StoneAge World Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build a Strong Team and also Protect Tectonika

StoneAge World by Netmarble submerses gamers in an ancient MMORPG where you will certainly accumulate and also educate dinosaurs and also various other old animals as you attempt to shield the land of Tectonika.

Netmarble, the designer behind mobile video games such as Marvel Future Fight and also Magic: ManaStrike, proceeds the lovable StoneAge franchise business with StoneAgeWorld This brand-new MMORPG attributes vibrant personalities and also lavish atmospheres, with a tale that focuses on beating the Machine Life.

StoneAge World complies with the very same formula of the Pok émon collection, as you will certainly be developing a group of pet dogs that you can trust in fight. The battle system is in a similar way simple to discover, however grasping it is a various tale as StoneAge World uses added technicians such as tools and also fight developments.

Players that get StoneAge World might anticipate an MMORPG that is tough to quit playing, as the mix of its tale, graphics, gameplay will certainly maintain you in Tectonika up until you make certain that the land is without all risk.

1. Don’ t Forget To Collect Rewards

StoneAge World includes a selection of money. Stones are the video game’s fundamental money, and also might be made use of in the Shop to acquire things such as meat for your pet dogs and also tools for your personality. Blue Gems are the exceptional money, which are much rarer to find by however might be bought with real-world cash. The various other money consist of Core Components for developing Mecha pet dogs, Tribe Contributions for usage at the Tribe Shop, and also Insignias, Feathers, and also Bones, for numerous upgrades to your pet dogs.

how to get more rewards in stoneage world

To development quicker in StoneAge World, and also to reinforce your group, you must constantly bear in mind to accumulate benefits from the numerous resources that will certainly be offered to you as you play the video game. This consists of the Reward display that uses numerous jobs for you to finish, varying from visiting to the video game and also hanging out in it to boosting your personality’s degree and also your group’s Power.

Other resources of benefits consist of the Recharge food selection, where gamers can obtain Stones by merely having a look at what’s being supplied; the Mail display, where several of the messages include benefits waiting to be declared; and also the Growth display, obtainable with bench at the left, where gamers might open various jobs as their personality degrees up. You must additionally consistently examine the Quests symbol near the bottom, specifically the Sub Quest listing, as finishing those additionally gives experience factors and also Stones.

how to earn growth rewards in stoneage world

Some of the benefits are opened as you play the video game by yourself speed, while others will certainly need even more initiative. Of program, the benefits you can obtain for the advanced accomplishments will certainly be much better, however in the very early video game, you will certainly intend to concentrate on another thing. And that’s where our StoneAge World newbie’s overview can be found in, as it has numerous suggestions, techniques and also approaches to boost your journey!

2. Play Through The Story First

The tale of StoneAge World records exactly how it seems like to stay in the land of Tectonika, as gamers are needed to go to the land’s 4 towns for numerous pursuits. Completing them is fairly simple, as touching on the mission pen instantly relocates you to the individual you require to speak to, the product you require to obtain, or the opponent that you require to beat.

stoneage world quest

While the pursuits begin to really feel recurring eventually, it is very important that you concentrate on playing with the video game’s tale initially. This is due to the fact that finishing the pursuits is the most effective means of gathering benefits and also experience factors in the very early video game.

The awards that you will certainly gather from the tale pursuits will certainly establish you up for the video game’s late phases, however a lot more notably, the experience factors will certainly level up your personality swiftly. Not just does this additionally enhance the degree cap of your pet dogs, however going up to the greater degrees opens all the attributes of StoneAge World, the majority of which will certainly be made use of to additional reinforce your group, or to obtain sources for doing so.

stoneage world tips

Examples of points that will certainly be opened as you enhance your personality’s degree are the Get Pet and also Auto alternatives at the left side of the display, for obtaining pet dogs and also products, specifically, and also the alternatives for enhancing your pet dogs with the Growth Rate, Skill, Research, and also Amulet displays on their accounts.

3. Keep Expanding Your Team

You must recognize after a brief while that the pet dogs that you have in your collection will certainly figure out exactly how much you enter StoneAgeWorld This suggests that to have the most effective opportunity at developing an unstoppable group, you will certainly require to maintain capturing pet dogs whenever you can.

storage world lineup

Unfortunately, capturing pet dogs is restricted by your Vitality, so you must not attempt to capture each and every single animal that you see outdoors. At the beginning of StoneAge World, you must capture sufficient to develop a functional group, however as the video game development you can be selective in which pet dogs you intend to have in your secure. It is an excellent concept to capture at the very least among every brand-new pet dog that you run into, and after that obtain even more of that pet dog to attempt to improve variations for your group.

how to acquire pets in stoneage world

There are various other methods to obtain brand-new pet dogs though, which you open later in the video game with the Get Pet symbol on the left side of the major display. The Capture attribute comes in handy as it reveals you where particular pet dogs might be obtained, in instance you neglected where you saw a specific pet dog. The Hatchery is where you position Eggs that you get with approaches such as Auto, where you and also your pet dogs are entrusted to instantly stroll particular locations in Tectonika to ranch sources.

It is very important to optimize all these methods to obtain pet dogs, to enhance your opportunities of obtaining the uncommon pet dogs that will certainly develop the most effective variation of your group.

4. Get Used To Fighting Manually

As you play with StoneAge World’s tale, some pursuits will certainly need you to fight versus adversaries in a turn-based battle system that stays preferred amongst RPGs such as Pok émon. There are 2 methods of combating in the video game– guidebook and also car.

how to fight manually in stoneage world

Controlling your group by hand is the most effective means of combating in StoneAgeWorld This is due to the fact that you will certainly have total control over each of your pet dogs’ actions, including that they will certainly target and also the ability that they will certainly utilize, however with a time frame on your choices. You will certainly have the ability to choose whether you will certainly utilize fundamental assaults to accumulate your pet dogs’ ability factors to make sure that they can utilize their a lot more effective capabilities, or if utilizing your pet dogs’ weak capabilities that consume much less ability factors will certainly suffice to provide you the win.

Placing your group on car features some substantial negative aspects, largely the loss of micro-managing your pet dogs’ targets and also abilities. Your pet dogs might expand their assaults way too much, leading to challengers with reduced health and wellness erasing your group. Additionally, your pet dogs might be making use of the incorrect abilities to defeat your adversaries.

stoneage world auto battle

There are some methods to make sure that your group can do much better when combating in car setting though. You can touch on an adversary to make sure that your pet dogs will certainly concentrate their assaults on that particular target up until it passes away. In enhancement, you can establish the ability that your pet dogs will certainly utilize on the row of symbols at the appropriate side of the display. While this provides you a little bit a lot more control over them, if you are not quickly sufficient in releasing these commands, they will just start on your following turn.

Fighting in car setting will certainly never ever be as reliable as releasing commands by hand, however in the very early video game, it will certainly suffice to still win versus the challengers that you deal with. However, in the late video game and also when facing various other gamers, it would certainly be extremely tough to win without taking control of every element of the suit.

5. Take Advantage Of Elemental Matchups

One of one of the most crucial elements of battle that is completely optimized when releasing commands to your group by hand is making use of important matches.

Your pet dogs’ important features are figured out by the circulation of 10 indicate 4 aspects, particularly Earth, Water, Fire, and alsoWind Pets might have 2 aspects, with their main component being the one with the even more factors.

elemental advantage in stoneage world

The important fondness of your pet dogs and also your challengers figure out the performance of their assaults versus each various other. Earth is solid versus Water, Water is solid versus Fire, Fire is solid versus Wind, and also Wind is solid versus Earth.

An animal that has 10 factors in Earth will certainly deal 30% even more damages to a challenger that has 10 factors inWater The portion, nonetheless, is lowered if the opponent or target has much less than 10 factors in the component that belongs to the weak point pairings. Conversely, a family pet with 10 factors in Water will certainly deal 30% much less damages to a challenger that has 10 factors in Earth.

elemental disadvantage in stoneage world

When releasing hands-on commands throughout battle, you will certainly see percents show up on top of challengers when choosing your pet dogs’ target for the turn. Green numbers suggest just how much extra harm your pet dog will certainly deal to that target as a result of an essential benefit, while red numbers suggest the contrary. You must have an excellent concept which of your pet dogs will certainly deal even more damages to which challengers based upon their important fondness though, so it is suggested to schedule your pet dogs’ toughest assaults versus the challengers to which they will certainly deal one of the most harm.

Having a lot more leveled up pet dogs with various important fondness as back-ups to your major group will certainly additionally aid you in fielding the most effective feasible mix versus your challengers. In battles where you are supplied info on your challenger’s schedule prior to getting in the suit, you will certainly have the ability to load your group with your pet dogs that can best capitalize on the important matches.

6. Choose The Best Pets To Train

Since you’re constantly wanting to increase your group, and also with important fondness in mind, exactly how do you pick which pet dogs to invest your hard-earned sources on for training? Setting apart exactly how charming they look (though that is definitely not an incorrect point to take into consideration!), you will certainly need to consider your pet dogs’ accounts to make this choice.

pet information in stoneage world

The Info display reveals your pet dogs’ statistics, and also clearly, the greater they are contrasted to your various other pet dogs, the a lot more effective they are. However, you must additionally check out your pet dogs’ Growth Rate display, which offers info on the capacity for their HP, Attack, Defense, and also Dexterity data. Your pet dogs’ development prices for each and every stat will certainly be rated from S to C, and also the most effective pet dogs to educate will certainly be the ones that have high rankings for the majority of, otherwise all, their statistics.

how to change pet growth rate in stoneage world

Eventually, you will certainly have the ability to open the Growth Rate Modification attribute, which additionally raises the development price for each and every stat. The attribute, nonetheless, does not alter the positions, so it will certainly still be very important for you to concentrate training pet dogs with high-level development prices.

Another crucial point you must take into consideration when selecting which pet dogs to educate are their important fondness. You do not desire the majority of your toughest pet dogs to be leaning in the direction of Fire, as an example, as you might encounter a hard challenger with a group mainly made up of Water pet dogs, which will certainly place you at a severe downside. You normally intend to branch out the important fondness of your toughest pet dogs to see to it that you contend the very least one that can act as your ace in the hole versus a challenger.

stoneage world transfer xp

However, if you have actually invested sources on educating a family pet, however ultimately stumbled upon an additional pet dog with much better statistics and also possible, you might utilize the Transfer XP attribute to move the experience factors of one pet dog to an additional. This does not consist of any kind of Stones you invested in Growth Rate Modification however.

7. Look Closely At Pet Behaviors

Pets that you catch all featured a Behavior designated to them, which might be seen in their Info display. At initially, it might appear like they do not indicate a lot, however they in fact impact your pet dogs’ statistics or their capabilities in fight.
There are 10 Behaviors in StoneAge World:

stoneage world pet behavior

You will ultimately open a function for updating the benefits that your pet dogs’ Behavior will certainly give. You might additionally alter a family pet’s Behavior if they do not fit their duty– as an example, an defense-focused pet dog would certainly profit a lot more from being Reliable or Composed, instead of being Brave.

The benefits that the Behaviors give might look tiny theoretically, however when facing late video game challengers and also various other gamers, each and every single benefit assists.

8. Don’ t Forget To Have Fun

StoneAge World is a stealthily deep video game, with numerous technicians concealed below layers of lovable pet dogs and also an appealing tale. As with the majority of MMORPGs, taking some time to leisurely check out the video game’s globe will certainly avoid you from enduring exhaustion from the video game’s a lot more complex elements.

stoneage world life

When you discover on your own stuck at a specific factor of the tale due to the fact that your pet dogs are not solid sufficient, attempt searching for various other points you can do such as tackling Sub Quests, capturing even more pet dogs, and also attempting various other objectives such as those detailed in the Life area on the left side of the display. Eventually, your group will certainly be solid sufficient to advancement, and also for an included bonus offer, you had a lot more enjoyable along the road as you had the ability to recognize even more regarding the land of Tectonika.

And this is where we finish our newbie’s overview for StoneAgeWorld Do you have anything to contribute to our listing of suggestions? Let us recognize your ideas in the remark location listed below!


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