Ulala: Idle Adventure Tempering Guide: How to Temper Your Gear

If you are a still video game follower and also you have not become aware of Ulala: Idle Adventure yet, after that you need to have been residing in a give in the last couple of months. This amazing still experience ready Android and also iphone places you in the footwear of a neanderthal that need to deal with others in order to remove large beasts. Travel throughout various areas of each continent trying to find food, loot, and also prize! Dozens of managers will certainly be waiting on you in each location, so see to it you are prepared.

You can level up your personality, update your abilities, capture much better family pets, and also also craft epic devices. That will not suffice for innovative phases, however. You require all extra toughness you can obtain if you are to overcome the whole continent. That is where tempering is available in.

Tempering offers you a huge increase in certain statistics, enabling you to tailor the perk according to your requirements. While the video game does a fantastic task of leaving in-depth description for the majority of attributes, that paper symbol is oddly missing from the Tempering area. Luckily for you, our Ulala: Idle Adventure toughening up overview is right here to conserve the day!

1. How To Unlock Tempering In Ulala: Idle Adventure

Unlike most various other attributes that are secured behind a degree need in Ulala: Idle Adventure, Tempering is opened with equipmentEnhancement The initially Temper entrance is opened when a tool reaches Enhancement degree 39. That suggests you require to recognize exactly how to improve your devices initially prior to you can also attempt to Temper anything.

how to unlock tempering in ulala idle adventure

Enhancement is simple sufficient to discover. You simply head over to the Character display, faucet on the equipment you intend to improve, after that touch on the Enhance switch at the end of the home window. You can after that invest Shells to Enhance your picked devices. Keep in mind, nevertheless, that the Enhancement degree can not surpass your personality’s degree. That suggests you do not reach Temper anything if your personality is degree 38 or reduced.

After you get to Enhancement degree 25, you will certainly require to Enchant your equipment to improve additionally. Enchantment is done on the very same display, yet you will certainly require to have actually the called for Enchantment thing. The just put you can obtain Enchantment products remains in theMystic Cave Make certain your group is solid sufficient to take this on. You can stand up to 12 difficulty possibilities in the Mystic Cave, so you can maintain attempting throughout the day up until you are successful. If you are battling to win in the cavern, you might require to power up initially. Check out our Ulala: Idle Adventure newbie’s overview to see if you obtained all your fundamentals covered.

Once an equipment gets to Enhancement degree 39, Tempering will certainly be opened, however, for that certain equipment port just. You will certainly require to improve each port in order to unlock Tempering for every one of them. To gain access to the Tempering display, simply touch on the devices you intend to solidify, after that touch on the Temper switch at the end of the home window.

2. Unlock Additional Temper Entries

You can open approximately 3 Temper access per equipment. That suggests you can have up to 3 stat perks per equipment port. As stated over, the initial Temper entrance is opened at Enhancement degree 39. The 2nd one is opened at Enhancement degree 49. The 3rd port is opened at Enhancement degree 59. A 4th Temper entrance will certainly be included future updates, and also based upon the present pattern, it will certainly probably be readily available at Enhancement degree 69.

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3. Re-Roll To The Stats You Need

Each Temper entrance can be re-rolled to an arbitrary brand-new stat. Since you will not constantly obtain the stat that you like, you need to re-roll as quickly as you can manage to. Re- rolls set you back 20 Starfish or Pearls depending upon what you have. There is no restriction to the variety of re-rolls, so you can maintain attempting up until you are completely satisfied. Don’ t fear if you have actually currently begun Tempering prior to reviewing this overview. Re- rolling will certainly not influence your development on bench.

ulala idle adventure re-rolling the stats

If you are questioning which statistics are excellent to have in the Tempering display, that depends upon your course. For DPS and also Healer courses, you would certainly intend to opt for ATK, Crit, and also HP for the 3 access. ATK and also Crit range well for both DPS and also Healer abilities and also HP is a great stat to have in basic. For storage tank courses, you would certainly intend to have HP, Armor, after thatBlock You can switch over out Block for Tenacity if you are focusing on PVP, however.

4. Increase Your Temper Rank

When you begin Tempering, you will certainly see a bar for each and every entrance. The bar fills out as you Temper, and also when it is complete, you can not Temper any longer. Raising the Temper Rank of an equipment port will certainly boost the optimum feasible perk you can receive from each entrance. It will certainly cost you 30 Starfish or Pearls to boost Temper ranking.

how to increase temper rank in ulala idle adventure

The key need for boosting Temper Rank is the equipment port’s Enchant ranking. You can increase your Temper Rank to 2 when you get to Enchant Rank 4 which appears after improving an equipment to degree 40. Temper Rank 3 appears when you get to Enchant Rank 5 which appears when you improve an equipment to degree 45. Basically, you require to maintain Enhancing and also Enchanting in order to increase your Temper Rank and also acquire even more perk statistics.

5. Know Your Temper Tiers

As you Temper an equipment port, you will certainly see the tag on each entrance adjustment. This tag is theTemper Tier It begins with Sub, the most affordable degree. Whenever you get to a specific landmark in the Temper entrance bar, you will certainly get to a brand-newTier After the Sub Tier, you obtain Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, and alsoPremium This is very important due to the fact that with each brand-new Tier, the RNG modifications, and also the possibilities of success drop. By the moment you strike Premium, the possibilities of efficiently toughening up will certainly be so reduced that you will certainly probably see downsides the majority of the moment.

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6. When To Use Special Temper

Special Temper is the sort of Temper that makes use of superior money as opposed toShells It has a much greater success price also when you strikePremium Tier Unfortunately, you will not have a huge supply of superior money unless you intend to invest extreme quantities of actual cash on the video game. It would certainly be a great concept to hang on to all your Starfish in order to have sufficient for Tempering in innovative degrees.

when to use special temper in ulala idle adventure

Since you will not have a great deal of Starfish or Pearls, it is ideal if you do not utilize Special Temper up until you have actually opened all 3 access. The price of Special Temper will certainly boost, yet it will certainly influence all 3 ports at the very same time. That suggests you have a great chance of obtaining a favorable number for all 3 access with a solitarySpecial Temper Another point to think about is the Temper Tier of the 3 access. Avoid making use of Special Temper for access listed belowPremium Tier You intend to utilize Special Temper just for obtaining those last couple of indicate fill bench to avoid squandering superior money.

7. Tempering Strategies

When you obtain your initial Temper entrance, you would possibly assume it’s quite simple. You validate when you obtain a favorable outcome, after that terminate when you obtain an unfavorable. You can simply maintain attempting up until you ultimately fill the whole bar. Then the 2nd entrance comes and also you recognize it was all a catch that has actually been waiting on you considering that you strike Enhancement degree 39.

Each Temper entrance has an independent RNG for renovation. That suggests you can obtain a favorable outcome for one bar, after that an unfavorable on the various other. If you elevated your initial bar to Advanced or Premium prior to you obtain the 2nd bar, you will certainly be investing a great deal of Shells attempting to obtain both bars to provide you a favorable outcome.

tempering strategies in ulala idle adventure

A typical technique is to increase the initial bar toIntermediate This means, you will certainly obtain a great quantity of perk, and also you will certainly still have a sporting chance to obtain favorable outcomes once you open the 2nd bar. You need to after that solidify both bars up until they are around the Intermediate degree after that wait on the 3rd bar. Once you have all 3 bars, simply increase them all once again toIntermediate Keep in mind that the Intermediate degree modifications when you Rank up your Tempering.

Once you have all benches to Intermediate, you can begin pressing your Tempering to greater degrees up until you reachPremium Then utilize the Starfish you stockpiled to obtain whatever maxed out. Of training course, considering that the programmers are intending to include a 4th Temper entrance, you might intend to hold back up until they do.

An different technique is to prevent boosting your Temper ranking. When a bar is maxed out, it no more modifications with succeeding Temper efforts. That suggests it will certainly obtain a +0 despite the outcome of various other bars. Just max out each bar as you open it. Then when you have all bars maxed out, boost your Temper ranking. Since you will certainly have all 3 bars at very same degree, you will certainly be anticipating comparable RNG for the 3 of them. This technique sets you back even more Shells considering that you will certainly still be investing 3 bars’ well worth of Shells also if the maxed-out bars aren’t relocating. The advantage of this is that you reach take pleasure in the greater stat perks faster as opposed to waiting on the various other bars initially.

You currently recognize whatever you require to find out about Tempering your equipment. Follow our Ulala: Idle Adventure toughening up overview over and also you will certainly be powering up effortlessly! In instance you have extra ideas or methods relating to toughening up in the video game, do not hesitate to drop us a line!

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