Rocket Dodge Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Kwalee’s brand-new mobile video game called Rocket Dodge is specifically what the name recommends. Available on Android as well as iphone, Kwalee’s most recent launch is everything about evading rockets that are frequently chasing your spacecraf. You will certainly not have any type of tools to eliminate back, so the only point you can do is to lead the rockets to their very own devastation. Travel via the various earths as well as see exactly how much you can go. The better you proceed, the much more tough points come to be.

You start with simply a number of rockets chasing you. Soon, you will certainly be anxiously touching left as well as ideal to stay clear of loads of rockets coming with you at breakneck rates. The excellent information is that you will certainly likewise have the ability to update as well as open brand-new ships as you accompany. If you discover on your own stuck on any one of the earths, simply take a look at our collection of Rocket Dodge rips off, suggestions as well as techniques listed below!

1. Keep Your Eyes Peeled

rocket dodge cheats

An usual trouble for brand-new gamers of Rocket Dodge is that they have a tendency to obtain one-track mind. They emphasis way too much on a couple of rockets that are chasing them that they neglect that rockets exist. Make it a practice to watch out for the rocket tracks from the sides of the world. This will certainly enable you to preemptively evade rockets rather than simply escaping equally as they will strike you. Steering will certainly take a little obtaining made use of to too. If you require to guide gradually, utilize fast several faucets. If you require to guide faster, faucet as well as keep in the instructions you intend to guide.

2. Get More Rewards, Here’s How

The video game enables you to play offline, however you will certainly be losing out on advertisement supplies if you do. If you have a great deal of leisure time, you can see as numerous video clips as you can on the primary display. These video clips will certainly award you with approximately 2,500 coins each. You likewise obtain advertisement deals when you gain an incentive in between earths. Take benefit of as numerous advertisement supplies as feasible in order to optimize your profits. These can be made use of to buy additional upgrades, permitting you to improve ships quicker.

3. Move On To Other Planets

At the top of your display, you will certainly discover an earth bar that has a ship symbol on it. As you play via an earth, the ship on that particular bar will certainly relocate. You require to reach the various other end of bench in order to go on to the following world. The video game likewise offers you the choice to avoid the last 1/3 of bench if you handle to make it completely to 2/3. Moving on the following world indicates the trouble degree rises, however you likewise obtain an added coin multiplier with it. For instance, going on to Jupiter, a degree 7 world, will certainly provide you a 7x benefit. Keep in mind that an earth’s trouble degree will certainly be impacted by various other variables. Jupiter might have degree 7 trouble, however its dimension offers you even more area to run about.

4. Max Out The Upgrades

rocket dodge tricks

Once you have a great deal of coins, you must spend them in ship upgrades. Upgrading your beginning fee as well as fee rate. Do not hesitate to invest all your coins in updating your ship also if there will certainly be much better ones to unlock later. Once you open a brand-new ship, do not hesitate to switch over to it. It might begin a little weak than the completely updated ship you were utilizing, however it will certainly have the possible to come to be also more powerful. Don’ t neglect to take a look at the ship abilities too. Some ships have offending abilities that can conserve you in situation you obtain bewildered by rockets. Others have guards that can maintain you active also if you obtain struck. Choose the abilities that function best with your play design.

5. Complete Your Missions

Rocket Dodge supplies you objectives that you can finish for much more coins. Check all-time low of the display for your present objective. If you do not such as the objective you were provided, you can change it for an additional one by approving an advertisement deal. Some objectives can be also challenging to finish, or the benefit may not deserve the initiative. Just swap out objectives up until you obtain one you such as.

You are currently completely furnished to take a trip throughout the Milky Way! Just bear in mind the Rocket Dodge suggestions as well as techniques we provided you as well as you will certainly be damaging rockets easily!

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