Shortcut Run (Voodoo) Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a Super High Score

Shortcut Run is a hypercasual video game by French video game programmer Voodoo, house to an unlimited quantity of addicting mobile titles. Voodoo has actually formerly developed amazing informal video games such as Helix Jump as well as Purple Diver, with Shortcut Run being the most recent in their expanding brochure of over a hundred video games.

This brand-new video game has extremely straightforward controls, as well as can be played by anybody. But an easy video game can still hold great deals of tricks for gamers to delight in. While the video game might appear simple in the beginning, there are in fact methods that you can make use of to carry out also much better in-game.

Shortcut Run’s allure remains in its simpleness, however it can obtain testing at the later phases. Reading our Shortcut Run overview, discovering our tips, pointers, as well as methods will certainly assist you correspond in your success. After all, it’s not simply you that can rip off the race in this video game. Your AI challengers can do so, as well. With that in mind, you will certainly need to utilize our methods to remain in advance of the competitors.

They claim that in life, there are no faster ways. In this video game, the entire factor is making much better faster ways than your challengers. With our technique overview, you’ll have the ability to entirely overload various other gamers as well as obtain a high rating. So, without more trouble, allow’s obtain running.

The Basics Of Shortcut Run

Shortcut Run is an easy auto racing video game however with a spin. You play as a jogger in a track as well as area competition. You have a beginning line as well as a course causing the goal. However, the course to the goal is never ever a straight line. It’s often a curved course which can also branch off to different courses. Sometimes, little spots of courses can additionally be located beyond the major course.

shortcut run gameplay

You need to be this high to ride.

What makes Shortcut Run various from your normal track as well as area competition is your capability to grab floorboards. The floorboards you grab can be utilized by you to make your very own courses. Yes, rather than simply adhering to the collection course for the race, you can develop your very own course– faster ways.

The bridges you make to make courses far from the major one will certainly assist you be successful of your challengers. The video game, as a result, isn’t regarding that can run the fastest– it has to do with that can accumulate floorboards as well as make one of the most effective faster ways to the goal.

Controlling your personality is extremely straightforward. You make use of the touchscreen to direct the instructions your personality is taking. Swiping to the right will certainly make your personality rely on the right. Swiping to the left does the contrary. Your personality will certainly constantly be running– there’s no switch that can make it quit. It’s as much as you to maintain the personality along the course, not diminishing the sides when you do not have the floorboards to make courses.

1. Follow Your Own Path

Picking up floorboards as well as developing your very own course is the major technique inShortcut Run Instead of adhering to the figured out path, you have the opportunity to make as well as follow your very own course to the goal.

To do this, you will certainly initially need to seek floorboards. The floorboards are cluttered throughout the course. Your personality will quickly grab the floorboards that they go by. You will certainly see a number turn up allowing you understand the amount of floorboard items you got. You will certainly additionally see the floorboards accumulate over your personality’s arms. Don’ t fear– this heap will certainly never ever fall over, so simply obtain as several floorboards as you can!

creating own path in shortcut run

Create your very own course to success.

Your challengers can additionally grab floorboards, however the floorboards obtain renewed after a number of secs. If a person means in advance of you grab floorboards, you can anticipate there to be a fresh set of floorboards by the time you get to that factor.

You ought to additionally have the ability to tactically grab as several floorboards as you can. A little change to the left or right can assist you grab even more floorboards as contrasted to simply going a straight course. You ought to additionally look in advance as well as see at what angle you ought to be originating from to obtain as several floorboards as feasible. Find floorboards aligned in a straight line as well as plan in advance just how to obtain them. This means, you’ll never ever lack floorboards.

2. Creating The Best Path

Remember your geometry course: A straight line is the fastest path you can require to obtain someplace. Take every chance to make a faster way when there are long rounded courses. That’s one of the most effective means to make strides.

In situation you’re really feeling much more positive regarding your floorboarding abilities, you may additionally wish to make courses to the little islands pointed out previously. Usually, these separated areas have lots of floorboards you can accumulate, while additionally providing you a grip for your following faster way course.

shortcut run x15 island

With sufficient method as well as with our pointers, you can quickly get to x15 island.

If ever before you lack floorboards, your personality will certainly attempt a desperate initiative to reach his location. It will certainly jump onward for some range. It can land with its 2 feet as well as proceed working on the course. If ever before it come down on the step, do not stress! It can additionally lug its very own weight up the step.

Mastering the art of floorboarding will certainly open the ready you. You can obtain imaginative in the means you utilize your faster way courses to success. Once you have actually understood floorboarding, the video game will certainly end up being a lot simpler for you.

3. Winning Isn’ t Everything: How To Get A Super High Score In Shortcut Run

Shortcut Run is a pleasant ready newbies. As long as you get to the goal, you reach remove the degree, also if you do not wind up in top place. With that being claimed, your rating is based upon your positioning as well as the variety of floorboards you bring with you to the goal. The much more floorboards, the greater your rating will certainly be. The much better your positioning, the greater rating will certainly be.

Furthermore, when you complete initially, you obtain the opportunity to rack up a lot more with a reward run later on. When you get to the goal, you will certainly be permitted to make use of whatever floorboards you have actually left for the bonus offer run. Fifteen islands will certainly show up past the goal, as well as each island will certainly have a matching multiplier. Whichever island with the greatest multiplier you get to by the time you lack floorboards will certainly be put on your present rating.

taking a wrong turn in shortcut run

Did I take an incorrect turn? No, you can reverse as well as accumulate even more floorboards when you require to.

Finishing initially will certainly amass you 100 factors immediately, which is after that increased to the multiplier on the island. So, as an example, when you get to the x10 island, after that your last rating will certainly be 1,000 factors. When you get to the x15 island as well as you still have floorboards left, you will certainly obtain the bonus offer factors from the excess floorboards also. Getting to the outermost island while consuming the least variety of floorboards is the type in racking up high.

A terrific technique for the bonus offer run is to run right. This will certainly allow you invest the least variety of floorboards as you perhaps can. Feel complimentary to swipe a little left or right to run past via some islands on your means, as this can conserve you a couple of even more floorboards. If you will certainly need to run even more to the right or the entrusted to reach an island, simply go right. As long as you have sufficient floorboards to get to the x15 island, this technique will certainly conserve you one of the most floorboards.

If you do not have adequate floorboards to get to the x15 island, you can still compete the outermost island you can. This is when going to the left or to the right will certainly be available in helpful. Just keep in mind that you do not in fact need to go via every one of the islands in turn. You can simply go right to a details island as well as its multiplier will certainly be put on your rating also if you do not go by all the various other islands.

There’s an additional technique that we can suggest, however some individuals may call this a manipulate. But unfaithful in this video game is motivated, so do not mind those individuals calling this an inexpensive means to rack up huge.

When you get to the goal as the very first second, as well as you seem like you do not have adequate floorboards to get to the x15 island, you might reverse. Even as various other gamers get to the goal, you will certainly still continue to be in top place. Turn around as well as accumulate even more floorboards up until your pile of floorboards get to the high paradises. When you have sufficient, run back to the goal as well as stroll right to the x15 island. This is a proven means of obtaining as high a rating as you perhaps can in Shortcut Run.

Advanced Tactics: Dealing With Opponents

In Shortcut Run, you will certainly be competing versus a couple of various other challengers. While the video game might appear all pleasant in between the various rivals, you can in fact engage with the various other gamers as well as acquire a benefit over them.

Whenever you set floorboards to produce your very own course, your personality will certainly acquire energy as well as accelerate. While this occurs, a route of smoke will certainly show up on your personality’s course. When you struck an additional personality while doing this, you’ll press them out of the video game. They’ll run out the competitors, as well as whatever floorboards they might be holding will certainly be included in your heap.

shortcut run strategies

Piggyback on your challengers’ faster ways as well as press them off the side!

Another great method you can do is to piggyback on your challengers’ floorboards. Did you understand that the floorboards you make can be utilized by anybody? So rather than utilizing your very own floorboards to produce a faster way, usage others’ rather. Save your very own floorboards in the direction of completion, to make sure that you have much more floorboards to save for eleventh hour faster ways or for the bonus offer follow the goal.

As an included bonus offer, the energy you obtain from working on a faster way additionally relates to faster ways made by various other gamers. Follow a gamer as they make a faster way after that press them off as your both go back to the course, as well as you struck 2 birds with one rock!

4. Don’ t Get Intimidated By Shortcut Run’s Obstacle Course

The initially one hundred degrees of Shortcut Run are relatively simple. There’s a beginning factor, a goal, as well as a course in the direction of completion. However, later degrees will certainly present various challenges that will certainly make the video game resemble Takeshi’s Castle or Fall Guys.

shortcut run obstacles

Some phases will certainly have extra challenges, such as this set on Level 126.

When you see these, do not stress! You can discover what they do from just how the various other gamers engage with these challenges. Some challenges will certainly introduce you up in the air, which you can make use of to miss some tough courses as well as various other challenges. There are additionally challenges that will instantaneously press you off the degree, similar to what occurs when a memorable challenger strikes you. Avoid these in all expense!

5. Reaping The Rewards

When you obtain excellent at putting down the floorboards, after that you will normally obtain great deals of benefits also. The score you obtain for each and every degree are transformed to coins, which you can make use of to acquire an arbitrary skin.

Currently, the video game has twenty-seven (twenty-eight consisting of the default skin) various joggers you can open as well as make use of. The skins are organized right into 3 rates: Common, Rare, as well asLegendary The Common skins can be acquired by investing 2,500 coins to obtain an arbitrary usual. 5,000 coins are required for each and every uncommon, as well as lastly, you can obtain the Legendary skins for 10,000 coins each.

how to unlock new skins in shortcut run

Use your hard-earned coins to open brand-new skins!

To rapidly open the skins, adhere to the methods we have actually mentioned over so you obtain as several coins as you can from each degree. You can even more speed this up by viewing a thirty-second advertisement at the end of a run, which will certainly provide you 3 times as several coins as you typically would. You can additionally buy an optional advertisement eliminator that will certainly assist sustain the programmers, along with completely get 3 times as several coins for each and every run without needing to enjoy advertisements.

Once you have actually opened all the skins, the video game comes to be a marathon for just how much you can go. Shortcut Run presently has numerous degrees for you to finish, with the obstacle acquiring the even more you go. While you boost your floorboard-laying abilities in the video game, your challengers will certainly additionally improve at competing versus you. Keep boosting your shortcut-making abilities as well as knock senseless all your challengers. Follow our overview as well as win all the Shortcut Run races you take part in!


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