Monster Hammer Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Get a High Score

Monster Hammer is a medieval-themed activity video game produced by Dobsoft Studios for Android and also iphone tools. In the video game, you are placed in the footwear of a hero that is geared up with a gigantic hammer. You have to after that overcome every flooring of an apparently countless dungeon. Each brand-new flooring boosts in problem degree, with brand-new beasts to keep an eye out for, and also longer phases that you require to make it through. Conquering degrees will certainly compensate you with gold coins, power ups, and also tools. You will certainly require all these in order to advance much deeper right into the dungeon, where a lot more enormous risks wait for.

The video game’s one-tap controls make it very easy for both newbies and also professional gamers to grab. Of program, the simpleness of the controls likewise suggests it is harder to master. Do you have what it requires to climb with the rankings of the leaderboards? Check out our Monster Hammer overview for suggestions, cheats and also methods in order to make it to the leading!

1. Practice Your Swing

The just point your personality can do is turn his hammer. He instantly moves on in the dungeon, whether you desire him to or otherwise. As your personality moves on, waves of beasts will certainly relocate in the direction of him. The just means to secure on your own is by turning your hammer in the nick of time to eliminate the beasts prior to they reach him. Each wave will certainly remove one heart despite the variety of beasts in it. When you lack hearts, you stop working the degree.

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Swinging can be a little bit challenging initially. A typical error newbies make is considering their personality and also his range from the beasts. What you need to be considering rather is the placement of the beasts on the display. Keep in mind that your hammer swings in an arc. That suggests its reach is much shorter on the sides than in the center. There is likewise some hold-up in the hammer’s traveling time as your personality swings it.

What you require to take notice of is the placement of the beasts on the display that will certainly cause an excellent hit. This will certainly differ per degree given that the rate of the beasts as they come close to boosts as you advance. Just keep in mind of exactly how quick they are relocating and also exactly how quick you can turn your hammer. Once you obtain one excellent swing, bear in mind where the beasts were when you made the swing. It assists that the blocks on the flooring resemble pens, so it will certainly be less complicated for you to keep in mind. Once you have a great feeling for the swing time, you will certainly have the ability to experience the degrees with simplicity.

2. The Flawless Run

When you experience a whole flooring without shedding a solitary heart, you will certainly be offered a Flawless score. You will certainly likewise get a couple of added coins as a benefit. As you might possibly visualize, obtaining a Flawless score can be hard. The inquiry after that is, do you actually require it? If you are a nit-picker, and also you wish to finish each and every single flooring faultlessly, after that support on your own for a great deal of job. You will certainly require to begin again every single time a beast strikes you since there is no chance to return to previous degrees. That suggests if you finish a flooring without a Flawless score, it will certainly remain this way permanently.

The great information is, you do not actually require a Flawless run. The coins you gain as bonus offer is barely worth the difficulty of beginning a flooring over and also over. There is likewise no indication whatsoever that you finished a degree with a Flawless score. Once a flooring has actually been finished, just you will certainly recognize whether it was a Flawless run. If you do not mind not obtaining every little thing excellent, conserve on your own the difficulty and also simply carry on.

3. Spamming For Gold

The standard means to gain gold in Monster Hammer is by damaging flower holders and also cages throughout your run. You can do this by striking a beast in the direction of the cages on the side of the display. Of program, that isn’t actually constantly within your control, so do not head out of your means to go for them. You will certainly likewise periodically see a strolling prize box or a gnome. Hit these with your hammer and also you will certainly obtain even more gold. Reading with these alternatives will possibly make you assume if there is a much better means to gain money in this video game. The great information exists is.

At completion of each run, you will certainly not instantly gain extra gold. What you will certainly have rather is an Earn Gold switch that will certainly play a video clip ad when you touch on it. At completion of the video clip, you will certainly get 150 gold. This deal is offered no matter if you finished a degree or otherwise. You will certainly likewise gain 150 gold despite exactly how much along you remain in the degree. That suggests you can simply continuously stop working a degree in order to spam for gold. Just allow your personality pass away continuously up until you have actually gained sufficient.

4. Double Your Earnings, Here’s How

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Aside from the Earn Gold alternative at the end of every run, the video game likewise breaks down 2 even more sorts of giveaways. The initially one is the Daily Login bonus offer. You obtain boosting quantities of gold for every successive day that you visit. You likewise gain a brand-new tool on the 5th day. The 2nd free offer is the Free Gift that can be found in differing times. You will certainly see a timer at the end of every run and also you will certainly have the ability to touch on the case switch when it is offered. Whenever you get either of these 2 incentives, you will certainly likewise be offered the alternative to increase whatever quantity you got. If you approve the deal, an ad will certainly play, and also you will certainly get two times the quantity of gold as guaranteed. Always capitalize on this deal as long as you can in order to optimize your revenues.

5. Unlock New Equipment

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The video game will certainly supply you your very first tool, shield, and also ring as you play with the floorings. After that, you will certainly need to open extra ones by yourself. You will certainly see a prize box near the bottom ideal edge of the display. Tap on it in order to open an arbitrary tool for 1000 gold. The cost does not transform despite the number of times you open up one, so simply maintain opening up prize boxes as quickly as you have sufficient gold.

What you actually wish to receive from the prize boxes are the rings. There are 2 sorts of rings in the video game: Silver and alsoGold The Gold ring enhances the quantity of gold you gain while the Silver ring enhances the regularity of power ups. The result of the rings enhances as their degree boosts, so attempt to open a higher-level ring as quickly as you can.

6. What To Wear?

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Now that you have actually opened a lot of tools, you are possibly questioning which ones are the very best. Aside from the rings that have differing degrees, there is no finest tools. Every tool, safety helmet, and also shield have the specific very same result. A safety helmet and also a shield will certainly each include one heart to your complete life. This suggests you can use whatever you like as long as you do not unequip them. This is a good idea given that you are totally free to tailor your personality’s clothing as long as you desire.

The very same holds true when it pertains to your hammer, yet this is where you require to place a little bit of idea. All hammers have the very same size, turn time, and also damages. Technically, it should not matter which one you outfit. The trouble is the aesthetic result it carries the gamer. Some hammers look much shorter or longer depending upon their form. This can result in a modification in your timing if you are not mindful. It is finest if you adhere to one hammer if you have actually currently grasped turning it about.

7. How To Take Advantage Of Power Ups

There are 4 sorts of power ups in the video game, and also you will certainly open them on various floorings. You can pass by which power up will certainly show up, given that they turn up arbitrarily within the degrees, yet you can affect their regularity by gearing up a higher-level Silver ring. Even if you have no control over which power up you will certainly obtain, it is still a great concept to acquaint on your own with each of them in order to optimize their usage. We have actually provided the various power ups listed below to aid offer you a much better concept of what they do.
Shockwave– This is the very first power up you will certainly obtain, and also it is possibly one of the most beneficial. While it is energetic, each swing you make will certainly send out a shockwave throughout the flooring, eliminating all beasts in its course. Feel totally free to spam it for as lengthy as it is energetic.

Invisibility— This power up will certainly make you unseen, and also for that reason, untouchable for a brief duration. You can still turn your hammer around while unseen in order to eliminate beasts and also gain a greater rating.

Whirlwind— This power up will certainly make your personality twirl around and also around for a brief duration. He is untouchable while this is energetic, and also he will certainly eliminate all beasts that are struck by his twirling.

Time Slow— This is the last power up you will certainly open, and also it will certainly reduce the activity of beasts for a brief duration. While the majority of people do not value this initially, its real worth beams with in innovative degrees where beasts appear to hurry in the direction of you.

8. Use Your Boosts Often

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There are 2 sorts of increases offered inMonster Hammer The initially one is theExploding Shield This will certainly secure you from one circumstances of damages, aiding you conserve hearts. It will certainly likewise blow up upon influence, securing an added wave of beasts with it. The 2nd increase is theSuper Hammer This will certainly raise the dimension of your hammer, making it less complicated to strike beasts with every swing.

These enhances just price 100 gold each. That suggests you can have them both energetic for 200 gold. You might be reluctant to invest gold on things that will just work for a solitary run, yet bear in mind exactly how very easy it is to really gain gold in the video game if you are thorough with your advertisement uses. These 2 increases will certainly conserve you a great deal of suffering as you experience the degrees. Besides, as soon as you have top-level rings and also the clothing of your option, there isn’t much factor to invest even more gold on opening up prize boxes. You might also invest them on making your life less complicated.

9. Continue After Failing A Run

When you stop working a degree, yet you have actually currently gotten to the 50% checkpoint of the flooring, the video game will certainly ask you if you wish to proceed. You will certainly likewise see exactly how much you are from completion of the flooring. If you consent to proceed, a video clip ad will certainly play. Once the video clip is done, you will certainly have the ability to proceed your keep up all your hearts renewed. If you acquired both enhances at the start of the degree, your Exploding Shield will certainly not return, yet you will certainly still have a super-sized hammer. Another point you need to keep in mind is that also if you make it throughout of the degree with your renewed hearts undamaged, you will certainly still not gain a Flawless score.

10. How To Get Rid Of Ads

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Monster Hammer is not actually ridiculous when it pertains to turn up promotions. You obtain one video clip that you can negate as soon as every 5 or 6 runs. The advertisements never ever disrupt your run, so there actually isn’t much factor to do away with them. However, if you actually desire an ad-free experience, you can merely acquire coins in-game. Any quantity will certainly eliminate all advertisements from the video game, and also the most affordable one is just worth a number of bucks.

If you do not wish to invest genuine cash on the video game, however, there is an option. You can change your tool to plane setting to stop the video game from accessing the advertisements that are saved online. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that doing so will certainly likewise eliminate the advertisement uses. You will certainly no more have the ability to gain 150 coins after every run or increase your incentives. You likewise will certainly not get the alternative to proceed your run.

It is time to possess your magnificent hammer and also take on the midsts of the dungeon in Monster Hammer! Just bear in mind the suggestions and also methods provided above and also you will certainly be damaging leading ratings in a snap!

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