Magic Brick Wars Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Defeat Your Opponents and also Collect Trophies

Magic Brick Wars is a video game created by Halfbrick Studios, whose name needs to call a bell, as they are the individuals behind traditional mobile video games such as Fruit Ninja and alsoJetpack Joyride This brand-new video game is a real-time technique multiplayer title in which 2 kings deal with each various other. Each gamer positions their very own obstacles and also systems throughout the video game, attempting to make them get to the opposing king and also harm them. The video game finishes when either king’s life goes down to no.

In this Magic Brick Wars newbie’s overview, you are mosting likely to find out the fundamentals of the video game, and also just how to utilize the sources you are provided to enhance your gameplay and also win even more video games. You ought to currently know with the standard video game auto mechanics if you have actually played Clash Royale in the past, however there are some distinctions. So without more trouble, we offer you our Magic Brick Wars newbie’s overview that features a number of beneficial pointers, cheats and also methods to outmaneuver your challenger!

1. How The Battles Unfold

Magic Brick Wars is a real-time technique video game, so be prepared to commit your complete interest to the fights of the video game, if you wish to win them. On the top of the display you see your challenger’s health and wellness, the number of prizes will certainly be provided to the victor, and also just how much time is entrusted to finish the battle. If the moment goes out prior to either gamer’s health and wellness has actually been diminished, after that the gamer with one of the most health and wellness will certainly win the battle.

On the lower side of the display you see all the info you require to play the video game: your health and wellness, what block you can put, the switch to revolve the block to see to it you put it in the most effective feasible place, your mana bar to recognize what you can play and also just how quickly you can play your following card, what cards you can presently have fun with their corresponding mana expense, and also last but not least, which card you will certainly obtain after you play your following card.

magic brick wars battle tips

The fight system is reasonably basic, however it is additionally incredibly deep. As we have actually currently stated, fights take place in actual time, and also you need to put your obstacles and also systems on the area. They will certainly show up after a secondly of you putting them, and also they will right away work after the secondly has actually passed. Barriers can be turned with the corresponding switch, and also all of the obstacles have an unique block. We will certainly assess these blocks much more extensive in the following area.

Blocks are totally free to area, however they take a while to reenergize, so you can not put several blocks together, additionally their forms are arbitrary, and also appear like the forms of Tetris obstructs. You can revolve them to make them fit or to see to it you can put the damaging obstructs right where you will obtain struck.

Units have a mana expense, and also it depends upon their statistics, much better systems will certainly have a greater expense. Not all systems are competitors though. You can obtain for instance the Boulder, which merely summons a moving rock that does set damages to all opponents it strikes in a straight line. There are several sorts of systems, so see to it to play them appropriately to what they do best in fight. We will certainly speak much more regarding just how to develop your deck in the complying with area.

You ought to see to it you’re constantly striking your challenger, do not leave them any kind of breathing space. Use your blocks in a clever method to obstruct courses and also safeguard on your own, and also send off systems that will certainly require your opponents to respond. The just time to be protective is when the timer will go out and also your health and wellness is greater than your challenger’s.
Another feasible technique is to play protective when you have a health and wellness benefit over your challenger. Deploy obstructs and also varied systems behind them and also play passively, make use of cards like the rock to maintain the area clear, and also you will certainly win conveniently a great deal of video games.

2. Stack Up Your Deck

Your deck stands for all the systems and also blocks you offer the field of battle. You can raise to 8 various device cards, and also 3 various block cards. There are 11 sorts of unique blocks: Fire, Ice, Poison, Stone Wall, Zippy, Zappy, Trap, Confuse, Bomb, Healing, and also Skeleton.

Fire blocks leave fire in their area when they are damaged making systems that depend on it take damages for as lengthy as they get on the block ablaze, ice blocks leave ice when they are damaged, and also opponent systems will certainly obtain embeded it for a quick minute, as well as additionally take some damages.

magic brick wars bricks

Poison blocks will certainly launch a little dangerous cloud that will certainly slow down and also deal damages to opponents in it, rock wall surface blocks generates a number of strengthened blocks in a location when damaged, and also are extremely efficient delaying effective systems. Zippy blocks provide your systems that travel through them a little rate increase, while zappy blocks will certainly send out a lightning chain to any kind of device that damages it.

Trap blocks will essentially catch the device that damages them in a circle of blocks around them. Confuse blocks will certainly leave a catch when damaged that will certainly make the device that goes through it switch over groups. Bomb blocks take off and also deal a great deal of damages to all systems in a location around them. Healing blocks recover all systems and also blocks around them, and also last but not least, skeletal system blocks generate a skeletal system 4 secs after being damaged.

There are 27 device and also spell cards, and also they can be split in numerous classifications, relying on what they do best. For instance, the Viking are incredibly sluggish and also tanky, and also can take a great deal of hits prior to passing away, so you ought to put them to safeguard your lanes that are under hefty attack, while systems like the Devil are incredibly rapid and also active, and also deal great deals of damages, however pass away really swiftly, so are best fit to remove damaged opponents and afterwards go right into the opponent king.

There are several spell cards, with numerous results. Some merely mobilize a things that deal damages to the opponents it strikes, like the Boulder or the Spiked Roller, whereas others like No Cast Area will certainly avoid your challenger from casting spell in the targeted location. You can take a look at all the cards in the deck display, also those that you do not possess.

You will certainly need to play the video game for some time to obtain utilized to what all the numerous systems do, in addition to opening even more cards for your deck. Once you recognize what kind of systems you wish to run you will certainly have the ability to swiftly accumulate a deck you such as.

Units have a degree, in order to raise the degree of your cards you will certainly require to locate a specific variety of matches and afterwards invest gold to level them up. You can see the number of cards and also gold you require to get to the following degree in the “Cards” display.

You can have up to 3 various decks, so explore numerous developments and also see which ones you like one of the most. You can constantly attempt a dress up by picking the “Test Match” choice in the deck production display.

3. How To Unlock More Cards

You require even more cards to accumulate your deck and also to level up your systems and also blocks, so you will certainly require to locate even more cards. You can obtain even more cards in various means:

magic brick wars strategies

Win video games: when you win a video game you obtain a breast which can be opened up either by investing rubies or by waiting time. These upper bodies include gold, rubies totally free cards, or various other sorts of incentives. Even if you seem like you are shedding every suit maintain playing, as long as you win your very first 3 or 4 video games you will certainly have the ability to accumulate a good deck.

The store: the store has a “day-to-day offers” area in which you can get cards with gold, simply see to it to check out the store on a daily basis to see if there are cards you have an interest in. The day-to-day offers compete 24 hr, and also you can see when they will certainly reset following on the timer right over the cards you can obtain. You can additionally buy upper bodies with rubies in the store, and also these will certainly additionally have cards in them, so if you have excess rubies and also wish to power up your deck see to it to inspect them out. You can additionally inspect the number of cards remain in each breast in the store display.

The mine: you can dig in the mine for additional incentives. You invest endurance to damage down the blocks, which might include incentives, and also you obtain endurance in time, so inspect the mine back occasionally, consume every one of your endurance, and afterwards repeat after time has actually passed. There are various sorts of block in the mine: heaven blocks include rubies (the costs money of the video game), the gold blocks include gold coins, and also the rainbow-colored blocks include cards. Don’ t waste endurance striking the routine grey blocks unless you require to sculpt a course with the mine, concentrate on striking just those that generate incentives in them.

Friend incentives: you can obtain incentives by welcoming close friends using bluetooth, and also among the incentives is a Raskull Chest which has a minimum of 4 uncommon cards and also 1 impressive. This is a single only time of incentive, so do not fret excessive if you can not obtain it.

Attention: you can not obtain every card right when you begin the video game, also if you invest cash on it. Most cards are just available once you get to a specific degree, this maintains the video game well balanced in between totally free to play gamers and also those that invest cash, given that investing cash will not promptly provide you one of the most effective systems, you will certainly still require to play and also win video games to level up your account in order to open the higher-level cards.

4. The Resources In Magic Brick Wars

There are various sources in the video game: Gold, Diamonds, Stamina, and also Stars.

Gold is the source you will certainly require one of the most of, as you can make use of gold to do virtually whatever in the video game, from updating cards, to acquiring the day-to-day offer at the store, and also also raise your max endurance.

magic brick wars pass

Diamonds are the costs source of the video game, and also you can buy them. Diamonds are mostly utilized to buy upper bodies, which include cards. You can additionally make use of rubies to open up the upper bodies you obtain from winning fights.

Stamina is what allows you advance with theMine You make use of endurance whenever you damage down a block. You obtain endurance passively in time, and also you can additionally obtain it at the end of shed battles.

Stars are an unique kind of source connected to the video game’sPass There are 2 variations of the pass: Free and also Premium, and also you can buy the Premium one. The Premium pass returns much more incentives than the freebie, however a lot of these incentives are aesthetic anyhow, so you do not shed much out gameplay-wise by denying it. You gain celebrities by finishing difficulties, you can inspect what these difficulties are from the “Rewards” food selection, and afterwards by picking “Challenges”.

This finishes our newbie’s overview forMagic Brick Wars The gameplay is really deep although that it looks really basic at a surface area degree, and also it has the possible to remain fresh for a very long time. As of currently there are just 38 cards in the video game, however given that it obtained launched just recently, it’s reasonable. We can not wait to see what the programmers have in shop for the video game! Let us recognize in the remarks if you have actually found any kind of various other pointers or techniques for the video game! Happy warring!

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