RAID: Shadow Legends Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Rank Up Your Champions as well as Grind to Midgame

RAID: Shadow Legends is an immersive parlor game with a concentrate on gathering personalities as well as tailoring them. Your task, as the leader of a band of champs, is to rally the pressures of Telaria, rake with every project phase, as well as sock the Dark Lord Siroth directly in the face, guaranteeing he will certainly never ever stand up once again.

Fortunately, you have an extremely varied swimming pool of champs to accompany you on this impressive mission, each equipped with a selection of tools, magic, as well as hazardous appendages to assist your trip with the video game’s project as well as numerous dungeons.

Unfortunately, obtaining this swimming pool of heroes to the degree where you can without a doubt take the Dark Lord down is one more issue completely. The video game’s opening cutscene thrills this by having Siroth’s pet dog reptile consuming your whole celebration to life with little initiative. The trip of a thousand project phases starts with a solitary celebration clean without a doubt. So, your various other task from right here on out is to see to it this never ever takes place once again.

Our objective, which this RAID: Shadow Legends writeup is mosting likely to assist you with, is to obtain you completely till phase 12-6 of the project setting on harsh, after that obtain your group solid sufficient to defeat phase 13 of the Minotaur dungeon, after that futureproofing you as well as any type of possible champ employees from ever before obtaining easily ruined ever before once again. And right here’s just how you’re mosting likely to do it.

raid shadow legends dragon

The initial point you need to do after you select your beginning champ, or starter, is to proceed regarding you can with the project with them as well as the various other complimentary heroes you get on the means. Feel complimentary to select that you like, since regardless of that you chose, every starter has the abilities to piggyback you as well as your various other champs to the Dark Lord as well as past.

Let your group begin slapping points around as well as obtain a feeling for the video game as they do so. Your major mix for a huge piece of your work to midgame will certainly be your starter spamming abilities while the Warpriest you get at the end of phase 1 enhances your group assault as well as heals you when points obtain tricky.

If the phases with Force- kind opponents are providing you difficulty, do not hesitate to make use of Warpriest or various other champs of your option as back-up to remove it. Your starter can probably deal with the phases past them, particularly if they have Spirit- kind opponents. Do this up until either your starter reaches max degree or you can not go any type of further in the project.

When either your starter hits max degree or your group of champs can no more proceed with the project, 2 crucial elements of RAID: Shadow Legends’s gameplay concerned the top of your top priority listing: Leveling champs to elevate rarity, as well as updating devices. First we’ll cover rarity as well as elevating it.

1. Rarity And Raising Ranks: The First Core Gameplay Loop

Rarity in RAID: Shadow Legends equates to a large quantity of beginning power. Higher rarity champs have dramatically greater statistics, beginning quantity of celebrities, called ranking, as well as much more varied abilities contrasted to reduced rarity ones. The greater the ranking, the greater your champ’s optimum statistics as well as degree, or degree cap. However, high rarity is not an outright assurance your champ will certainly be great.

raid shadow legends magic keep boss

Some 4-star champs are seldom utilized, while there are some 3-star champs which are irreplaceable in specific group make-ups. Examples of such 3-stars are Coldheart, Apothecary, as well asSpirithost To fancy, Coldheart incapacitates practically every manager in the video game with disastrous condition results like recovery decrease, precision debuffs, as well as toxin. Apothecary both heals as well as rates your join remarkable uniformity, as well as Spirithost can rub assault as well as see to it your group aren’t debuffed, ever before. Don’ t ever before count your 3 celebrity champs out, and even your 2 celebrities. With sufficient grinding you can discover a particular niche for them.

While beginning ranking varies according to promote, every champ’s ranking can be increased by combining it with various other champs once it strikes max degree. We call the champs you feed to others for boosting ranking, straw. The quantity of straw you require to combine, as well as their needed ranking, modifications according to your base champ’s rarity.

Once your champ’s celebrity ranking increases, its degree resets to 1 however it acquires a considerable boost in base statistics as well as will certainly get back at more powerful once it gets to max degree once again. Since your starter starts at 3 celebrities, she or he will certainly require 3 even more 3-star champs to proceed right into 4 celebrities.

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An vital note is rarity as well as ranking are various. You can update a champ’s ranking, however its rarity is figured out by their beginning ranking. Common champs are 1-star, Uncommons are 2-star, Rares are 3-star, Epics are 4-star, as well as Legendaries begin at 5 celebrities.

2. A General Overview Of Ranking Up, And The Leveling Loop

Ranking up champs is the initial of Raid’s core methods to power them up, as well as is a difficult procedure early in the video game. To offer you a concept of just how much job you require to do, allow’s get involved in the numbers. overlooking 1-star champs in the meantime. Now, a 3-star is made up of 3 2-stars, one to update as well as 2 to combine. So you combine 2 2-stars right into one more 2-star to obtain a 3-star champ. Easy sufficient.

Following that however, obtaining a champ to 4-star will certainly require 3 3-stars along with the one you intend to update. And so on. If I take into words the large quantity of champ straw you would certainly require to ranch, it would certainly be a large frustration to review so please see the connected flowchart rather.

raid shadow legends ancient shards

Raising your starter’s rarity to 4, 5, as well as at some point 6 celebrities will certainly be your initial venture right into among RAID: Shadow Legends’ major gameplay loopholes: Bringing along one farming champ as well as 3 champs you’ll be leveling as “straw”. Most gamers choose making use of 1-star or 2-star champs for this, considering that you never ever recognize if you’ll obtain a details 3 celebrity champ two times, not to mention an extra 4 celebrity champ.

Players gain straw champs with playing project phases, which often go down 1 to 3-star champs, or by spamming Mystery Shards, which you likewise receive from projects or purchase from the Market, as well as provides champs as much as 3 celebrities in rarity too.

So the loophole to elevate ranking goes like this: Stick your starter as well as 3 straw champs right into the hardest project degree your starter can accurately remove by itself, repeat the degree up until the straw champs reach their max degree, exchange them out for 3 even more champs, rate several of them up if requirement be, after that wash as well as duplicate up until you have adequate food for your starter to get to 4 or 5 celebrity ranking. For 4 celebrities, you’ll require 3 3-stars, as well as for 5 celebrity rarity, you’ll require 4 4-stars. And to obtain your starter as much as 6 celebrities, you’ll require five 5 celebrities.

Throughout your trip right into the project setting, you’ll be duplicating this procedure to assist you power with phases you obtain embeded up until you get to Chapter 12 phase 6 onBrutal This is the initial gameplay loophole you’ll be making use of to power up your starter to prepare for soloing the project. Let’s carry on to the 2nd.

3. Equipment And Farming: The Second Core Gameplay Loop

If rank-ups are the initial major means to power up your champ, devices is the 2nd. Compared to just how rating up is harder in the early-game as well as simpler in the lategame as a result of 12-6 Brutal’s EXP gain per clear, devices is fairly simple to begin with in the early-game as well as definitely heartbreaking in the lategame. This is since the video game provides you a great beginning collection of devices as component of the newbie’s 7-day login reward as well as changing the components you do not require is merely an issue of farming some very early project phases on Hard setting.

raid shadow legends mastery tree

A complete collection of devices consists of the complying with components, or “Artifacts” as the video game calls them: A tool, safety helmet, guard, onslaughts, chestplate, as well as boots. Each Artifact enhances one particular stat, such as assault, HP, protection, and so on, as well as can be updated 16 times max, shown by a “+” indication as well as the variety of times it’s been updated ideal alongside it. Upgrading them raises the stat increase, as well as at really fourth increment, includes one more increase to a various stat. This is called a substat.

When an Artifact has 4 substats, the upgrade arbitrarily enhances an existing substat rather. Artifacts likewise have rankings as well as rarities, though unlike champs they can not be updated. The ranking identifies just how high the stat increase is, as well as the rarity identifies the number of substats the Artifact begins with. Any as well as all devices, no matter ranking, can be updated to +16.

One of Raid’s general rules is portion worths being definitely better than “level” condition rises. Helmets, Weapons, as well as Shield Artifacts will certainly constantly offer a level increase to HP, ATK, as well as DEF specifically, however Gauntlets, Boots, as well as Chestplates can improve practically every stat with either level or portion worths. Of note is that substats can be either level or portion increases too. A 6 celebrity onslaught which provides a level quantity of assault is really unfavorable contrasted to a 4 or 5 celebrity onslaught with portion assault.

The major exemptions to this regulation are devices with Speed, Accuracy, or Resistance as their main stat as a result of just how the computations for them vary contrasted to HP, Attack, as well asDefense Speed kind devices is particularly cherished for sure assistance champs since they require to continuously outspeed competing champs in the field, or else they pass away as well as can not offer your group the assistance they require.

Another aspect of Artifacts is they are available in “collections”. Each collection has a distinct symbol as well as supplies a “collection reward” depending upon the number of Artifacts of the very same collection you have actually outfitted. There are collections for each and every stat, like ATK, DEF, and so on which offer you a 15% boost to the stat if you have actually 2 items outfitted, as well as there are collections which offer your champ unique capacities if you have 4 Artifacts from the collection outfitted. The Lifesteal collection is among the last kinds, providing your starter the capability to recover according to just how much damages she or he deals to opponents.

raid shadow legends set bonuses

Take note: you need to gear up the particular variety of Artifacts to obtain the collection reward, as well as you can have greater than one reward energetic at once. As an instance, you can gear up 2 assault collection Artifacts to obtain 15% ATK up as well as combine it with the Lifesteal readied to get the passive. It does not matter what sort of Artifact you carry, as long as they’re all from the very same collection. Unfortunately, if you just have 2 or 3 Lifesteal Artifacts, you do not get the reward. This puts on comparable collections too.

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There are likewise Artifacts called Accessories, which constantly offer level benefits to statistics, though that’s for one more overview.

For the benefit of quick development, do not hesitate to obtain your starter’s lifesteal established completely to +12 and even +16. 4 or 5 celebrity white devices for your onslaughts, chestplate, as well as boots are great as well as lengthy as its major stat is assault % up. Do not be pressed right into attempting to farm the ideal blue or purple devices for your starter; You’ll have a a lot easier time of it if you fork over on simple devices in the meantime.

4. Ascension: Seasoning The Champion

While experiencing your project, you might observe among your starter’s abilities has an exclamation factor on it when you examine its statistics out. Upon jabbing the ability, you might likewise observe your starter demands to be “rose to 3 celebrities” to offer the ability a brand-new result. Allow me to briefly discuss just how to rise your champs as well as why it’s essential to you as well as your starter.

Ascension is the 3rd means you can power up your champs. The optimum quantity of times you can rise a champ is figured out by their ranking; the even more celebrities they have, the greater you can rise them. Compared to making use of brand-new devices or rating up champs, Ascension just provides good powerups at 3 celebrities, where you open brand-new abilities or extra results for existing abilities, as well as 5 as well as 6 celebrities when you obtain additional device ports.

raid shadow legends ascension

The enhances you get from rising to the various other celebrity rankings aren’t truly worth it, considering that they’re really marginal contrasted to boosting rarity, so one of the most a good idea approach is to ranch for rising products up until you 3 celebrities or 6 celebrities as well as conserve the remainder for after you have actually done various other points, like farming devices or maxing out proficiencies.

You can gain the products for rising champs by going through the numerous maintains in Raid’s Dungeon setting. Each maintain, other than the Arcane Keep, represents your champ’s kind. Beat the dungeon representing your starter’s component (the Magic Keep) as well as any type of various other option champs along with the Arcane Keep to gain products to rise your champ to your wanted celebrity degree.

Since this RAID: Shadow Legends overview has to do with reaching the midgame, you do not need to fret way too much since your starter can probably move with the very early dungeon phases of the needed maintains as well as obtain risen without much difficulty.

Once you have your starter at 6 celebrities, rose to a minimum of 3 celebrities, at +16 for each and every devices, as well as completely efficient in soloing a minimum of the Campaign’s sixth phase on Brutal (considering that you obtain even more EXP from there contrasted to Chapter 12 on Hard), you can begin farming for uncommon champs to 6 celebrity too in order to pay an extremely terrible check out to the Minotaur Dungeon.

5. Paying A Violent Visit To The Minotaur Dungeon

The Minotaur dungeon is the last action in powering up your champs to truly deal with the myriad of material RAID: Shadow Legends needs to supply. The phases in this dungeon offer you mastery scrolls which enable you to power up champ proficiencies, which raise a selection of statistics as well as offer numerous useful condition results. There’s an entire assortment of approach associated with picking proficiencies to transform your champ right into an unstoppable murder maker, however 2 proficiencies stand head as well as shoulders over the remainder for development: TITAN KILLER as well as WARMASTER.

how to beat the minotaur dungeon in raid shadow legends

GIGANTIC KILLER as well as WARMASTER are 2 of the best proficiencies in the video game, particularly for damages dealing champs. Their results are as complies with:


Has a 60% opportunity of bring upon reward damages when assaulting. Bonus damages amounts to 10% of the target Champion’s MAX HP or 4% of the target’s MAX HP when assaultingBosses Bonus damages can just take place as soon as per Skill as well as does not count as an added hit. Damage based upon: [Enemy MAX HP].

Warmaster proficiency is superb for all Champions that is utilized for Clan Boss as well as any type of Dungeon manager considering that it has greater opportunity to deal high quantity of damages contrasted toGiant Slayer Warmaster proc does not count as an appealed Fire Knight Dungeon.

Giant Slayer

Has a 30% opportunity of bring upon reward damages when assaulting. Bonus Damage amounts to 5% of the target’s MAX HP or 2% of the Boss’ MAX HP. Bonus damages can take place on each hit of a Skill, however does not counter as an added hit. Damage based upon:[Enemy Max HP] Giant Slayer proficiency is a superb for Champions that can do several appeal both their default as well as various other capacities such asColdheart Giant Slayer proc does not count as an appealed Fire Knight Dungeon.

Once a damages dealing champ has accessibility to either of these abilities, any type of manager ended up being a lot less complicated to eliminate. The issue nonetheless, is accessing to these abilities to begin with.

The Minotaur is a relatively simple manager that will merely eliminate you if you do not deal adequate damages to him within a specific duration. Unlike the various other, much more irritating dungeon managers, the Minotaur is a basic, simple animal. The manager battle begins with him acquiring the “Rage” lover, boosting the damages he deals by 400% for 3 turns. Once this diminishes, he gets the “Dazed” debuff rather, which raises the damages he takes by 200%, which is your group’s sign to sob on him with every compelling ability out cooldown.

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how to unlock all masteries in raid shadow legends

The greatest problem with battling this manager is constructing a group to assist lug you completely to phase 13, one of the most reliable phase to ranch for your proficiency scrolls. Your completely tailored 6 celebrity starter can just lug you up until now, at least up until phase 9. The great information is your starter can currently assist rate up your champs with ravaging performance. Since you need to have accessibility to every phase in the Brutal Campaign, you can both degree up straw as well as start farming for particular uncommon champs to assist you remove the Minotaur as well as trying out the various other video game settings in Raid! Which brings us to …

6. Farmable Champions To Pave The Way Forward

Of the farmable uncommon champs, the very best ones you can obtain are Diabolist, Berserker as well as Spirithost as a result of their numerous energies. Spirithost can be your main barrier so make certain to offer her as much rate as you can from both main statistics as well as substats to see to it she can cast her abilities without passing away. Berserker functions as an opponent that will certainly round off any type of opponents near to fatality, as well as Diabolist’s rate focused skillset is particularly great in pressing with the minotaur phases.

In truth, you’re most likely to access the very least one Diabolist in your supply considering that you’ll be farming largely in the Brimstone Path as a result of just how much experience it provides. The various other farmable champs offered have their specific niches too, though these 3 are one of the most versatile champs you can obtain.

Hopefully, by the time you complete following this development, you can tackle the Raid globe with self-confidence in the principles. If you have anything to contribute to our listing of RAID: Shadow Legends suggestions as well as techniques, do not hesitate to leave us a message in the remark area listed below!


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