Touchgrind Skate 2 Guide: 10 Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Get a High Score as well as Complete More Challenges

Illusion Labs might be understood to some as the manufacturers of Touchgrind BMX as well asMr Crab, to name a few titles, as well as if you took pleasure in the very first video game we pointed out, you may discover on your own hooked on the firm’s newest severe sporting activities offering, Touchgrind Skate 2. This is a “video game of ability” that features different settings, consisting of Competition, Jam Session, as well as Game of S.K.A.T.E., in addition to a video clip editor that enables you to export your finest lines as well as sessions. The title additionally shows off sensible physics as well as a variety of real-life skate boarding techniques for you to understand, either by themselves or as component of lines as well as combinations.

Although we would not call this a super-casual video game in any type of feeling of words, its summary features a brand-new spin on that particular old standby from those back-to-basics titles– it “takes 10 mins to comprehend yet a life time to master.” That stated, it absolutely will not be that simple to understand all the techniques in the video game, specifically the tougher ones, yet we can ideally assist you in finishing a lot more success as well as making greater ratings in the video game’s 2 main settings, particularly Competition as well as Jam Session.

touchgrind skate 2 tricks

So stick with us as well as take a look at our extensive Touchgrind Skate 2 overview, as we will certainly chat you with specific functions you may not have actually discovered immediately, so continue reading for a full take a look at this straightforward, yet super-addictive skate boarding video game!

1. An Overview Of Touchgrind Skate 2

The finest method to explain Touchgrind Skate 2 would certainly be to call it a semi-casual skate boarding video game that might not feature a great deal of bells as well as whistles yet nevertheless enables you to do a variety of skateboard techniques. You can find out these techniques by heading to My Backyard in the wheel at the end of the primary display, selecting Training, as well as selecting any one of the lessons that are readily available to pick.

All in all, there are 12 educational video clips, consisting of numerous that cover several techniques– as an example, selecting the Kickflip choice will not simply educate you just how to do a kickflip, yet will certainly additionally show just how you can do an effective heelflip.

touchgrind skate 2 controls

Each video clip begins with the computer system showing just how the method is carried out as well as what controls you require to make use of. Basically, you browse the board by pushing 2 fingers on it, one ahead as well as one in the back, as well as techniques are carried out by different mixes of swipes, faucets, as well as launches, with a certain order in which each command ought to happen.

For circumstances, executing an ollie would certainly need you to raise the front finger, after that, in fast sequence, raise the back finger. The previously mentioned kickflip is carried out by swiping your front finger right, after that raising your back finger, while heelflips can be done by swiping your front finger left as well as raising your back finger. Completing a lesson would certainly transform it eco-friendly as well as include a check mark, while those you have not will certainly stay blue, without check mark at the right.

As those are simply a few of the techniques you can do in Touchgrind Skate 2, it can be a little bit much to remember every one of them. But unlike various other video games where you might require to re-install the application in order to remodel the tutorial, this enables you to replay the lessons at any moment. You can additionally move on as well as miss the computer system demo to make sure that you can attempt the techniques on your own, yet we do not see why you would certainly intend to do that, other than if you’re repeating the exact same lesson several times in a row.

touchgrind skate 2 darkslide

You can additionally evaluate fundamental guidelines for different techniques by touching on the arrowhead on the leading right of the display, striking the upper switch, after that mosting likely to How to at the end of the display, which is where you can swipe left as well as right to run your memory on whatever from just how to ride your board to just how to ride onto a rail.

Aside from Training, the various other fundamental settings consist of Competition, which provides you 100 secs to find up with the greatest feasible rating, as well as Jam Session, which has no time at all restriction, with the objective being to accomplish the greatest feasible line rating.

Line ratings build up as you maintain doing techniques without collapsing or without shedding the line, which takes place when the round meter around your multiplier on the top left edge of the display goes out entirely. We will be reaching this a little in the future as well as reviewing it in higher deepness, however, for currently, allow’s carry on to a couple of various other straightforward tips that might assist you have far better control of your board.

2. Maintaining Good Finger Control

Although all you truly require are 2 fingers in order to manage your board as well as do techniques, you will definitely intend to have several fingers ready if you intend to take pleasure in a smoother trip as well as far better fluidness when attempting to string lines or combinations with each other. Let’s take the kickflip/heelflip circumstance we pointed out previously.

touchgrind skate 2 kickflip

When doing the previous, it’s finest to have one finger on your right-hand man managing the front as well as a finger on your left hand managing the back, therefore making it simpler to swipe the front finger right. When doing the last, the contrary uses– the front finger will certainly require to be on your left hand to make sure that you can perfectly swipe left as well as raise a finger on your right-hand man.

In enhancement, it is essential that you do the appropriate commands in order for you to correctly perform the method. Swiping requires to be performed in a fast left or appropriate movement, while raising a finger off the board requires to be performed in a fast, straight movement– do not unintentionally drag your finger in either instructions while raising it off your gadget’s display! It’s all also typical for the board to maintain going rather than jumping or turning like it should, so understand the commands you’re making use of as well as just how you’re utilizing them.

3. How To Rack Up A Ton Of Points In Competition And Jam Session

Despite the reality it’s called “Competition,” this setting does not have you completing versus any type of AI or human challengers. Instead, you’ll be completing versus the clock, as you’ll have 100 secs to acquire as high a rating as feasible. In various other words, your primary challenger right here is on your own as you attempt to defeat your old high rating over as well as over while gathering each of the 3 medals for sure turning points– Bronze is for 100,000 factors, Silver for 500,000, as well as Gold for 750,000.

Getting all 3 medals for the very first time counts towards your development from Beginner to Amateur to Rookie till you get to the greatest feasible ranking in the video game, which isLegend However, that’s not one of the most crucial point you’ll require to do in order to place up.

touchgrind skate 2 high score

When it concerns obtaining as high a rating as feasible in Competition, the trick is to boost your multiplier (as seen on the top left of the display) as well as rattle off as lots of techniques as feasible while your multiplier maintains rising. Your multiplier can boost if you effectively full as lots of techniques as feasible without collapsing, as well as when we claim collapsing, we do not simply suggest essentially erasing with your board showing up deck-up on the ground.

Even if your board arrive on the side for a little while prior to you land back on the wheels, that will certainly additionally count as an accident, which will certainly cause your line obtaining “shed,” or returning to a multiplier of 1. Likewise, lines can be shed if, as we pointed out, the eco-friendly meter bordering the multiplier go out entirely at 1– this would certainly take place if you have not carried out any type of techniques for some time.

The over concept will certainly additionally use in Jam Session, where you’re once more completing versus on your own as you attempt to defeat your highest-scoring specific line. As we stated previously, there is no component of time stress in Jam Session, as it’s everything about the amount of factors you can acquire in a solitary line without collapsing or allowing the meter gone out.

4. Keep On Grinding To Increase Your Multiplier

Regardless of which setting you’re playing, we would certainly suggest executing as lots of grinds as feasible– that would certainly be moving throughout a surface area with the wheels grinding versus it– in order to rapidly boost your multiplier. The dish in My Backyard is perhaps the very best location to try any type of type of grinding method– generally, all you require to do is obtain some energy to make sure that your front wheels are crossing the side of the dish.

touchgrind skate 2 salad grind

Grinding on rails or the benches is harder, yet your gas mileage might differ because respect. The crucial point is to manage as lots of extensive grinds as you might in one line. Stalling, which resembles grinding besides the reality you as well as the board are fixed for a couple of secs, is additionally an efficient method to acquire the factors as well as boost your multiplier.

In in between grinds, it’s constantly a great suggestion to maintain spamming those ollies as well as nollies– these are straightforward, low-risk techniques that include in your factors complete, maintain the multiplier meter filling– albeit in tiny increments– as well as will not cause an accident. Of training course, you can creep in a flip or a pop shuvit, as those steps deserve a lot more factors, yet those are additionally higher-risk techniques that sometimes cause accidents if you aren’t able to place your fingers back on the board in time.

5. Choose Your Restart Position For Optimal Performance

Unhappy with just how your recurring Jam Session run is going? Touchgrind Skate 2 deals you the choice to reactivate at any moment, as well as you can do this by touching on the arrowhead on the top right edge of your display as well as selecting the center choice that resembles an “reverse” switch. However, prior to you do this, it’s a great suggestion to touch on the switch listed below it in order to establish your reactivate setting. Keep in mind that this is just readily available in Jam Session, yet NOT in Competition setting!

touchgrind skate 2 restart position

When establishing your reactivate setting, you will usually have around 2 to 3 noticeable selections of place where you will certainly be re-spawning. In the instance over, you can either reactivate appropriate alongside the black as well as yellow rails, or a couple of meters far from the red circle.

However, you can swipe up, down, left, or exactly on the display to bring up various other feasible reactivate factors, such as alongside the trees or alongside the eco-friendly bushes. Choose the place you think would certainly enable you to do the techniques you intend to do, specifically if you’re attempting to finish a certain Challenge! And talking this necessary function of the video game …

6. Complete The Challenges To Increase Your Ranking And Unlock New Features

Although it’s all well as well as excellent to concentrate on Competition as well as Jam Session as you attempt to surpass your last run, the heart of Touchgrind Skate 2 can perhaps be located in its Challenges, which include 25 various jobs that, in concept, can be finished naturally. They array from the straightforward, such as doing any type of type of kickflip or grind method, to a lot more complicated ones such as obtaining 150,000 factors in the line without kickflips included, doing any type of 360 method, or stringing with each other a 100,000-point combination beginning at a x1 multiplier. You can check out the Challenges at any moment by touching on the switch of the exact same name generally display as well as examining each of them separately.

touchgrind skate 2 challenges

Alternately, stopping briefly the activity by touching on the upper-right arrowhead in Competition or Jam Session brings up the Challenges you have not finished yet. If readily available, you can touch on the lowercase “i” alongside the Challenge in order to check out a video clip that will certainly reveal you just how to finish it.

Why is Challenge conclusion perhaps more crucial than defeating your high rating in Competition or Jam Session? As we teased previously, this would certainly enable you to place up in the video game as you start as a Beginner as well as attempt to make it right toLegend Completing specific Challenges additionally opens repairs as well as designs for your skateboard, as well as at some point allows you open the video game’s multiplayer setting– Game of S.K.A.T.E., which resembles a skate boarding matching of the basketball capturing video game H-O-R-S-E where you require to replicate your challenger’s techniques as carefully as feasible.

7. The Only Thing ‘Special’ About The Special Boards Is The Design

In My Backyard, you will certainly see 2 various other choices besides the video game settings you have actually currently opened, as well as those are Special Boards as well asNormal Board Choose a Special Board as well as you can make use of the Air Board– which is created to appear like an elegant hoverboard yet essentially functions similarly as the regular board– or pay genuine cash to open the various other readily available boards. You can pay $3 USD or its regional comparable to acquire one Special Board, or pay $7 to open 3 of them.

touchgrind skate 2 special boards

Take keep in mind that none of these boards feature any type of unique functions, increases, or aficionados, as any type of distinctions in between them are aesthetic– their primary advantages are for collection objectives as well as for aesthetic appeals. It’s additionally worth keeping in mind that by buying a board (or boards), whatever you obtain will certainly be arbitrary. You can not especially select the Major Tom or the Burrito as a specific acquisition, as well as neither can you select those 2 boards plus the Mini if you’re seeking to get a three-pack.

8. You Can Customize The Normal Board In Any Way You Wish

On the various other hand, sticking to the regular, seemingly monotonous Touchgrind Skate 2 skateboard may not seem like one of the most amazing choice available. That’s where you might be misinterpreted– whereas you can not personalize Special Boards, the Customize choice will certainly show up whenever the default board is chosen. Likewise, you will not obtain any type of unique benefits or functions by tailoring your default board, yet you can have a great deal of enjoyable jazzing it up without needing to pay a solitary cent of your hard-earned cash.

All in all, there are 4 locations of the Normal Board that you can modify. These consist of the Wheels, the Deck, the Grip Tape, as well as theStickers New Wheels can be opened when you get to a specific conclusion factor while placing up– as an example, you can open both the Moving Forward as well as Illusion Cab develops when you have actually gone up toSkater Different deck styles are additionally opened throughout the ranking-up procedure, however at an early stage, you will certainly obtain the Do It Yourself choice, which is where you can pick any type of image of your option for the style of your deck.

touchgrind skate 2 wheels

You can take your very own image or select from your image gallery, as well as you can squeeze in as well as out of the display to focus as well as out. Choose Done when you feel you have actually obtained the ideal plant, as well as you’re ready. (As a perk pointer, among the Challenges needs you to have the Do It Yourself deck energetic, so you will certainly intend to establish this up at some time!)

The exact same concept puts on your Stickers– you can select from the unlockable choices or pick Photo Sticker if you intend to include a sticker label based upon your very own image or any one of the pictures in your gallery. Stickers take place the deck of your board, as well as you can include as lots of as you please– select a sticker label as well as drag it throughout the deck to establish the place.

Lastly, Grip Tape describes the style on the top component of your board, as well as all choices are unlockable throughout the ranking-up procedure.

9. What Is The Video Studio?

In the primary display, you will certainly see 2 various other choices besides Challenges on the left side, as well as those are Video Studio as well asOur Games The last provides you a take a look at Illusion Labs’ various other readily available video games, while the previous allows you view, modify, as well as conserve video from your current playthroughs.

Once in this setting, you can most likely to Recent, which is where you can see the last times you played in Competition, Jam Session, or Game of S.K.A.T.E., Top Score, which concentrates exclusively on clips of your top-scoring efficiencies, Saved Clips, which is basically obvious, as well as Projects, which enables you to modify the video clips in your Saved Clips.

touchgrind skate 2 video studio

You can drag as well as go down as lots of clips as you intend to all-time low of the display, as well as when you have actually selected the video clips you intend to modify, touch on Export as well as you’ll have the choice to share them on You Tube, conserve them to your image gallery or electronic camera roll, or email them to a person– or to your very own account. You can additionally select whether to share them with or without audio.

While this function is most definitely a lot more tailored towards those that such as to share gameplay material, it behaves to have about as component of the video game, specifically if you’re fresh off a specifically outstanding collection of playthroughs!

10. Other Locations Cost Three Bucks To Unlock

Last, yet not the least, you might be questioning the various other areas that are located in the wheel under of the primary display, such as The Factory, The Docks, The Office, as well as others. Unfortunately, none are complimentary, as each will certainly cost you $3 to separately open.

You can additionally pick Deal to get a four-pack of pre-specified areas– as an example, the existing Deal consists of The Car Park, The Factory, The Docks, as well as The Motel all readily available for an overall of $7. Unlike the Special Boards, nevertheless, you can in fact select the place you desire to acquire.

touchgrind skate 2 locations

Compared to the Special Boards, this is perhaps a much better financial investment for those that agree to pay genuine cash to get one of the most out of Touchgrind Skater 2. Each of the alternative areas to My Backyard features brand-new challenges, brand-new surface areas, as well as brand-new ramps to overcome as well as to assist you in stringing with each other lines, combinations, as well as also standalone techniques that may have appeared also tough for you to manage inMy Backyard So if you have regarding 3 to 7 dollars to extra, you simply may intend to invest that additional money on opening those areas.

That would certainly recommend currently, as for our Touchgrind Skate 2 pointers as well as techniques are worried. Have you uncovered a few other pointers? If so, do not hesitate to allow us understand in the remark location!


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