RAID: Shadow Legends Dungeon Boss Guide: How to Defeat Each Dungeon Boss

The Equipment Dungeons in RAID: Shadow Legends are the areas where you’ll be investing a lot of your time farming. The equipment which goes down is both a great resource of silver as well as the following action to thoroughly powering up your champs when you really feel the devices from its Campaign isn’t doing a lot for you any longer. This is since every phase in the devices dungeon will certainly ensure an unusual or greater equipment decrease, as well as will certainly offer you a lot greater rated devices than the Campaign phases depending upon what degree of the dungeon you remain in.

Given this, the very best time to run the devices dungeons would certainly be when you contend the very least one 6-star Champion with +16 Gear in every port as well as either the Giant Slayer or Warmaster Mastery opened, as each dungeon employer has its very own peculiarities as well as contending the very least one champ will certainly obtain you close sufficient to a minimum of degree 7 or 8 of each dungeon.

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Farming as well as updating a Diabolist from Chapter 12 of the Campaign will considerably profit you in these dungeons too, given that as her lovers as well as debuffs can aid you accurately clear them. Her abilities are:

Torment: Attacks 1 adversary as well as has a 10% opportunity of positioning a REST debuff for 1 turn.

Electric Storm (4 turn Cooldown): Attacks all adversaries as well as positions a 30% BOOST RATE enthusiast on all allies for 2 turns.

Positive Charge (6 turn Cooldown): Fills the Turn Meter of all allies by 15 as well as lowers the Turn Meter of all adversaries by 15%.

Her abilities focus on quickening your group as well as postponing the resistance. 6 items of RATE kind devices with Speed as well as Accuracy substats in addition to HP for survivability would certainly function effectively with her, as her primary duty is to utilize her lovers as well as debuffs as often times as feasible prior to she passes away.

Farming for a Warmaiden from Chapter 9 will certainly likewise be a respectable financial investment as her skillset will certainly serve in every dungeon too. Her abilities are as adheres to:

Ferocious Attack: Attacks 1 adversary. Has a 30% opportunity of positioning a 2.5% TOXIN debuff for 1 turn.

Opportunity Strike (3 turn Cooldown): Attacks 1 adversary. Places a 50% BOOST STRIKE enthusiast on this Champion as well as positions an added hit if this strike is important. The added hit can not be important.

Crumbling Blast (4 turn Cooldown): Attacks all adversaries. Has a 75% opportunity of positioning a 60% DECLINE PROTECTION debuff for 2 turns.

Her offending skillset features 2 valuable debuffs: Poison, as well as Decrease Defense, which lots of managers as well as champs in the video game are prone to. There isn’t much else to state, truly. Poison aids trim adversaries with very high protection or max HP as well as Decrease Defense does specifically what it claims on the tin, plus her Opportunity Strike aids her offer an excellent portion of damages. Giving her a mix of Lifesteal as well as either Accuracy or Speed devices, with primary or substats in Critical Rate, is an excellent beginning factor for this champ.

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As an explanation, given that you’ll certainly be updating these champs to obtain them able for your dungeon runs, you do not require to have actually anything geared up on the straw champs when utilizing them as upgrade products. Fodder champs are the 1 as well as 2 celebrity base ranking champs you utilize to rate up your greater rarity champs.

So that’s it for Dungeons in short. Now we’ll be carrying on to the auto mechanics for every certain dungeon employer, as their specific battles are rather distinct sufficient to necessitate certain approaches on exactly how to take care of them, lest they body your group indiscriminately as well as you discover on your own having battle recalls to the start of the video game when Hellrazor consumed your whole group without them also arguing.

First off, allow’s begin with Fyro, employer of the Fire Knight’s Castle.

Fyro, The Fire Knight

fyro raid shadow legends

Fyro is an extremely tanky as well as difficult employer to manage as a result of his distinct Cloak of Fire ability, which enormously boosts his resistance to damages as well as debuffs. His abilities are as adheres to:

Searing Storm: Attacks all adversaries. Decreases adversary MAX HP by 15% of damages dealt.

Dazzling Flames (4 turn Cooldown): Attacks all adversaries. Inflicts a 30% DECLINE RATE debuff for 3 turns.

Cloak of Fire [Passive]: Starts the fight with a magnificent guard. While energetic, the guard minimizes the damages Fyro obtains by 80% as well as protects against Fyro from getting any kind of Debuffs or being influenced by various other Skill impacts. This guard can not be gotten rid of by Skills that eliminateDebuffs Each hit Fyro takes lowers the toughness of the guard. The guard will certainly be damaged when struck sufficient times.

The guard restores every turn. If Fyro begins a turn with the guard energetic, Fyro will certainly strike all adversaries 1 time. The strike will certainly lower each adversary’s MAX HP. Fyro likewise heals at the beginning of every turn. The worth of the recover as well as the damages dealt boosts according to the toughness of the guard at the time of the strike.

Fyro’s “Cloak of Fire” is his most bothersome ability to take care of, as it makes him unsusceptible to debuffs as well as can just be gotten rid of by being struck an established variety of times. This suggests your assistance champs that can eliminate buff impacts are practically ineffective versus him, as well as debuffers will certainly have minimized efficiency given that you’ll require to time their debuffs for when his cape is down. Champions with multi-hit assaults, like Galek as well as Athel, in addition to champs that can speed your collaborate, such as Diabolist, will certainly be your primary means to accurately farm this employer.

In recap, struck him hard, quickly, as well as lots of times.

The Spider Den

skavag raid shadow legends

Skavag the Spider Queen is a very discourteous awakening for a substantial part of the Raid: Shadow Legends playerbase. Even phase 1 of her dungeon can capture you flat-footed as well as clean your event if you do not recognize concerning the harmony behind her as well as her spiderlings.
Her abilities are as adheres to:

Venom Spray: Attacks all adversaries. Damage boosts by 15% if the target has TOXIN debuffs.

Enfeeble (4 turn Cooldown): Attacks all adversaries. Has a 70% opportunity of reducing the Turn Meter by 30%. If a target’s Turn Meter is completely diminished, positions a REST debuff for 1 turn.

Spiderling Horde (2 turn cooldown): Skavag generates 6 Spiderlings at the beginning of the round. She likewise generates 2 Spiderlings at the beginning of each adversary Champion’s turn. Spawns 4 Spiderlings at the end of Skavag’s turn. Skavag can have an optimum of 10 Spiderlings in fight at any moment. Skavag eats all staying Spiderlings at the beginning of each turn. If Skavag eats Spiderlings, she will certainly not eat them on the adhering to turn. Skavag heals by 3% of her MAX HP for every Spiderling taken in, as well as completely boosts her ATK by 10% for every Spiderling taken in. Heals from Lifesteal Artifacts as well as abilities that recover based upon damages brought upon will just recover Champions by 35% of the specified quantity when assaulting Skavag or her Spiderlings.

Healing Assured: Immune to RECOVER DECREASE debuffs.

Almighty Immunity: Skavag is unsusceptible to STUN, FREEZE, REST, PROVOKE, BLOCK COOLDOWN ABILITIES, WORRY, as well as REAL WORRY debuffs. Also unsusceptible to HP exchange impacts, HP harmonizing impacts, as well as cooldown rising impacts.

Her skillset instantly increases numerous warnings. First, she can lower Turn Meters by a big portion with her Enfeeble, perhaps also bring upon Sleep on a few of your champs if they obtain struck when their Turn Meters are reduced. Second, she can entirely load her side of the area with Spiderlings, which can bring upon Poison debuffs on your champs. Third, if you overlook her Spiderlings as well as choose to strike her rather, she can recover the damages you bring upon on her by consuming her spiderlings at the end of her turn, though she can just do this when every various other turn.

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Did I discuss you can not lower the quantity she recovers from consuming stated Spiderlings since she’s unsusceptible to Heal Reduction?

The cherry ahead is she’s virtually unsusceptible to practically every debuff in the video game, though significantly she can obtain Poisoned or HP Burned, which is type of paradoxical given that you would certainly believe a gigantic crawler would certainly a minimum of be unsusceptible to poisonous substance.

Luckily for us, though Skavag is a titan, enormous storage tank of a manager, her newly birthed youngsters are not a lot. The Spiderlings can be affected with debuffs as well as standing impacts as regular.

Klyssus The Ice Golem From The Ice Golem’s Peak

klyssus raid shadow legends

Klyssus is the kind that will gladly penalize champs that do not recognize exactly how his Frigid Vengeance ability functions, causing your group of champs existing frostbitten as well as damaged on the ground not understanding what the hell simply took place. To avoid this, below are the Ice Knight’s abilities:

Frost Nova: AoE damages strike.

Numbing Chill: Applies 50% precision decline debuff on the adversaries. Cooldown: 4 turns.

Frigid Vengeance (Passive): Once Klyssus’s HP goes down to specific factors, cause the strike that restores every one of the dead minions as well as overlook 50% of protection for each active minion. Has a 20% opportunity of cold the adversaries (boosted by 40% for every active minion).

The limits for his Frigid Vengeance are as adheres to:

Stages 1-6: 75%, 50%, as well as 25% max HP

Stages 7-15: 80%, 60%, 45%, 30% as well as 15% max HP.

Klyssus the Ice Golem is just one of the intermediate managers to take care of when you’re dungeon grinding. This is since he will certainly counter your attempted as well as real method of striking points truly hard by striking YOU truly difficult each time he gets to a particular HP limit. His trademark ability, Frigid Vengeance, makes your life unpleasant by penalizing you for not combating him the means he wishes to be combated, as well as the very best means to alleviate this problematic passive is to make the initiative to eliminate his 2 minion good friends prior to damaging Klyssus himself.

Unfortunately, his Frigid Vengeance will certainly restore them so you’ll need to eliminate them once more previously striking Klyssus … once more. Rinse as well as repeat till this employer passes away, with your group of champs with any luck winning the endurance race versus your opponent’s group of unusually relentless minion pals as well as himself.

Serendipitously, there is an extremely certain means to make this battle much less of a discomfort to take care of, which is by farming a Conquerer from Chapter 1 as well as utilizing his ability to make it so his minions do not restore when Klyssus causes his passive. This conserves you effort and time given that you offer your group even more breathing space to take damages or utilize their abilities on the Ice Knight as opposed to his supposed-to-be-alive pals.

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All in all, your Starter, the advised assistances, as well as a Conquerer need to accurately have the ability to farm this dungeon with a steady quantity of integrity. Spirithost can likewise be of some usage below. Her abilities are as adheres to:

Reap: Attacks 1 adversary. Heals by 50% of the damages brought upon.

Strengthen (4 turn Cooldown): Places a 50% BOOST STRIKE enthusiast on allies for 2 turns.


hellrazor raid shadow legends

Ah,Hellrazor Our initially pleased intro to Raid Shadow Legends, the spiny young boy that appears like Satan’s family pet canine as well as muncher of champs. Going right into his dungeon permits us to give out revenge versus the oppressions he antagonized our cherished starter champs at first of the video game. His abilities are as adheres to:

Swipe: AoE damages, uses a 50% DECLINE STRIKE debuff on the adversaries.

Wall of Fire (3 turn Cooldown): AoE damages. Applies a 2 5% TOXIN debuff as well as a 25% DETERIORATE DEBUFF.

Inhale (3 turn Cooldown): Activates the concealed capacity SCORCH.

S C O R C H: Once Inhale is set off, Hellrazor takes a large breath to prepare to burp out the most significant fireball he can muster up. Everyone’s turn meters will certainly be readied to 50% initially, as well as your champs can strike just AS SOON AS prior to Scorch activates as well as he allows the large palooka loose.

An ridiculous portion of purple HP is included in his HP bar when he utilizes Scorch, as well as thankfully the strike obtains terminated as well as Hellrazor is debuffed if your assaults can entirely lower it in time. If not, prepare to take defense-piercing damages which will certainly stun the whole group. As his HP obtains reduced, the purple bar grows, so the battle ends up being rather a clutch when he will pass away.

Fighting Hellrazor is a basic venture of striking it truly, truly difficult till it passes away, lest you see your group melt in his fires as well as pass away. The battle is a race to see that can outdamage each various other, essentially. Either you deal sufficient damages for him to bite the dust prior to your group does, or he strikes you sufficient times with Scorch to finish the lives of your champs. Tanking him isn’t specifically an excellent concept given that Scorch will certainly both stun your group as well as overlook your protection worths, so also the meatiest of champs will certainly have a fair bit of difficulty enduring the strike. As for the various other champs in your group, could too consider them dead after a couple of Scorches.

And that would certainly recommend currently as for our RAID: Shadow Legends dungeon employer overview is worried. In instance you have actually generated extra ideas for the video game, do not hesitate to drop us a line!


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