Saint Seiya: Awakening Best Heroes Guide: A List of the Best Characters to Become the Champion of the Arena (Tier List)

This Saint Seiya: Awakening finest heroes overview will certainly concentrate on what personalities you need to obtain as well as educate to optimize your opportunities to winning Arena video games in the PvP setting. All the systems in this overview will certainly be an excellent property for you, both in PvE as well as PvP settings, although particularly for PvP you need to concentrate much more on harmonies instead of having effective systems on their own. If you are searching for an overview to aid you advance with the video game, take a look at our Saint Seiya: Awakening newbie’s overview. Now, we offer you our Saint Seiya: Awakening tier checklist, showcasing several of the very best heroes in the video game.

The Best Damage Dealers In Saint Seiya: Awakening

Sagittarius Aiolos

sagittarius aiolos saint seiya awakening

Sagittarius obeys the adage “round, one kill”. He can slaughter also the toughest of PvE employers in one hit, supplied his Physical Attack is high sufficient. Usually to attain this impact he will certainly require assistances that have the ability to improve his Physical Attack.

Golden Arrows offers extremely high damages to a solitary target, as well as it aborbs a section of the Physical Attack of the 3 allies with the greatestPhysical Attack This capability is currently nearly with the ability of wiping out a great deal of adversaries in one hit.

Arrow of Justice offers Sagittarius Aiolos a possibility to make an additional step after eliminating something withGolden Arrows Combining this with Golden Arrows’ capability of taking in Physical Attack, you can entirely damage numerous targets straight without providing the opportunity to relocate.

Dying Heroes makes it to ensure that when Aiolos is eliminated, component of the Physical Attack he swiped from his allies is returned, to ensure that shedding Aiolos does not come to be game-losing.

The largest drawback to making use of Aiolos is that you will certainly need to construct a group around him. Kiki is clearly required, as Golden Arrows prices 4 power, so you will certainly require to merge some additional power to utilize it in the initial turn. Also, you will certainly require a minimum of 3 colleagues that concentrate on making use of Physical Attacks on your group, to ensure that Aiolos can absorb their power.

Pisces Aphrodite

pisces aphrodite saint seiya awakening

Aphrodite is one of the most lovely of the eighty-eight Saints, as well as among one of the most effective ones too, he completely is worthy of to be called after the old siren of charm. Aphrodite’s specialty is his capability to put roses on adversaries. When an opponent has 2 roses on them, Aphrodite’s abilities will certainly acquire added impacts.

Bloody Rose deals damages to an opponent as well as takes their life. If the adversary has 2 roses on them, this ability will certainly deal a great deal even more damages in numerous stages. It additionally takes a great deal even more life in this manner. Furthermore, you can utilize additional power factors as Aphrodite when you assault, including a rose to the adversary you assault for every single additional power factor you invest in this manner.

Warrior of Beauty is what areas roses on your adversaries, as well as it just triggers when Aphrodite is the last Saint to relocate the turn, which is highly likely, taking into consideration just how reduced his rate is. When this capability is made use of, the group’s excess power of the existing turn is changed right into roses that will certainly strike arbitrary adversaries.

Unsurprisingly Aphrodite functions quite possibly with Kiki, as additional power is constantly welcome to Aphrodite, because the even more power he makes use of, the more powerful he comes to be. Other Saints you wish to match him with are the ones that do not utilize power to utilize their capabilities, like Scylla Io, or you can match him with Hound Asterion, that can take the adversaries’ power.

Libra Dohko

libra dohko saint seiya awakening

Libra Dohko is everything about damages. There’s very little else to claim regarding him truthfully. He simply does damages.

One Hundred Rising Dragons strikes adversaries with 4 environment-friendly dragons, plus one additional environment-friendly dragon for every single Tiger Soul he has accessibility to. If Libra Dohko has 4 Tiger Souls, this spell will certainly deal dual damages, which implies it is mosting likely to wipe out nearly anything unfavorable sufficient to obtain struck by it.

The complying with 2 abilities are what enables him to acquire Tiger Souls.

Weapon Technique Pierce offers Libra Dohko a possibility to assault along with his allies with a standard assault, kinda like the Pegasus + Shiryu mix you see in the beginning of the video game. He obtains an additional Tiger Souls each time he signs up with an ally in their assault.

Weapon Technique Block offers Libra Dohko a possibility to withstand assaults focused on him, lowering the damages he takes as well as providing him additional Tiger Souls.

A fantastic ally to Libra Dohko is Sextans: the even more Libra’s allies terminate a strike, the even more opportunities you will certainly need to join them with a Weapon Technique Pierce, which consequently offers you much moreTiger Souls At 4 Tiger Souls, usage One Hundred Rising Dragons as well as you will certainly damage anything that is attempting to quit you. Other effective allies consist of Scorpio Milo as well as Scylla Io.

Scorpio Milo

scorpio milo saint seiya awakening

Scorpio Milo is an excellent damages supplier for 2 factors: his capabilities do not set you back power, so you can match him with somebody that invests a great deal of power, like Aphrodite or Aiolos; in addition, he deals ridiculous single-target damages.

Restriction is a basic assault that has a possibility to reduce the target’s Physical Defense.

Scarlet Cyclone is the factor Milo is so hazardous: it offers the following assault he does a possibility to strike once more. This occasionally causes two times, enabling Milo to strike 3 times in a solitary assault, which incorporated with Restriction’s decreasing of Physical Defense, makes him strike actually tough.

It do without claiming that Sextans Luna is the very best means of sustainingMilo Offensively, you can play Saints that require a great deal of power to execute their task at their finest, because Milo does not utilize power for his assaults, so the currently discussed Aphrodite as well as Aiolos are excellent offending companions, as they additionally gain from Milo’s visibility.

The Best Support Heroes In Saint Seiya: Awakening

Sextans Luna

sextans luna saint seiya awakening

Luna is among the very best assistances in the video game, battling with Athena for the title. She’s excellent both in PvP as well as PvE alike, relying on which various other systems you couple with her. She is extremely simple to get as well because she isn’t that unusual, which is constantly welcome.

Star Fate Prayer is her major capability, as well as it enables the target to make an additional step right after their initial one. This enables some systems to come to be unstoppable fatality makers, given you have sufficient power to maintain going. This spell can be disturbed by adversary control spells, the very best means to prevent this is by utilizing it on somebody that is mosting likely to relocate right after Luna (take a look at the Speed statistics to understand that to target).

Vast Galaxy is Luna’s stiring up ability, as well as it enables the honored target to assault for 3 rounds back to back.

As you can see, Luna enables systems with game-changing abilities to manage additional assaults promptly, making her an excellent ally to nearly any individual. As excellent as Star Fate Prayer is, you will certainly require to ensure you have sufficient power to utilize the target’s capabilities numerous times, so Kiki is an essential companion to have if you intend to runLuna Luckily for us, Kiki operates in any kind of schedule, as there are no disadvantages to running him.


kiki saint seiya awakening

Kiki is without a doubt one of the most flexible assistance in the video game, as well as you need to run him in every schedule you wish to play. He is excellent in both PvP as well as PvE, as well as his task is to boost your power factors. Much like Luna, he isn’t extremely unusual, so he’s very easy to gather as well as power up. When it involves Awakening, Kiki need to be your front runner, because he collaborates with every various other device in the video game, plus his Awakening ability is very excellent to start with.

Psychokinesis enhances your power factors when it’s made use of, by enabling you to utilize power factors from the following round.

A Flash of Wit is the ability Kiki opens when he is stired up. This ability produces power out of no place (unlike Psychokinesis, which takes it from the power swimming pool of the following round), as well as it is the factor we recommend you to stir up Kiki as quickly as you obtain him.

Energy is what enables your systems to utilize their capabilities, as well as you never ever have sufficient of it. The much more power you have, the even more power you will certainly have the ability to let loose on your adversaries, which’s why Kiki is so important to every schedule.


athena saint seiya awakening

Athena is among the protagonists of the whole collection, as well as she is additionally an amazing property for every single group, need to you procure her. Athena is unsusceptible to all adversary control impacts, as well as all of her capabilities are focused around recovery as well as securing her allies.

Golden Scepter offers her allies a possibility to go down the adversary’s planetary assault upon striking them.

Divine Amulet cleanses an ally to boost their Status Resist.

Blessed Victory heals allies that are dealt a deadly impact by a portion of Athena’s optimum HP.

Light Awakening offers Athena’s celebration highStatus Resist This spell is opened by Awakening Athena.

Athena is an excellent protective assistance that functions well with a lot of schedules. She is excellent if you have a really effective device you wish to shield in all prices, as you can make it much more immune to Status impacts. Also, if a device you respect is obtaining concentrated a great deal, Blessed Victory can negate a lot of the job by rejecting its fatality as well as recovery it. Athena is excellent, yet understand that she is extremely unusual, so she could be tough to jump on your group.

Eagle Marin

eagle marin saint seiya awakening

Eagle Marin is one more excellent assistance hero, as well as you obtain a duplicate of her totally free by cleaning out phase 4 of the tale, which is extremely great. Her capabilities concentrate on recovery her colleagues based upon her planetary assault.

Eagle God’s Technique recovers her whole group based upon her planetary assault as well as recovery toughness, as well as in the beginning of the video game it can conveniently completely recover her whole celebration.

Mysterious Mask is the ability you open by stiring up Eagle Marin, as well as it makes Eagle Marin able to recover herself by a great deal much more, to significantly boost her opportunities of making it through battles. Longer battles with Eagle Marin imply even more recovery.

She functions very well with Chameleon June, as June can spread out the damages required to the whole celebration, which after that obtains recovered byEagle Marin This mix functions marvels versus high single-target ruptured systems.

Chameleon June

chameleon june saint seiya awakening

Chameleon June is one more excellent selection if you require a supporting Saint for your schedule. She is excellent at responding to high solitary target ruptured damages with her capabilities, by sharing the damages with the remainder of the group.

Vines Growth does specifically that: it targets an ally, as well as component of the damages they take will certainly be rerouted to the remainder of the group. This capability is outstanding, although you will certainly require to ensure June is quicker than the adversaries to cast it prior to they deal their effective strikes to the device you wish to maintain to life.

Chameleon Breath is Chameleon June’s stiring up capability, as well as it broadens on Vines Growth, lowering the damages taken by all allies after making use ofVines Growth This ability makes your celebration also harder to eliminate, as well as it functions excellent when coupled with solid recovery, like Eagle Marin’s.

This finishes our overview on the very best heroes in Saint Seiya:Awakening As common, bear in mind that these listings are subjective, which everybody’s experience is various when it involves heroes. Also bear in mind that harmonies can transform also poor systems right into fantastic ones. If you learnt any kind of various other systems that you believe is excellent, please share them with us in the remarks listed below. Until after that, pleased farming!

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