The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Tier List: A Complete List of the Best SSR, SR and R Characters

Netmarble’s The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross stays as one in all most talked about RPGs on cellular as we speak and it isn’t completely due to the franchise’s reputation however somewhat, that, together with the clear proof of nice effort the developer made within the general design of the sport. Beyond the recognition of the characters within the sport and the way the sport’s design and mechanics could make it much more partaking for gamers to spend so much of time in it, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross presents lots for gamers who take pleasure in customizations of their items and groups.

For essentially the most half, having a variety of actions to partake in as you play the sport and searching into every character in your assortment to plan staff combos and equipment setups is usually a enjoyable and thrilling enterprise for a lot of RPG lovers.

If you’ve got simply began taking part in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross or have but to dive into its world however planning to, make sure you learn our newbie’s information, because it comes with a great deal of ideas and methods that may enable you to safe a agency grasp of the sport’s mechanics and options shortly and jumpstart your journey. There could also be no clear minimize class or roles to categorise every character within the sport however the abilities every one possesses present sufficient so that you can designate them into particular roles that can assist you construct a extra cohesive staff. Learn extra about the right way to establish roles or courses with the assistance of our The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross class information. We have additionally printed a complete staff information, so in case you are eager about team-building concepts, make sure you take a look at our devoted article on that.

In this new information, we shall be specializing in a tier listing to group the sport’s characters primarily based on their general worth. While builders at all times strive their finest to stability characters out, some simply merely stand out whereas others appear higher left alone in your roster free from any enhancement boosts in anyway.

Do notice that we’ll think about all SSR, SR, and even R-grade characters, even those who have but to be launched within the world model. Do notice that characters inside a given tier usually are not organized from strongest to weakest and that components apart from their energetic abilities and ultimates have been thought of.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – S Tier Characters

SSR [The Grizzly Sin of Sloth] King the Fairy King (Speed)

king of the fairy king 7ds grand cross

As essentially the most coveted model of King and maybe, essentially the most feared in PvP, this incarnation of the Fairy King at the moment stands as the perfect assist, healer, and AoE damage-dealer in a single match for nearly any celebration. Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Third Form: Fossilization has a assured petrify impact on 2 stars on high of the harm. Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Eight Form: Pollen Garden doesn’t simply take away debuffs from the whole celebration; it additionally grants a 30% to 50% heal when fused.

If each abilities usually are not sufficient to wow you, his final ability, Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Fourth Form: “Sunflower” inflicts shatter harm equal to 420% of assault on all targets. Just so as to add, shatter harm ignores the goal’s resistance, making it a largely damaging ability to take a success from. If you handle to nab this SSR Fairy King early on, he might help you breeze by way of the primary 5 chapters of the marketing campaign.

SSR [Camelot’s Sword] New King Arthur (Strength)

new king arthur 7ds grand cross

Yet one other glorious assist unit is that this model of King Arthur. Though Light Pillar initially solely does 220% of assault as harm, merging it and rating the ability up earns it the impact to disable restoration abilities, which is a superb impact to latch onto your PvP enemies. Royal Sword, however, works nice on any setup because it boosts stats of an ally and may take away debuffs from the whole celebration at max rank.

SSR [Tempest] Holy Knight Howzer (Strength)

holy knight howzer 7ds grand cross

An glorious AoE attacker that makes a speciality of pierce and significant harm, Holy Knight Howzer is a best choice for once you wish to AoE bomb by way of mobs of enemies within the marketing campaign missions or for farming dungeons. His final ability, Rising Tornado, does nice harm towards all enemies and provides additional insult to harm by reducing their ability ranges and depletes final orbs primarily based on ability ranks decreased. A terrific unit to make use of in your celebration for farming as effectively.

SSR [Godspeed Knight] Guardian Jericho (HP)

guardian jericho 7ds grand cross

As among the finest single goal damage-dealers within the sport, Guardian Jericho stands because the bane of each debuffed unit within the reverse lane. His main ability, Flash Attack, inflicts weak level harm that triples its results on debuffed enemies. At 3 stars, it does 275% of assault and triple that, might kill an enemy unit in a single blow. Even with out different debuffers within the staff, he can initially use his second ability, Flash Strike, which inflicts bleed on high of its respectable harm.

SSR [The Goat Sin of Lust] Gowther (Speed) (Unreleased)

gowther 7ds grand cross

Another PvP favourite and one whom we think about as the perfect in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, the but unreleased model of Gowther is one other character that you’d need on nearly any staff. One of the perfect assist sorts within the sport, Gowther’s Arrow Shot does AoE harm however the perfect half is that it could possibly disable every enemy’s capacity to assault for the subsequent 1 or 2 turns.

If that isn’t painful sufficient for the opposition, Invasion Arrow is one powerful buff to beat because it will increase the ability ranks of his allies. Gowther’s final ability, Rewrite Light, does huge harm on all enemies and as an additional deterrent, takes away 3 final transfer gauge orbs from every of them.

SSR [The Fox Sin of Greed] Ban (HP) (Unreleased)

ban 7ds grand cross

Though nonetheless not launched on the worldwide model of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, this incarnation of Ban stays to be among the many high characters within the sport. Drain, his main ability that comes with lifesteal at 2 stars, significantly boosts his survivability. The lifesteal impact wouldn’t be as superior if it weren’t filled with Snatch’s extort impact.

In case you have no idea, lifesteal heals his HP whereas extort drains the goal’s stats and provides it to his personal. One of the perfect fighters in PvP, this model of Ban can even make farming simpler for you. Once he turns into out there, make sure you pray that you’ll be able to come up with him quick.

SSR [The Dragon Sin of Wrath] Meliodas (Strength) (Unreleased)

meliodas 7ds grand cross

Yet one other extremely coveted unit awaiting to hitch the worldwide roster is the story-spoiling-of-sorts model of Meliodas. An glorious attacker, this incarnation of Meliodas has stackable ignite, all because of his Hellfire, which will increase harm taken by enemies it hits. Blaze Burn however, restricts restoration associated stats with its infect impact on high of the uncooked harm it offers. For an applicable finisher, Hell Buster inflicts weak level harm which is able to almost definitely set off as targets get debuffed by his different abilities.

SSR [The Boar Sin of Gluttony] Merlin (HP) (Unreleased)

merlin 7ds grand cross

If delaying the enemy staff’s final abilities is one in all your most well-liked techniques, you then also needs to be excited for this model of Merlin to hitch the worldwide roster of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. Spear Explosion depletes final ability orbs of an enemy on high of the harm it offers. On the defensive facet, she has Perfect Cube, which casts a protecting barrier on her staff that may take up harm. She is fairly helpful in quite a few groups and sport modes and a simple character to strategize round with.

SR [Boar Hat Tavern] Hostess Elizabeth (Strength)

hostess elizabeth 7ds grand cross

You would possibly initially underestimate one in all earliest items you should have in your journey in most RPGs. The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross begs to vary as a few of your earliest companions show to be distinctive teammates in battle. Hostess Elizabeth is a superb assist character and is usually a nice asset to any staff by way of the sport’s marketing campaign.

Though her main ability, Slide Serve, can solely goal one opponent, its impact which takes away the enemy’s capacity to assault can flip the tide of battle to your facet simply. Nurse Call is a superb AoE heal and works even higher with the free final orbs after being ranked up in battle.

SR [Mobile Tavern] Hawk & Elizabeth (Strength)

hawk and elizabeth 7ds grand cross

Although categorically an attacker primarily based on their preliminary ability set, this tandem of Hawk & Elizabeth can do greater than dish out a variety of ache. Rolling Ham Attack does cost assault, which ignores the goal’s protection stats. At 3 stars, it could possibly deal 500% of assault as harm, which interprets to ache each different character can really feel.

Hawk Knight Rush might not be as menacing so far as uncooked harm is anxious, however its impact of taking away buff and debuff abilities might be very troublesome for enemies, particularly in PvP. Their final ability, Final Pork Stomping, does 700% of assault as harm and cancels the goal’s stance.

SR [Chivalrous] Holy Knight Gilthunder (HP)

holy knight gilthunder 7ds grand cross

Everyone enjoys an excellent variety of buffs to amp their staff up in fight and that’s how this incarnation of Gilthunder works towards them. Lightning, his main ability, does double harm on buffed enemies and is an AoE ability. Lightning Power, however, is without doubt one of the finest assist abilities as it could possibly increase the assault of his allies by as a lot as 60% for 3 full turns. Gilthunder is nice to have in your celebration to breeze by way of the marketing campaign missions as effectively.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – A Tier Characters

SSR [Nunchaku] Adventurer Ban (Strength)

adventurer ban 7ds grand cross

For a extra direct offensive strategy in fight, Adventurer Ban is solely one of many deadliest. Starting of with eak level harm care of his Brandisher Stick ability, banking on the debuffs that enemy items can have will guarantee a comparatively simple kill particularly with a ranked up model of this ability. Another debilitating transfer, Mana Drain does respectable harm and weakens the enemy by reducing their ability rank. Merged even simply as soon as, Mana Drain can even take away final orbs from enemy items.

SSR [The Serpent Sin of Envy] Holy Knight Diane (Speed)

holy knight diane 7ds grand cross

This model of Diane is an honest attacker as effectively with Rush Rock doing huge single goal harm together with disabling assault abilities. As an AoE different to doing assaults, Ground Gladius does much more harm with the rupture impact that doubles harm on buffed enemies. Mother Earth Catastrophe, as an final ability, is a straightforward direct AoE ability that does 525% of assault as harm.

SSR [Reverse] Guardian Hawk & Elizabeth (Speed)

hawk and elizabeth 7ds grand cross

If you’re working with a full staff of items that every have buff abilities, then chances are you’ll wish to think about this SSR duo as a member of the celebration. Hawk & Elizabeth’s main ability, Fire Breath offers nice harm by itself but it surely banks on additional boosting its impact with amplify, which good points 30% further harm per further buff on the unit.

Removing debuffs and granting further resistance to the whole staff is made simple with the pair’s Digest Skill. The solidify impact provides 30% resistance and provides an additional stack if a debuff is current whereas cancelling out the debuff itself.

SSR [Forest Guardian] Fairy Helbram (HP)

fairy helbram 7ds grand cross

If you’re one for longer painful battles that slowly eat away at your enemies, SSR Fairy Helbram can match effectively into your staff. Throwing Edge actually is just not a lot on uncooked harm, however AoE poison for an additional 50% of injury dealt that lasts for 3 turns is basically one thing. On the assist facet, Fairy Wind does effectively for the staff particularly if each allies have excessive offensive power. It boosts all attack-related stats, which embrace assault, pierce fee, crit likelihood, and crit harm by 15% to 30%.

SSR [Forest Guardian] King the Fairy King (HP)

king the fairy king 7ds grand cross

Although not the highest choose so far as variations of the Fairy King are involved, this King incarnation presents respectable assault abilities as effectively. Spirit Spear Chastiefol, First Form: Chastiefol, presents uncooked harm that may be additional boosted on a important hit. Poisoning Garden can deal huge harm on enemies with debuffs on it though it does take away debuffs as soon as the smash impact triggers.

SSR [The Seven Deadly Sins] Captain Meliodas (HP)

captain meliodas 7ds grand cross

A flexible model of Meliodas, this incarnation is taken into account as among the finest single goal attackers within the sport and may undoubtedly put your predominant marketing campaign journey set on simple mode with him in your staff. He is somewhat direct to the purpose and has Enchant: Hellblaze to inflict uncooked harm on an enemy unit. Setting up Outburst Counter might not be a lot price it at 1 star however as soon as merged, it could possibly inflict 150% to 250% of injury taken again on the enemies that assault him whereas within the stance.

SSR [Collector] Great Mage Merlin (Strength)

great mage merlin 7ds grand cross

Although not as highly effective as different alternate options in being an attacker, this model of Merlin has a bit extra management with Posion Wave that offers harm and disables restoration abilities. Freeze is at all times an excellent impact to have on a ability and Merlin’s Frozen Factor has simply that. Exterminate Ray, her final, can be an excellent management ability with its capacity to disable assault abilities of an enemy on high of 540% of assault as harm it inflicts.

SSR [Overpower] Hunter Slater (Speed)

hunter slater 7ds grand cross

Another top-tier single goal attacker is Hunter Slater, whose Iron Slash, filled with sever, can deal huge harm on a single goal. Sawblade, his second ability, likewise does respectable uncooked harm and in addition comes with an impact that disables stances and removes one from an enemy he hits.

SR [Undead] Prisoner Ban (Strength)

prisoner ban 7ds grand cross

This model of Ban might solely be an SR high quality unit however his ability set makes him an excellent attacker to have. Eliminate Spirit, his main ability, takes away an final transfer gauge orb from his enemy even at rank 1. Using Undead Physical locations him in a stance that heals misplaced HP and may even have debuff immunity and evade when ranked up. This might not be essentially the most offensive model of Ban however is nice when it comes to survivability.

SR [Mascot] Hawk & Elizabeth (HP)

hawk and elizabeth 7ds grand cross

It appears each pair of Hawk & Elizabeth in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is well worth the consideration and funding and this one doesn’t draw back. Another glorious attacker, Super Pork Loin Illusion shaves away an excellent chunk of the goal’s protection stats for allies to swoop in for the kill extra simply.

On the opposite hand, Super Hawk Illusion, filled with its pierce-laden AoE harm, may be capable of end off enemies. This unit isn’t just nice for marketing campaign missions and farming, however stands as among the many high picks for AoE sellers within the sport.

SR [Knight of Ice] Holy Knight Gustav (HP)

holy knight gustav 7ds grand cross

Holy Knight Gustav is an honest general character however he excels extra in raids particularly if his Freezing Field is absolutely utilized. Freezing Field not solely incapacitates the goal, it could possibly even have the goal soak up extra harm when upgraded. Blizzard Axel, his main ability, is likewise incapacitating, with its capacity to disable the goal’s restoration ability.

SR [Roars of Dawn] Captain Slater (Strength)

captain slater 7ds grand cross

SR Captain Slater is one constructed for a bit extra survivability whereas allotting some respectable harm on the facet. Blade Wave has lifesteal, which may preserve Slater up and working even with out the help of a healer. Overpower is a superb management ability because it decreases all attack-related stats of the enemy by as much as 40% when maxed and mockingly disables all different ability sorts besides assault abilities.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – B Tier Characters

SSR [Snatch] Brawler Ban (HP)

brawler ban 7ds grand cross

This model of Ban is definitely nice for his survival abilities. While his distinctive trait, Undead, already grants 20% HP regen at first of every flip, Fearless Shot continues to maintain replenishing his misplaced HP with the lifesteal impact hooked up to it. Furthering the steal functionality comes Snatch, which has extort impact that drains attak and protection stats off of his targets and into him. For lengthy performs, Brawler Ban could be an honest starter although extra might favor a sooner and extra direct strategy to fight.

SSR [Outlaw] Brawler Ban (Speed)

brawler ban 7ds grand cross

Also one other attacker that focuses on one goal, Brawler Ban can dish out a variety of harm together with his Critical Pierce, which ignores his goal’s protection. Not a lot for offensive power, Toxic Bottle as a substitute chisels away attack-related stats off of an enemy it hits.

SSR [Matrona] Fighter Diane (Speed)

fighter diane 7ds grand cross

With a staff of items which have buff abilities going towards a loosely related squad sort, this model of Diane will slot in completely. Break Muscle does double harm towards buffed enemies whereas Friends takes away the enemy items’ buff and debuff abilities when fused.

SSR [Kungfu Master] Fighter Diane (Strength)

fighter diane 7ds grand cross

This model of Diane has an excellent mixture of assault and debuff abilities that may simply slot in numerous staff setups. Ground Strike is just a little easy, and offers harm that ignores the goal’s resistance. Sand Whirl serves as her extra precious ability because it reduces defense-related stats and in addition disable assault abilities.

SSR [Liones] Princess Elizabeth (HP)

princess elizabeth 7ds grand cross

For lack or absence of a greater healer, Princess Elizabeth right here makes for an excellent consideration. Punishing Strike might solely initially deal uncooked harm, however it could possibly take away buffs and may even cancel stances after improve. Healing Grace is a mean AoE restoration spell however as soon as merged, can take away debuffs on high of the elevated restoration impact.

SSR [Thunderbolt] Gilthunder (Strength)

gilthunder 7ds grand cross

This model of Gilthunder can function an honest tank who can even contribute to dealing AoE harm to opposing items. Lightning Beasts Chase doesn’t deal a lot uncooked harm however the shock impact, which works very similar to poison can even chisel down the enemy items’ HP and likewise add as a assist debuff for attackers that deal further harm on debuffed enemy items. Lightning King’s Heavy Armor initiates a taunt stance and may take assaults away from allied items into Gilthunder.

SSR [Liones’s Hero] Holy Knight Gowther (Speed)

holy knight gowther 7ds grand cross

Holy Knight Gowther presents an honest mixture of nice AoE harm, if paired correctly, alongside together with his personal mixture of debuffs that change per ability degree. To begin off, Pain Edition might not inflict a variety of harm by default, however towards debuffed enemies, can deal an excellent lot. It goes effectively even when no debuffers exist with him within the staff as his second ability, Blackout, comes with a debuff disabler that reduces assault on 2 star and at last disables all however assault abilities on max degree.

SR [Burning Ember] Knight of Danafor Cain (HP)

knight of danafor cain 7ds grand cross

An ideal match for any raid battle, Cain has abilities filled with the ignite impact, which is a stackable debuff that leaves enemy targets to soak up 10% extra harm with every utility. Both Chain Vertical Kick and Charge Fire has ignite however relying in your staff, might solely have to squeeze in stacks of ignite for others to do extra harm with their very own assault abilities.

SR [King of Prophecies] Adventurer Arthur (Speed)

adventurer arthur 7ds grand cross

Adventurer Arthur is an okay attacker that can be just a little easy. We are banking extra on his secondary ability, Covering Fire, as it’s an AoE ability that may in a while disable restoration abilities of his enemies. Sharp Blade is by no means that unhealthy, however has further harm packed primarily based on the variety of final transfer gauge orbs the enemy unit has. As such, it might not be equally helpful throughout the whole lot of the battle however can nonetheless do effectively late within the sport.

SR [Wanted Man] Young Villager Gowther (HP)

young villager gowther 7ds grand cross

Young Villager Gowther makes a speciality of firming down an enemy’s power. Overdrive, his main ability, decreases ability ranks and may deplete final transfer gauge orbs when ranked up. Nightmare Teller, however, decreases the harm of an enemy’s final transfer and may develop to limit ability results when at max rank.

SR [Champion] Ranger Griamore (Strength)

ranger griamore 7ds grand cross

Ranger Griamore might be of fine use to a variety of groups together with his respectable single goal assault and ally safety for defensive performs. Burning Strike is a really easy uncooked harm ability that could be a respectable ability to have when it is advisable to push for harm. More defensively, although, Ranger Griamore can financial institution on Wall, his second ability, which casts a defensive barrier round his staff that may take up harm.

SR [Adventurer] Holy Knight Jericho (Strength)

holy knight jericho 7ds grand cross

Continuous harm and anti-buffers can use Holy Knight Jericho for both technique. Count Smash inflicts respectable harm plus bleed, which works very similar to shock and posion to additional chisel down HP on the finish of every flip. Pain Blade has likewise respectable harm that doubles up towards buffed enemies.

SR [New Generation] Holy Knight Jericho (Speed)

holy knight jericho 7ds grand cross

Another balanced character that may help on each offense and protection is that this model of Jericho. For assaults, Godspeed Bone Cutter does fairly respectable harm and may even do extra harm with the sever impact. In assist of his teammates, he can make the most of Super Recovery Spell for AoE therapeutic and nothing extra.

SR [Roars of Dawn] Holy Knight Jillian (HP)

holy knight jillian 7ds grand cross

Holy Knight Jillian can change between single goal or AoE harm together with his pair of assault abilities that each does respectable quantity of injury. Cross Shot comes with pierce harm and is the selection assault towards a single enemy unit whereas Cancellation inflicts direct uncooked harm towards all enemies.

SR [Boar Hat Tavern] Master Meliodas (Speed)

master meliodas 7ds grand cross

Your beginning character is by no means a foul character to have in your celebration by way of the preliminary a part of the story marketing campaign. It is simply that there are higher alternate options as introduced above. Triple Attack really received’t do as a lot harm towards an enemy that has no debuff however is respectable if circumstances are met.

Full Counter is just not a very fashionable stance however in Meliodas’ case, a 200% counter harm for rank 1 and harm discount on greater ability variations is a reasonably respectable commerce off.

SR [Reincarnation of Obsession] Mage Vivian (Strength)

mage vivian 7ds grand cross

Mage Vivian is definitely an honest assist unit that preps targets for his extra offensive allies. Darkness Bolt comes with ignite to render enemies susceptible to taking in additional harm on subsequent assaults whereas Freeze Coffin locks their final abilities away.

SR [Roars of Dawn] Holy Knight Weinheidt (Speed)

holy knight weinheidt 7ds grand cross

If you need characters brimming with AoE abilities, then Holy Knight WeinHeidt ought to be a choose in your items to contemplate. Both of his abilities have AoE harm and though each shouldn’t have a lot uncooked harm, every one has an added impact. Flash Arrow disables assault abilities for all enemies beginning on rank 2 whereas Death Arrow takes away stance abilities and disables them if they’re energetic. Holy Knight Weinheidt serves as among the finest AoE characters within the sport and ought to be an excellent choose for farming actions.

R [Board of the Mountain Cat] Member Allioni (HP)

member allioni 7ds grand cross

One of our private favorites due to the rarity rank relative to his usefulness, Allioni right here might be each helpful for you particularly if you happen to shouldn’t have a variety of excessive rarity characters to make use of in marketing campaign or farming. His main ability, Charge Forward!, is a reasonably respectable assault ability because it inflicts shatter harm that ignores resistance.

More importantly, you may push him extra in direction of defending the remainder of the staff together with his second ability, which places him in a taunt stance and invite subsequent assaults on his celebration to himself.

R [Boom Boom Pow] Holy Knight Marmas (Speed)

holy knight marmas 7ds grand cross

He may not look very similar to a personality you’ll use in your celebration due to his look, however Marmas really sports activities some respectable abilities. To begin off, Maraca Smash is An AoE ability that may even lock buff and debuff abilities of enemies it hits. Gravity x 10 is likewise very helpful because it reduces the protection values of all enemy items by 30% and for 3 activates rank 1 and 75% and for 4 activates max rank.

R [Roars of Dawn] Holy Knight Simon (Strength)

holy knight simon 7ds grand cross

Holy Knight Simon is amongst these atatckers who’ve good single goal and AoE abilities in addition. Not that unhealthy as effectively, although there are a lot better alternate options. Burning Wind Strike comes with sever harm for single targets whereas Yellow Dragon Sky Blade comes with shatter towards all enemies.

R [Confirmation] Apprentice Holy Knight Twigo (Strength)

apprentice holy knight twigo 7ds grand cross

Much like Simon, Twigo is filled with each a single goal and an AoE assault. The distinction is that Twigo does all of it uncooked and utterly has no added results on his assaults. Blood Strike can inflict between 240% to 600% of assault as harm, primarily based on ability degree, whereas Strike Decision packs 150% to 375% of AoE harm.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – C Tier Characters

SSR [Fairy King’s Forest] Guardian Elaine (HP)

guardian elaine 7ds grand cross

Guardian Elaine has 2 units of debuff abilities which are each good to have however, once more, so far as debuffs go, there are extra direct debuffs out there that may assist your staff out extra. Wind of the Fairy King’s Forest decreases ability ranks and can even deplete final transfer gauge orbs. Wrath of the Gentle Breeze is an AoE assault that may likewise snatch away final gauge transfer orbs.

SSR [Iron-wall Knight] Guardian Griamore (HP)

guardian griamore 7ds grand cross

Guardian Griamore has an AoE assault for his main ability and a singular stance for secondary. Blockade can take away and disable stances from enemy items on high of dealing harm. Shield Wall is a stance that enhances his HP and harm.

SSR [Explosion] Guardian Guila (Strength)

guardian guila 7ds grand cross

Aside from the Death Match unique effectivity of her distinctive, Guardian Guila has an excellent mixture of debuffs that may serve any staff effectively sufficient. Killer Mines can take away buffs and stances whereas Shot Bombs can even take stances away whereas inflicting ignite as effectively.

SSR [Melt] Grandmaster Hendrickson (Speed)

grandmaster hendrickson 7ds grand cross

Also aimed in direction of elevated survivability is Grandmaster Hendrickson. Ingest does decenty harm filled with lifesteal. Flame Wave does as a lot harm with ignite in addition. While each are literally respectable abilities to have, their mixture per se might not quantity to a lot technique in battle.

SSR [Protector of Dolls] Old Fart King (HP)

old fart king 7ds grand cross

A good AoE harm seller, this Old Fart King model is definitely a helpful unit for farming. Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Second Form: Guardian does AoE harm that ignores protection whereas Permeate is an AoE harm that comes with a poison impact for added harm.

SSR [The Seven Deadly Sins] Old Fart King (Speed)

old fart king 7ds grand cross

The different Old Fart King has an HP regen passive as a singular but presents much less likable ability units. Spirit Spear Chastiefol, First From: Chastiefol has a bleed impact on a single goal whereas Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Fifth Form: Increase is a counter stance.

SR [Heart of the Land] Mercenary Diane (Strength)

mercenary diane 7ds grand cross

As one of many earliest characters to hitch you in your journey, Mercenary Diane does supply respectable assist abilities. She can really do effectively if you happen to shouldn’t have a variety of different characters effectively however searching trhough the above lists, there are actually higher choices. Metal Fist is a direct assault that may in a while disable stance abilities. Sand Whirl preps enemies additional with its defense-reduction results that soften them up in your stronger allies.

SR [Omen of Chaos] Grandmaster Dreyfus (Strength)

grandmaster dreyfus 7ds grand cross

Another assist character, Dreyfus can lower attack-related stats, because of his Pierce. Piercing Stab, as soon as upgraded, can prohibit recovery-related stats. Again, these are each respectable assist abilities however there are higher candidates and you’ll almost definitely have restricted use for what Dreyfus can supply.

SR [Break] Grandmaster Dreyfus (HP)

grandmaster dreyfus 7ds grand cross

This model of Dreyfus can be filled with potent assist abilities. Imperial Sword Art Type 3 can get rid of buffs and stances when absolutely upgraded whereas demolishing assault is an AoE ability that may additionally disable buff and debuff abilities.

SR [Weird Fangs] Holy Knight Freesia (Speed)

holy knight freesia 7ds grand cross

Holy Knight Freesia is likewise an okay character particularly for patent gamers. Storm Rondo is an AoE poison assault that will not deal a lot harm by itself. In mixture along with her second ability, Corrosive Bug, which will increase harm taken by enemies, it may be price performing combos on.

SR [Star of the Kingdom] Holy Knight Gilthunder (Speed)

holy knight gilthunder 7ds grand cross

As a single goal damage-dealer, this model of Gilthunder is respectable sufficient however likewise has higher counterparts from among the many sport’s roster. Thunder Scream Strike has the potential to do nice harm with its important increase whereas Lightning King Iron Hammer comes with shock for added harm.

SR [Champion] Ranger Griamore (Strength)

ranger griamore 7ds grand cross

Another character whose distinctive passive takes impact completely in Death Match, Ranger Griamore additionally displays some respectable abilities. He can tank resulting from his second ability, Long Shield, which taunts enemy items, and can even inflict respectable harm together with his Wall crush that ignores the goal’s resistance.

SR [Rapier] Holy Knight Guila (Speed)

holy knight guila 7ds grand cross

With a tough distinctive situation to fulfill for it to take impact, Holy Knight Guila has solely energetic abilities to contemplate her worth on. Flame Focus is an AoE ability that comes with ignite whereas Rejuvenation is a straightforward AoE heal that may additionally take away debuffs.

SR [Omen of Chaos] Druid Hendrickson (HP)

druid hendrickson 7ds grand cross

Yet one other respectable healer, Druid Hendricksoncan take away buffs from enemies by way of his Acid Tower. Purge is a powerful AoE heal that casts rejuvenate as effectively for some further gradual therapeutic.

SR [Star of the Kingdom] Ranger Howzer (Speed)

ranger howzer 7ds grand cross

This model of Howzer is usually a respectable debuffer that may tone down defense-related stats of his enemies with Wind Break and cut back a goal’s HP by way of Block Shield.

SR [Liones Royalty] Ranger Howzer (HP)

ranger howzer 7ds grand cross

Cancelling and blocking stances of enemy items could also be okay and counter stances can likewise be helpful however having these abilities as the combo of what you may supply could seem considerably wanting. While every ability is okay, there are an excellent variety of higher alternate options over this character.

R [Weird Fangs] Holy Knight Golgius (Speed)

holy knight golgius 7ds grand cross

Golgius additionally sports activities a single goal assault and an AoE one very similar to different items and solely appears much less preferable to most given his passive which may be very restrictive. Blade Slash has spike impact and may deal higher than uncooked harm whereas Throwing Star might be precious when paired with items that may debuff enemies.

R [Roars of Dawn] Holy Knight Hugo (HP)

holy knight hugo 7ds grand cross

Holy Knight Hugo has a reasonably odd set of abilities the place one works higher when the enemies are buffed whereas the opposite one has further harm when they’re debuffed. Wind Destroy does double harm on an enemy if he has a buff whereas Tornado Shot inflicts triple harm for debuffed enemies. While each abilities might be strategized round with. Banking one might imply disregarding the opposite all the identical.

R [Weird Fangs] Holy Knight Jude (Strength)

holy knight jude 7ds grand cross

Holy Knight Jude has common units of abilities that may shift between aiming at a single goal or going for AoE. Thorn Shot can disable assaults abilities when upgraded whereas Shadow Thorn can take away uffs and stances along with its AoE harm.

R [Weird Fangs] Holy Knight Ruin (HP)

holy knight ruin 7ds grand cross

Holy Knight Ruin might typically be on the backside of the management debuff decisions for characters however he’s not utterly ineffective. Death Blade can take away buffs and stances when merged whereas Nightmare Illusion reduces the enemy’s assault values.

R [Vaizel Fight Festival] Champion Taizoo (Strength)

champion taizoo 7ds grand cross

Taizoo would have been a greater unit if his stats had been supportive of his abilities. To begin off, Powerful Punch is a straightforward and simple pierce assault. Muscle Mania is a cool ability with a protection buff and mirror harm mixture. Due to Taizoo’s low protection stats, although, it might not serve hime effectively sufficient.

And that completes our tier listing for The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. Again, we want to notice that characters inside every tier usually are not organized in any particular order. As RPGs very similar to this sport are inclined to have balancing and changes to return from future updates to the sport, you may likewise anticipate that some characters might obtain some boosts whereas others could also be nerfed. Also, the sport might quickly come filled with much more content material that makes the much less appreciated items extra precious and versatile.

We perceive that each particular person has his/her preferences so far as tier lists and character rankings go. If you’re feeling in a different way about what we introduced or if you happen to merely wish to share your ideas on this information, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line within the feedback under!

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