Otherworld Legends Item Builds Guide: Everything You Need to Know

The final time we talked about Otherworld Legends right here on Level Winner, we supplied an in depth overview of how one can simply win the sport. We talked about how breaking objects can save your life, how persistence can flip the tide of battle, and the way technique could make your run a breeze. If you have got simply began enjoying the sport, be sure you take a look at our Otherworld Legends newbie’s information, because it accommodates a great deal of helpful info to get you began on the suitable foot.

Now, on this new Otherworld Legends information we are going to focus on the mix of gears and the methods you should use it to your benefit. However, we must always warn you: in case you’re in search of that one, almighty construct that might beat all the pieces, there isn’t a such construct. Instead, what we will let you know listed here are builds that really work.

These usually are not character-specific builds, nevertheless, as every character performs in another way. And as a result of RNG performs a significant factor on this sport, take into account your self fortunate in case you’re capable of full any of those builds.

Stay with us and browse our in-depth Otherworld Legends objects builds information and see which of those builds be just right for you!

Item Categories

Before we go straight to the builds, now we have to first clarify how every merchandise works in Otherworld Legends. Almost each merchandise within the sport is exclusive and when put along with different objects, they could make your character nigh unstoppable. Do observe that that is purely RNG and a few of these objects could even seem like infused with the very weapon you wield that means, there isn’t a means of extracting them from the weapon.

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Below is a listing of each merchandise in Otherworld Legends. For your comfort, now we have made classes for every merchandise so you could find them extra simply.


As the title implies, these are objects that help in making your character produce greater or extra fixed quantities of injury when any of those have been outfitted.

a. Afterimage Mirror – Allows your character to supply an afterimage that doubles your final motion. That mentioned, your character will assault twice. For some characters, it additionally impacts their abilities, permitting them to carry out their abilities twice in succession. This is likely one of the substances for Shadow Warrior.

b. Boxing Gloves – This merchandise provides your character the possibility to stun enemies on hit. This will be fairly helpful in a struggle because it permits them to constantly pile injury onto the enemy; even bosses and elites however with a decrease probability. This is likely one of the substances for Burning Glove.

c. Button Bomb – After attacking an enemy, you’ll discover that they twinkle with white dots. Those dots then explode after a brief delay, inflicting injury and gorgeous enemies. If the dots are left on the enemy’s corpse, any enemy that occurs to stroll on the corpse whereas the dots detonate additionally take injury.

d. Channeling Monkey – Your character will shoot fireworks everytime you assault, use a talent, or dodge. The fireworks cowl a big space and should stun enemies. This is likely one of the substances for Fire Support.

e. Charged Fist – Your character’s fist will start to glow after a brief delay. When this occurs, your character’s subsequent assault will deal extra injury.

f. Crowbar – This merchandise permits your character to deal greater quantities of injury towards enemies with multiple lifebar. This is very helpful towards elites and managers.

g. Ferocious Ghost Dog – Your character will conjure a trio of ghost canine that rip by means of the enemy with each different assault, talent use, and dodge. Do observe that they won’t keep to struggle, however as a substitute trigger injury to something they cost by means of. This is likely one of the substances for Husky.

h. Fire Elf – A crimson elf will hover subsequent to your character, granting you the possibility to set enemies alight and deal extra injury. This is likely one of the substances for Elf King and Burning Glove.

i. Fireball – Each assault will launch a straight-traveling fireball. However, it can not journey by means of objects. This is likely one of the substances for Mega Fireball.

j. Firebolt Scarf – Your character will seem to have a glowing scarf tied to their head. This scarf will tremendously enhance all of your injury output with each vital hit landed, however any vital hit you land won’t have bonus injury.

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ok. Ice Elf – A sky-blue elf might be hovering subsequent to your character. This will give your character an opportunity to freeze the enemy. Coupled with objects that may stun, the Ice Elf will be made fairly lethal. This is likely one of the substances for Elf King and La Lune.

l. Loupes for Weakness – Your character will have the ability to deal elevated quantities of vital injury. This will be properly paired with objects just like the Skull Ring or the Tiger Tusk Necklace.

m. Nitroglycerin – This merchandise merely boosts your character’s assault pace. This is likely one of the substances for Crowned Engine.

n. Onimusha Mask – This merchandise will permit your character to extend the pace of their assaults with every succeeding assault. Do observe that your assaults should hit one thing to extend your assault pace. This enhance can be non permanent, so it’s finest to maneuver out of the best way after a struggle. This is likely one of the substances for Shadow Warrior.

o. Red Mushroom – All of your character’s stats improve they usually additionally improve in dimension. With the dimensions improve making for wider melee assaults at the price of being a much bigger goal, this merchandise could also be extra helpful to melee characters and fewer helpful to ranged characters. This is likely one of the substances for Mega Fireball.

p. Skull Ring – This merchandise will increase your character’s vital hit price. This merchandise will be properly coupled with Loupes for Weakness or Vitality Magatama.

q. Thunder Elf – A blue elf will seem subsequent to your character. This elf will produce a lightning chain with each enemy you strike. This is likely one of the substances for Elf King.

r. Tiger Tusk Necklace – Your character will get the possibility to set off an impact referred to as the Critical Hit Rune. When the Critical Hit Rune is energetic, you will note a circle with factors on its curves under your character and every profitable assault you carry out leads to a vital hit. This impact lasts just for 10 seconds. Recommended to be in use with objects like Loupes for Weakness or Vitality Magatama.

s. Toxic Potion – Your character will get the possibility to poison the enemy with any profitable assault. The poison stacks with fireplace injury, so equipping this with the likes of Fireball, Fire Elf, or Rolling Fire Wheel will deal tons of injury to the enemy over time.


These objects, when outfitted, not solely make your character stand up to something the enemy dishes out, but additionally permit you to offer you room to breathe when issues get bushy.

a. Ashen Skull – Killing an enemy will consequence within the enemy fleeing the neighborhood of their useless comrade. This permits you to additionally regroup and rethink your technique if you’re caught in a bind. This is likely one of the substances for The Last Offering.

b. Beak of Plague – Your character could have a small poison cloud round them. Running across the room whereas poisoning the enemies is an effective solution to go time whereas your armor regenerates. After coming again to struggle them, they need to be softened up. This is likely one of the substances for Lucky Fat Cat.

c. Golden Armor – This merchandise will permit your character to enter an Unflinching State. The Unflinching State is signaled by your character glowing gold and crimson. In this state, they can’t be interrupted whereas they’re attacking or utilizing their talent. This is likely one of the substances for Mighty Armor.

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d. Heavenly Horse Boots – Your character’s motion pace will improve drastically, permitting for quick escapes. If you need these escapes to be speedier, you might use this merchandise alongside Adrenaline or Totem Spirit. This is likely one of the substances for Owlbat.

e. Hot-Blooded Heart – This merchandise will increase your character’s max well being. Can be stacked with objects like Armor Conversion and Gene Sickle. This is likely one of the substances for Crowned Engine.

f. Jack – This merchandise will permit your character to knock the enemy again additional. If you’re typically pushed right into a nook, this merchandise will certainly come in useful. This merchandise is very helpful to ranged characters.

g. Pioneer Armor – Your character’s most armor will increase. This impact stacks with Hearted Shroud.

h. Rolling Fire Wheel – Your character will create flames wherever they stroll. This will be fairly helpful in case you run round and wait in your armor to regenerate.

i. Stasis Grenade – This merchandise will permit your character to go away a small explosive on the bottom each time they dodge. The explosion from this tiny grenade will sluggish enemies down drastically, permitting you to recuperate from a troublesome struggle.

j. Tactical Armor – This merchandise will permit your character to take much less injury when hit from behind. This is likely one of the substances for Mighty Armor.

ok. Tengu Meteorite – Your character will generate a meteor that may block any incoming assault and debuffs which will come your means. In different phrases, you’re given non permanent invincibility. When the meteor shatters, it is going to regenerate after a couple of seconds.

l. Totem Spirit – A tribal shaman follows you round and blesses you with a totem that will increase your motion pace. Additionally, if any of your followers are throughout the totem’s vary, additionally they achieve a rise in motion pace.


The objects that observe will guarantee your survival. These embrace therapeutic, life leech, and regeneration of armor and/or well being.

a. Armor Conversion – This merchandise will convert what armor you have got into HP. You will now not have armor, however your HP will now regenerate slowly.

b. Bionic Armor – This merchandise will permit your character to select up potions to “heal” your armor apart out of your well being.

c. Dracula’s Dentures – Your character will get better 1HP per strike.

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d. Emergency Kit – Your character will have the ability to take therapeutic potions from the chest that drops after clearing a room.

e. Hearted Shroud – Similar to however in contrast to the Armor Conversion merchandise, this merchandise converts any well being your character has into armor. They will achieve a faster armor regeneration, however they will be unable to heal utilizing Dracula’s Dentures or the Vitality Magatama. However, they will nonetheless be healed when you’ve got the Bionic Armor outfitted.

f. Vitality Magatama – This merchandise will permit your character to get better 1HP after each vital hit. Especially helpful to characters with excessive crit price like Ginzo.


When this stuff are outfitted or upon triggering their particular impact, your character good points non permanent and even everlasting followers.

a. Bat – Your character might be accompanied by a pleasant Red Bat. This creature has a respawn time of 1 minute when it dies. This is likely one of the substances for Owlbat.

b. Beating Jelly – Your character might be adopted by a crimson jelly dice. If you aren’t in battle, the dice will down the closest well being potion and remodel right into a random monster to struggle alongside you. The crimson jelly dice doesn’t struggle if it hasn’t remodeled but.

c. Bell of Souls – Every opponent slain will briefly revive as a ghost that fights for you. They won’t go away the room they died in and they’re going to disappear after a brief span of time.

d. Generic Care Bot – A tiny robotic follows your character. As you struggle, the robotic costs up some power after which releases a well being potion at full power, resetting its power because it does this. This follower can’t be focused by enemies nor can it struggle.

e. Gum – You have an opportunity to achieve a slime for a follower for each object you break in a room. The slimes solely keep within the room you discovered them, sadly.

f. Rebellious – You summon the knight you struggle on the tutorial, Rebellious. This follower can slash an enemy twice and has somewhat excessive well being. This creature has a respawn time of 1 minute when it dies.

This is likely one of the substances for Saint Rebellious.

g. Schrödinger’s Cat – A black cat with a crimson collar will observe your character round. It has a 50% probability to be alive to do that and a 50% probability to be useless in any room you enter. While alive, it calls lightning down on the enemy.

h. Tek – Your character summons a Tek to struggle by their aspect. This creature has a respawn time of 1 minute when it dies. This is likely one of the substances for Husky.

i. Veela Mask – This merchandise provides your character the possibility to allure enemies with each assault. Charmed enemies will struggle amongst themselves for a couple of seconds earlier than turning into hostile once more.


These objects contain the rise in your financial good points whereas outfitted. They additionally help in serving to you purchase higher weapons or extra objects.

a. Gold Touch – Your character makes enemies drop gold each time they’re struck.

b. Lucky Cat – You achieve extra money from each gold pickup potential. This is likely one of the substances for Lucky Fat Cat.

c. Membership – With this merchandise, the costs within the Item Shop are significantly decrease. This doesn’t work with the Blacksmith, sadly. This merchandise doesn’t must be outfitted to take impact.

d. Piggy Bank – Breaking any object within the room drops gold.


The objects on this checklist are situational objects that solely observe sure circumstances. When used correctly, they are often fairly highly effective.

a. Adrenaline – When your character’s armor drops, their motion pace rises, permitting them to maneuver by means of enemies extra quicky.

b. Banner of Glory – Clearing a room (or coming into the subsequent chapter) permits your character better assault energy for 10 seconds. This impact additionally makes them Unflinching.

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c. Berserker Totem – When your character’s well being drops, their assault energy drastically will increase. This is a high-risk, high-reward merchandise.

d. Catalyst of Vengeance – When you are taking injury from full well being, your character’s face turns into a ghostly wisp with glowing eyes, tremendously boosting assault energy and motion pace. This impact will be triggered once more in case you deliver your life again as much as most worth.

e. Commando Emblem – This merchandise tremendously boosts your character’s assault energy when your armor is empty however at the price of your armor now not regenerating. This will be referred to as the Commando State.

f. Compass – This merchandise factors out particular rooms in your minimap. Using this makes it simpler so that you can discover the Item Shop, the Blacksmith, the Item Combiner, or the Secret Room. You can equip this as soon as, unpause the sport, after which swap it out for a extra combat-related merchandise in every stage you go to.

g. Gene Sickle – With each kill you make, your character’s HP bar will increase. This is very helpful within the early ranges and completely ineffective in case you’re nearing Asura.

h. Green Mushroom – If this merchandise is put in your equip bar, it will probably save your character as soon as from loss of life. However, this merchandise can’t be used to reinforce weapons and its results are void whether it is sitting in your stock.

i. Handprint – Enemies which have attacked your character will obtain double injury if you retaliate at them. They might be marked with a crimson, glowing hand print. This is likely one of the substances for Fire Support.

j. Holy Cross – Killing enemies will trigger the ground the place they fell on to be sanctified with holy energies. Enemies that tread there’ll take injury. This is likely one of the substances for Saint Rebellious.

ok. Kabuto – When coming into a room for the primary time, a samurai spirit will hover behind your character, granting them an assault enhance for 10 seconds and an Unflinching State. This is likely one of the substances for Shadow Warrior.

l. Le Soleil – Upon slaying an enemy, lightning is known as down from the sky to smite the enemy’s corpse, inflicting nice space injury. This is very helpful towards teams of small, low-HP mobs. This is an ingredient for La Lune.

m. Mr. Glass – This merchandise grants your character a large injury enhance if each their HP and armor are full.

n. Optical Camouflage – Staying in place for a couple of seconds will permit your character to develop into invisible. This merchandise will permit you to skip fights.

o. Sacrificial Katana – After killing an enemy, 5 soul missiles will fly out and search the closest enemy, dealing injury. This is likely one of the substances for The Last Offering.

p. Share Machine – Any followers that struggle for you’ll shrink in dimension, decreasing their vary and probability to be hit however they may have the ability to profit from among the objects you have got outfitted like Offense objects.

q. Spike Ring – Striking an enemy with their well being nonetheless full will assure a vital hit.

r. Stats Prism – This merchandise grants your followers higher stats the upper your well being is.
More well being means extra energy. However, shedding well being means your allies get weaker, so use this one correctly.

s. Three Wishes – This merchandise is barely gained by speaking to the Genie that seems if you defeat Iblis. Ask the Genie for “Three extra needs” and he’ll deny you the primary time.

three wishes otherworld legends

Doing this a second time will grant you the merchandise. This merchandise could set off one of many three results, after hitting an enemy, based mostly on what number of fingers proven:

  • One. Coins drop round your character.
  • Two. Iblis’ minions come to help you in battle for a short while.
  • Three. Your character good points a brief assault enhance.

t. Twinkling Sandglass – With every vital hit you rating, any ongoing talent cooldown might be decreased. This makes for lethal combos if used proper.


These objects are unclassified and are the wildcards of the sport. While in a roundabout way efficient, there could also be objects that may deliver out their potential. If you don’t have any use for them, you might save them for merchandise mixture.

a. Angry Pufferfish – A small, indignant pufferfish will float round your character in a sluggish, round movement. The puffer will deal 5 injury to something it could are available contact with.

b. Leprechaun Top Hat – Your character turns into smaller.

c. Shrinking Charm – Your character turns into greater. Unlike the Red Mushroom, it doesn’t enhance your stats.

d. Soul Shackles – Whenever you strike an enemy, some enemies adjoining to it is going to obtain injury as a substitute. This will occur till you have got one enemy left the place the Soul Shackles won’t have any impact.

e. WM-D6C – The soundtrack of the sport will change and all sounds within the background might be muffled. While this may occasionally maintain you extra targeted and grounded, you might be caught off-guard by among the enemy’s audio cues if they’ve any. TRIVIA: This is a Walkman!


These objects can solely be obtained by means of the Item Combiner discovered very not often in Chapter 1 and wherever in Chapter 2 onwards. These require three objects to make, so solely try to make these when you’ve got objects to spare. Some of them observe a selected recipe whereas others are obtained utterly at random.

a. Amber Mongkon – (Comb.: Any Three Items) After ready a short while with out attacking, your character builds up power that may tremendously add to the injury of your subsequent assault. This merchandise is much like the Charged Fist however with the exception that you shouldn’t assault if you wish to retailer power.

b. Anti-Pay-to-Win – (Comb.: Any Three Items) The gold you acquire will tremendously add to the assault energy of your character. This will cap at 300 gold.

c. Black Humor – (Comb.: Any Three Items) After reaching a sure threshold of injury to well being, your character produces a pool of ice by their ft which will sluggish and in the end freeze enemies.

d. Booby Trap Coin – (Comb.: Any Three Items) Your character throws cash on the enemy. These cash will be detonated for large injury by urgent the dodge button.

e. Burning Glove – (Comb.: Boxing Gloves + Fire Elf + Any Item) Your character is given the possibility to stun and explode enemies with each strike.

katana osafune otherworld legends

f. Butcher’s Knife – (Comb.: Any Three Items) Scoring vital hits on the enemy provides them the Pressure debuff which is indicated by a clear bone hovering above their heads. When the bone is absolutely opaque, the subsequent vital hit’s injury might be a lot better.

g. Crowned Engine – (Comb.: Hot-Blooded Heart + Nitroglycerin + Any Item) Pressing the dodge button will add to your character’s assault pace and talent animation. This impact can stack and will be fairly helpful for characters with sluggish windup assaults like Gerard.

h. Elf King – (Comb.: Fire Elf + Ice Elf + Thunder Elf) This merchandise rains heavy elemental injury onto the enemy. Lighting shoots out and zaps any enemy in sight, fireplace whittles down their HP fairly quickly, and ice freezes them for much longer than regular.

i. Evil Mask – (Comb.: Any Three Items) When your character receives injury that might in any other case kill them, you’ll enter what is known as a Fearless State. This state will maintain your character from dying and can apply an Unflinching State to them. In addition, you possibly can rating huge quantities of injury whereas Fearless. You can not heal utilizing Dracula’s Dentures or the Vitality Magatama however you possibly can nonetheless pickup well being potions whereas Fearless. Unlike the Green Mushroom, this merchandise doesn’t get consumed after it saves you from dying. Its results are nullified if used with Hearted Shroud.

j. Fire Support – (Comb.: Channeling Monkey + Handprint + Any Item) After taking successful from the enemy, a concentrating on reticle seems on the enemy that struck you. Using a talent or an assault at another enemy will fireplace a missile that may house in on the focused enemy, inflicting a big explosion. This explosion could injury a number of enemies and if multiple enemy attacked you, they could all have the reticle. Unlike the Channeling Monkey and the Handprint, this merchandise neither dazes nor instantly will increase your injury.

ok. Husky – (Comb.: Ferocious Ghost Dog + Tek + Any Item) Your character summons a pleasant Husky by your aspect. It is an improved model of the Tek and might shoot out ghost canine with a few of its assaults.

l. La Lune – (Comb.: Ice Elf + Le Soleil + Any Item) After killing an enemy, a set of icicles erupt from the bottom, chilling and slowing enemies down while giving injury. Unfortunately, it doesn’t present the identical quantity of burst injury that Le Soleil offers.

m. Lucky Fat Cat – (Comb.: Lucky Cat + Beak of Plague + Any Item) Your character good points a shining aura. Any enemy slain within the aura will drop an additional quantity of cash. This merchandise is very helpful for melee characters.

n. Mega Fireball (Comb.: Fireball + Red Mushroom + Any Item) Using a talent or attacking will permit your character to unleash a large fireball that may drag the enemy in its path and trigger injury. It causes giant quantities of injury when it explodes. This merchandise isn’t as fast because the vanilla Fireball however is nice for burst injury builds.

o. Micro Planet – (Comb.: Any Three Items) Using a talent will pull all enemies inside a sure radius towards your character.

p. Mighty Armor – (Comb.: Gold Armor + Tactical Armor + Any Item) This merchandise protects your character from rear assaults. Getting attacked from behind triggers the Unflinching State which will be fairly helpful versus some enemies and managers.

q. Owlbat – (Comb.: Bat + Heavenly Horse Boots + Any Item) Compared to the Bat, this follower pecks at enemies with constant DPS. If it can not attain enemies in time, it teleports at them instantly.

r. Pocket Watch – (Comb.: Any Three Items) This merchandise tremendously reduces talent cooldown.

s. Refresher – (Comb.: Any Three Items) After having a talent on cooldown, this merchandise could refresh a talent utterly prepared to make use of once more. This permits for the usage of abilities with lengthy cooldowns twice in succession. This merchandise will quiet down when used.

t. Saint Rebellious – (Comb.: Rebellious + Holy Cross + Any Item) Compared to the vanilla Rebellious, this follower produces sword waves with each swing. Each sword wave is a series of injury that forces an enemy to the opposite aspect of the room.

u. Shadow Warrior – (Comb.: Afterimage Mirror + Onimusha Mask + Kabuto) These followers are much like Iblis’ minions however they’ve greater well being and deal greater injury. When both of them die, they’ve separate respawn occasions.

v. Sheer Ambition – (Comb.: Any Three Items) Striking an enemy with default assaults shops Ambition. This power will get expelled after 8 hits by means of a talent. The talent, unleashing the saved Ambition will deal much more injury.

w. The Last Offering – (Comb.: Sacrificial Katana + Ashen Skull) After slaying an enemy, they produce crimson soul missiles while inflicting the enemy with the Fear debuff. If the enemy is struck by any of those soul missiles, they’re additionally bothered by the Fear debuff.

Sample Builds

golden commando build otherworld legends

Because there’s a myriad of builds in Otherworld Legends, we are going to solely cowl a couple of of them right here. For the sake of simplicity, we are going to spotlight the aim of the construct in every title. Do observe that a few of these builds don’t at all times intention for effectivity, however principally for enjoyable.

This part of the information will categorize the objects as follows:

a. Core Items – The important objects you could make the construct work.

b. Secondary Items – Items you may must make the construct work however will be swapped for different objects.

c. Situational Items – Items that complement the construct as an entire however usually are not essentially wanted to finish the construct. They are often both uncommon or costly to make.

You can solely have a most merchandise depend of 4 in your equip slot, and 4 in your weapon, so combine and match the objects we advise right here to attain the impact of the construct. With these out of the best way, let’s get on with the builds!


Core Items: Button Bomb, Channeling Monkey

Secondary Items: Le Soleil, Fire Elf, Sacrificial Katana

Situational Items: Fire Support, Elf King or Burning Glove or Mega Fireball

How It Works: Explosions! Explosions in every single place! Using this construct will render you nigh untouchable, particularly if you’re utilizing a ranged character like Akaisha or Katherine. The Channeling Monkey will house in on unsuspecting victims and if that isn’t sufficient, no one might be protected from the Sacrificial Katana‘s soul missiles. If they die Le Soleil will maintain the enemy from coming again. Cover your ears!

Room Sweeper

Core Items: Thunder Elf, Sacrificial Katana, Le Soleil

Secondary Items: Rolling Fire Wheel or Beak of Plague

Situational Items: Elf King and/or The Last Offering

How It Works: This is much like the Demolitionist construct however extra targeted on space injury. You are a strolling disaster and your entire room will die with something you kill. The sheer quantity of space injury you’ll deal is absurd and can permit you to breeze by means of ranges. The Elf King, particularly, will make quick work of most foes. Just watch out utilizing this within the Bamboo Grove and onwards or on bosses like Valentine or Logan, it gained’t be as efficient.

Traitor Maker

Core Items: Bell of Souls, Veela Mask

Secondary Items: Stasis Grenade, Jack, Beating Jelly

Situational Items: Three Wishes

How It Works: You will flip your enemies towards one another. Using the Bell of Souls will permit them to serve you from the nice past and the Veela Mask will trigger them to struggle amongst themselves earlier than you name their spirits forth. Do observe that it needs to be you that kills the enemy if you wish to have their spirits struggle for you. The Beating Jelly will add insult to harm because it mimics enemies. To maintain the enemy at bay you employ the Stasis Grenade and the Jack, permitting in your new military to crush the foe.


oasis city ruins otherworld legends

Core Items: Armor Conversion, Dracula’s Dentures or Vitality Magatama

Secondary Items: Thunder Elf or Soul Shackles, Fireball

Situational Items: Elf King, Support Fire, Mega Fireball, Tiger Tusk Necklace, Skull Ring

How It Works: You sap the enemy of their vitality with each strike (until you’re utilizing the Vitality Magatama which can require the Tiger Tusk Necklace or the Skull Ring). With any type of injury you inflict, close to or far (wherever you’re), you’ll maintain your self alive. If there aren’t any enemies round, the Armor Conversion ought to have the ability to heal you over time. Adding to the impact that your character is a robust vampire, throw some Fireballs or Mega Fireballs at your would-be vampire hunters. Enough speak, have at them!


Core Items: Fireball or Mega Fireball, Fire Elf

Secondary Items: Rolling Fire Wheel

Situational Items: Burning Glove, Fire Support, Firebolt Scarf

How It Works: You set all the pieces and everybody alight along with your slightest actions. Aside from cooking all the pieces to a cinder utilizing your spectacular arsenal of fireside objects, you have got a Firebolt Scarf to look as flashy as potential. Now that’s present cooking!


Core Items: Ice Elf, Le Soleil

Secondary Items: La Lune, Black Humor, Bell of Souls

Situational Items: Charged Fist, Sacrificial Katana

How It Works: You command the chilly and grasp the chilling grasp of loss of life itself. With La Lune, instantly upgraded from each the Ice Elf and Le Soleil, you hurry the enemy to their demise by slowly freezing them to loss of life. When the enemy dies out, the Bell of Souls causes their souls rise from their frozen corpses solely to be trapped on the mortal aircraft once more to serve you one final time. Cold.

Giant Killer

Core Items: Crowbar, Charged Fist

Secondary Items: Tiger Tusk Necklace, Spike Ring, Loupes for Weakness, Afterimage Mirror

Situational Items: Sheer Ambition, Amber Mongkon, Anti-Pay-to-Win

How It Works: You will simply subdue enemies a lot greater than you and managers, like Logan, who’ve excessive quantities of well being. The purpose of this construct is to deal as a lot burst injury as potential while taking enemies down one after the other. Be cautious to not get swarmed, nevertheless, as this construct excels solely on fights towards elite enemies and managers solely. The Crowbar is important for bigger foes to fall sooner, and the Charged Fist permits you that simple injury burst so you possibly can shortly achieve the higher hand in a struggle. Supporting your injury can be objects just like the Anti-Pay-to-Win or the Amber Mongkon, permitting you to evaluate a state of affairs earlier than delivering that game-changing strike.

Richer Than You

Core Items: Piggy Bank, Lucky Cat, and/or Golden Touch

Secondary Items: Anti-Pay-To-Win or Booby Trapped Coin

Situational Items: Charged Fist, Firebolt Scarf, Lucky Fat Cat

How It Works: Money is energy, and you’ll train this energy by gathering cash. Using the Anti-Pay-To-Win grants you immense power with each assault. Adding to this might be any offense objects you have got with you, so that is to be taken benefit of. The Booby Trapped Coins can be extraordinarily helpful with Golden Touch since you possibly can achieve cash each different time you land an assault.

Soul Shackler

Core Items: Soul Shackles

Secondary Items: Handprint, Charged Fist, Crowbar, Thunder Elf, Le Soleil, Sacrificial Katana

Situational Items: Dracula’s Dentures or Vitality Magatama, Elf King, The Last Offering, Anti-Pay-to-Win

How It Works: The Soul Shackles are a difficult merchandise to work with. Often occasions, they’re ignored or used for combining fodder as a result of their function is misunderstood. With them having the ability to make quick work of enemies adjoining to your major goal, making the most of that’s vital. Giving your character objects like Elf King, Charged Fist, Crowbar, or Anti-Pay-to-Win ought to enhance the shackles’ efficacy as you can be simply mowing down enemy wave by enemy wave. The catch right here is that you might have to slay your major goal final. If issues get too troublesome, having Dracula’s Dentures or Vitality Magatama outfitted ought to have the ability to maintain you alive for for much longer. Lastly, the Handprint transfers the injury your major goal was imagined to obtain to those that bought shackled to it. How about that?

Golden Commando

golden commando effect otherworld legends

Core Items: Commando Emblem, Armor Conversion

Secondary Items: Charged Fist, Mr. Glass, Golden Armor

Situational Items: Dracula’s Dentures or Vitality Magatama, Anti-Pay-to-Win and Lucky Fat Cat or Piggy Bank or Golden Touch, Mighty Armor

How It Works: Your character is golden and unstoppable. With the Commando Emblem mixed with Armor Conversion, you should have the Commando State completely activated. Adding to your injury is Mr. Glass which solely stays energetic when each your well being and armor are full. To increase Mr. Glass and pace up the Armor Conversion‘s regeneration, having Dracula’s Dentures or Vitality Magatama is a should. Lastly, you additionally weaponize gold and thus Anti-Pay-to-Win is beneficial if you need loopy quantities of injury. Keeping you good and rich are the gold-boosting objects current on this construct.

Bizarre Adventurer

Core Items: Rebellious or Bat or Tek or Husky or Saint Rebellious or Shadow Warrior or Owlbat and Stats Prism

Secondary Items: Armor Conversion and/or Gene Sickle, Hot-Blooded Heart

Situational Items: Share Machine, Dracula’s Dentures or Vitality Magatama

How It Works: Yes, this can be a Jojo reference. In different phrases, this construct focuses in your character having a robust ally by their aspect. Keeping your character’s well being excessive will guarantee greater injury output out of your Stand… er… follower, making for a enjoyable solution to clear rooms. Additionally, it is going to take for much longer in your ally to perish. The Gene Sickle needs to be acquired at an early stage, nevertheless.

True Berserker

Core Items: Berserker’s Totem, Armor Conversion

Secondary Items: Catalyst of Vengeance, Commando Emblem, Dracula’s Dentures

Situational Items: Evil Mask, Afterimage Mirror, Crowned Engine

How It Works: Get within the fray and struggle to the loss of life. When your character reaches that time the place they may half from the world, a resurgence of violent power overflows their physique they usually make their final hurrah… solely to get better their well being and do it yet again. This construct combines excessive threat with excessive reward and excessive injury output. Mainly, the Berserker’s Totem and Evil Mask combo permits for harmful scores of injury whereas the Catalyst of Vengeance applies a gap burst sturdy sufficient to cripple and even outright kill your enemies. The Commando Emblem retains your injury excessive because of Armor Conversion and whereas your bloodlust rages on, you possibly can nonetheless get better your misplaced well being utilizing Dracula’s Dentures.

Extra Tips You Should Know About

peddler fight otherworld legends

● If you’re in a bind with gold and there’s this one merchandise you want from the Peddler, hit him. If you constantly try this, he’ll proceed to struggle you.Beating the Peddler will permit you to take the objects in his present inventory totally free. But don’t underestimate this easy service provider; he’s a reasonably expert boxer and he’ll go down swinging. Be ready!

However, do that solely when you have got accomplished the extent earlier than the final boss (3-3). That means, you gained’t should kill him prematurely. Killing him in an earlier stage will trigger him to cease showing each time you enter a store room.

dead peddler otherworld legends

If that is your first time attempting this, you’ll unlock him as a personality for buy.

● If you have got crushed the boss of Scene 3-Stage 3 (3-3) and you’ve got spare objects in your stock that you simply assume is perhaps extra helpful towards Asura, swap them out earlier than entering into the portal. There is not any means you possibly can change your objects mid-fight.

The objects of Otherworld Legends are various within the sense that many objects will be mixed collectively to make your character unstoppable. For extra info on the completely different objects in-game, be sure you go to the Otherworld Legends wiki.

If you have got extra construct strategies or in case you assume there’s something we’ve missed, do go away a remark under!

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