Lumia Saga Class and also Character Skills Guide: The Best Setups for Each Character

Century Interactive (Diandian Interactive), manufacturers of the greatly prominent Guns of Glory and also King of Avalon, has actually launched a brand-new mobile open globe MMORPGLumia Saga The enjoyable component of the video game is that you can include in your personality’s abilities. Typical with MMORPGs is that you have a particular collection of abilities to have fun with. With making use of tool cores, pet dogs, and also runes, you can truly create some “severe beasts” in Lumia Saga! All points taken into consideration, the video game has a whole lot to use to maintain you active for a huge portion of the day. The trouble is that it can be a little bit tough attempting to identify the most effective configuration for your personalities.

Keep in mind that each personality can openly change in between its offered 2 courses beginning at degree 30. The excellent information is that you can have 2 entirely various configurations to have fun with on each personality you make. The trouble takes place to be the exact same point. It’s not so very easy to preserve 2 entirely various configurations specifically with the Rune system. You additionally could not such as one course contrasted to the various other for each and every personality. But despite one personality configuration, you still have a whole lot to think about. In this Lumia Saga course and also personality abilities overview, you’ll have a full collection of information to have fun with prior to you begin.

1. The Power And Not So Much Fun Of The Runes

The Rune system of Lumia Saga is a difficult one. You would certainly believe it referred just positioning the runes right into the open ports and also you’re done. Unfortunately, that’s not the situation below.

lumia saga runes

The initial component is to update your Rune Disk so you can open the ability for the defined personality course. The upgrade switch is displaying in the lower appropriate edge of the above display shot. You need to obtain it leveled approximately at the very least degree 10 to get that ability. To do this, you need to get Rune Essences from numerous benefits. You additionally need to have Ancient Statues to update your Rune Disk every 10 degrees. That’s the Swords’ Rune configuration displaying in the above display shot. Also make note of the symbol in each port (if any kind of). If the port has a symbol, that implies just that kind of rune can be decorated there.

As you update your Rune Disk in Lumia Saga, a growing number of ports will certainly appear. Notice the runes left wing of the above display shot. See the little arrowheads around their sides? Those arrowheads are your attaching components. At the very least one attaching component of the runes you intend to utilize needs to link to the Rune Disk so the Rune Disk can power it. Without a link to the Rune Disk, the rune will certainly be ineffective and also simply occupying a port for absolutely nothing. For one of the most component, you’re generally playing “Connect 4”! Look near the bottom left edge switch calledRandom Inlay Click it to see if it will certainly offer you a Runes format that you would love to have. If it does not, you can maintain making use of the Remove all switch displaying in the top right of the Runes location. Then you simply click the Random Inlay switch to attempt once again. You can position your runes by hand yet you ought to intend on investing a little time doing this. The entire indicate this is to include in your personality’s CP by improving its statistics. Just do not fail to remember to click the Save Changes switch or you’ll be duplicating the procedure!

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When you click a rune, you can improve it too (click Refine rather than Inlay ).This implies you can arbitrarily transform the place( s) of the attaching arrowheads. The goal below is that Lumia Saga attempts to allow you utilize extra runes at the exact same time. You’ll require Universal Stones to do this. You can purchase them or get them throughout Dark Invasion efforts. The excellent information is that you can include even more stats/CP to your personality in a split second. The trouble is that the arrowheads transfer to arbitrary sides on the runes. You could unintentionally make a rune ineffective. The greater the ranking of the rune, the even more Universal Stones you’ll require to improve it.

2. The Usefulness Of Pets

The Pet system of Lumia Saga is fairly enjoyable. Unfortunately, the pet dogs are not constantly very easy to obtain. They’re not excessively tough to obtain yet not as well very easy! The excellent information is that they can interact and also supply your personalities a wonderful stats/CP increase. You can get a totally free Pet at degree 38.

lumia saga pet system

Fortunately, the devs of Lumia Saga did offer the Pets the capability to assault and also do a few other “trendy points”. Thankfully, they’re still really helpful and also updating them is quite very easy as well! The method to all of it is to establish the Caring Principal Pet in the Funland tab according to your personality. This truly isn’t set up to make sure that any kind of family pet in the Caring Principal will certainly do. That’s why the Gallery is so helpful! Click the View All switch in the lower center as displaying in the above display shot to examine their abilities initially. The information is still there for you also if you avoided all the tutorials or do not have the specific family pet yet!

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In the Funland tab, you’ll see ports open when you level up (every 10 degrees). Each of those ports is for a particular kind of family pet as suggested by their symbol (top left edge of their symbol). Each port you include a pet dog to will certainly enhance your stats/CP. It’s the Pet in the Caring Principal port that gives you making use of its abilities. The remainder are for stat/CP increases. Yes, they’re easy abilities. Yes, you can include even more abilities to every family pet making use ofComprehend Yes, however, several of the family pet abilities will depend on your personality spreading abilities prior to they’re made use of. Yes, you will certainly need to select the pet dogs you intend to utilize and also level them all up. No, it’s hard or low-cost to obtain Pet Essences for including abilities to your pet dogs.

3. The Mage And The Warlock

The Mage of Lumia Saga is an extensively devastating personality to utilize. Too negative it’s fairly the glass cannon! The excellent information is that its glass cannon condition can be dealt with. The trouble is that it will certainly take some job to repair it.

lumia saga mage and warlock setup

The Mage of Lumia Saga is a little tough to utilize. The trouble being used is brought on by the Element Seal ability. It’s really an enthusiast based upon which component of it you utilize. Then you need to utilize the linked ability for the enthusiast to function. The initially 2 enthusiasts function the most effective in the direction of the devastating power of theMages These are Flame Seal and alsoThunderous Imprint The 3rd enthusiast is basically a sort of retreat method which depends on you obtaining struck to cause it. The Scatter Thunder Ball is a terrific ability to utilize when you’re close to your target( s). The trouble is that it has an extremely sluggish relocating rate so anything at a range could currently be dead prior to Scatter Thunder Ball strikes it! Frost Nova is generally a hit and/or retreat method ability. It will not aid a lot past that. Combo Fireballs and also Thunder Spell are fantastic to have since they both can strike a heap!

Blink is just excellent as a getaway method. Ice Barrier functions fantastic if you go to degree 50 to utilize the recoveryTalent Again, the Mages of Lumia Saga are glass cannons. Their survival price is reduced and also it takes job to repair that. Do what you can to enhance the Dodge, Energy Reduction, and also HP Recovery statistics. From there, utilize the assault variety of the Mages as high as feasible. Your goal is to exterminate your target( s) prior to they can reach you. The Talents can aid repair points up as well. Use Call Thunder, Crushing Ice, Shockproof, Reduction, and also either Solidify or Warm Up (Warm Up needs Ice Barrier).
The Warlocks of Lumia Saga are quite suitable at AoE damages dealing. They additionally occur to be the personality with the most effective survival price in the video game. Switch Vitality Excitation for Torture and also your Warlock has a vamp impact (your damages done heals you). The trouble is that if the target of Torture passes away, you will not obtain the vamp impact. Yes, Torture does continual damages to speed up on the target’s death. That’s ok given that you still have Life Conversion to utilize. The method to the Warlocks is that they have an extremely reduced power requirement. You still intend to maintain Life Siphon since it’s a great solitary target hit. You would not depend on its power healing a lot in all. Souleater Scythe is a terrific ability to need to include AoE to your fundamental assault. The vamp impact will not spread out yet various other targets in variety will certainly pass away anyhow! Life Conversion is a should to aid enhance your Warlock’s survival price.

For your statistics, Attack, CD Speed-Up, and also Haste are you essential components to enhance. You would certainly desire an excellent and also hefty hit to maximize the vamp impact. Also keep in mind that recovery impacts are based upon your Attack stat. You’ll need to attempt to obtain a lot Haste that your Warlock assaults like a mini-gun! The trendy downs of your abilities are at first more than their periods so CD Speed-Up is a must. The Talents you would certainly intend to utilize are quite simple given that you do not intend to utilize Debilitation orWild Rampage Use Despair, Soul Reaper, Haste, Pure Evil, and alsoApathy A Warlock configuration as defined below would certainly be a real blue beast in Lumia Saga.

4. The Adjudge And The Guardian

The Adjudge of Lumia Saga is the larger assailant of both. Its survival price isn’t as high as the Guardian’s yet it’s a whole lot faster to eliminate points! The excellent information is that the Adjudge is not such a glass cannon. The trouble is that it’s trendy downs can make points tough.

lumia saga adjudge and guardian setup

It behaved of the Lumia Saga devs to offer the Adjudges Sacred Therapy to aid maintain them to life! It’s an extremely wonderful sized immediate recover depending upon your Attack stat. Unfortunately, that 30 2nd cool had not been so wonderful. So a substantial quantity of CD Speed-Up is available in useful. The Hammer of Conviction ability is an excellent beginning to striking generally. Just make sure to establish Storming Rage’s Auto Combat to “more than 50% power”. That method you ought to still have some power to by hand utilize it. Thunder Stroke can create a respectable hit and also a 100 factor power increase to aid maintain points going. Do keep in mind that unless you have actually included Energy Regen to your cores, you’ll need to by hand regen your power using fundamental assaults (Warhammer Swing).

As for the Talents, usage Haste, Resurrect, Energy, Thriller or Repentance, and also Commandment or Champion (needs Hammer of Judgment). The primary statistics you intend to concentrate on are Attack, CD Speed-Up, and alsoHaste CD Speed-Up being one of the most crucial stat. Again, the ability trendy downs can make points tough for you. Having a greater Hit stat can additionally be available in useful in not missing your assaults. From there, it’s basically anything goes depending upon what you can enter into your cores.

The Guardians of Lumia Saga are plenty challenging sufficient personalities. The genuine method to the Guardians is to obtain their Attack stat as high as you can. Hopefully it will not take as long to eliminate points after you enhance the Attack stat. Again, recovery impacts are based upon the Attack stat. It’s unfavorable the Guardians are not fantastic en masse therapist. But with the damages decrease of Holy Shield Protection, they can take a great deal of damages as vessels and also be simply great. The genuinely wonderful component is the significant decrease in requiring pots to endure. Guardians do not wolf power as high as various other personalities yet you still would certainly desire Energy Regen consisted of if you can obtain it. Divine Realm functions really comparable to the Mage’sElement Seal The distinction is that Divine Realm’s enthusiasts energetic right out. You do not require to cast a connected ability.

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As for the Talents, choose Sagacity or Equality, Excess, CD Speed-Up, Reverence, and also Assemble (needs Divine Chains). Alternatively, you can change Sagacity and also Excess for the Block and alsoHoly Shield Talents The suggestion being to function your Block stat so you genuine hardly take any kind of damages. At the exact same time, you’ll need to enhance your Guardian’s Block EFF stat as high as feasible. Do keep in mind that obstructing is done by coincidence and also Block EFF is the quantity of damages decrease that a block does. It’s not a full loss of damages done to you yet it might total up to a damp noodle hit!

5. The Oracle And The Scholar

The Oracle of Lumia Saga is a difficult personality. The challenging component is that a lot of believe it’s a terrific healing/support personality. The fact is that it’s truly not! Not unless you can swiftly regulate which staff member you recover. That’s the drawback to theOracles They can recover substantially yet it’s just solitary target recovery. The excellent information is that they are respectable vessels and also solo personalities.

lumia saga oracle and scholar setup

The Oracles of Lumia Saga have a respectable fundamental assault where its 3rd hit in the collection is an AoE assault. Their Divine Fire ability produces a solid solitary target hit. You need to push and also hold the Pre-Vision switch for it to constantly terminate it. It’s an excellent and also continuous AoE damaging ability yet it will certainly drain pipes power swiftly. Divine Cleanse is an excellent recovery ability with a rather reduced power expense and also cool. Angel Arrival is the heaviest recovery ability in the video game. Its power expense isn’t negative yet the cool is dreadful! All with each other the Oracles create excellent personalities as long as you can repair their power intake and also trendy downs. They can conveniently get on the same level with the Warlocks for survival price.

For their Talents, usage Reduction, Gift of Flame, Heavenly Boon, Haste and also Merciful Prayer (needs Mercy Heart). For the statistics, concentrate on Attack, CD Speed-Up, Energy Reduction, and also HP +Energy Regens Again, Oracles can wolf power so Energy Reduction and also Regen have the greatest top priority.

The Scholars of Lumia Saga are severe damages suppliers. They’ll offer Mages a run for their cash in regards to damages handling. Unfortunately, they’re dreadful glass cannons also worse that the Mages! They can undoubtedly strike a heap and also have fantastic AoE abilities. They do not truly wolf a lot power. Their trendy downs and also assault rates are simply absurd. It’s to the factor where they’re one of the most tough personalities to utilize in the video game as a result of their really reduced survival price. Your primary goal being used a Scholar is to eliminate adversaries as quick as feasible. To aid you, concentrate on boosting the Haste, CD Speed-Up, Block, and also Dodge statistics.

For their Talents, usage Haste, Centrifugal Force, Arcane Master, Reduction, and alsoFocus You can change Reduction for Zero Gravity or Secret Power if you believe you’ll do far better with either one.

6. The Knight And The Swords

The Knights of Lumia Saga are really great vessels. The method to them remains in theirTalents So rather than being expensive punching bags, utilize their Talents to truly make them “bring the pain”! Unfortunately their damages result isn’t truly fantastic till you crank up their Attack and/or Crit statistics.

lumia saga knight and swords setup

The Knights of Lumia Saga can take a dreadful whipping and also continue going. This is regular of vessels. The truly enjoyable component is you can expand their excellent survival price by cranking up their Energy Regen stat. When you’re making use of Auto Combat established the Shield Rush power need to 45%. This operates in mix with theResurgence Talent You’ll obtain a wonderful HP regen from that! Set the power need for Shield Bash and also Wild Sweep to 55%. The result is a vessel that is difficult as nails and also basically maintains assaults.

For the statistics, concentrate on Attack, Energy Regen, and also HP Recovery one of the most. For the Talents, usage Justice, Resurgence, Integrity, Sacrifice, and also Brave March (needs Assault) or Honesty (needs Warpath) or Martyr (needs Fearless Decree). You can exchange Assault and also Wild Sweep as you such as. It simply depends upon if you desire Resilience decrease in your target or an AoE ability.

The Swords of Lumia Saga can be quite enjoyable to play and also devastating at the exact same time. The primary trouble being their devastating ability is primarily tailored in the direction of solitary targets. So entering into a team of adversaries isn’t such a terrific suggestion! Their survival price is rather okay with the Hurricane Flying Blade ability which supplies recovery gradually regardless of the presently missing out on recovery information in its summary. The Whirlwind Stomp ability additionally aids enhance the Swords’ survival price by lowering the damages from each target hit. Changing that damages decrease impact with the Talents is completely approximately you. The statistics you intend to concentrate on one of the most are Attack, Crit, CD Speed-Up and also Haste.

For the Talents, usage Wind Blade, Reverberation, Haste, Wind Walk, and also Air Slash orReckless Abandon The referral isAir Slash Reckless Abandon is the Talent that eliminates the damages decrease impact and also changes it with a damages boost impact. So it refers attempting to eliminate faster or attempting to endure far better. Even though there is a recovery impact in the Hurricane Flying Blade ability, it will not be fantastic till you have an extremely high Attack stat.

7. The Importance of Testing Your Setups

Of training course, running around attempting to utilize your personality( s) without checking them in some way can be a calamity wishing to occur. Thankfully the devs of Lumia Saga did consist of screening premises for you. You just needed to sign up with or make a guild to have accessibility to the screening premises. The Pesky Legion section of the video game is available in useful for checking your configurations. Even though you have actually currently gotten the everyday benefits, you can utilize the Pesky Legion for screening objectives all you such as. It can exercise remarkably well for you in seeing the distinction in your personalities after making adjustments!

There you have it! This is completion of our Lumia Saga course and also personalities abilities overview. If you have anything to include or simply intend to share your ideas concerning the video game, after that do not hesitate to drop us a line in the remarks listed below!

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