Stella Arcana Mercenary Tier List: A Complete Ranked List of the Best Heroes

Welcome to our Stella Arcana Mercenary tier checklist! Like in various other gacha video games such as Azur Lane, Cookie Run: Kingdom as well as Arknights, having a solid group is constantly an advantage. That being stated, Mercenaries in Stella Arcana are just readily available to utilize for sure goals as well as mission kinds, unlike in various other gacha video games. After all, the video game still desires you to make real good friends!

We’ll obtain this off the beaten track: None of the Mercenaries in Stella Arcana are especially poor, other than perhaps the most affordable rate ones. It’s constantly an alleviation to see a goal that enables their usage. And also if you fed the most awful of them, the Rebirth technician makes the product waste very little. Personal mementos are the only point together with Silver that does not access the very least partly reimbursed.

stella arcana team construction

So if the gacha desires you dead, you may also select whoever’s the toughest on your group as well as feed them. Then you can Rebirth them if a much better merc bulges in the gacha. Just maintain doing those Astral Scars goals up until every ensured Epic or Legendary 10th roll.

Our Stella Arcana mercenary rate checklist thinks that not just have you review our Stella Arcana novice’s overview, yet likewise that you have actually been betting a little bit of time. If you have not currently done so, head out there as well as do it! With that off the beaten track, allow’s look into our Stella Arcana Mercenary tier checklist, as we are mosting likely to display the very best heroes that are presently readily available in the video game!

OP– Bibitano

It’s Bibitano, one of the most coldly subdued, damaged merc in the video game. Most gamers you fulfill will certainly settle on this. She’s so damaged, we placed her in her very own rate. Just having her is generally adequate to knock down any kind of fight where she’s permitted to do her point as aMercenary Unless it’s PVP as well as they have Bibitano also certainly. Then you really need to stress over your team structure!


Holy Priest, General Support, A Hard Carry Pretending To Be A Support

bibitano stella arcana

So she’s a therapist as well as an assistance. Why is she doing definitely extra damages than the lead character can? She’s tanky, she maintains your event to life, as well as she can entirely degenerate any person foolish adequate to obtain within her clobbering variety. If the battle goes severely, she can compromise herself to revitalize 2 dead participants of your team to transform the battle around.

That’ll possibly just take place if the opponent is coldly overleveled though. If the gacha’s kind sufficient to offer you Bibitano, you’re virtually made. Bibitano’s not one of the most hostile kind though, so having Daphne with her might round your event out.

S Tier– Pretty Close To Bibitano

These individuals might create the core of your group. They’re rather solid even with not beingBibitano Having them with each other at the same time creates a conveniently flexible group. Killing the opponent is constantly simplified by eliminating their shield!


Rune Mage, Damage Dealer, Armor Breaker, Bibitano’s Murdery Buddy

daphne stella arcana

No question she supervises of theMercenary Shop She’s possibly the one that frightens the various other mercs right into order! Rune Mages are currently a damages supplier course As Well As she includes a capability that brings upon a Fragile debuff, lowering opponent shield.

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She can possibly eliminate the opponent all on her very own without it, yet it appears she simply intends to make exceptionally certain. Her as well as Bibitano with each other can create the core of your group. Bibitano for assistance, Daphne to place the opponent right into the ground. And she does not also require to obtain within melee variety.


Omni Warrior, Tank, Melee Damage, Edgy McHighandmighty

moen stella arcana

While his protection statistics are middling contrasted to his contemporaries, he offsets it with a guard that is as solid as half his optimum HP. This makes him rather cumbersome, particularly because he can reenergize this guard every so often.

He likewise includes a passive that overlooks several of the opponent’s shield security. It piles with Daphne’s Fragile debuff, so both of them with each other are an excellent way to devote calamitous acts of physical violence versus the regional beasts.

A Tier– Not Bibitano

Most of these individuals serve to load the fourth port if you currently have Bibitano, Daphne as well asMoen In such a group, your option of fourth port frequently establishes what the event focuses on doing. You can likewise utilize them as a substitute if you do not have the 3, as well as the video game will not offer you way too much pain for it. They are absolutely worth their Mercenary Contracts as well as upgrade products.


Rune Mage, AOE Damage, A Rune Mage But Better

victoria stella arcana

Being the Rune Mage teacher, her strikes are simply a more powerful variation of what you can do as a Rune Mage gamer. That’s an advantage. While she experiences a little bit (not that much really) versus solitary hard targets, she is respectable at sweeping groups away. If you do not have Daphne as a damages supplier, Victoria makes an excellent placeholder. She’ll maintain the display free from irritating adversaries so you can concentrate on in charge.


Elven Archer, Damage Dealer, Disabler, Has A Highly Puncheable Face

ishtar stella arcana

He’s a more powerful variation of an Elven Archer gamer personality. Ishtar has a rather well balanced package of abilities for dealing location damages as well as solitary target damages, yet mainly for solitary target damages. He can likewise disable a target while offering it some calamitous pain.

While his passives are really self-seeking as well as offer to simply rub exactly how difficult he strikes, his stun does use him energy. Crits combined with quick fire make sure the pain goes on coming continuously. He can be utilized as an extra damages supplier for the fourth port, particularly if you’re anticipating a bossfight.


Shadow Assassin, Single Target Heavy Damage, Not As Edgy As He Looks

socrates stella arcana

This person has a comparable skillset to a bog-standardShadow Assassin Unlike Bruno however, he has a particular Passive that makes his solitary target abilities neglect 20% of the opponent’s shield. This places him sturdily right into in charge breaking division. On top of that, he likewise suches as to pile poisonous substance debuffs throughout the unlucky target.

Pairing him with the similarity Daphne can cause the opponent sensation like they’re putting on soaked toilet tissue as opposed to real shield, yet he does not have Moen’s tankiness as well as energy. That being stated, it’s the team therapist’s task to maintain him to life anyhow. Maybe bring him as a fourth port filler for bossfights or when anticipating greatly armored adversaries.

Gong Gong

Holy Priest, AOE Damage, AOE Debuffer, Team Buffer, Wet And Wild

gong gong stella arcana

While this person is a therapist, he has a beneficial collection of capabilities to likewise offer your group enthusiasts while aiding the damages supplier clear out opponent groups. He can minimize the opponent’s activity rate forcibly them to go through a flooding of water. One of his recovery abilities makes your group unsusceptible to manage for a period, maintaining those frustrating stuns out of your face. He can likewise raise the group’s activity rate for a brief period, valuable if you’re being unloaded loaded with red hitbox strikes as well as can not utilize an evading ability for whatever factor.

Overall, he’s a high energy mercenary. Even if you have Bibitano, you can bring Gong Gong in the fourth port with her if you’re anticipating a slog with a massive crowd of mooks, or a frustrating manager that delights in making use of stuns.


Elven Archer, General DPS, You Might As Well Fight Her In A Shirt

foo stella arcana

She has an ability that overlooks 44% of her target’s shield at lv1. That states a whole lot regarding exactly how great she goes to entirely killing a solitary difficult target. While she does have AOE abilities also, she likewise has a passive that boosts her fire price every single time she terminates off an ability. This makes her a strong DPS maker despite having her fundamental assault. She likewise has an ability that enthusiasts herself as well as eliminates stuns, so the DPS simply maintains gathering.

And also with all that, she handles to fit a little bit of assistance energy by offering every person a crit lover momentarily with her utmost. Use her like you would certainly a team machinegunner. Have her quiverdump the opponent loaded with arrowheads as a fourth port DPS if you’re anticipating difficult targets and even for basic objective battle. Or also as a main DPS if you do not have the similarity Daphne on your group.


Omni Warrior, Melee DPS, Hippocratic Suggestion

dauf stella arcana

A physician that chose that he was much better at spying individuals apart as opposed to placing them back with each other. Dauf’s very first target was his moron manager that quit him from conserving a town from an afflict. He has one passive that provides him extra survivability over 60% hp, yet the remainder are mainly for eliminating points quicker. His abilities are mainly AOE as well as solitary target damages strikes. Not much energy, a great deal of killing.


Rosen Knight, Taunt, Buffer, Tank, Walking Booze Party

shuten-doji stella arcana

She’s an absolutely amusing sake-powered container. Shuten-Doji’s abilities rotate mainly around intoxication. She can obtain the opponent beasts to eliminate each various other in an intoxicated bar quarrel. She can attract them to herself while lighting them ablaze like a strolling Molotov alcoholic drink. She can layer her pals with liquor to make them battle harder.

She can flooding the flooring with alcohol to make the opponent stroll slower in a DUI-test stopping working amazement. Overall, she deserves having in your event, possibly in Moen’s port as a storage tank or as a fourth port filler assistance. Not to point out seeing the opponent stumble about as well as strike each various other is constantly amusing.


Rosen Knight, Tank, Crowd Control, Not As Big As She Looks

lena stella arcana

No, she’s not a huge girl in a coat of mail. She’s simply a small girl in a smallGundam Lena has 2 abilities that cause a stun, among them with AOE. Her passives are naturally protective. One of them provides your colleagues an arbitrary opportunity to obtain more powerful when she takes hits.

Being a storage tank, attracting fire is her task so you’ll more than likely obtain it. Grab her if you require a specialized container, or if you desire the opponent to invest an excellent portion of the battle not doing anything.

B Tier– Absolutely Not Bibitano

These individuals ain’t regrettable, yet several of them do have their defects or are merely eclipsed by those over them. Still worth placing them on the group, depending upon the circumstance. With the method the video game functions, these individuals aren’t poor sufficient to make the video game abuse.


Rune Mage, AOE Damage, Indiscriminate Application Of Napalm

tamamo stella arcana

All of her abilities include shedding groups of adversaries, also her assistance abilities. Her concept of an assistance ability is to define the opponent group with fox smoke, after that offer your colleagues an aficionado that allows them melt whoever is significant.

She does not have any kind of solitary target capabilities in all, whatever is for torching a group. Even an ability she utilizes to make herself tankier with a guard includes an awful eruptive shock. Bring her if you wish to lantern masses of adversaries.


Shadow Assassin, General Damage, Charm, Fraternization With The Enemy

darwin stella arcana

She’s a really disruptive damages supplier. Her passives are mainly self-seeking, just powering herself up, yet her abilities have a little bit of energy to them. Most of them are for damages handling, yet she does have the capacity to beauty targets as well as obtain them off your instance awhile. Pair that with her variety of AOE strikes as well as transgression heaps as well as you might utilize her to clear groups while still doing difficult damages to difficult targets.


Omni Warrior, AOE Healer, Support Tank

faust stella arcana

The person that follows you around throughout your mission to punch the Man In Black in the teeth. While his abilities feel like reasonably dull AOE strikes when contrasted to correct AOE damages supplier Rune Mage kinds, a lot of his passives include aiding the group endure.

His utmost is likewise an AOE recover with time that likewise gives a guard. You might utilize him in the fourth port not as you would typically utilize an Omni Knight, yet as one more assistance.


Rune Mage, Damage Dealer, Debuffer, Walking Story Spoiler

irabia stella arcana

This questionable black hooded other can offering a Fragile debuff versus the opponent. As a Rune Mage, they can likewise deal terrific damages. Unfortunately, his technician makes it so his strikes take some time to get to the optimal toughness they possibly have. By that time, he’s possibly dead or the opponent is dead. No utilize having effective statistics if you just obtain them when the battle’s currently ensured over!

Not to point out much of his passives can be instead self-seeking. He just makes himself more powerful as opposed to assisting your group somehow. The Fragile debuff offsets several of that though. That’s reasonable for a damages supplier, as well as those self enthusiasts are instead considerable. Not rather a substitute for the similarity Daphne, that is instantly all set to eliminate points.

C Tier– Far From Bibitano

These individuals are absolutely no substitute for any person in the S or A rate. You’ll possibly just utilize them as a fourth port filler if you do not have any one of the mercs over them. Still much better than not bringing hirelings though. Thank benefits for the Rebirth technician, that indicates feeding them upgrade products will just be a mild blunder as opposed to a massive, irreversible one!


Rune Mage, AOE Damage, Bear

epsilon stella arcana

He’s a person that has large terrifying bear claws. He’s obtained a respectable utmost that shreds a group while providing lowered activity rate, yet besides that he’s all over the area. He’s obtained an assistance capacity that provides every person +11% damages for a couple of secs, yet it’s very little contrasted to the shield melting beasts like Daphne can do. All of his passives are likewise really self-seeking, he’s the just one to take advantage of them.


Holy Priest, Support, Debuffer, Someone Stop This Woman!

armani stella arcana

As a Priest, she is really concentrated on maintaining your group to life. Most of her passives include boosting her capacity to recover you as well as make you harder. She does not strike really difficult though, even with her wide range of AOE strikes. That being stated, she can debuff the opponent to make them take additional damages from real damages suppliers like Daphne as well asVictoria Just do not anticipate her to surpass your damages numbers.


Elven Archer, Damage Dealer, Light Crowd Control

fantine stella arcana

She’s like Foo if she traded several of her damages possibility for even more energy. Fantine has an ability that can stun a target, as well as an AOE knockback as well as damages ability, amongst some damages dealing strikes as well as an utmost that makes her fire at greater than two times her typical price. Not rather a substitute for Foo, because you bring archers typically for their damages, not their energy.


Omni Warrior, Tank, Light AOE Damage, The Opposite Of A Walking Spoiler

emilio stella arcana

He’s a huge tanky person with one arm as well as an axe. Most of his passives include damages decrease caused by his abilities. He likewise has an ability that shows opponent damages, together with some vast location strikes. All in all, he has to do with as typical a storage tank as you can obtain.

Nothing unique, yet absolutely nothing genuinely unuseable. Don’ t anticipate him to administer damages in the millions. He’s possibly mosting likely to pass away last if something poor takes place however. Ironic when you identify what takes place throughout the Lv40 goals.


Priest, Healer, Debuffer, Miss Pure Purity Pureness

finn stella arcana

She’s a rather conventional therapist. Most of her passives include her survivability as well as recovery, though she has one which can remove an adversary’s enthusiasts. Her abilities are a more powerful variation of what you would certainly have as a Holy Priest gamer also. That being stated, as a Mercenary, you can not fine-tune her construct the method you can fine-tune your gamer personality, so she likely isn’t with the ability of being as definitely broken as an Attack developed Holy Priest gamer.


Shadow Assassin, General Damage Dealer, Missing A Finger

batu stella arcana

An instead conventional damages dealing assassin. He does not have a lot in the method of energy as a lot of his passives merely power up his very own murder capacity with crits as well as additional damages. His abilities do similar, mainly concentrating on dealing damages to both solitary targets as well as groups. He’s no substitute for a Legendary damages supplier.


Omni Warrior, Tank, Aggro Draw, Magnificent Facial Hair

geese stella arcana

Like Victoria, Geese resembles a gamer, this time around theOmni Warrior Geese is okay, yet not remarkable either. He can attract aggro, as well as it takes a long period of time to eliminate him since a lot of his passives are protective. He likewise drags adversaries more detailed with each other so your damages suppliers can mulch them.

That being stated, he does not struck so difficult himself so he requires some assistance from real awesomes. He does an excellent task maintaining you to life though, so if you do not have Moen, placed Geese in your team to maintain interest off on your own.

D Tier– No Bibitano Within The Next Thousand Miles

Why are these individuals still on your group? Did you kick the gacha’s animal canine or something? Predictably, the most affordable rarity hirelings are the weakest because they just have 2 passives each rather than 4 on Legendaries as well as Epics.

Again, be happy for the Rebirth technician as this enables you to power them up a little bit on your method to obtain substitutes. Go do your Astral Scars goals to obtain some Mercenary Contracts!


Shadow Assassin, General Damage

bruno stella arcana

He’s essentially a duplicate of the Shadow Assassin gamer. He just has 2 passives as well as a skillset the like your own if you were playing a Shadow Assassin personality. Not a lot to claim, he’s a damages supplier that does not accumulate to greater rate Mercenaries.


Rune Mage, AOE Damage

katherine stella arcana

Pretty a lot a duplicate of a Rune Mage with an AOE ability construct. Like all Rare tier mercs, she just has 2 passives, one for her crits as well as one more for her Attack as well as HP. If you have actually obtained Victoria, usage Victoria rather because she is essentially a straight upgrade to Katherine.


Elven Archer, Ranged Damage

ash stella arcana

A duplicate of an Elven Archer gamer personality. They have the exact same ability, as well as just 2 passives like any kind of Rare tier merc. If you have Ishtar, order him rather as he’s a straight upgrade to Ash.


Holy Priest, General Support as well as Healing

lucia stella arcana

Pretty a lot an AI-controlled Holy Priest gamer personality. As with the normal Rare tier mercs, she just has a set of passives rather than 4. You would certainly assume she can be subdued thinking about exactly how gamer regulated Priests job.

Unfortunately, you can not tweak her construct similarly you might with your very own Holy Priest lead character, so she’s not most likely to obtain that disgustingly scary Attack construct that makes gamer Priests so hazardous.


Omni Warrior, Tank, Melee Damage

vincent stella arcana

An AI-controlled variation of your regular Omni Warrior gamer. He has the exact same skillset as anOmni Warrior He likewise just has 2 passives rather than 4, similar to all various other Rare tier hirelings. You can instantly change him with Geese as quickly as you begin doing Astral Scars goals, because Geese is a totally free incentive from your very first Astral Scars journey.

And this is completion of our Stella Arcana Mercenaries tier checklist. If there are some recommendations regarding whether several of these mercs ought to be put greater or reduced, do not think twice to speak about it in the remark area listed below. Just maintain it civil as well as pleasant down there!


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