. Choosing The Right Slot For Each Toy

Now that you find out about the power of established incentives, it is time to discuss outfitting playthings tactically. This is even more of a late or end video game factor to consider given that it will certainly take you a while to finish your collections. Before you finish a collection, the port you furnish your plaything in will certainly not matter. You will certainly acquire the advantages despite the port. Once a six-piece collection bonus offer is offered, it is time to consider where to gear up that plaything due to the fact that it will just impact the ability it is placed in.

The many fundamental instance is the T. Rex plaything’s six-piece bonus offer which includes 2 ability degrees to whatever ability it is furnished on. If you furnish it on a degree 20 ability, the six-piece bonus offer spoils. If you furnish it on an arbitrary ability that isn’t level 20 yet, you obtain a little increase in efficiency. The ideal port to furnish it on, nevertheless, is any kind of ability that goes to degree 3, 8, 13, or 18. That’s due to the fact that degrees 5, 10, 15, as well as 20 are turning points for abilities, as well as you obtain a larger increase at those degrees contrasted to others.

Toys can aid press you to the leading if you utilize them properly. Just keep in mind every little thing you gained from our Ulala: Idle Adventure playthings overview over in order to make best use of the gain from your playthings!

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