OVERHIT Characters Guide: A List of SSR & SR Heroes to Dominate the Main Campaign and also Arena Battles

We have actually currently released a comprehensive overview regarding that in our point of view are the most effective heroes in OVERHIT, yet it had not been providing justice to the wide variety of remarkable heroes in this video game. The complying with heroes are completely efficient in removing all the material generally project, and also are additionally great in the Arena, because of their abilities. Keep in mind that we are not mosting likely to discuss Riah and also Aglaea, both ideal heroes in the video game, as they are unique summons that are not available yet, and also that will certainly probably call for great deals of grinding.

We are attempting to maintain this OVERHIT overview as pleasant to the typical gamer as feasible. So without additional trouble, we provide you our OVERHIT personalities overview, showcasing a few of the most effective SSR and also SR heroes to control the major project and also field fights!



overhit ren

Ren is everything about damages. She bargains great deals of it. Her leader ability is a little bit strange, as it boosts the vital damages of physical based allies by 25%, respectable if you are running a great deal of physical aggressors like Alex orJasper Her abilities are what establishes her apart, beginning with Sakura Strike: Blinding Firestorm bargains enormous damages to a solitary target while bring upon poisonous substance to him, dealing added damages every 6 secs based upon Ren’s strike stat. Sakura Strike: Toxic Phoenix deals damages to 3 opponents at the same time while bring upon hemorrhage on them, which implies it decreases their recovery by 20%. Her passive boosts the damages she deals to Water Element heroes, as well as additionally boosts her very own vital price when she obtains it. Also you obtain a duplicate of her simply by playing in the project, which is constantly welcome, as it conserves you the migraine of needing to wish you mobilize her routinely.

What makes Ren so unique apart from the conditions she brings upon, is her relate to the following personality, that will certainly enable both of them to utilize an unique capability called Sakura Strike: Crimson Sange Blade.


overhit leika

Leika is an effective enemy that synergizes greatly withRen Specifically, her Sakura Strike: Rakshasa Blade deals a great deal of added damages to opponents that are under the result of hemorrhage, which together is triggered by Ren’sToxic Phoenix Sakura Strike: Sange Blade strikes 3 opponents at the same time and also decreases their vital price. Leika has additionally some protective energy, as she boosts the block price of her allies in the very same row, as well as additionally obtains bonus offer strike when she obstructs.

But the enjoyable starts when Leika and also Ren are used the very same group. This not just boosts both of their statistics by an excellent piece, yet it additionally opens their “OVERHIT abilities”, an exceptionally effective ability that is done by both. The OVERHIT ability’s name is Sakura Strike: Crimson Sange Blade, which strikes all 5 opponents with an effective assured vital hit, and afterwards sheds them, dealing damages with time. It also decreases the opponents’ crit withstand price.


overhit hien

Hien’s peculiarity is the chain auto mechanic on her initial spell. Chain results trigger when the problems of the ability are pleased. Phoenix Wing Strike bargains enormous damages to a solitary target, and also if the chain result is triggered, which occurs when she strikes a burnt adversary, she will certainly strike also harder, by striking the adversary with an assured vital hit, and also furthermore she will certainly bring upon a much more effective variation of shed, and also it will certainly infect 2 added opponents. Furthermore, her various other spell, Falcon Claw, is additionally fantastic, as it deals a great deal of location of result damages, while minimizing the damages of the opponents she strikes. Her Passive, Scarlet Lily Frenzy, boosts the damages she deals to opponents influenced by shed, as well as additionally offers her even more pierce price, constantly a welcome increase to any type of hero seeking to deal damages.


overhit proxy

Despite its gruesome appearances, Proxy is a terrific enhancement to any type of group seeking a Dark component enemy. Damage is nitty-gritty forProxy If he shares the combat zone with at the very least 2 various other Dark heroes, he will certainly enhance the strike of the whole event. Shadow Avatar does suitable location of result damages and also decreases the recovery of the opponents it strikes, while Shadow Vortext, his 2nd spell, not just harms as much as 3 opponents in a location, yet additionally recovers 2 allies for a really high percent of his strike. The actual offer however is Proxy’s passive: Encroaching Darkness, which offers Proxy a possibility, with every ability, to blind the opponents it strikes, minimizing their modification of really striking their strikes in fifty percent. Very strong choice with some wonderful protective energy.

The video game has a wealth of effective aggressors, there is insufficient area to cover every one of them, yet Angelo and also Luna obtain an ethical reference. Angelo bargains enormous location of result damages to 4 opponents at the same time with both of his capabilities, while coming to be more powerful the even more of his allies obtain knocked senseless. Furthermore, his 2nd capability, Gravitation Singularity, deals bonus offer damages equivalent to the targets’ max wellness factors, making Angelo especially solid versus tanky schedules.

Luna has a web link result with Sophia, enabling them to cast Garden of Eden, an effective spell that offers their allies wellness regrowth, while enhancing the damages taken by their opponents, while additionally lowering the damages they deal.



overhit alex

Alex is the master of guards. He shields himself and also his most effective allies with each capability he makes use of, and also he is additionally efficient in dealing damages based upon his protection. His leader ability boosts the strike of all his allies by 40%, which is respectable. Then we have Wings of Astraea, an effective enthusiast that boosts the protection of every one of his allies, and also at the very same time additionally casts an obstacle on himself that obstructs a great deal of damages. Jupiter Burst is a rather uninteresting capability, the only strange component of the spell is that it deals damages based upon Alex’s protection. Lastly, Indomitable Spirit is an effective passive that casts added obstacles on his allies with the highest possible strike whenever he turns on an ability, furthermore, it offers Alex a solid damages decrease. A fantastic enhancement if you are playing a great deal of sickly heroes that call for security. For instance, if you do not truly have an excellent assistance to recover your friends, Alex would certainly be a terrific option for a frontline hero, as he includes a great deal of long life to his colleagues.


overhit emodin

Emodin is the embodiment of a container. He hardly assists his colleagues straight, yet young boy he lovers himself as much as become an unkillable headache. The just protective enthusiast he offers to his group is his leader ability, Iron Wall, that boosts the protection of every person. Vanquishing Blast strikes one adversary and also drops his strike, quite typical things. His 2nd spell, Divine Pillar, boosts the strike of the entire event, as well as additionally casts an obstacle on Emodin himself that obstructs a great deal of damages. Lastly, Cataclysm Fist has 2 results: initially, it decreases any type of type of damages Emodin takes, secondarily, it brings upon the Chill standing to the opponents that are so endure t hitEmodin What this implies is that by putting Emodin in your front life, you have actually determined to put this unsurmountable wall surface that is really frustrating to handle, which you need to unwillingly strike, although it will certainly seem like you are attempting to relocate an immovable item.

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overhit jinkai

Jinkai succeeds versus physical damage-based adversary teams. The factor being his passive, Aggressive Defense, along with his initial capability,Varja Strike Aggressive Defense just offers Jinkai physical damages resistance whenever he casts a spell, while Varja Strike summons an obstacle that guards as much as 3 allies, yet most significantly, requires his challengers to strike him. Because of this, he is fantastic if you do not have accessibility to one more effective protector (be it due to degrees, rolls, or whatever else), as he can compel the opponents to handle him initially. Asura’s Path bargains decent damages in a location, as well as additionally has a possibility of silencing the opponents it strikes, making them not able to utilize capabilities.



overhit nekoroid

Nekoroid can quite possibly consisted of amongst the most effective heroes in OVERHIT, regardless of its crazy appearances. Nekoroid makes its whole group extra resistance to standing results when it is established as a leader. Its initial spell, Healing Paw, is a massive true blessing for any type of group, as it both heals and also guard 3 colleagues by a whole lot. Nekoroid can make weak groups looks resilient and also fearful simply many thanks to this capability. Cat Nap is additionally really effective, as it strikes 2 opponents dealing decent damages from them, yet the intriguing component comes currently: this spell additionally eliminates an aficionado from the opponents it strikes.

Yes, you can eliminate those frustrating regrowth results given by heroes such as Yggdrasil, or you can eliminate the different lovers that boost damages, or protection. Nekoroid’s passive, Survival Instinct, makes him casts yet one more guard on 3 colleagues when he it obtains hit. Overall, a terrific option for an assistance for any type of type of group.


overhit helena

Helena is the only Support in the video game aside from Sophia to have accessibility to a spell that reanimate her colleagues. This makes her unbelievably useful, yet the problem after that ends up being that she takes the chance of simply winding up as an even worse Sophia, because she’s a lot more challenging to acquire, as you do not obtain her free of charge by removing the project. Fortunately, it is not the situation. Her Partian Blessing recovers her whole group, plus recovers one of the most damaged one a lot more, which by itself can currently transform the trends of the fight. Rune Wall is a spell that permits you to reanimate an ally, as well as additionally offers a guard to the 4 event participants with the most affordable hit factors, which will certainly probably consist of the hero you have actually simply revided. So you reanimate individuals, secure them, and afterwards recover them by a massive quantity, all simply by utilizing 2 spells. These 2 spells are currently remarkable, yet after that you review her passive, Unbreakable, and also see why she remains in this checklist. When her wellness factors get to no, and also she will pass away, she makes 4 of her allies entirely unsusceptible to harm for 32 secs. Yes, you have actually reviewed it appropriate: total resistance from damages. This assists if your challengers are emphasis Helena extremely difficult and also attempt to eliminate her initial. The cost of doing so will certainly probably expose to be expensive.


overhit yuri

Yuri is really plain, yet reasonably, this video game has many aggressors contrasted to anything else that it is difficult to locate sufficient rewarding assistances. She isn’t poor whatsoever, as a matter of fact she is a strong enhancement to any type of group, it’s simply that every various other assistance we discussed is much better. She does what you would certainly anticipate out of an assistance, which has to do with it. Every time she casts a spell she recovers her 3 allies with the highest possible strike stat, Dance of Hope is your common guard that obstructs the damages that 3 of her allies take, as well as additionally recovers them many thanks to Mystic Prayer.

Love’s Embrace is a little bit extra intriguing, as it not just boosts the strike of 3 of her allies, yet it additionally decreases the cooldowns of their spells by 13 secs, which is great! Better than Sophie as a matter of fact. Her leader ability leaves a whole lot to be wanted, and also her recovery isn’t from another location comparable to any person else’s however, which is why we are not that passionate regarding her.

This finishes up our checklist of heroes you can utilize to construct a solid group in OVERHIT. Be certain to look into our various other overview pertaining to heroes too! Do you concur with our checklist? Is there any type of hero that is missing out on in your point of view? Feel cost-free to allow us understand in the remarks!

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