Skull Towers Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Save Yourself from the Angry Skeletons

Skull Towers is a thrilling Tower Defense video game established by Genera Games, where your objective is to make it through the significantly challenging situations by removing all the skeletal systems the video game tosses at you. Every phase is split right into 2 stages: in the very first one, you develop and also upgrades your towers and also barriers to aid you resist the crowds of skeletal systems marching in the direction of you, in the 2nd one the video game changes to very first individual setting, and also you utilize your acquiesce do away with all the skeletal systems. If a skeletal system reaches you, you shed, and also need to replay the situation. If you require some recommendations removing the skeletal systems after that you have actually involved the appropriate area, as our Skull Towers ideas, cheats and also methods will certainly aid you do simply that! So allow’s study our Skull Towers novice’s overview for some valuable ideas and also methods!

1. Practice Hitting Skullshots

Skullshots are the video game’s variation of headshots, and also they take place when you struck opponents on their head. It appears extremely simple for the extremely initial degrees, because you will certainly deal with sluggish relocating opponents that will certainly additionally simply quit strolling to gaze and also poke fun at you, yet comes the greater degrees, you will certainly observe exactly how tough it can be to change your objective to strike huge, sluggish relocating targets such as the Celtic Warrior, and also quickly and also little opponents such as theFanatic Skullshots boost the damages of your arrowhead by 50%, substantially quickening the procedure of eliminating the skeletal systems, and also you will certainly require to strike most of them to progress with the more difficult phases.

skull towers skullshots

Skullshots are additionally crucial since Knights and also Heavy Gladiators are unsusceptible to shots on any kind of various other component of their body, and also you will certainly require to strike them as soon as in the head to open their safety helmet, making them unsusceptible to the very firstSkullshot Missing greater than one Skullshot on them can verify deadly to you.

The 50% benefit is factored for each arrowhead, and also operates in combination with essential damages also, so striking a Skullshot on an opponent weak to the aspect you are utilizing is mosting likely to ensure you will certainly eliminate a lot of them in one hit, leaving out the toughest of them in the highest possible trouble setups of the phase.

2. Become A Master Of The Elements

There are 3 components in Skull Towers: Fire, Ice, and alsoElectricity Each skeletal system system is weak to a various aspect, which implies they take additional damages from them, several of them will certainly additionally set off added results, for instance, striking a Fanatic with a Fire arrowhead will certainly make his bombs take off, greatly harming every one of the various other skeletal systems around him.

There are arrowheads for all the components, and also they are split right into Single and alsoMultiple Single arrowheads function like any kind of normal arrowhead, while Multiple arrowheads, as the name indicates, will certainly make you fire numerous arrowheads at the place you intended. This confirms especially valuable versus opponents with hefty shield like the Knight, that will certainly or else require to obtain struck numerous times, and also versus teams of opponents, particularly those teams that create before your barriers to take them down. Some essential arrowheads additionally have an additional kind, called Radius Arrows, these will certainly take off when they influence an opponent or the surroundings, creating damages all over them.

Another element to take into consideration is your bow. Different bows bring various increases to your essential damages, for instance the Guardian bow increases the damages dealt by Ice Arrows by 200%, plus 25% for each and every degree of the bow. This details is particularly valuable when you recognize what sort of opponents you are mosting likely to deal with in a phase, which will certainly enable you to select one of the most fit bow for the circumstance.

The very same opts for Bracers, a tool you can pick in the pre-battle display that permits you to cast your magic power, an effective capacity that will certainly do substantial damages to all the opponents on the display, this capacity has a lengthy cooldown. The aspect of the damages caused by the magic power will certainly differ based upon what bracer you have actually picked.

Lastly, the towers you can develop additionally have their very own aspect. Fire Catapults bargain Fire kind damages, Lightning Monolith bargain Electric kind damages, and also Ice Tower bargain ice kind damages.

Playing the video game, you will certainly have discovered that Poison Arrows exist, and also also a complete bow devoted to them. Poison does not function like the various other components, instead it causes a Poison standing that deals damages with time to the skeletal systems you strike. One asks yourself exactly how a skeletal system can take toxin damages. Anyway, this is best utilized versus beasts such as the Snow Vikings, that are extremely sluggish and also hence can possibly take substantial damages while they gradually sway in the direction of you.

Poison arrowheads function extremely well with ice towers, as those towers decrease the opponents they struck substantially, making them take a lot more damages, as they will certainly take longer to progress.

3. Building Strategy

Aside from developing towers whose damages kind is great versus your opponents, and also attempting to synergize with your weapon, you will certainly require to identify where and also exactly how to develop every one of this.
Upgrading towers is constantly far better than developing brand-new ones, so unless you truly seem like you require to cover particular courses, emphasis initially on updating what you currently have. It’s additionally method less costly, leaving out for the last degree of upgrade, because obtaining from degree 1 to degree 2 just sets you back 50 Ectoplasm, while degree 2 to level 3 prices 100 Ectoplasm, as long as developing a brand-new tower.

skull towers building strategy

Upgraded towers are excellent, as it boosts their damages and also price of fire, method greater than if you simply develop added towers. Thus, just develop brand-new towers if you require their particular kind of damages, or if you have actually currently updated every little thing else currently.

Barricades are superb, particularly if you procure them to a greater degree. You can not update barriers throughout a phase, and also you can not fix them, yet what you can do is offer a harmed barrier for 30 Ectoplasm, half the rate of a brand-new one, and also restore it from the ground up. Barricades are fantastic since they can get you useful time, and also they can additionally compel skeletal systems to team in a solitary area, making your magic power and also your numerous arrowheads far more efficient.

Regarding where to develop, you must begin with structure barriers closest to you, and also towers where they will certainly have the ability to strike the highest possible variety of skeletal systems, or one of the most challenging ones to strike. Keep in mind that Ice Towers reduce the skeletal systems they struck, so they are remarkable at reducing hostility from locations you aren’t mosting likely to pay much interest to.

Giving a lot more cover to particular locations additionally confirms advantageous, as it will certainly simplify for you to intend if all you need to do is objective on a smaller sized area on the display, as opposed to needing to relocate the crosshair everywhere, making you a lot more exact, and also enabling you to strike even more Skullshots, a crucial accomplishment to proceed with more difficult phases.

4. Read The Dark Book

You can learn a great deal concerning the video game in theDark Book For instance, you can check out the results of the wonderful powers offered by the bracers and also just how much damages they deal.

skull towers dark book

You can look into every little thing concerning the numerous skeletal systems in the video game, exactly how quickly they relocate, their dimension, their shield kind, and also what aspect they are weak to. This details is particularly crucial, as it permits you to make educated choices in the configuration phases of a video game, because you will certainly have the ability to develop the very best kinds of towers and also bring the very best kinds of arrowheads to the combat zone.

Arrows will certainly reveal you the numerous kinds of arrowheads you have actually opened as much as that factor, plus some taste message. In this area you will certainly additionally have the ability to read concerning the various kinds of arrowheads.
Bows’ summary additionally claims exactly how efficient they go to what variety, yet it is vague whether it in fact alters anything when playing, or if it is simply taste message. Towers will certainly additionally reveal a quick summary of what the numerous towers and also barriers do.

5. Manage Your Rewards And Your Energy

Playing Skull Towers takes in power, the greater phases need even more power to go into, very same chooses the greater trouble ones. The greater the power, the greater the benefits. When you lack power, you will certainly have either to wait on it to renew, invest treasures, or see a video clip advertisement.

Speaking of which, you will certainly need to see a great deal of video clip advertisements if you wish to proceed quicker, as it will certainly net you added benefits from upper bodies, even more Orbs from the Shop, and also unlock a lot more upper bodies throughout the journey. You can additionally reactivate a phase from the present wave of opponents as soon as if you see a video clip advertisement.

What does every one of this mean? You can not play the video game as long as you would certainly such as, rather you will certainly be restricted by your power, unless you intend to invest cash on the video game. So, the very best method to deal with this is to play a phase or 2, after that quit, and after that return later on when your power is replenished. Gems must be invested in upper bodies, as the price of 1 power = 1 treasure makes it unworthy to invest them on power refills.

In basic, you will certainly need to see a great quantity of video clip advertisements to obtain anything purposeful done, which truly tackles the experience. Remembers to constantly do your day-to-day missions, you can see them under the Quests food selection on the primary display, typically these entail eliminating skeletal systems with a certain bow, utilizing a certain bracer, or particular kinds of towers. Doing all 3 day-to-day missions will certainly net you an extra upper body.

6. Upgrade Your Gear

You can update every little thing in yourInventory To do so, you will certainly require a particular variety of fragments, which you will certainly discover in the numerous upper bodies. Once you obtain sufficient fragments, you can pick the thing you wish to update and also invest some gold to obtain it to a greater degree. Alternatively, you can invest Orbs, a money you can gain easily on a daily basis by seeing video clip advertisements, or that you can buy from the store with genuine cash.

skull towers gear

Upgrading arrowheads will certainly enable you to bring even more to the combat zone, along with straight raising their damages outcome, updating bows will certainly boost both the base damages of your arrowheads, along with the increase they provide to their aspect. Upgrading bracers will certainly cause even more damages dealt by your magic power, updated towers deal even more damages, and also last but not least, a greater degree Barricade provides added Health Points, making them able to take a lot more hits prior to dropping.

The optimal degree for any kind of thing in the video game is 10. It takes a great deal fragments to obtain a product to degree 10, and also you will not truly require them if you prepare precisely prior to each situation, so do not stress if you are battling to update your equipment.

This finishes up our overview forSkull Towers The video game is reasonably basic, and also it’s extremely enjoyable, fantastic for fast sessions to loosen up awhile prior to returning to what you were doing in the past. The video game already is reasonably brief, yet the designers are intending to include added equipment and also degrees quickly, so ensure to watch on their play shop web page to see when the brand-new web content comes.

In situation you recognize added ideas or methods, that we must consist of in this Skull Towers overview, make certain to drop us a line! Until after that, maintain safeguarding on your own from these insane skeletal systems!

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