One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Complete All Levels

One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! Is Bandai Namco’s newest challenge video game on Android as well as iphone systems. Though it is currently the 6th video game released by Bandai Namco based upon the prominent anime as well as manga franchise business, it is the very first to be created as a challenge video game. Like a lot of Bandai Namco’s struck titles under its 72-strong application profile, that includes Black Clover Phantom Knights, Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel, as well as Digimon ReArise; One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! goes to an excellent beginning considering its leading 100 graph positionings as well as general customer testimonials.

Join Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, et cetera of the vibrant actors of personalities in One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey !! as they handle a distinct experience loaded with a variety of obstacles that examination your wits as well as abilities. One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! is no regular match-3 challenge video game as it comes loaded with remarkable variations together with RPG aspects in the kind of group make-up, improvement, as well as harmony. If you are a follower of long-running manga as well as anime collection, delight in match-3 challenge video games, or both, after that you ought to most definitely examine this video game out.

One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! deals a lot of brand-new attributes as well as video game auto mechanics also for seasoned as well as proficient match-3 challenge fanatics. It might appear like a great deal to absorb originally yet the extensive tutorial given at the beginning of your experience, along with the details within each home window, covers all the standard auto mechanics as for resolving challenges as well as beating opponents are worried along with establishing your group for every brand-new difficulty in advance.

Overall, One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! is still rather very easy to get as well as play, though grasping each technique as well as strategy can be a difficulty. If you discover on your own embeded a certain degree, or merely searching for means to enhance your gameplay, after that make certain to review our One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! novice’s overview. Our collection of easy yet efficient pointers as well as techniques will definitely assist you finishing each degree!

1. There’s No Need To Hurry

Just like the manga, which is still running as well as currently more than its 800th phase, there is no requirement to hurry in having fun One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! to resolve each phase’s challenge. While the preliminary degrees are a wind to complete considered that it becomes part of the guide phases, you are quite totally free to take as much time as you require on the degrees you participate in after the tutorials.

one piece bon bon journey tricks

As many match-3 challenge video games commonly utilize time stress as component of difficulty in resolving challenges, together with the basic concept that completing a difficulty quicker constantly results in gaining much better incentives or two, a great deal of gamers normally have a virtually irrepressible idea to begin swiping away as well as matching 3 treasures, fruits, or in this situation, Bonbons, as quickly as the degree begins. This strategy, nonetheless, is not the most effective method to obtain the most effective lead to One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! or any type of match-3 challenge ready that issue.

In as long as the tutorial might make each degree appear direct as well as extremely simple, there are a great deal of difficult degrees that are available in the video game earlier than anticipated. While a fast strategy in the direction of matching bonbons might still obtain you to remove a couple of degrees easy, maybe by large good luck also, it will certainly not constantly hold true particularly on tougher phases. As such, it is necessary beforehand to spend some time as well as check out each feasible action prior to you swipe away.

Some phases perhaps a little bit much more delimiting as for feasible actions go, yet considered that One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! holds a selection of unique Bonbons, together with unique capacities of your personalities, there will certainly commonly be greater than one method to deal with making each relocate to make development in a degree.

Making it a routine to consider the entire challenge in its whole as well as analyzing each feasible action will certainly constantly generate much better outcomes for you. It might call for a bit much more persistence yet what some gamers might do not have, as for eagerness of eyes is worried, can be made up with a bit even more time to check with the grid of ceramic tiles. There will not constantly be a far better action that reduces over the remainder, yet still, having even more choices to pick from prior to making that crucial swipe can go a lengthy method.

2. Match More Than 3 Bonbons As Much As You Can

The match-3 challenge style commonly offers the concept that the method to address resolving challenges solely results kind just matching 3 ceramic tiles. Contrary to that being unique methods of advancing in the challenge, nonetheless, matching 3 ceramic tiles is the bare minimum. In practically every match-3 challenge video game that exists, there are usually extra bonus offers you leave matching 4 or even more ceramic tiles with each other.

how to match more than 3 bonbons in one piece bon bon journey

One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! is familiar with the principle of matching greater than 3 ceramic tiles with each other. Whether it’s 4 on a straight line, 5 on an “L” or “T” form and more, searching for means to be able to do so leads to unique ceramic tiles or Bonbons that can assist you remove a phase quicker, otherwise make you greater factors. The difficult component, however, is that these circumstances are rarely readily available straight-out as well as might call for some establishing to achieve.

In any type of situation, make certain to work out some persistence to look for opportunities of opening these mixes as doing so will most definitely be compensated well progressing with the challenge. On top of producing the unique ceramic tiles that have effective impacts, switching them with each other additionally activates distinct capacities. Be in search of these as well as plan also around using them to guarantee your success on the present challenge.

3. Form A Well-Rounded Team

One of the distinct aspects in One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey !! that establishes it in addition to a totally match-3 challenge video game originates from the personalities you accumulate as well as utilize in each phase to battle opponents as well as managers with every ceramic tile suit you achieve. Each personality holds distinct characteristics as well as abilities that assist you in removing challenges or dealing much heavier problems to the opponents you require to beat. As such, mindful option as well as financial investment in the appropriate personalities for your group can accompany method.

You will certainly have a group of 3 systems as well as a complete lineup of greater than 60 personalities to accumulate. There are rarity degrees that might affect your option of staff member along with preference particularly if you are a follower of the collection, or a minimum of several of its personalities. However, a much more efficient strategy in the direction of developing a group is thinking about the ability that every one has as well as just how it can assist you in numerous circumstances.

how to build a team in one piece bon bon journey

For beginners, each personality either has a damages ability kind or assistance kind as well as you while you are quite totally free to pick personalities with any type of blend of these ability kinds, having one that does damages as well as having 2 assistances is ideal for beginners. Support personalities usually assist you in removing challenges as well as can be found in a variety of types. To make certain, go through each personality summary by touching on the “Bonbons” symbol at the end of your display, as well as choosing the Team banner.

One crucial point to bear in mind also is that while greater rarity personalities do have much better statistics as well as abilities to start with, the most convenient method of rating up each personality’s ability is with getting numerous duplicates of the very same personality. This implies that while you might intend to count on 4-star heroes that you get, you might have numerous 3-star Bonbons that have actually expanded more powerful as an outcome of their greater degree abilities.

Each Bonbon or personality can additionally be leveled up with using Berries that you get practically anywhere as well as acts as one of the most standard money in the video game. While you might appear to generate an excellent quantity of these beforehand, though, the tremendously raising prices of levelling up will certainly make it hard for you to constantly updating all your 3 personalities. As such, it is necessary to have fun with as well as count on a taken care of group as early as feasible, one that can take you with various selections of challenges as well as fights.

Beyond each personality’s ability, make certain to remember of every one’s group web link ability, which just turns on when the group web link problems are fulfilled. Team web link problems solely depend on the staff member’ kinds, which can be seen at the reduced appropriate symbol of their picture. Though it is a little bit even more of a sophisticated method to establish your collaborate, having an excellent mix of Bonbons that have abilities to sustain you throughout numerous difficulty kinds will certainly be much more collaborating with energetic group web link impacts.

4. The Hint May Not Always Be The Best Move

It can be hard to neglect the poorly beautiful triad of ceramic tiles you will regularly see while you contemplate at your following relocate any type of challenge. As long as the “totally free idea” is valued, however, it can furthermore deter you from seeing as well as thinking about a far better choice, or much better choices, as your following action. In some situations, the presence of tips completely avoid you from taking as much time as required to take into consideration all feasible swaps within the present challenge and also as practical as it can be to some newbies, it must not be enabled to time-out you right into believing that what it uses is in fact the most effective feasible relocate to make.

one piece bon bon journey hints

For ideal outcomes, your attitude right from the beginning is to see the tip merely as a pointer for a feasible action as well as remain to look for much better ones throughout the challenge. Think of it as a plain arbitrary recommendation, which might be the most effective feasible relocate one circumstances as well as might be the most awful in others.

Relative to this, as well as offered the wide variety of unbiased variations that make most challenges in One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey !! an interesting one, tips do not constantly accompany the most effective feasible relocate assistance of removing the phase’s goals. While you can flee tidy for catching the lure of constantly going with the tip in the earlier degrees, doing so will certainly more than likely make you miss out on removing some challenges in the future.

5. Always Think Several Moves Ahead

In relationship to matching greater than 3 ceramic tiles within a challenge as well as producing unique ones, it might still take place that merely going with a 3-tile combination will certainly be the much better choice in choose situations. This is since as a professional match-3 gamer, you ought to not just consider your present action, yet rather believe numerous actions in advance regarding the end result of the action you intend on making. Simply placed, matched ceramic tiles disappear and also as the ceramic tiles over them fall, brand-new ones arise from the top of the display.

how to plan moves in one piece bon bon journey

With a mutual understanding of this standard video game technician in mind, you can have an excellent concept of just how the following structure of ceramic tiles will certainly appear like after you carry out a suit as well as with it, comes a psychological photo of whether you can make something out of your present action’s end result. It might take a while to exercise this ability in mind yet the incentives you can leave it can assist you in many circumstances. Additionally, intending doing well suits or a minimum of envisioning out the effect of the suit you will do can set off some combinations that will certainly not simply make you massive factors, placed can potentially set off the generation of one or numerous unique ceramic tiles.

Relative to taking as much time as you require prior to carrying out a step, as a result, make an initiative to do your ideal in forecasting the end result of each feasible action, as well as make a decision much better based upon the general result of those successive actions. Again, you can easily pick an easy match-3 action with this in mind, if its effect will certainly set off a combination that diminishes much more ceramic tiles or gains you much more unique ones because of this.

6. Prioritize Bottom Tiles When All Options Are Equal

While there will certainly be some circumstances where one suit choice will certainly be seemingly much better than the remainder, it can not be aided that some action readily available for you to make are each similarly efficient. Examples of these are when you just have match-3 feasible actions as well as every one will certainly not likely set off any type of combination or various other impacts that completely makes them much better than the various other choices. In such situations, constantly opt for matching ceramic tiles at the lowermost location of the challenge.

one piece bon bon journey bottom files

The factor behind this choice rely on the upcoming ceramic tiles that fall from over the display, as an impact of the removal of the ceramic tiles you will certainly match. While there is no other way to recognize what ceramic tiles will certainly be falling from the display, picking to match an evaluated all-time low of the challenge will certainly affect much more activity from amongst the staying ceramic tiles. If good luck gets on your side, after that the brand-new ceramic tiles that fell might set off a combination. If not, after that there is absolutely nothing to shed as each matching choice is, once again, similarly efficient in this circumstance.

7. Accomplish Missions For Extra Rewards

In as long as you get a lot of incentives in One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! for finishing degrees, even more can be made using finishing objectives. At the beginning of your video game, make certain to examine the objectives symbol at the end of the major display to see each objective. Both everyday objectives as well as additional objectives remain in line with the normal tasks you participate in as you play the video game and also as very easy as several of the goals right here are, opportunities are that you will certainly achieve many tasks without also recognizing them.

how to earn more rewards in one piece bon bon journey

There are 3 everyday objectives you can achieve for very easy sources as well as the additional objectives function as landmarks that you got to based upon your general development in the video game. Let the listing of goals you see in both tabs function as your overview in the direction of taking part in tasks you might have missed out on in your everyday playthrough.

8. Add As Many Friends As You Can

As long as you can reach play as well as delight in One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! all by yourself, having buddies to have fun with gives additional benefits to increase your development in the video game with no disadvantages whatsoever. Friends can send out endurance to each other as well as while you might have a variety of in-game power at the very early component of the video game, you will certainly quickly desire even more of it to play longer.

one piece bon bon journey friends

An also much better perk to leave having buddies is the “Call a Friend” attribute that allows you to utilize a buddy’s ability in fight. Although it calls for eating transponder snails or rainbow pearls to do so, it can be extremely practical particularly in difficult degrees.

You can examine the buddies symbol listed below the major display for gamer welcomes as well as you can furthermore share your pal code using some social applications. Don’ t wait to make brand-new buddies to sustain you in gaining totally free endurance as well as assist you in fight as there will certainly be many obstacles in advance in the video game that will certainly make you value each one you make.

That covers all the pointers as well as methods we have for One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! gamers. We wish that after reviewing this overview, you have actually obtained some brand-new understanding that you can conveniently relate to your succeeding puzzle-solving runs. If you intend to share some even more pointers or techniques you found in the video game in addition to what we have actually currently reviewed, after that allow us recognize with the remark area!

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