Symphogear XD Unlimited XD Tier List: Our Picks for the Best 5-Star Symphogears in the Game

Symphogear XD Unlimited remains to bring in even more gamers as it remains to be amongst the leading brand-new cost-free video games in mobile graphes throughout nations where it has actually been launched. Barely over a week old on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store, Symphogear XD Unlimited preserves a strong typical individual testimonial ranking in addition to an ever-increasing variety of downloads. With a huge selection of personalities as well as improvement choices readily available, activity as well as technique RPG lovers will certainly locate greater than what they are seeking in the video game.

Symphogear XD Unlimited has actually until now been charitable in regards to offering cost-free gacha draws as well as tune rocks absolutely free gamers to gather a large military also prior to proceeding the major project after the tutorial. As you will originally be swamped with in-game endurance that will certainly probably last till the list below days, the price of replenishment the endurance has for all video game settings will certainly simply leave you with extremely little time to keep away from the video game.

That stated, the course in the direction of protecting a solid lineup of systems as well as groups for each and every video game setting is fairly simple compared to various other gacha video games. If you take care of to draw a great deal of 5-star cards from the gacha as well as a little bit overwhelmed regarding which one to spend for, after that our rate listing will certainly function as an overview for you to pick even more sensibly, depending still on your choices as well as schedule of additional Symphogear card duplicates, along with Memoria cards that enhance their abilities as well as staminas.

If you have actually simply begun playing Symphogear XD Unlimited as well as still roaming throughout its web content as well as functions, make certain to head over to our Symphogear XD Unlimited novice’s overview initially as it supplies valuable pointers as well as approaches to start your video game. The quantity of info you obtain thrown right into as you begin the video game can be a little frustrating, also for knowledgeable gamers yet with the in-game tutorial, aid food selection, as well as our overview, you will certainly make certain to master it in no time at all.

The personalities are normally at the core of what makes Symphogear XD Unlimited amazing as well as while there are just a couple of personalities in the video game, every one has a number of variations. Although you can acquire 3 to 5-star personalities from the gacha, every one can be updated completely to 6 celebrities. Although some 3 to 4-star Symphogear cards can normally come off far better than greater quality ones, we will certainly be concentrating just on cards that you can get at 5 celebrities from the gacha. There are presently 16 5-star Symphogear cards in the video game as well as we will certainly be ranking our leading 10 choices.

Hibiki Tachibana– Hibiki Style Titan Fusion Fist [Intelligence] (9.5 )

Our leading tease this listing is the very first of 2 5-star Symphogear Cards that can be gotten from the current as well as still runningAttack On Titan Collaboration Event Hibiki Style Titan Fusion Fist will significantly assist you via the occasion project as well as additionally be a solid device to have in your lineup throughout all video game settings.

hibiki tachibana hibiki style titan fusion fist

Best for a complete group of Intelligence kind of systems, starts with an unique assault that deals 170% damages to a solitary target while ultimately enhancing assault by 30% for the following 5 turns. Activating this ability additionally increases the vital price of Intelligence kind allies by 30%. Her 2nd ability does 160% damages to 2 adversaries as well as increases assault worths of Intelligence kind allies by 40% for 4 turns, making it an excellent beginning action for the group.

Hibiki Tachibana– Hibiki Style Titan Fusion Fist’s management ability increases physical assault of Intelligence kind allies by 15%. Her passive additionally approves an added 10% damages increase for the exact same kinds of allies. While it will certainly be a difficulty to also construct a 3-unit group filled with Intelligence kinds, contending the very least 2 using it worth it provided this card’s passive increases for them.

Tsubasa Kazanari– Heaven’s Wrath [Power] (9.0 )

With high HP as well as assault statistics, paired with outstanding damage-dealing abilities, Heaven’s Wrath stands as our following choice for this listing. She can suit many group configurations as well as can carry out effectively throughout a wide range of video game settings.

tsubasa kazanari heaven's wrath

Crushing Blow bargains 125% physical assault damages to 2 adversaries as well as minimize their physical protection by 30% for the following 5 turns. Her 2nd ability bargains 210% physical assault damages on a solitary target as well as can incapacitate them for a complete turn if they have actually been caused with melt standing.

Set as a leader, Tsubasa Kazamari– Heaven’s Wrath can increase vital protection of power kind allies by 10%. Her easy ability, on the various other hand assurances vital strikes for 6 turns. This passive makes her among, otherwise the leading damages dealership in the video game specifically integrated with Memoria cards that additionally increase her assault.

Chris Yukine– Mega Deth Fuga [Dexterity] (8.5 )

For basic crowds as well as the sector, Chris Yukine– Mega Deth Fuga can create excellent general damages with an assault aficionado as well as multi-target ability assault. Although her assault worths are not as high as others, she can incapacitate numerous adversaries as well as stand up to a great deal of strikes many thanks to her high HP.

chris yukine mega deth fuga

Her very first assault ability can deal 165% physical assault damages on 4 targets as well as includes a possibility to incapacitate the targets for 3 turns making it amongst the very best opening barrage in any kind of fight. Her 2nd ability increases her physical assault by 45% as well as bargains 175% damages on all adversaries. A guaranteed have to have for any kind of group with the exception of Raid Battle, Advent Battle as well as project as well as occasion manager battles.

As a leader, Chris Yukine– Mega Deth Fuga can increase the vital price of mastery kind allies by 10% as well as her passive ability increases physical assault damages by 10% for 6 turns.

Tsubasa Kazanari– Decimating Twin Blades [Body] (8.5 )

The various other 5-star Symphogear card you can acquire from the Attack On Titan occasion gacha, Tsubasa Kazanari– Decimating Twin Blades additionally locates excellent usage past the time-limited occasion phases. She has high HP that functions excellent with her protection increases as well as has greater rate than many systems, offering her a possibility to do very first assault on many scenarios.

tsubasa kazanari decimating twin blades

Her very first ability bargains 130% physical assault damages to 2 adversaries as well as increases her protection statistics by 30% for 4 turns. For a much more offending assistance strategy, her 2nd ability does 155% damages to an opponent as well as minimizes the target’s physical protection by 30% for 4 turns if they are knowledge kind systems.

Tsubasa Kazanari– Decimating Twin Blades’ management ability additionally strengthens the protection of physique allies with a 12% damages decrease increase. Additionally, her passive ability gives an added 5% damages decrease for physique allies for the very first 6 turns.

Shirabe Tsukuyomi– Forbidden Full Moon Ignite [Technique] (8.5 )

If you delight in control over raw damages, after that Shirabe Tsukuyomi– Forbidden Full Moon Ignite is an additional Symphogear you ought to think about being a major remain on your group. Although not a lot on the damage-dealing component, her capacity to incapacitate numerous targets make her an excellent device to begin the fight with, establishing adversaries up for her allies to bloodbath.

shirabe tsukuyomi forbidden full moon ignite

Her very first ability does good damages by bring upon 170% physical assault damages to 2 adversaries as well as includes a 40% assault increase that lasts for 4 turns. Her 2nd ability is gold as it deals 180% physical assault damages to 3 adversaries with a possibility for a bonus offer paralysis that lasts for 3 turns. Take note that the adverse standing impact cross all Symphogear kinds, making her a hazardous enemy to emulate.

As a leader, Shirabe Tsukuyomi– Forbidden Full Moon Ignite can increase vital protection by 10% yet her passive ability will just increase her very own vital price by 7% for 6 turns.

Hibiki Tachibana– Hibiki Style Comet Spear [Heart] (8.5 )

Built for rate as well as even more turns, Hibiki Tachibana– Hibiki Style Comet Spear offsets her below average statistics with broadband as well as abilities that additionally quicken ability use. She does not have excellent offending as well as protective statistics yet having the ability to assault even more as well as utilize abilities quicker in fight can assist the whole group round off hard adversaries quicker.

hibiki tachibana hibiki style comet spear

To start, her very first unique assault does 150% unique assault damages on a solitary target as well as provides her a 30% unique assault increase for 4 turns. Her 2nd assault ability flaunts much more raw power with a 200% unique assault damages to a solitary target. Her management ability gives a 10% assault increase to heart kind allies yet her worth greatly originates from her passive ability, which minimizes unique assault cooldown duration by 2 secs with each typical assault she does. Given her rate, she will normally have the ability to trigger her unique assault abilities quicker as well as extra pound much more damages right into an opponent device.

Maria Cadenzavna– Empress Rebellion [Power] (8.5 )

Serving as a counter versus unique assault individuals, Maria Cadenzavna– Empress Rebellion flaunts high assault statistics in addition to her excellent abilities. She is an excellent prospect for a complete power kind team whether you pick to establish her as a leader or otherwise.

maria cadenzavna empress rebellion

Against unique assault individuals like our # 6 choice, her main assault ability does 115% physical assault damages to 4 adversaries as well as bumps unique assault cooldown durations up by 3 secs. Her 2nd assault ability is a fearful solitary target destroyer that does 210% physical assault damages to an opponent with a possibility for the target to be caused with pale for 2 turns. If the ability does not wind up removing the target, the pale standing will definitely leave it broad open for her allies to delight in.

Designated as the team leader, Maria Cadenzavna– Empress Rebellion can increase the protection of power kind allies by 10% as well as her passive sustains that well with unique protection aficionado of 10% for the exact same kind of allies.

Tsubasa Kazanari– Rakshasa Zero Stance [Intelligence] (8.5 )

Burn as well as HP healing decrease go to the core of Tsubasa Kazanari– Rakshasa Zero Stance’s bundle. She has good general statistics as well as is additionally quicker than manySymphogears With type of body on the contrary end of the field of battle, possibilities are that those adversaries count on high HP as well as also some HP healing Memoria cards when it comes to sector challengers. Using this Symphogear versus those kinds will certainly be extremely efficient.

tsubasa kazanari rakshasa zero stance

To start, Tsubasa Kazanari– Rakshasa Zero Stance’s very first unique assault bargains 160% physical assault damages to 2 targets as well as increases her routine assault power by 40% for the following 5 turns. Her 2nd unique ability bargains 230% physical assault damages to 1 adversary as well as minimizes that adversary’s HP healing by 50% for the following 3 turns. Note that the HP healing debuff is ensured.

Assigning her to lead the group gives all knowledge kind allies a 15% damages increase. Her easy ability, on the various other hand, makes her routine strikes for 6 turns have a possibility of shedding adversaries for 3 turns.

Chris Yukine– Giga Zeppelin [Technique] (8.5 )

If you have Chris Yukine– Giga Zeppelin in addition to various other great strategy kind systems, you might intend to think about constructing a complete strategy team that focuses around her. Chris Yukine– Giga Zeppelin has outstanding increases for strategy kinds as well as additionally includes excellent statistics as well as abilities.

chris yukine giga zeppelin

Her very first ability does 180% unique assault damages to 1 adversary while overlooking unique invincibility while her 2nd ability does 170% damages to 4 adversaries, neglects unique invincibility, as well as minimizes their assault by 40% for the following 5 turns. This ability additionally works as an excellent opening barrage in the sector or difficult project as well as occasion fights.

Chris Yukine– Giga Zeppelin’s leader ability gives a 15% unique damages increase to all strategy kind allies. Her passive ability helps her strategy kind allies along with it minimizes unique damages they obtain by 10% for 6 turns.

Chris Yukine– Eternal Sabbath [Heart] (8.0 )

If you are choosing an all-heart kind team, you might intend to think about Chris Yukine– Eternal Sabbath at the core of your group. She has excellent enthusiasts for a much more offending heart kind group as well as additional increases her fondness benefit over strategy kind adversaries. She is the only 5-star Symphogear from the just recently launched X-Drive gacha.

chris yukine eternal sabbath

Chris Yukine– Eternal Sabbath’s very first unique assault bargains 190% damages to 1 target as well as if they are strategy kinds, they endure a 50% decrease in unique protection for 3 turns. Her 2nd ability functions best for a complete heart kind team as it minimizes damages heart kind allies obtain by 50% for 3 turns on top of the 180% physical assault damages it deals to 3 adversary systems.

Set as a leader, Chris Yukine– Eternal Sabbath can increase the assault of heart kind allies by 15% as well as no matter whether she is a leader, she can still supply a 15% physical damages assault increase for heart kind allies.

And that finishes our rate listing for the 5-star Symphogear Cards in the ready currently. As high as we would love to think about all readily available systems in one listing, we have yet to play every 3 as well as 4-star cards in the video game. Based on experience, however, the greater decline price for reduced quality cards can make them simpler to completely update as you proceed in the video game.

In any kind of situation, the rate listing is still based upon maintaining every little thing else equivalent, suggesting that you can think about to count on these cards gave that you have sufficient duplicates to restrict break as well as restriction unlock. Chances are that for many cost-free gamers, the very first restriction unlock will certainly occur on an initially 4-star card. Just the exact same, think about the overview just if you are determining in between or amongst a few of these systems when you have actually restricted improvement sources as well as puzzled regarding which one to focus on.

In enhancement to the luck-based pulls as a requisite to accomplishing a Symphogear’s complete capacity, the schedule as well as usage of Memoria cards along with tune tracks can influence every one’s efficiency. As such, do not hesitate to attempt as well as exercise your very own cards as well as groups according to the sources you have as well as just rely upon rate listings such as this set as an overview in case you are to pick from amongst them regarding which one to count on.

Before we conclude our rate listing, you ought to understand that a whole lot even more personality variations as well as Memoria cards are still involving the video game from upcoming updates as well as, expectedly, a lot more effective Symphogear cards will certainly quickly take control of every rate listing available. As a parting note, do not offer your 4-star Symphogear cards as well as rather invest a couple of tune rocks to broaden your supply. With the family member simplicity of protecting duplicates of 4 as well as 3-star cards, you can boost a few of them to end up being a a lot more effective device than some 5-star systems in the video game. We might provide an additional rate listing for the remainder of the personalities but also for currently, we had time just for the 5-star ones.

If you have your individual faves that did deficient right into our listing as well as really feel highly concerning it, or if you really feel that we have actually taken into consideration a Symphogear card whom you really feel ought to not make right into any kind of rate listing, do not be reluctant to allow us understand of your comments via the remark area!

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