Teppen Best Heroes Guide: A List of the Best Characters (Tier List)

There are 8 heroes in Teppen, 2 for every shade. Each hero has 3 various abilities that you can open by having fun with them as well as leveling them as much as degree 10. This checklist is a sign of the family member power of the heroes as well as just how they synergize with their cards, however also the last hero on this checklist will certainly have the ability to win video games, it’s everything about just how your deck is constructed as well as just how the power engages with your cards.

For instance, Morrigan’s Darkness Illusion functions incredibly well when you play a great deal of cards that bring upon the Halt standing on your opponents. Don’ t promptly disregard a hero even if we placed them reduced, as well as likewise consider just how the decks connect with each various other. Maybe a deck with a reduced rate hero is usually somewhat weak, however is really solid versus a details high rate deck. You must search for out what jobs best with your playstyle as well as the cards in your property. In this Teppen ideal heroes overview we will certainly give you a rate checklist of the very best personalities in the video game.

The Best Hero: Ryu

ryu teppen

Ryu is exceptional, as well as all of his arts incorporate significantly with Red’s motif of playing quick as well as refuting challengers. His degree 1 art, Shinku Hadoken, makes him deal 7 damages to an opponent system, as well as given that hero arts are undeniable, this can be utilized in numerous various methods. You can, for instance, eliminate a device that will protect from a dangerous strike, or you can strike opponents hard prior to they obtain recovered/ rubbed by Chun-Li or X. The opportunities are limitless. This art just sets you back 18 AP as well, so it’s rather very easy to be able to cast it.

His degree 2 art, which you open at hero degree 3, is calledDenjin Renki It improves the strike of all your systems in play, the ones in your hand, as well as the ones in your EX-SPOUSE pocket by 2. Personally, I am not a follower of this hero power, as I like when Red casts a great deal of spells instead of concentrating on systems, which Rathalos is a better Red hero to run the red animal motif with. Nonetheless, it is a sensible option.

His degree 3 art, Metsu Shoryuken, provides Combo to a pleasant system. Combo is a standing that makes the damaged system strike two times. This is an insane effective hero art, given that it is uncounterable. Casting it at the last feasible minute will certainly ensure you to strike two times, which will certainly make you able to deal really high damages suddenly.

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Ryu is an excellent option for novices as well as experts alike, as Red is a rather very easy deck to pilot. You do not have intricate results like for instance with Morrigan or Chun-Li decks. Your gameplan is uncomplicated: eliminate them prior to they eliminate you.

Pure Power– Nergigante

nergigante teppen

Nergigante was extensively thought about one of the most effective hero/ deck mix in the video game in the really initial days. Considering just how much a lot more effective its cards get on ordinary contrasted to just how little additional price you need to maintain (compromising your very own life), it was kind of warranted. Granted, individuals are identifying just how to defeat Nergigante currently, however it is still a pressure to be considered.

Spike Divebomb provides +4/ +4 as well as self-destruct on strike to a pleasant system. This suggests the system will instantaneously pass away as quickly as it carries out a strike. You can still protect with it, so casting it on a device that will protect will certainly ensure you a likely 2 for 1 profession. Or enormous damages to your challenger’s face due to the fact that a +4 strike system is striking him. Spike Divebomb’s power stays in its capacity to trade 2 for 1 in the worst-case situation, permitting you to eliminate a striking system as well as compel your challenger to devote sources to safeguarding from the buffed system, taking an effective strike, or utilizing Action cards on it.

Spike Launch ends up being an effective board-clear come midgame, if you have actually given up 10-12 life factors by the time you have actually opened it, you can possibly eliminate 2 systems that have 6 protection each. This is a remarkably effective capacity, which feeds on the deck’s routine gameplay. It has a downside though: some video games you will not have actually given up sufficient health and wellness for it to function correctly, as well as it takes the chance of spoiling.

Change Form provides +2/ +2 to all systems in your hand as well as EX-SPOUSE pocket if you have much less than 15 health and wellness. It is respectable thinking about just how effective Black animals are currently, although just like Spike Launch, the reality that it does not provide a prompt protective incentive can cost you the video game if you aren’t mindful with your life factors.

Nergigante trades safety and security for power. If you like experimenting with your very own life factors as well as like to live life precariously, he is the ideal hero for you.

The Overpowering Horde– Chun-Li

chun-li teppen

Green decks are everything about subduing challengers with huge animals. Even the tiniest man in your military has the possible to end up being a terrible murder maker with a few of the Green spells.

Kikosho provides Shield to an ally system. Shield makes them unsusceptible to the following resource of damages that will certainly strike the system. This is a great capacity that can postpone your challenger’s damages by a whole lot if utilized well.

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Hyakuretsukyaku gives +1 strike as well as Heavy Pierce to an allied system. When a device with Heavy Pierce eliminates an opponent system in battle, the damages dealt to the adversary system will certainly likewise be dealt to the adversaryHero This combos effectively with Green’s motif of making your very own systems large, permitting you to deal a hefty strike to your challenger by utilizing Hyakuretsukyaku on a beast that has actually currently been rubbed.

Yawn is, in my viewpoint, what makes Chun-Li so effective. It enables you to re-fill your Mana Points when your systems pass away, permitting you to mobilize extra huge systems, or to rub the smaller sized ones you currently played. Yawn synergizes highly with Green’s motif, as well as enables you to play your huge beasts at a much greater price.

Chun-Li decks can manage any kind of deck in the video game. They have weak points, primarily versus combination decks, however they are really unusual currently contrasted to simply pure power decks like Ryu’s as well as Nergigante’s. If you are dealing with a Dante or Rathalos deck though you will certainly discover the competition really tough to win.

The Control Queen– Morrigan Aensland

morrigan teppen

Temptation Halts all adversary systems for 13 secs. Halt is an effective standing that resets the strike scale as well as disables the adversary system from striking or safeguarding, making it properly ineffective. This can quit anything as well as it’s actually tough to quit, as many activity cards attempt to recover systems, or provide guards, however stopping Halt is practically difficult.

Darkness Illusion is a remarkably effective board-clear. It wipes out any kind of adversary system influenced byHalt If you run a great deal of stopping cards in your deck, this will certainly provide your challenger an actual migraine! Combined with various other control devices you can make your challengers lack sources conveniently.

Shadow Blade bargains 4 damages to all adversary systems, as well as if an opponent system that obtains struck by it has Flight as well as endures the damages, it will certainly recover you by just how much damages it deals to you. It’s a little an odd capacity, however it’s actually great versus decks that run Rathalos, as Flight goes to the core of their technique typically, along with rubbing the animals with Flight.

Morrigan is excellent at delaying the video game out as well as countering what your challenger is doing. Her video games are much longer typically than those of most various other heroes, as well as you will certainly need to handle your sources sensibly. Pick her if you like playing control decks!

The Flying Menace– The Rathalos

rathalos teppen

Rathalos decks are extra animal based than Ryu decks, however they adhere to the exact same viewpoint: melt your opponents down. Dive Attack provides +2 to all pleasant systems, excellent to press via strong defenses installed by a Chun-Li for instance, or excellent to press a great deal of damages onto negligent challengers.

Wrath Awaken gives Flight as well as +X strike to an allied system, where X is the variety of times you have actually increased Attack to your systems by utilizing an Action card. You can transform an effective system right into a flying maker of fatality via this power, as well as you can amaze bargain effective impacts many thanks to it in the midgame.

Blazing Wall gives +2 HPs as well as Shield to an ally system. This does not appear to make much feeling, provided the motif of the deck which of the hero, however believe me, it is way extra effective than it seems. Why? Rathalos decks concentrate on rubbing animals to the factor they deal outrageous quantities of damages, however they are still sickly on the protective side. This capacity solutions the concern, transforming your compelling sickly beast right into a device that is mosting likely to murder numerous adversary systems straight, many thanks to the Shield as well as the additional protection.

Rathalos decks are really hostile as well as are an excellent option if all you intend to do is strike with minions as well as deal as much damages as feasible as very early as feasible.

He Who Controls the Dead– Wesker

wesker teppen

Dark Destruction damages an opponent system that sets you back 5 MP or much less. It constantly can be found in helpful, as well as can assist you manage weak systems without investing cards. Like Ryu’s Shinku Hadoken, it can not be responded to, so utilize it when you can not manage the targeted system to make it through.

Uroboros is what goes together with the motif of the hero. It summons the highest possible MP Unit in yourGraveyard This result is really effective, as well as can transform the trends of a hard fight. It can make your challenger’s initiatives in handling huge beasts of your own useless, or it can assist you promote the win.

Bringer of Nightmares includes a device with Revenge turned on to the EX-SPOUSEPocket This is excellent with Revenge based decks, as the largest difficulty when playing them is attracting the Revenge cards that have actually been returned in your deck. It assists make the deck run even more efficiently, as well as allows you attract extra cards. Very great power that synergizes with the deck.

Wesker’s motif is based aroundDeath Specifically, around the Revenge quality. Units with retribution typically are rather weak, once ruined, they return to your deck as opposed to your graveyard, as well as their price is lowered to fifty percent. This deck is not really simple to play, however it is really satisfying.

The Devil Trickster– Dante

dante teppen

Quicksilver slows down all adversary systems, which halves their strike scale rate.

Ebony & & Ivory allows all allied systems to cause their Resonance results two times. Resonance turns on when an activity card is utilized.

Devil Trigger makes you take no damages for 10 secs. This is what makes Dante decks practical decks. You can make use of Devil Trigger and after that wait till you have sufficient MP to play numerous cards simultaneously as well as combo them. It is rather tough to respond to this.

Dante is the master of combinations. He still uses a little the control design that Morrigan has, however he likewise plays even more offending cards, as well as attempts to rub up his minions with Resonance.

The Tank– Mega-Man X

mega-man x teppen

Last in this checklist, we have Mega Man X. He is not excellent. His important things is recovery as well as rubbing his system’s defenses. Unfortunately, he winds up as being an even worse Chun-Li the majority of the moments.

Heart Tank provides +7 HPs to a hero system. Since you can not utilize this to respond to Action cards, it is rather meaningless the majority of the moments.

Charge Shot provides a good aficionado of +1 Attack to pleasant systems when their HPs are increased. It is respectable, however still leaves Mega Man X as an even worse Chun-Li

Gaea Armor is fascinating, as it provides Veil to all allied systems, which suggests your adversary will not have the ability to target them with Action cards orHero Arts This makes your systems that you increase with the remainder of your cards excellent, however once again, there’s little factor in playing this, as various other heroes do this, however much better.

This is our rate checklist for GungHo’s mobile video game TEPPEN. Do you concur with our choices? Are you having big success with a specific hero? Let us recognize in the remarks!

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