Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Solve Every Puzzle

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery is a concealed things video game developed by MyTo na for Android as well as iphone gadgets. The video game starts as your personality gets up in a daze, incapable to keep in mind current occasions. You are welcomed by the mayor’s aide, as well as you uncover that you remain in the cursed city of Darkwood.

This abandoned city has actually gone away from the map as well as has actually shed all interaction from the outdoors. Its boundaries are covered in a thick haze, as well as no person has actually entered or out in years. You consult with the mayor as well as he believes that you might be aSeeker That indicates your object-finding capabilities might be the secret to raising menstruation from the community.

Of training course, the townspeople do not appear as well worried regarding menstruation. They will certainly be active asking you to search for a lot of individual products that assist them in their every day lives. You will certainly have your hands complete with these insane personalities, so ensure you count on our Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery overview. We are mosting likely to provide you various pointers, cheats as well as techniques to resolve all the enigmas in the video game!

1. Follow The Story

seekers notes hidden mystery story

When you take a look at your workdesk with the enormous scroll noted with lots of areas, it can be frustrating. You will certainly obtain shed if you simply arbitrarily choose an area to play. The finest point to do to remain on track is to merely comply with the tale. There will certainly be missions on the left side of the display from different individuals. Tap on one as well as struck the Accept switch. This will instantly reveal you which area you must discover following. You are still complimentary to discover various other areas without adhering to a certain job, however considering that you have actually restricted power, it is much better if you optimize its usage.

2. Scores Do Not Matter

There is no racking up system for any one of the degrees that you play. You will certainly obtain the very same incentive for finishing a scene in 10 or 100 secs. The just means to obtain even more incentives is by leveling up the effectiveness of each scene. When you touch on an area, a little home window will certainly turn up. You will certainly see the incentives on the leading left side of this home window. At the facility, simply over the Explore switch, is the effectiveness bar as well as your present score. Once bench is complete, your effectiveness degree will certainly rise therefore will certainly the incentives. You can load bench by efficiently discovering the scene.

seekers notes hidden mystery rank reward

Keep in mind that enhancing the effectiveness degree of a scene will certainly likewise make it harder to discover. More products will certainly be contributed to your listing, as well as they will certainly be tougher to discover. Different video game settings will certainly likewise be contributed to that scene, including much more obstacle to every degree.

3. Think Creatively

seekers notes hidden mystery tricks

A large obstacle in Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery is that the product areas as well as the products themselves alter with each playthrough also without enhancing the effectiveness degree. That indicates in one scene, you can discover a Pineapple in addition to a chair, after that in the following playthrough the Pineapple will certainly be an inscription on the wall surface. This is why you must not restrict on your own to whatever photo you at first discovered. Items can alter in shade, product, dimension, openness, as well as area. It may assist for you to avert from the scene for a couple of secs to obtain a fresh viewpoint on the photos on the display.

4. Pinch And Zoom

If you are using a smart device as opposed to a tablet computer, the display dimension may not be excellent for sure areas. As stated previously, products can alter in dimension or openness. These adjustments thoroughly may be tough to see in a smaller sized display. The excellent information is that you can squeeze as well as focus any one of the areas, permitting you to evaluate areas much more very closely. If you are having difficulty locating an item on the listing, it may be time to focus as well as take a more detailed look.

5. Beware Of Anomalies

seekers notes hidden mystey anomalies

Anomalies arbitrarily show up on areas. They make the scene harder to discover as well as increase the price of expedition. You can eliminate an abnormality prior to playing by utilizing the needed product. If you do not have actually the needed product, you will certainly need to invest Rubies, the video game’s exceptional money.

An alternating means is to simply resolve the problem regardless of the abnormality. The anomaly will vanish as quickly as you efficiently discover the scene. As an included perk, you likewise obtain an accomplishment relying on the variety of times you efficiently discover a scene that has an abnormality in it.

6. Watch Ads For Freebies And Buffs

Once in a while, you will certainly see a movie reel symbol at the end of the display. Tap on it as well as you will certainly have the ability to pick in between 2 deals. Don’ t stress over picking due to the fact that you will certainly have the ability to approve the various other deal as quickly as you end up viewing the very first video clip. The very first deal will certainly offer you an arbitrary incentive for viewing the advertisement. Rewards might be gain access to passes, power, or rubies.

The 2nd deal provides you the impact of an arbitrary amulet, one of the most usual of which squashes the power need of the following scene you resolve. This 2nd deal serves for getting rid of abnormalities. You can enjoy an advertisement as well as when you obtain the power amulet, you can play an area with an abnormality without concerns due to the fact that the power price will certainly be no.

7. Try Out The Minigames

seekers notes hidden mystery hints

If you require a break from looking scenes, you can experiment with the various minigames. These still need power to play, however you obtain various incentives in return. Minigames arbitrarily go down getting rid of products, crafting products, as well as collection products. These are all helpful products that will certainly assist you proceed in the video game. We have actually noted the various minigames listed below to offer you a far better concept on just how they are played.

Treasure Box: This is a match-three problem video game. Just suit at the very least 3 treasures of the very same shade to remove them from the board. Each playthrough has a various objective that is noted near the bottom. Make certain you focus on the objective with every action you make.

Mosaic: Images are separated right into hexagonal items after that the items are messed up. You require to switch the items around up until the photo is brought back. It aids if you can bear in mind just how the items are messed up however that can be tough. Just analyze each item as well as do not hesitate to switch out a properly located item as a means to obtain various other items right into placement.

Ancient Cards: This is a memory video game where you are offered a collection of cards that you require to match by sets. Flip one card at once as well as remember of the photo. Go via the cards in an organized style, so you do not obtain puzzled where each card is.

Haunted Lights: Different tinted lights are expanded throughout the board. Your task is to produce a line linked lights of the very same shade. The much more lights you link in a solitary line, the much better. Exploding lights are developed when you link at the very least 5 lights of the very same shade. When you link the blowing up lights, the surge will certainly happen on the last light connected.

8. Banish The Monsters

how to banish the monsters in seekers notes hidden mystery

While checking out the primary map, you will certainly in some cases see various beasts strolling around. You can utilize an unique product to eradicate these beasts. Tap on a strolling beast to see the product needed to eliminate it. If you do not have actually the needed product, you can touch on the Find switch as well as the video game will certainly reveal you which area goes down the unique product.

If you have several unique products, you can utilize all of it up on the very same beast by touching on the arrowhead up switch on the appropriate side of the beast home window. Banishing beasts will certainly award you with coins, power, reagents, as well as anti-anomaly products.

9. Craft Trade Items

Monsters are not the just one strolling the map. You will certainly likewise see individuals strolling as well as you can touch on them to figure out what products you can trade. Trade products generally require to be crafted. There are various areas on the map that craft products for you, consisting of the Fortune Teller, Forge, as well asInventor You will certainly require various products in order to craft the trading products. If you do not have the products to craft something, simply touch on the missing out on product as well as you will certainly be offered the choice to either get it with Rubies or search for it in among the areas.

how to craft trade items in seekers notes hidden mystery

Once you have the product an NPC desires, you can touch on his photo to trade. Just like with getting rid of beasts, you can utilize several trading products at the very same time. Trade incentives consist of collection products, getting rid of products, as well as power.

10. Complete Your Collections

At the lower appropriate edge of the display is a coin box symbol. Tap on it to open the Collections display. This is where you can integrate items of a collection to get incentives. You can finish collections several times as long as you can discover the components of the established around once more. If there is a specific collection that you like finishing usually as a result of the incentive, you can touch on the celebrity symbol over it to wait to yourFavorites You will certainly after that have the ability to filter your preferred collections by placing a check beside Favorites at the end of the Collections display.

When you finish a collection of products for a collection, you can integrate it making use of the needed products. If you are having actually difficulty locating finished collections by scrolling via the listing, you can place a check beside By efficiency at the end of the display. This will certainly prepare all the collections according to the variety of products discovered in each collection, positioning all finished ones on top.

If you are missing out on a couple of products for a collection, you can touch on it to figure out which area drops them. You can likewise allow your good friends recognize that you require those products, so they can send out the products to you as presents. Just faucet on the plus symbol over the missing out on product to place it on your shopping list. You can likewise position products on the shopping list also if you currently have them, simply in situation you desire additional.

11. All About Desk Guardians

Desk Guardians are basically animals. Your initially one is a resting test subject that beings in a basket on top of your workdesk. You can open brand-new Desk Guardians by acquiring them withSilver Paws Every day, you obtain a complimentary present from yourDesk Guardian Just faucet on the card symbol on top left edge of the guardian display. You will certainly be offered a collection of cards as well as you reach turn among them for a reward. You will certainly get back at much more incentives if you take care of to finish a collection ofDesk Guardians All items for guardian collections, nonetheless, require to be bought making use of Silver Paws.

seekers notes hidden mystery desk guardians

To obtain even more Silver Paws, you will certainly require to finish everydayGuardian Quests You obtain 3 missions daily, as well as you will certainly require to finish all 3 in order to open up theGuardian Chest Mind you these are challenging missions. You will certainly require to require time to finish them. If you fall short to finish also among them prior to the moment limitation ends, you waive the breast as well as will certainly need to begin again the following day.

Silver Paws can likewise be won via timed occasions. You will certainly need to await these occasions to happen as well as play as long as you can to get incentives.

12. Claim The Achievement Rewards

seekers notes hidden mystery achievement rewards

When you fulfill an Achievement, a red exclamation mark will certainly show up on your personality’s picture on top left edge of the primary display. Tap on your picture after that most likely to the Achievements tab to accumulate your incentive. Some Achievements will certainly have a silver token next to them.

Getting the very first celebrity for an Achievement with a silver token will certainly position the token on your workdesk. These symbols will constantly provide incentives in time. You will certainly recognize if a token has a benefit waiting if it is shimmering. You can after that touch on it to obtain the incentive. Reaching greater turning points in these Achievements will certainly offer you much better incentives.

13. Add More Friends

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery has a function that enables you to include various other gamers as good friends. We stated among the advantages of having good friends is that they can send you products on your shopping list. Aside from sending out as well as obtaining presents, good friends likewise reach go to each various other. Visiting a close friend will certainly enable you to assist them by leaving tips on their areas or by billing their Achievement symbols.

Another advantage you can receive from good friends is a relationship aficionado. You can pick one pal daily to offer you a lover. The aficionado relies on the symbol on their picture. The lightning symbol minimizes power intake. The coin symbol boosts profits by 10%. The celebrity symbol boosts experience gained by 10%. Finally, the red crystal symbol boosts the possibilities of locating collection products by 10%.

14. Keep Playing To Level Up

As you discover much more scenes as well as total jobs, you will certainly acquire experience. The bar listed below your name on top left of the display demonstrates how much along you are in the direction of getting to the following degree. Once bench is complete, you will certainly level up. Leveling up rises your optimum power, which indicates you will certainly have the ability to discover even more scenes as you proceed. You likewise obtain exceptional money as incentive for every single degree. Special products as well as enthusiasts might be utilized in order to raise your experience gain. Just ensure you play a great deal if you choose to trigger an experience aficionado to get one of the most from it.

how to level up fast in seekers notes hidden mystery

Aside from obtaining much more power as well as some Rubies, degrees are very important in the video game due to the fact that they offer you accessibility to even more material. If you will certainly observe, many areas on the map have locks on them. That indicates you will certainly not have the ability to gain access to those areas up until you fulfill the needed degree. You can touch on an area to figure out the degree need. The lock will certainly be opened as soon as you fulfill the needed degree. You can after that touch on it to open the area totally.

15. Don’ t Forget About Your Daily Rewards

Even if you do not have time to play, ensure you attempt to at the very least log right into Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery as soon as daily. It just takes a min to introduce the video game as well as insurance claim yourDaily Reward Daily incentives consist of crafting products, getting rid of products, tips, money, as well as power. Logging in for successive video games offers you much better incentives. If you neglect to visit for a day, you will certainly wind up needing to begin again. The 5th day offers tip products which are tough to find by without investing genuine cash, so it would certainly be a waste to miss this incentive even if you neglected to visit for eventually.

You are currently prepared to raise menstruation from Darkwood in Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery! Follow our overview over to clear scenes like a professional! If you have anything to contribute to our listing of pointers as well as methods, do not hesitate to allow us recognize by leaving a message in the remark box listed below!

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