Marvel Duel Deck Guide: Basic Deck Builds to Help You Earn More Wins with Your Favorite Heroes

NetEase’s Marvel Duel has definitely introduced a brand new spark to the world of technique CCGs. While the Marvel Universe franchise has immense recognition by itself, Marvel Duel’s consideration of every hero and villain, in addition to their distinct tremendous powers and affiliations, makes for a strategy-laden expertise from deck-building proper all the way down to partaking in numerous duels.

The card assortment side of Marvel Duel can each be an thrilling expertise in addition to a really difficult one provided that playing cards comply with a rarity grade making among the most vital elements of any deck tougher to acquire. Considering as nicely you could have as much as 4 copies of any card, maximizing the chance of some playing cards being drawn extra usually requires you embrace a number of copies of the playing cards you want extra.

Before we dig deeper into this information, make sure to try our Marvel Duel newbie’s information first when you haven’t but achieved so. If you’ve gotten simply began enjoying Marvel Duel, and nonetheless making an attempt to know its base mechanics and options, then our newbie’s information will definitely show you how to stand up to hurry when it comes to making early development. In this new Marvel Duel information, we will probably be fully specializing in urged deck builds. It is extremely attainable that you’ll not have all of the elements early on however, on the very least, it ought to function an honest format so that you can comply with.

Deck-building can really feel slightly bizarre in Marvel Duel, even for skilled and veteran CCG fanatics. Each deck consists of three totally different subdecks and a impartial one, making it extra restrictive than most, if not all, CCGs on the market. As every subdeck has its personal strengths and limitations, mixing your important subdeck with 2 others in addition to impartial playing cards could be a very grueling activity. This is as a result of the pure objective of each deck design is solidarity and synergy. Adhering to the 3-subdeck rule, in tandem with the minimal requirement of 10 playing cards for each, can complicate issues slightly extra for each participant. There are commonplace playing cards that blend in with the playing cards you picked to be part of your deck as nicely.

marvel duel best decks

In essence, there are 2 important issues in constructing a robust deck, no matter which tremendous hero or theme you need to work with. The first one is to make a deck that’s synergistic sufficient to have as many elements in assist of a selected theme or technique. The second one is, in fact, to stick to the restrictions of deck-building whereas contemplating deck effectivity each step of the best way.

What you principally must work on is selecting which from among the many 3 subdeck decisions will stand as your important theme and which of them are for assist functions. With this in thoughts, what you’d go for is a deck largely comprised of playing cards from one subdeck and 10 playing cards from the 2 different subdecks and impartial subdeck. You will give attention to the theme of the primary subdeck and contemplate all different playing cards that work in assist of it, that means no playing cards from the opposite 2 subdecks can have restrictive results that won’t apply to your important playing cards.

For every deck, we will probably be laying out the composition of the primary subdeck in addition to notable impartial playing cards for that deck. As far as assist subdeck goes, we’re principally contemplating playing cards that may be helpful throughout all deck builds and don’t have any restrictive perks.

Spider-Man Deck

Spider-Man Decks are identified for summoning symbiotes in addition to deploying Spider-Verse characters quick. Some Spider-Verse characters additionally exhibit the power to spice up the facility of fellow Spider-Verse characters with a slew of characters using stun results, together with bonus results towards surprised enemies, to realize benefit in battle.

The primary technique surrounding Spider-Verse Decks revolve across the and abilities that allow you to summon extra characters and having characters that enhance deployed items’ energy to overwhelm the enemy.

marvel duel spider-man deck

Deck Components:

4x Gwen Stacy – She is a low-cost booster that may grant pleasant Spider-Verse characters +2 energy. Getting her early works nice and she will set off the +2 energy enhance once more after a profitable star burst.

2x Ghost-Spider – She can guard and summon a black symbiote with 2 energy and guard through final phrases when defeated. If Silk is deployed, she’s going to profit from the defeat of Spider-Verse characters, together with summoned symbiotes.

4x Silk – She will probably be an integral a part of your deck’s technique early on and can function the powerhouse within the early recreation. As she’s going to achieve +2 armor every time a Spider-Verse ally is defeated, she’s going to principally feed off of symbiotes and different fallen allies every flip.

2x Web Shooters – This is an tools designed to decelerate the opposition’s tempo. As you’ll depend on some low-cost Spider-Verse characters early on, some will show to be helpful even from mid to finish recreation with internet shooters gorgeous two enemy items every flip.

2x Venom Mysterio – An influence of 8 at 4 price is respectable sufficient however the primary consideration for Venom Mysterio is his final phrases means that may summon 2 black symbiotes with 2 energy and guard when he’s defeated. This works in assist of Silk’s means as nicely.

2x Doppelganger Miles – Packed with vital hit, Doppelganger is nicely value his price particularly with energy boosts. He can summon a purple symbiote with 8 energy and demanding hit together with his final phrases means as nicely.

2x Spider-Man (Miles Morales) – This Spider-Man could be a nice assist to any mixture of Spider-Verse decks. Once he’s in play, any Spider-Verse ally summoned robotically beneficial properties +5 energy.

2x Symbiote Spider-Man – A really highly effective unit with 12 energy and demanding hit. Definitely a unit to speculate energy on as defeating enemies will set off him to summon 6 black symbiotes and enhance Spider-Verse allies’ energy by +2.

2x Superior Spider-Man – This character possibly removed from being the strongest unit at 6 price. His final phrases means, nonetheless, could be a actual game-changer as he can summon 3 random Spider-Verse characters with a value of 5 or much less.

2x Great Responsibility – This card grants a Spider-Verse character +60 armor, guard, and +4 motion occasions till the top of the subsequent battle.


Howard the Duck – provides a summoned ally +3 energy after they enter the battlefield as an impact of a ability, a particular plus for symbiote summoning.

Silver Sword – provides an assault character +8 energy and recuperate 8 harm after defeating an enemy.

Hawkeye’s Bow – provides an assault character +4 energy, vital hit, and annihilate.

Taskmaster’s Shield – provides a guardian character +20 armor, guard, and iron will successfully making her or him a tank.

Spider-Man decks will be in-built a lot of methods provided that there are quite a few nice options to think about on high of what’s listed right here. Spider-Verse characters usually have nice general synergy as nicely. On the draw back, it may be a problem to compete on a one-on-one foundation within the late recreation as different decks have greater chances to pump up single characters with extra energy.

Iron Man Deck

As Tony Stark is understood for his huge wealth on high of being an excellent hero, you’ll be able to anticipate Iron Man Decks to capitalize on store upgrades to spice up the efficiency of Stark Industries characters. Raising the store degree and making greater degree playing cards accessible for buy forward of the competitors is intrinsically the decks edge over all different themes.

The basic technique in Iron Man decks require good decision-making between buying playing cards and upgrading the store. As store upgrades could cause both momentary or everlasting boosts to Stark Industries items, setting it up early on and on the identical time laying out defenses will probably be a problem.

marvel duel iron man deck

Deck Components:

2x Madame Masque – She is a assist character that earns you 2 well being when your store is upgraded. Star burst will increase the well being achieve, which is vital for you as you may be investing assets early on to improve your store as an alternative of setting correct defenses.

4x Iron Man Model I – He is a low-cost guardian that will increase armor by +3 with every store improve.

2x Arc Reactor – allows assist characters to deal harm equal to your store degree and triggers 4 occasions per battle.

4x Iron Monger – This unit will increase his energy by +1 every time a Stark Industries unit involves play. With vital hit in tandem with power-enhancing gears, he can simply down opposing guardians and different armored items.

2x Superior Iron Man – A brief +2 energy booster, Superior Iron Man can work nicely with different deck builds as nicely.

1x Crimson Dynamo – This unit is powerful for its price and if you purchases a 6-cost card whereas he’s in play, you’ll be able to earn 4 battle gems you need to use to improve your store quicker.

2x Silver Centurion – This is a vital part of any Iron Man Deck as he provides all different Stark Industries items +7 energy. At star degree 2, he provides +47 energy to all allied Stark Industry characters.

2x Silver Centurion Blade – provides assault characters +4 energy and puncture, which ignores the enemy’s armor.

4x Repulsor Blast – For a value of 6, Repulsor Blast offers 8 harm to all enemy items at the beginning of battle, eliminating some whereas softening others for the kill.

2x Hulkbuster Armor – As another sort of armor breaker, Hulkbuster Armor beneficial properties 50% extra energy every time he assaults an enemy unit with armor.


Red Hulk – has pace strike and offers harm first. Gives all different assault characters +6 energy.

Winter Soldier’s Arm – provides assault characters +8 energy.

Hawkeye’s Bow – provides an assault character +4 energy, vital hit, and annihilate.

A.I.M. Energy Missile – Grants assist characters puncture, which ignores armor, and offers 4 harm to all opponents, triggering 4x in every battle.

Taskmaster’s Shield – provides a guardian character +20 armor, guard, and iron will successfully making her or him a tank.

Iron Man Decks might take some time to arrange and you’ll seemingly soak up some harm forward of your enemy. Once arrange, although, you’ll be able to anticipate to have the ability to flip the tide of battle with greater store ranges and further battle gems to spend on costly purchases. Stark Industries items likewise don’t synergize as a lot as different groups do however with the best gears, they’ll deal with nearly any risk.

Thor Deck

Thor Decks focus on increase armor for his or her items and slowly chipping away at enemies with characters that convert armor to energy. The typical builds can take the benefit early on particularly if the opposing items wouldn’t have sufficient energy or abilities to penetrate by means of the Asgardians’ armor.

The basic technique is to speculate and construct up armor of chosen items, notably Thor and Hogun who can convert armor into energy throughout fight. Everything else within the deck will function assist to core items.

marvel duel thor deck

[Deck Components]

4x Fandral – a low-cost, probably flip 1 unit that beneficial properties +1 energy with each Asgardian unit summoned whereas he’s in play.

1x Guard Army of Asgard – a particular cannon fodder that may grant +3 armor to an allied unit as soon as defeated.

2x Jane Foster – additionally an incredible early booster with the power to grant each +3 energy and +3 armor to an allied Asgardian unit. Worth star bursting for an additional enhance to allies.

4x Hogun – presently one of many 2 most vital playing cards within the deck. Hogun earns +2 energy when shedding armor in battle. Investing extra armor in him is vital.

1x Lady Sif – an ideal assist to each Hogun and Thor as she may give an adjoining Asgardian unit +5 armor after taking motion.

2x Throg – Also a worthy unit to speculate some armor on. Throg has iron will that makes him nice for protection and each armor achieve makes him deal 5 harm to an opponent.

2x Mjolnir – Confers +6 armor to a guardian character and allows them to deal 9 harm to an opponent, triggering twice per battle.

2x Thor – A strong enemy killer when arrange proper. Thor beneficial properties energy with each armor misplaced and also will retaliate after receiving an assault, dealing double harm as nicely. His energy is actually the sum of his energy and armor and with retaliate all the time energetic, he can positively take down any risk on the opposing aspect of the sector.

1x Gungnir – a strong gear for assist characters within the deck. Gungnir allows the holder to grant +4 armor to 2 pleasant Asgardian items with the bottom armor and grants them iron will as nicely, triggering 4 occasions in every battle.

1x Valkyrie – can summon fallen Asgardian items and provides them +15 armor after taking motion.


Shuri – provides a guardian unit +5 armor.

Korg – provides a guardian unit +8 armor.

Hulk – provides all different guardian items +1 energy and +10 armor.

Captain America’s Shield – grants a guardian +10 armor and guard.

Silver Sword – provides an assault character +8 energy and recuperate 8 harm after defeating an enemy.

Thor Decks positively excel at protection as they focus on armor build-up. With energy slightly too targeting just a few items, although, it may be a trouble if the core items are crushed.

Hela Deck

Hela Decks are not like any sort of decks you’ll encounter in any technique CCG. Selfish as it might appear, these decks depend on concentrating energy on a single unit and set off their maverick abilities when just one unit is in your aspect of the sector. It could be a tough deck to mess around with however attention-grabbing as nicely.

The basic technique is to assist items with maverick abilities early on and set it up in such a means that the maverick abilities are triggered. It could be a problem within the early levels of the match however upon getting set it up accurately, Hela Decks can simply flip the tide of battle.

marvel duel hela deck

[Deck Composition]

2x Bloodaxe – grants +3 energy to any assault character.

2x Frost Giant – has excessive assault and armor for its relative price however will probably be defeated after it loses its armor.

4x Frost Beast – a beefed up model of the Frost Giant.

4x Destroyer – has pierce, which makes him an efficient attacker provided that extra harm he offers will probably be directed to a different opposing unit. Left alone in your aspect of the sector, Destroyer doubles his energy and beneficial properties vital hit, successfully inflicting 4x as a lot harm.

2x Ebony Blade – grants +5 energy to an assault character and if they’re alone within the area, grants an additional +10 energy and +1 motion time.

4x Kurse – must be strategically deployed for his annihilate means to be absolutely utilized. Kurse additionally has +2 motion occasions.

4x Hela – a core part of her Deck, Hela can deal harm equal to her energy towards all opposing items when she is the one unit in your aspect of the sector.

4x Malekith – deployment slot can also be vital to Malekith as he can grant all Ragnarok characters to his proper +8 energy every time a Ragnarok character to his left is defeated. Potentially greatest positioned second to the final from left to proper.

4x Surtur – a particular powerhouse with 30 energy at the price of 6, Surtur can deal 3 direct harm to an enemy when his maverick ability triggers.

4x Enchantress – She might not exhibit a lot on the uncooked energy division however Enchantress’ maverick ability allows her to take management of an enemy unit with the bottom energy, add her energy into that unit, and in addition give them guard.


Falcon – provides an assault character +3 energy.

A.I.M. Bomb – offers 10 harm to an opponent upon the hooked up character’s defeat.

Maverick abilities distinctive to Ragnarok characters are extraordinarily highly effective and numerous. As such, it may be anticipated that these skills are slightly more difficult to set off. To begin off, Hela Decks can have a tough time holding items round, which creates an incredible want so that you can shield them whereas setting issues up.

There are quite a few characters value establishing for his or her maverick abilities and each can result in a singular path in the direction of victory. In essence, you’ll be able to contemplate the deck numerous and adaptive to the present duel scenario however the strategic experience in addition to luck wanted to drag every part off in accordance with plan will be greater than what you want in different decks.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Decks focus on giving boosts to abilities and energy. Some abilities deal harm earlier than motion and harm ensuing from ability harm may lead to energy boosts. As a end result, they’ll usually remove items inside the opposing area earlier than the precise battle begins.

The widespread technique revolves round growing motion occasions for characters to exponentially enhance their effectiveness. Amassing energy might take some time so cautious technique is essential within the early levels of the duel. Banking on abilities that set off previous to the battle section takes benefit of ignoring the enemy unit’s armor and needs to be a core technique to work with. Eliminating threats is essential previous to the battle section.

marvel duel captain marvel deck

[Deck Components]

2x Minn-Erva – offers 4 harm to an opponent earlier than taking motion.

4x Kree Soldiers – offers 1 harm to 2 opponents after being defeated.

2x Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) – beneficial properties +1 energy every time a pleasant character offers ability harm. Definitely a core part of this deck that wants preliminary safety however can develop to change into the strongest unit within the late recreation.

4x Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) – She has each guard and iron will match for tanking items. After getting attacked, she offers 2 harm to an opponent.

2x Yonn-Rogg – vital for synergistic functions as nicely, this unit boosts the ability harm of allied Intergalactic War items by +1.

4x Ronan – offers 4 harm to an opponent earlier than takin an motion and might set off a number of occasions based mostly on his star degree.

4x Mar-Vell – one more key part of Intergalactic War decks, Mar-Vell will get an influence enhance every time an allied Intergalactic War unit offers ability harm to an enemy. The energy gained is the same as half of the ability harm dealt.

1x Talos – his final phrases means summons a duplicate of an allied Intergalactic War unit with the very best price, which implies that the earlier he’s defeated, the higher it’s for his ability to set off.

2x Accuser’s Hammer – summons a duplicate of the final defeated Intergalactic War ally that was defeated and triggers 4 occasions per battle.

2x Moonstones – An tools that grants assault characters’ the power to earn energy equal to the harm dealt by their ability.


Captain America’s Shield – grants a guardian +10 armor and guard.

Captain Marvel Decks require a variety of synergy from its playing cards and could be a problem to drag off at occasions. Patience is essential for increase your mid to finish recreation lineup as nicely. These decks profit from prolonged battle classes which have extra actions in your finish. Going for an extended flip of occasions implies that your core items are getting stronger. As a lot as Intergalactic War heroes excel within the endurance recreation, they’re weak to quick setups particularly when the preliminary array of enemies can shortly take out your key playing cards.

Star-Lord Deck

Star-Lord or Guardians of the Galaxy Decks are constructed for fast overpowering assaults and profiting from the hole in energy from then on. From the get-go, these decks must push for a fast and efficient offensive tactic and remove threats from the opposing aspect of the sector. GotG characters are usually quick when it comes to dealing harm and might forestall different decks from establishing correct defenses and counters.

GotG technique is definitely plain and easy: Deploy items, improve them, and go in for the kill. Defeating enemy items can set off numerous particular results that may additional stretch the benefit of battle to your favor. There is sweet synchronicity amongst GotG playing cards as nicely so it’s comparatively simple to make a leap on enemies and set off abilities that require the opponent unit’s defeat.

marvel duel star-lord deck

[Deck Components]

2x Mantis – lets allied GotG characters earn +2 energy every time the ydefeat an enemy unit.

2x Rocket Racoon – offers harm to an enemy based mostly on the variety of GotG characters you’ve gotten in play.

4x Cosmo – when summoned, provides an allied GotG character +3 energy.

2x Groot – has guard and earns +3 energy every time he defeats an enemy unit.

4x Drax – with 8 energy at 4 price, Drax can assault once more as soon as per battle when he defeats an opponent.

2x Adam Warlock – after defeating an enemy, Adam Warlock grants all GotG characters +4 energy.

4x The Milano – grants all assault characters +4 energy at the beginning of the subsequent battle for each GotG character deployed in your aspect of the sector.

2x Star-Lord – when summoned, Star-Lord may give all GotG characters +3 energy every time any of them defeats and enemy unit.

3x Yaka Arrow – grants assault characters +8 energy and when outfitted on a GotG unit, provides vital hit, annihilate, and triggers 3 occasions per battle.

2x Yondu – when summoned, Yondu can deal harm to all opponents equal to the variety of GotG characters you’ve gotten every time considered one of them defeats an enemy unit.


Red Hulk – has pace strike and offers harm first. Gives all different assault characters +6 energy.

Ghost’s Suit – grants assist characters +1 energy and triggers 5x per battle.

Winter Soldier’s Arm – provides assault characters +8 energy.

Hawkeye’s Bow – provides an assault character +4 energy, vital hit, and annihilate.

A.I.M. Energy Missile – Grants assist characters puncture, which ignores armor, and offers 4 harm to all opponents, triggering 4x in every battle.

Star-Lord decks are pretty simple to arrange and might begin pounding from flip 1 to show 2. With a number of characters that make your complete crew stronger, these decks do nicely within the late recreation as nicely. For essentially the most half, the problem is encountering armored enemy items early on particularly provided that GotG characters must defeat enemies for many of their abilities to set off, failing to take action early on can result in a more difficult tempo of the battle.

Elektra Deck

Elektra or Marvel Knights Decks feels and performs very uniquely as nicely provided that their energy ups largely depend on finishing quest playing cards. As quests must be laid out early and accomplished to your troops to develop stronger as quick as attainable, luck, along with strategic planning, might play a extra vital function in your efficiency in contrast with all different decks.

As a basic technique, priorities initially depend on buying and laying out quests you could full. Doing so may give you an edge within the early recreation and after establishing, you’ll be able to proceed to empower your items as nicely within the late recreation. Note that some accomplishable quests are virtually hand-ins and require little or no effort to perform so banking on them extra needs to be your precedence early on.

marvel duel elektra deck

[Deck Components]

4x Luke Cage – comes with the hunt “Bulletproof” that offers him +5 armor through the preparation section and provides him +3 energy and guard as a reward for finishing a quest.

1x Owl – can summon a random 2-cost character every time a quest is accomplished.

2x Elektra – a core part of the deck, Elektra beneficial properties +4 energy everytime you full a quest.

4x Banana Peel – is a virtually hand-in quest that solely requires you to buy 2 Marvel Knights playing cards from the store. The reward is a random Marvel Knights character within the store that earns +6 energy.

2x Shang-Chi – earns +3 energy and +3 armor with each quest accomplished. He additionally has retaliate that makes him counter with double harm towards attackers.

4x Kingpin’s Revenge – offers a quest that requires you to buy 4 assault character playing cards. The reward is a +4 energy enhance to all of your deployed Marvel Knights heroes.

2x The Punisher – a powerhouse that will get extra highly effective based mostly on the variety of quests accomplished, The Punisherdeals 3 harm to the enemy with the bottom energy, triggered as many occasions because the quests you’ve gotten accomplished.

2x Jessica Jones – comes with a random quest as soon as she is summoned to the sector. You get to decide on 1 of three random quests, which makes it strategically viable since you’d know which of them will profit your area roster and scenario higher.

2x Moon Knight – additionally shines the brightest through the late recreation as his energy is elevated by the variety of quests you’ve gotten accomplished x5 when he involves play.

1x Unyielding Will – is a terrifyingly tough quest to perform. The quest requirement pushes you to have your well being decreased to 2 or decrease to your Marvel Knights characters to realize +5 armor and iron will.


Shuri – provides a guardian unit +5 armor.

Korg – provides a guardian unit +8 armor.

Silver Sword – provides an assault character +8 energy and recuperate 8 harm after defeating an enemy.

Hawkeye’s Bow – provides an assault character +4 energy, vital hit, and annihilate.

Captain America’s Shield – grants a guardian +10 armor and guard.

As lengthy as you comply with the hunt necessities and push to finish them, the early and construct up levels of the sport needs to be easy sufficient. Marvel Knights usually lag behind when it comes to powers and talents throughout midgame in comparison with most different decks so make sure to set the best gears on some core items you might want to shield and remember that you’ll be able to catch up and switch the tide by the late recreation.

Support Subdeck Cards To Consider

Considering that the above decks is not going to work by itself and you would need to add 2 extra subdecks in addition to different impartial playing cards to adjust to 10 per subdeck and 40 card minimal per deck, listed below are among the playing cards that we contemplate will probably be equally helpful together with every deck. Not all lists have 10 playing cards, however these are our high picks for consideration.

marvel duel subdecks


1x Spider-Woman
1x Spider-Tracer
1x Web-Shooters
1x Sandman
1x Doppelganger Miles
1x Venom Mysterio
1x Green Goblin
1x Symbiote Spider-Man
1x Goblin Glider

[Iron Man]

1x Iron Man Model I
1x Madam Masque
1x Arc Reactor
1x Hydro Armor
1x Superior Iron Man
1x War Machine
1x Stealth Armor
1x Silver Centurion Blade
1x Hulkbuster Armor
1x Repulsor Blast


1x Asgardian Shield
1x Guard Army of Asgard
1x Hogun
1x Hofund
1x Dragonfang
1x Thor
1x Mjolnir
1x Angela
1x Stormbreaker
1x Thunder Fulmination

[Captain Marvel]

1x Minn-Erva
1x Kree Soldiers
1x Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)
1x Nega-Bands
1x Generational Pendant
1x Supreme Intelligence
1x Kree Rifle
1x Captain Marvel


1x Frost Giant
1x Bloodaxe
1x Dark Elves
1x Frost Beast
1x Bewitching Spell
1x Kurse
1x Loki’s Scepter
1x Fenris Wolf


1x Rocket’s Jetpack
1x Gravity Mine
1x Drax’s Daggers
1x Opening Act
1x Godslayer
1x Moondragon
1x Gamora


1x Elektra’s Twin Sai
1x The Hood’s Cloak
1x Daredevil’s Billy Clubs


1x Okoye
1x Outrider
1x A.I.M. Bomb
1x Taskmaster
1x Korg
1x M’Baku
1x Ant-Man
1x Hulk
1x Hyperion
1x Escape the Void
1x Thanos

And that ends our Marvel Duel deck information. We hope that whereas it may be a problem to completely mimic the deck composition we listed for every instance, what issues extra is to know the thought behind each. Keep in thoughts that each deck has an opportunity of successful, no matter how missing it’s with uncommon playing cards or perhaps a synergistic idea that works behind it.

There is all the time the luck of draw. There can also be follow that you might want to constantly interact in to safe a firmer grasp of your deck to determine and reply to its rooms for enchancment. We hope you loved it and realized from it and in case you have some concepts and feedback to share, the remark part under is your key to letting us learn about it!

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