One Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0 Character Tier List: The Best Heroes and also Villains in the Game

One Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0 has actually simply been launched globally after investing time in shut beta in choose nations. With the comments they obtained from the CBT, programmers Oasis Games launched a better variation of the video game, with smoother gameplay and also even more well balanced personality statistics and also abilities.

But that does not suggest all heroes are produced equivalent– some personalities are simply plain more powerful than others. While Saitama will unquestionably defeat anybody that stands in his means with simply a solitary strike, the remainder of the video game’s crowd of heroes and also bad guys can still contest the second place. Since Saitama himself can not be hired in the video game, we’ll simply need to work out with the others.

Still, there’s a great deal of heroes and also bad guys to select from in the video game. Note that despite exactly how solid they remain in the anime, it does not instantly convert to a solid efficiency in the video game. That’s why we prepared this rate checklist for you– it’s your utmost overview on that to educate and also utilize in One Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0.

one punch man road to hero 2.0 best characters

This overview will undoubtedly assist those that are seeking to enhance their events by including the greatest and also the most effective heroes and also bad guys to their group. Meanwhile, if you’re a novice and also you have not played the video game a great deal yet, you ought to concentrate a lot more on mastering the fundamentals and also discovering exactly how to play the video game. Don’ t concern a lot concerning rate checklists yet, make certain to take a look at our novice’s overview rather and also aficionado on your own up initially.

As for the remainder of you that simply would like to know that the 2nd mightiest of them all is, continue reading and also uncover the boundless powers of these super-beings.

Cream Of The Crop– The Top Three Characters In One Punch Man: Road To Hero 2.0

While it is very important to consider your group’s structure in selecting that to generate fight, some personalities can just win you battles simply by remaining in your group. In lots of instances, also if the remainder of your group is made up of cowards, these personalities can still win you the battle. That’s why these 3 personalities get on top of this checklist, and also you’re incredibly fortunate if you had the ability to draw them from the Recruitment Page.

Top 1– Boros

boros one punch man road to hero 2.0

The large baddie of the entire Alien Conquerors Arc in the anime is our very first personality in our rate checklist. He’s one of the most effective bad guy in the video game, and also he’s really enjoyable to utilize.

First of all, he’s one hard cookie. Attacks will mainly do him marginal damages, so he can remain around letting loose whatever turmoil he desires in the field of battle. Partner that with his outrageous DPS which strikes not just the opposing opponent, however additionally everybody else besides it with sprinkle damages. The highlight concerning Boros is his assaults overlooks the opponent’s DEF stat, so storage tanks do not truly stand an opportunity versus him!

His easy ability permits him to resolve any type of debuffs your challenger has actually positioned on him, along with silence those that might present a hazard versus him. He tops this with a guard that secures him from inbound damages– as if he also required a guard at this moment.

I’m fortunate to have actually obtained Boros on my very first Recruitment, and also I enjoy to state that he’s been really valuable in the video game. His power is incredible, and also his abilities seem like an excessive, however it’s just suitable for the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves.

Top 2– Silverfang

silverfang one punch man road to hero 2.0

The most prominent and also most skilled martial musician in the anime covers our checklist of heroes you will certainly intend to belong to your group. While he is simply # 3 in regards to S-ranked heroes in the Hero Association, he is definitely # 2 in this video game.

Silverfang is the most effective assassin in the video game, making really brief job of opponent personalities despite that they are. His assaults not just deal 100% ATK DMG to the opponent before him, he additionally strikes 5 arbitrary shots on a various arbitrary opponent.

On top of that, he’s an unsafe evil one. He’s tough to strike, however when you do, he does not move. His high assault power, his capability to stay clear of damages, and also his basic tankiness make him a powerful opponent in the video game.

Top 3– Terrible Tornado

terrible tornado one punch man road to hero 2.0

While our very first 2 personalities can conveniently win battles by themselves, our number 3 really needs a group developed around her. No, we do not suggest a great group around her. She just needs a group.

See, the fantastic feature of Terrible Tornado is her capability to provide her allies outrageous lovers in their ATK stat and also their crucial hit opportunity. Regardless of that she’s with, she has the ability to make them a giant. Your Mumen Rider that pinches hit puny damages will all of a sudden one-hit challengers. That’s exactly how effective Terrible Tornado’s lovers are.

But delay, there’s even more. She additionally has the greatest AOE damages in the video game. While she’s not active making everybody else around her comically solid, she can whip her very own disaster area herself.

Silverfang and also Boros can conveniently defeat Terrible Tornado 1 on 1, no question concerning that. But in regards to efficiency in the field of battle, removing phases and also tale goals, and also really defeating your challengers in 5v5 PvP fights? Terrible Tornado is your best option.

Good Enough But Can Do Better

The following personalities we’ll discuss are solid by themselves right, however are no place as solid as the very first 3 we have actually stated. They will absolutely beam if you discover the ideal celebration structure that they’ll fit right in, however you can not simply fit them right into any type of group and also stop.

Nevertheless, these personalities suffice to assist you remove the tale goals, Extreme Trial, and also Road to beStrong But do not anticipate them to bring a carelessly put together group in the direction of success in PvP suits.

Top 4– Metal Bat

metal bat one punch man road to hero 2.0

Metal Bat is your normal vengeance personality. The a lot more you harmed him, the a lot more he’ll injure YOU. He’s no place near the top of the Hero Association’s positions for S-ranked heroes, however he’s much more powerful below in this video game than he remains in the anime.

First off, great deals of various other gamers will undoubtedly concentrate on either damage-dealing or tankiness. Metal Bat can deal with both builds. He’s tanky sufficient to take all the damages you can provide him, and also he’ll return all that damages back to you. Meanwhile, tanky challengers will certainly have a bumpy ride versus him due to the fact that he tears down your personalities, making them miss their turns.

On an individually circumstance versus any type of various other challenger, Metal Bat has a really high opportunity of winning. But you’ll additionally need to take into consideration the group you’re developing around him. When laid off to take care of himself versus a bigger team of adversaries, Metal Bat can conveniently be bewildered.

Top 5– Mosquito Girl

mosquito girl one punch man road to hero 2.0

Mosquito Girl might have been a little a piece of cake in the anime, however she’s equally as renowned as Genos orSaitama For that factor, she’s being provided a huge function in computer game adjustments, and also Road to Hero is no exemption.

While she’s no place as solid as Boros, she’s still an effective bad guy. She offers solid AOE damages while additionally suffering herself with her lifestealing abilities. She can additionally silence her challengers to avoid them from utilizing their abilities.

However, the trouble with Mosquito Girl is that she can be conveniently chosen off. Her ATK obtains reduced as she sheds her wellness. When your challenger’s personalities have a greater SPD stat, her damages could be as well reduced by the time she reaches assault. Build a solid group of assistance personalities around Mosquito Girl to maintain her active, and after that rubbed her crucial hit price so she can recover up while assaulting.

Can Hang Out With The Top

The following collection of heroes and also bad guys we’re mosting likely to deal with are the last set of personalities you ought to trouble training. While there are a lot of various other personalities in the video game, a lot of them do not truly succeed in PvP or have really particular niche applications in group structure constructs. The adhering to personalities can still fit right into many typical group structures, so you can relax simple investing in them.

Genos— Genos is a personality you will certainly obtain early in the video game, and also he’s the one you ought to be buying a great deal while you have not hired the heroes stated over. While Genos is kinda lightweight and also simple to eliminate, his assaults can erase entire columns of adversaries. Using him in fight will certainly allow you undergo the tale goals conveniently, removing turning points and also goals at the same time.

genos one punch man road to hero 2.0

While Genos is a treasure in the very early video game, you can still maintain him around in your last builds for your group. He functions ideal with various other Hi-Tech personalities like Child Emperor, however you’ll need to develop a strong group around him for you to win battles versus various other gamers.

Child Emperor— Child Emperor is a top-tier assistance personality that can assist endure your group’s wellness for a long period of time while additionally increasing their statistics. His just disadvantage is his reduced damages result, so you truly need to couple him up with high DPS personalities or assassins.

child emperor one punch man road to hero 2.0

While Child Emperor isn’t specifically one of the most typical personality you can receive from the employment swimming pool, his Epic rarity will certainly make him turn up regularly than the Mythical rarity personalities over. Because of that, you’ll likely have the ability to gather sufficient replicate copies of Child Emperor to advertise him to optimal statistics, which is commonly affordable sufficient in PvP.

Hellish Blizzard— She’s not your best personality if you intend to finish your opponent. However, Hellish Blizzard beams ideal when she’s with tough storage tanks and also high DPS personalities. She does truly great Crowd Control versus the opponent, avoiding them from getting involved in rhythm. With Hellish Blizzard, you reach regulate the pace of the video game. Her function is to purchase your group the moment they require to load their very own Rage bar, and after that releasing their powers versus an adversary group in chaos.

hellish blizzard one punch man road to hero 2.0

With that being stated, Hellish Blizzard is really squishy, so you’ll need to place her well on the field of battle. She’s additionally really susceptible versus assassins and also AOE damages personalities. But the means she regulates the pace of the match is a sufficient concession for her frailness.

Tank-Top Master— Tank-Top Master is an uncomplicated personality. He soaks up a great deal of damages from the opponent, while additionally magnificent them and also quiting them from utilizing their abilities. However, you can not anticipate him to round off the opponent for you. You need to couple him with high DPS personalities or with Assassins.

tank-top master one punch man road to hero 2.0

Tank-Top Master will typically outlive everybody else in his very own group. When that occurs, he has long shot of transforming the tables and also winning the fight 1v5. However, his group control abilities can avoid that from taking place, as long as he has a sufficient support system from the remainder of the celebration.

Metal Knight— Finally, we haveMetal Knight The brilliant medical professional utilizes his Battle Robot to combat for him, and also the metal structure of the Metal Knight provides him fantastic security versus opponent assaults. His tankiness will certainly have the ability to endure sufficient damages versus AOE damages personalities, which ought to enable him to deal sufficient of his very own DPS damages prior to he sucks it up.

metal knight one punch man road to hero 2.0

Metal Knight’s DPS damages isn’t the most effective in the video game, however it’s his survivability that provides him an area on our rate checklist. While lots of various other personalities like Lightning Max and also Speed- O’-Sound Sonic have greater DPS damages, they’re commonly as well squishy that they just last a couple of rounds prior to passing away. Therefore, the overall damages Metal Knight handle one whole battle winds up being greater than the various other personalities that really have greater DPS than him.

That’s our leading 10 personalities in One Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0. While these personalities are the greatest amongst all the various other personalities in the video game, not having them should not stop you from playing the video game any longer. Road to Hero is really charitable, granting gamers with great deals of sources commonly sufficient that you will certainly have the ability to do a 10x Recruitment commonly.

Therefore, also if you have actually been betting a while and also you have not obtained any one of these top-tier personalities, do not fret! You’ll obtain a great deal even more possibilities later on in the future. The video game is greater than simply its PvP area, anyhow. Play with the tale setting initially. By the moment you finish all phases, you most likely would have accumulated a number of the personalities stated over.


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