Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become the Best Fry Cook

Any walkthrough overview regarding a Spongebob video game needs to start with: Arrrr you prepared, youngsters? Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off is one more among designer Tilting Point’s big-brand titles and also it’s an interesting simulation video game. Alongside titles such as Horse Racing Manager 2018 and also Star Trek Timelines, maritime rubbish will certainly be something you desire as Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off allows you play as the very best and also giggliest fry-cook in Bikini Bottom.

This Diner Dash- esque video game jobs gamers with putting together and also pressing out progressively complex pancake, barbeque and also obviously, Krabby Patty orders for the burger-loving locals ofBikini Bottom It additionally consists of cameos from your preferred personalities from the program! Once in a while Patrick will certainly stop by and also take for life to choose what to consume, Sandy will certainly claim she’ll have anything, and also Pearl is simply a little little bit quick-tempered with her food order, because, well, her papa has the joint.

spongebob krusty cook-off cooking tips

How food preparation really takes place undersea is past me, yet it’s absolutely a great deal of enjoyable.

This isn’t to claim, nonetheless, that the video game is anywhere near a rip-off ofDiner Dash Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off is a solid title by itself: smooth (and also simply downright lovable) graphics, a remarkably intricate and also amazing kitchen area upgrade system, and also simply sufficient power-ups and also boosters that can aid you keep order in the disorderly globe of undersea junk food.

The video game takes place in episodes, beginning with The Pancake Stand that Spongebob constructed right outside his pineapple under the sea. Each brand-new episode opens a brand-new kitchen area to deal with: The Pancake Stand, The Krusty Krab (my individual fave), Sandy’s BARBEQUE, and also ultimately Goo Lagoon– which is one more location with a great deal even more dining establishments! Now that’s a great deal of web content in a solitary mobile video game!

While Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off can obtain a little bit difficult, also in the very early components of the video game, it is much from unequalled. We have actually created a total newbie’s overview for Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off, consisting of pointers, cheats and also techniques, that will certainly aid you discover the ins and also outs of Bikini Bottom’s most chaotic cooking areas! Let’s get going.

1. Understanding The Currency Of The Game

Looking at the major food selection of Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off, it can be somewhat frustrating to see numerous numbers on the display. While the video game does its ideal to clarify every single money, some points simply do not end up being appropriate till you remain in the thick of it. Here’s a fast referral:

spongebob krusty cook-off menu

Top area of the food selection, from delegated appropriate you live offered, popularity (or pearls), coins, and also treasures.

Lives offered: this shows the number of shots you can have with a degree. This number decreases per fallen short degree, yet additionally renews 1 life every half an hour, with an optimum of 5 lives offered. Once you have actually lacked lives, you can wait, view advertisements to obtain one life, demand lives from close friends by attaching the application to your Facebook account or simply straight-up acquisition a lot more lives.

Fame (or pearls): this is even more of a scoreboard than a money. You can enhance your variety of pearls by making upgrades to the decor of your dining establishment. This will certainly bring about in-game incentives.

Coins: these are made use of to acquire kitchen area upgrades, decor and also indoor components of the dining establishment. You can gain coins just by playing the video game or acquiring them with genuine cash.

Gems: this is the rarest money of the video game. Gems are made use of most notably for kitchen area upgrades in the video game, and also they can just be made a couple of each time. You can gain treasures from everyday incentives, striking specific success limits (clarified later on), and also enjoying advertisements within the video game.

2. Hit The Ground Running With Every Level

Whenever you start a solution in Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off, you’ll intend to obtain products on the grill today. As quickly as a degree begins, add some batter on the grill, and also you’ll prepare today to offer the very first set of orders.

3. Don’ t Do Orders On A Per-Item Basis

This takes a while obtaining made use of to. When clients come over in fast sequence, it’s simple to obtain bewildered by obtaining their orders right. Let’s take the Pancake Stand as an example as this will certainly be the beginning factor of the video game.

spongebob krusty cook-off orders

Make certain to press out orders in fast sequence in order to advance much faster in the video game.

In this circumstance, the reflexive point to do would certainly be to service the pancake orders individually, touching the jam, including the garnishes after that sending them out one at a time. A much more reliable method to press out the orders would certainly be to count the number of pancakes require pink jam and also purple jelly after that touching the containers as necessary. In this instance, it would certainly be 3 for pink and also one for purple, after that include the garnishes: 2 blueberries and also one strawberry. You will certainly discover that with method this will certainly permit you to press out even more orders in fast sequence, making you advance much quicker in the video game.

Bonus pointer: Use cooking time to your benefit! The ideal method to win at this video game is to not worry. While the orders are preparing on the grill, you can plan just how to press out orders in one of the most reliable method feasible.

4. After Every Fry, Start Cooking Again

This ought to ultimately end up being a response as you play Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off Once you have actually layered the pancakes or place the Krabby Patties in their buns, put some a lot more on the grill today. This will certainly permit you to constantly await a lot of brand-new orders ought to they be available in. Just mind the grill so absolutely nothing obtains melted!

spongebob krusty cook-off strategies

Something excellent is constantly cooking at the Krusty Krab! Put some patties on the grill so they can prepare while you take care of the orders you can set up today. Don’ t neglect to deep fry the french fries, as well!

5. Upgrade The Kitchen When You Hit A Snag In The Game

Kitchen updating in Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off is possibly among its most fascinating auto mechanics. Upgrading the kitchen area to have even more fryers, far better grills, even more plates and also also updating the active ingredients will certainly permit you to press orders much faster and also make even more coins! It is essentially difficult to advance in this video game without updating the kitchen area, so invest those treasures you gain moderately!

how to upgrade kitchen in spongebob krusty cook-off

In this display you can update the existing kitchen area according to your requirements. Use the coins and also the treasures you have actually made to acquire these upgrades.

If you observe that clients are purchasing an increasing number of products per degree, you’ll intend to obtain updated grills and also plates. If you disappoint specific coin objectives in a degree, you will certainly intend to update the containers, garnishes and also batter (for the Pancake Stand) as these rise your earnings margin for that kitchen area forever.

Bonus pointer: The “advised” kitchen area upgrade does not constantly accompany the objectives for every solution in the video game. You will certainly intend to focus on plates and also grill upgrades, adhered to promptly by beverage upgrades (as beverages are the most convenient to press out).

6. Claim Your Rewards

You will certainly require to accumulate both coins and also treasures to be able to update your Bikini Bottom cooking areas, and also for that you will certainly intend to make certain that you declare the incentives that the video game offers you for finishing specific success.

how to earn more rewards in spongebob krusty cook-off

The Achievements display will certainly inform you what you require to complete in order to gain even more treasures without needing to acquire them in-game with genuine cash.

In enhancement, there are additionally everyday incentives which offer gamers lots of helpful products simply for playing the video game each day.

7. Mind The Goals For Every Level

Each degree in Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off will certainly have details objectives for you to strike. Sometimes the video game will certainly ask you to make certain no client go out. Other times, it’ll ask you to make certain no food is thrown away. Note that the objectives for every solution ought to affect your playstyle to advance in the video game.

spongebob krusty cook-off level goals

In this eating solution, you’re asked to obtain 16 thumbs ups and also to not melt any type of thing. A “thumbs up” is when you press an order bent on a client while their waiting meter is still environment-friendly.

Keeping the objectives of every degree in the video game in mind leads us to our following pointer.

8. Use Boosters, Cookies And Bubbles Only When Necessary

At any type of factor within a degree, gamers can utilize cookies and/or bubbles. These are made use of to pacify mad clients, offering you even more time to finish their orders. Use these moderately, and also maybe when the objective of the degree are thumbs ups, as cookies and also bubbles obtain the client waiting meter back up to environment-friendly.

spongebob krusty cook-off boosters

Since the objective of this degree is to offer 63 clients, the gamer should not need to utilize the raised rates booster, and also ought to rather attempt the advised jellyfish steward booster. This will certainly permit the gamer to concentrate on putting together orders instead of pressing them out.

Boosters are provided to the gamer right prior to starting a degree. Each booster has its very own perk: orders can be prepared instantaneously, absolutely nothing obtains melted, food rates enhance considerably, and also a jellyfish steward can take the orders directly to the clients as they’re finished. Use these just when you can not surpass a specific degree by yourself.

9. Go Back To The Previous Episode If You’re Stuck On A Level

Unlocking brand-new episodes does not eliminate the previous episode. You can still operate in and also update the Krusty Krab kitchen area also if you have actually currently opened Sandy’s BARBEQUE. This suggests that if you’re locating it difficult to advance in a specific episode since you can not update your kitchen area, you can return to your previous kitchen area, make even more coins and also gain even more treasures to do simply that.

spongebob krusty cook-off episode

Kitchen degrees take place for life also after you have actually opened the following episode.

10. Change The Design Of The Restaurant

Restaurants aren’t all almost the kitchen area besides! In the upgrade food selection, you can fix up the front of your home, as well! Change up the chairs, the tables, and also also include jellyfish balloons! These little modifications not just aid you tailor the appearance of your dining establishment, yet additionally aid you gain even more incentives!

how to change restaurant decor in spongebob krusty cook-off

Yes, I altered the Krusty Krab seats to cupcakes. They’re charming. And they include pearls!

Any decor upgrade offers the gamer pearls. Get sufficient pearls and also you obtain incentives in the type of coins, treasures or perhaps even boosters!

11. You Can Change Character Outfits

This could not count precisely as a pointer to play the video game much better, yet it absolutely does make the video game a little bit a lot more enjoyable. You can alter the attire of personalities from the program, and also when they show up on your display, whether it’s simply walking the Krusty Krab or making a real order within a Sandy’s BARBEQUE degree, they’ll be putting on the clothing you select for them.

how to change character outfits in spongebob krusty cook-off

Players can modify personality attire and also devices on this display. Give Spongebob a set of glasses, hats and also unlock a lot more choices as you advance with the video game.

You can open even more garments choices if you utilize Skill Crane Loot at the very least once daily. Alternatively, you can additionally utilize treasures to acquire even more Skill Crane video games though it’s advised to conserve your treasures for kitchen area upgrades rather. Another type of in-game money not formerly reviewed is calledKrab Dollars You can utilize Krab Dollars to acquire details products of garments for your personalities.

And this is where we finish our Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off newbie’s overview. All in all Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off is a fun time awesome that provides gamers a fantastic easy going experience. Its deep auto mechanics, amazing high-pressure degrees, calculated needs and also loads of acquainted web content from the program will certainly maintain gamers delighted and also spent for a long period of time.

Despite what the remarks area of the Play Store would certainly have you think, Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off is both usable and also pleasurable without needing to invest genuine cash to obtain in-game products like treasures and also boosters. All you need to do is remain tranquil throughout degrees, attempt not to obtain bewildered by a relatively difficult quantity of complex food orders, update your kitchen area consistently, and also be thrifty with your sources.

If you have any type of various other pointers or techniques for the video game that you want to show to us, do not hesitate to drop us a line in the remarks listed below!


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