Lucid Adventure Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become a Ranker

Lucid Adventure is Super Planet’s most current activity technique RPG title for mobile systems. Based on a preferred internet comic called Hardcore Levelling Warrior, the tale complies with the journeys of the titular hero whose online standing as rank # 1 has instantly as well as strangely plunged to degree 1. As you tackle your mission to redeem your ranking, you are signed up with by a host of personalities, each with his/her very own special collections of abilities as well as capacities.

There are lots of acquainted auto mechanics as well as attributes to locate in Lucid Adventure together with some special ones that contribute to the exhilaration of grinding as well as levelling up your heroes. As much as gameplay is worried, the car setting is a large assistance specifically for novices. There might be little bits of improvement as well as upgrade auto mechanics that can be a little bit complex in the beginning, yet on the whole, the in-game tutorial makes it simple for anybody to get as well as appreciate the video game.

If you are searching for a faster means to advance in the video game, we recommend you having a look at Lucid Adventure novice’s overview, as it includes a number of helpful ideas, cheats as well as methods!

1. Push Through The Campaign Quests

Lucid Adventures allows you dive in straight right into the activity as you start fighting your means with the first phases of the primary project. Although as brand-new attributes as well as video game settings are opened following your progression, the very best strategy is pressing ahead with the primary pursuits. Beyond the devices as well as products you obtain after each fight, one of the most vital source to obtain from the primary mission fights is the experience factors you require to level up your account.

lucid adventure campaign quests

You can level up heroes based upon your account degree as well as every one can just be levelled approximately your bank account degree. Beyond that, easy benefits made with time are based upon your bank account degree also. With project pursuits constantly expanding in problem as suggested by the suggested degrees, pressing ahead to make account degree experience factors is of utmost requirement.

Naturally, you will certainly eventually be positioned in a major mission that has adversaries a lot also solid for your group as an outcome of the degree space. When that takes place, venturing right into below pursuits for even more XP as well as loot is the means to go. Take note that you can constantly head right into fight versus more powerful or greater degree crowds in the project. It is simply that when they are also solid as well as your heroes’ degrees are topped, there is nothing else option yet to expand more powerful prior to making an additional effort.

Each mission phase can be repeated to make additional experience factors. After the initial replay, you can move with the degree utilizing move tickets that you can make from cleaning degrees, finishing goals, as well as partaking in occasions.

2. Form A Balanced Team

Every team-based technique RPG has group development strategies at its core. Despite rarity degrees as well as also raw power differences amongst the offered personalities, the basic suggestion complies with constructing a collaborating group that can take care of most difficulties well in a basic feeling. Later on, when you have much more personalities as well as sources, specialized groups for particular objectives can be developed. For beginners, nonetheless, concentrating on a strong 4-unit group to take you with the first phases should be the emphasis.

how to build a powerful team in lucid adventure

There are 3 courses as well as 3 essential fondness offered in Lucid Adventure as well as a great mix of systems standing for these differences can take your group a lot even more than merely counting on the greatest rarity systems together with you. Heroes in Lucid Adventure are either storage tanks, suppliers, or assistance kinds. Tanks are normally at the front end of the development as well as have high protective toughness together with abilities that might even more increase their or the group’s protection.

Dealers are the offending giants of the group whose primary feature is to deal damages to opponent systems whether with solitary target strikes or AoE abilities. Dealers can either be melee or varied yet will certainly constantly be placed in between storage tanks as well as assistance personalities in the group development.

Support systems might use greater than recovery for the group as lovers as well as also opponent debuffs are abilities that drop within the range of their assistance. These systems might likewise strike opponent systems yet will significantly drag in regards to DPS contrasted to both suppliers as well as storage tanks. Given these courses, opting for a storage tank, an assistance system, as well as 2 suppliers is a regular group structure.

Beyond personality courses, systems are likewise classified under among 3 essential fondness: Destiny, Combat, as well asBless These fondness adhere to the “rock-paper-scissors” of dealing as well as obtaining damages in battle. Destiny has a benefit over Combat yet deprived versus Bless, Bless is solid versus Destiny yet weak versus Combat, as well as Combat is solid versus Bless yet weak versus Destiny.

As you will certainly be fighting with crowds of adversaries with differing fondness, having a group that has each of these essential fondness will certainly make sure that you will certainly constantly have a little bit of benefit over the adversaries. For beginners, think about having 3 various fondness for your container as well as 2 suppliers as they will certainly add to harm much more. For the assistance system, having any one of the provided fondness will certainly for that reason be minor.

3. Enhance And Equip Your Main Team

As we pointed out previously, levelling up your heroes in Lucid Adventure is capped based upon your account degree which is why pressing ahead with pursuits is essential to consequently have the ability to level up your heroes. Levelling up just eats gold, which is one of the most standard money in the video game that you will certainly have lots of at the very early component. As degrees go higher, nonetheless, the gold required for every degree up will certainly set you back increasingly more. As such, you ought to work out care with such improvements as well as attempt to concentrate on your primary group for beginners. You will normally have the ability to acquire greater tier systems whom you might think about to change several of your primary group’s participants so constantly maintain a great quantity of gold in supply.

how to enhance characters in lucid adventure

Another standard function to increase each system’s stat worths originate from equipments. There are lots of equipment kinds to be acquired from on a regular basis playing pursuits. The intricacy features the restriction of equipment kinds that each system can make use of based upon their course as well as tool field of expertise. While we are sticking to our first referral to think about course as well as fondness for composing your primary group, you will certainly in the future need to maintain equipment use expanded in the feeling that no 2 participants of your group will certainly need to contest the very same kind of devices. In any type of situation, focusing on the container for protective equipment as well as the suppliers for tools ought to maintain your lineup enhanced.

A device’s quality or rarity degree identifies the variety of passive abilities he has, which is what makes capturing an A+ quality hero off of the club a big increase for beginners. In any type of situation, qualities can be enhanced with promo as well as to be able to do so, you requirePromote Stones These are difficult to make with routine gameplay as well as greater quality heroes will certainly require much more for promo. As such, mindful idea needs to be provided prior to investing any one of these jewels.

Following all-natural development as well as periodic check outs to the club, you will certainly eventually run into picking from amongst heroes, several of which you currently have. In some instances, selecting one that you currently have is the much better alternative as this will certainly provide you heart rocks you require to enhance the hero as well as update all his offered abilities. Again, this will certainly be an improvement alternative that will certainly be much more testing to manage for greater quality personalities as the opportunities of getting a 2nd duplicate or even more of those heroes are really slim.

A+ quality heroes can be advertised to S as well as lastly SS qualities. Once a hero gets to SS quality, they can be additional reinforced with awakening. Various heart rocks as well as awaken rocks are required to draw this off as well as for novices, it is best to not think of this yet as it will certainly take a great deal of hrs of playing to also collect the essential products to be received this upgrade function.

4. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Although celebrations as well as teamwork fights greatly drop within the MMORPG subgenre of parlor games, having guilds, partnerships, clans, or any type of social teams in-game have actually come to be a staple function in several on the internet video games. While not completely a requirement, belonging of a guild in Lucid Adventure, just like in any type of video game, can even more increase your development as well as give even more advantages for you at no additional price.

lucid adventure guild

Considering the advantages, the only point that guilds, or guild leaders, can get out of you is energetic engagement as well as payment. Even an easy day-to-day visit as well as monitoring in at the guild ought to be sufficient yet after that you would certainly wish to take part in guild tasks to make payment factors. Mere presence is awarded with rubies based upon your guild’s degree as well as you can likewise sign up with or launch campfires absolutely free AP.

Contributions you make can be bought guild training, which subsequently increase statistics for every single guild participant. One of the very best benefits include the guild raids, which you can access from the difficulties as quickly as you come to be a participant of any type of guild.

5. Expend Limited Challenge Attempts Daily

You will ultimately fulfill a short-lived roadway block within your journey thinking about that degree needs as well as opponent toughness will ultimately widen the space with what your group can use. Additionally, you have actually restricted activity factors (AP) or in-game endurance required to take part in journey pursuits. When either of these problems use, there are still lots of tasks to take part in as the Challenge symbol simply next to Adventure under ideal edge of your display holds a selection of tasks that use really important benefits.

Partaking in any one of these difficulties will certainly neither call for neither take in AP yet rather, have actually restricted tickets or efforts you can take within the day. We pointed out previously that the very best means to opt for beginners is to concentrate on your 4-unit group as well as prevent spending sources in added personalities. Likewise, as you will certainly be often going to the club to hire even more friends, you will normally some heroes with a little financial investment in them in addition to a wide variety of equipments in your bag.

lucid adventure challenges

With much more personality options, sources, as well as equipments in your collection you ought to currently prepare to up as well as improve a couple of even more friends as the obstacle dungeons have problems that commonly shut out some personalities from being made use of. In this feeling, still stabilizing upgrades as for course as well as fondness kinds are necessary as well as, despite personality quality, ought to still be adhered to.

The product dungeon is your resource of active ingredients you require to be able to craft tools as well as equipments for your expanding variety of heroes. Note that each hero has particular tool as well as shield requires so it is greatly feasible that your finest or preferred ones will certainly not constantly be privileged to acquire the very best equipments. Engaging fights within the products dungeon as well as farming for active ingredients will certainly be your best choice to fix this circumstance. Keep in mind that dungeon kinds are offered on turning so make sure to maintain note of when your most required products will certainly be offered for you beyond weekend breaks.

The Sky Garden is house to various sorts of employers per flooring yet holds numerous improvement products as well as also rubies to additional increase your progression. Be really mindful as beast degrees below vary from the ones in the journey. If you can defeat degree 20 beasts in the journey with your degree 15 group, after that in the Sky Garden, a degree 15 group might simply hardly make it with the degree 10 manager. First time free from each flooring are really vital thinking about the important benefits so press as for you can prior to the day finishes.

If you wish to check your group’s expertise versus that of various other gamers’ groups, after that the field is PvP site in Lucid Adventure that you ought to study. You have 10 day-to-day efforts to climb up the rankings and also as you obtain advertised, you will certainly be confronted with even more difficult challengers. The field really holds a benefit for you because it is not real-time as well as you will certainly be fighting versus an A.I.-controlled group. You, on the various other hand, have far more control with car setting shut off so you can time ability use to acquire much better calculated use.

Guild Raids are an unique obstacle offered just for guild participants. What makes this amazing is that you reach make use of 8 personalities as opposed to the normal 4 as well as you can see every one of them on-screen dishing it out versus the raid manager. Expectedly, you will certainly not have the ability to beat in charge by yourself as it might occur that the whole guild can fall short at doing so. Just the very same, get involved as long as you can as all damages matters as well as benefits per effort in addition to the general outcome will certainly profit you as well as your guildmates.

6. Craft, Reinforce, And Enchant Your Gears

Once you have actually involved sufficient in the products dungeon, you will certainly have the ability to acquire lots of sources to be able to craft your really own tools as well as equipments. Again, this will certainly be the response to the circumstances when a leading preferred hero drags in power due to subpar equipments. Higher equipment rarity will certainly open based upon exactly how much up you get to within the dungeon as well as the very same will certainly require much more products to create.

lucid adventure gear

If you still handle to stand up a great deal of gold at this moment in the video game, after that prepare to begin shedding a great deal of them. Each item of equipment can be strengthened utilizing gold with a 100% possibility from +1 to +3 as well as a lot reduced prices relocating even more. From +6, equipments can lower in support degree if the procedure stops working unless you make use of risk-free support rocks. Given the variety of equipments as well as also your 4 primary personalities at the minimum, this will certainly still take in a great deal of gold so make sure to handle your sources well.

Beyond support of equipments, every one can even more be reinforced with magic. Enchantment scrolls include arbitrary stat lovers for every item of equipment relying on the high quality of scroll made use of. You might wish to conserve greater quality scrolls for greater quality equipments as these are difficult ahead by.

7. Remember To Fill In Support Member Slots

Going back to our earlier concept that emphasis should be maintained within as couple of heroes as essential, you will certainly have a brand-new factor in the future to wander off a little bit off from that referral. We would certainly still be strict on the suggestion that all financial investment made on each hero is well should have yet switching over out primary employee will certainly not be a failure provided Lucid Adventure’s assistance function.

lucid adventure support member slots

Each 10 account degrees you get to unlock an assistance port for your group in fight. Any various other hero within your lineup can be made use of as an assistance personality yet the more powerful they are, the greater the statistics they give. At some factors within the obstacle dungeons, you will certainly need to likewise change primary group as well as support system personalities provided the constraints each dungeon phase has. In any type of situation, you will certainly need to enhance some personalities past your primary group yet remember that your restricted sources might simply suffice to actually rely on 4 heroes.

8. Craft And Upgrade Relics

Beyond equipments, you can likewise craft antiques that give a variety of increases for your group or the homage (passive incomes). This will certainly set you back relic fragments that you can make in a selection of methods as well as restricted in number by your account degree. As these antiques are crafted in arbitrary, you might not completely obtain what you desire so there is a choice to grind undesirable ones as well as opt for an additional roll. It prices rubies, however, with a wager on the following one so it does not appear much worth it.

how to craft and upgrade relics in lucid adventure

On the various other hand, you can make use of additional relic fragments to update the ones you have actually opened rather. Every succeeding upgrade prices much more fragments so make sure to think about prioritization when it pertains to updating antiques.

9. Accomplish Quests And Achievements For Extra Rewards

In enhancement to the various benefits you acquire from each fight you take part in, in addition to easy homage incomes, Lucid Adventure allows you make a lot more benefits with the achievement of day-to-day as well as once a week pursuits as well as accomplishments.

Daily as well as once a week pursuits are, fundamentally, time-limited as you would certainly need to fulfill each purpose within the day or week, specifically. All goals develop component of the tasks you generally take part in as you play the video game as well as can likewise act as a list you can see every so often to see what tasks you might have missed out on to take part in.

how to earn rewards in lucid adventure

Completing day-to-day pursuits make you a costs mobilize ticket, making it quite worth it if you desire much more heroes or make heart rocks to enhance existing ones. Weekly pursuits act as jacked-up variations of the day-to-day qust goals so if you full day-to-day pursuits 6 times a week, opportunities are that you have actually gotten rid of all once a week mission goals also. You can examine both these pursuits through the scroll symbol at the left side of your display.

Achievements, on the various other hand, deal single benefits for landmarks you got to provided your progression in the video game. It might occur that a comparable, yet much more difficult purpose will certainly change the one you have actually simply achieved. These goals likewise connect to points or tasks you ought to be taking part in as you play Lucid Adventure as well as, thus, can act as an overview on what you might wish to invest a little bit of time on moving on. Diamonds as well as costs mobilize tickets can be made below in addition to several uncommon benefits so make sure to examine it periodically as well as make every effort to opt for those goals you are close to finishing.

Relative to this, there is a collection tab that approves stat increases based upon the heroes you have actually accumulated. In as long as we would certainly advise opting for heroes you currently have, unless the one you do not comes from a greater quality, the collection function makes it vital to order each hero from the gacha a minimum of when. Both these attributes can be translucented the prize symbol at the top left side of the primary display.

10. Check Your Mail And Bag Often

Some benefits you make, like visit bonus offers as well as occasion presents do not go right right into your stock as well as end up rather in your mail. Be certain to examine the envelope symbol when you see a sign on it. Rewards will certainly occasionally be offered adhering to a marketing campaign that you require to play. In any type of situation, several of these benefits will just continue to be in the mail for a minimal time so insurance claim them as quickly as you can as some might aid you enhance your event even more prior to the following fight.

how to get bonuses in lucid adventure

Though most products in your bag are simply equipments you have actually acquired from throughout journeys as well as difficulties, you will certainly occasionally acquire palatable products such as depository that you require to available to obtain truth benefits. These circumstances will certainly reveal a sign atop the bag symbol so make sure to examine your bag when that takes place.

Lucid Adventure most definitely loads a whole lot greater than what we can cover but also for currently, this is where we will certainly finish our Lucid Adventure novice’s overview. Before we go, we wish to once more worry the significance of discovering to play by hand throughout vital fights as we have actually experienced having the ability to rise over attempting degrees by playing by hand when the group stopped working to win on car setting. Do not be inhibited also if you are a complete novice with these sorts of video games as timing of ability implementation will certainly constantly be much better than no timing in all.

Likewise, while there are still incomes as well as easy aspects in Lucid Adventure, proactively playing as well as investing even more time pressing ahead with the journey as well as difficulties will certainly increase your progression enormously so if you actually like as well as appreciate the video game after that provide it much more perseverance as well as initiative. If you have some difficulty with a specific video game function or wish to share your really own Lucid Adventure ideas, cheats as well as methods, you are quite welcome to upload your remarks listed below!

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