Lord of Heroes Tier List: A Complete Ranked List of Heroes within the Game

CloverGames’ Lord of Heroes continues to stay among the many high RPGs on each the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. With its immersive storyline, large content material, and thrilling gameplay, filled with beautiful anime-styled graphics and dramatic ability minimize scenes, Lord of Heroes has every little thing RPG fanatics would need in a recreation, possibly much more.

While each technique RPG’s success might be attributable to the general mixture of story, graphics, and gameplay, an integral a part of turn-based technique RPGs middle across the characters. Despite each recreation developer’s purpose to maintain a balanced roster of heroes in any recreation, some items will merely stand out, therefore the necessity to classify them into tiers. In most instances although, these tiers is not going to be everlasting on condition that characters can all the time endure modifications in future updates. Likewise, the introduction of recent characters or recreation modes that decision for a unique applicability of every hero’s traits and abilities can set off modifications to everybody’s general usefulness.

Like all different tier lists now we have created in addition to different tier lists you’ll find outdoors of Level Winner, our Lord of Heroes tier record is very opinionated. Expectedly, the rating of every hero will differ from all different tier lists in addition to the non-public opinion of every participant. Despite our greatest efforts and a number of accounts, now we have but to extensively use every of the characters of their most capability and rely largely on the efficiency of most in numerous recreation modes, taking into consideration their stats and abilities.

lord of heroes best characters

You ought to likewise observe that tier lists comparable to this one think about heroes individually. Given that Lord of Heroes gives team-based gameplay, merely lumping in collectively one of the best heroes is not going to web you assured victory. On an analogous observe, some heroes might not yield the appreciation they deserve if not utilized in a workforce that makes full use of their skills. As such, figuring out heroes for his or her position and the sport mode they excel in is simply step one in the direction of discovering the best workforce for the job.

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Lastly, take observe as effectively that the heroes we thought-about inside the identical tier are deemed equal when it comes to general worth. Like previous tier lists we printed, heroes inside a tier are organized alphabetically and never from finest to worst.

Lord of Heroes S Grade Heroes

These are the heroes that ought to stay as your high precedence in investing on when you occur to have them in your assortment. Though most of those heroes can solely be obtained by means of contracts and money retailers, some might change into simpler to acquire over time. In any case, as every of the heroes is exclusive but helpful on the identical time, the one motive to not put money into any of those heroes is that if a greater another appropriate to your celebration’s wants come alongside.

Aslan [Virtuous Vanguard – Earth – Warrior]

aslan virtuous vanguard lord of heroes

Aslan is likely one of the heroes within the recreation you’d need in your workforce throughout all recreation modes. His worth extends effectively past self-survival and may influence battles to learn the remainder of his teammates. He has respectable battle pace as effectively on high of very good general stats.

Graviton Slash begins off with a 60% probability to scale back the assault energy of the enemy it hits. Call to Arms is an distinctive assist ability that not solely will increase the assault energy of all hello allies but in addition fills up their motion gauges by 35%. Mountain Crusher is a burst ability that additional will increase Aslan’s worth because it ignores the goal’s protection stats. Aslan’ passive abilities can enhance his assault energy and likewise improve harm in opposition to water elemental enemies.

Johan [Battle Cleric – Fire – Cleric]

johan battle cleric lord of heroes

Battle Cleric Johan is actually a extra enticing model than the sunshine elemental one which greets each new participant within the recreation. In distinction with typical assist varieties that present therapeutic to allies, this model of Johan banks on crucial hit charges and significant harm that sustains his personal survivability and helps the workforce.

Dual Strike can provide Johan HP regen for two turns if it lands a crucial hit on the goal. Luminous Slash is an AoE assault with a base 50% probability to spice up the crucial hit fee and significant harm of his allies for two turns. Additionally, it will heal allies as effectively in proportion to the harm dealt if it does a crucial hit on an enemy. Johan’s burst ability, Exelion Barrage, supplies him a fortitude buff that enhances his harm for the flip. Even higher, when Johan lands a crucial hit with Exelion Barrage, he might be invulnerable whereas the fortitude buff is lively. Johan’s passives embrace harm discount from water elemental assaults and, after all, crucial hit fee enhance.

Joshua [Gifted Psychokinetic – Water – Sniper]

joshua gifted psychokinetic lord of heroes

Yet one other hero constructed to be distinctive throughout all recreation modes, this model of Joshua can pack numerous harm in addition to tilt the steadiness of buffs and debuffs throughout the enjoying area.

Pendulum Kinesis begins off with a 70% probability to take away 1 of the latest buffs on his goal. Higher Order, then again, fills up the motion gauges of all allies and removes 2 of the latest debuffs on them. Gravitational Tempest is a powerful single goal burst ability that additionally fills up Joshua’s motion gauge by 50%. Despite his low protection stats as a sniper, his passive features a protection enhance in addition to one other that will increase his harm outputs additional.

Krom [Lightning Blade – Water – Guardian]

krom lightning blade lord of heroes

A best choice on your first contract, Lightning Blade Krom can tremendously assist carry your workforce by means of the story mode and as you make investments extra in his pace passive, he turns into extra highly effective and among the many finest candidates for all different content material.

Cyclone Flurry offers harm depending on Krom’s pace and upgrades make it an awesome burst gauge filler. Combat Readiness fills all allies motion gauges by 40% for starters, andgrants them well being regen for a flip as effectively. Dimensional Cleave is just like the stronger AoE model of Cyclone Flurry. More pace means extra harm output from this burst ability and harm additional will increase as you put money into upgrading it. Krom’s passives embrace a harm discount in opposition to fireplace elemental assaults and a pace booster.

Lairei [Beloved Leader of Paradise – Earth – Striker]

lairei beloved leader of paradise lord of heroes

Earth elemental Lairei is a striker that retains getting stronger because the battle rages on. She already has glorious assault stats to start with and naturally turns into much more highly effective with each ability improve.

Dragon Fang boosts her crucial hit harm by 10% inside the identical wave of enemies, making it stronger for PvP and raids. Gale Volley is an AoE assault that may additional enhance her crucial hit fee for two turns. Raging Windstorm is an AoE assault that may enhance her assault energy for the following 2 turns if it lands a crucial hit. Her passive abilities embrace a harm discount from water elemental assaults and a rise in crucial hit harm.

Lairei [Daughter of the Dragonkin – Fire – Warrior]

lairei daughter of the dragonkin lord of heroes

An all-out debuffer match for any workforce throughout all recreation modes, this model of Lairei might not deal as a lot harm, however can positively present nice assist to her allies so far as weakening the opposing workforce is worried.

Dragon’s Fang begins off with a 70% probability to scale back the goal’s protection for a flip. Flame Volley is an AoE assault that offers respectable harm and has a 60% probability of decreasing the enemies’ resistance for a flip. Raging Firestorm is yet one more potent AoE assault that additionally comes filled with an 80% probability to scale back the motion gauge of all enemy items by 20%. Lairei’s passives can construct her to outgrow most heroes when it comes to harm outputs as each her assault and further harm might be elevated.

Laphlaes [Gifted Seer – Earth – Warrior]

laphlaes gifted seer lord of heroes

Laphlaes is a warrior that has elevated survivability, has very good harm potential, and may likewise stun enemies. Like most heroes within the high tier, he’s greater than a viable candidate throughout all recreation modes.

Solar Sting has a 50% of beautiful the goal in addition to grant Laphlaes a leech buff for the flip. Upgrades can improve the likelihood by 10% and lengthen the length for an additional flip. Although it begins off with a 5-turn cooldown interval, Vortex Drive can provide him an additional flip and might be additional upgraded to scale back cooldown by as much as 2 turns. Fires of Destiny is an AoE assault that may multiply its harm based mostly on will increase within the enemy’s max well being. It additionally boosts Laphlaes’ protection for the following 2 turns.

Lumie [Luminary of Lunaris – Water – Warrior]

lumie luminary of lunaris lord of heroes

Speed has all the time been an necessary consider turn-based fight and this model of Lumie provides you the benefit of pace in battle. On high of decreasing the enemy’s motion gauge and boosting her personal pace, Lumie may also put enemies to sleep.

Frost Strike is a fundamental assault that begins of with an 80% probability to spice up her personal pace for a flip. Although Icicle Dance has a cooldown interval of 5 turns at degree 1, it may be upgraded to scale back cooldown time. Beyond the AoE harm, it has an 80% probability as effectively to scale back the motion gauge of enemies by 20%. Glacial Rush is yet one more AoE assault that cuts down the opposing workforce’s motion gauges by 20%. In addition, it has a 60% probability of inflicting sleep on enemies as effectively. Lumie’s passives can provide her further well being and harm.

Nine [Catalyst of Change – Earth – Striker]

nine catalyst of change lord of heroes

This model of Nine could appear to lag a bit behind when it comes to normal stats however his skills greater than make up for it. Life leech, motion gauge enhance, enemy motion gauge discount, and a burst ability that enhances each offense and protection make him a formidable member of any workforce.

Nimble Slash grants him a leech buff for a flip and its impact might be lengthened additional by means of upgrades together with extra harm. Shadowy Banishment is an AoE assault that ensures a 20% motion gauge discount on enemies and 20% probability to spice up his personal motion gauge by 20%. Blade Strom can also be an AoE assault that enhances Nine’s assault in addition to supplies him a protect for a flip. Passive abilities can enhance Nine’s harm and significant hit fee.

Olivia [Sniper of Halgarine – Light – Striker]

Olivia is a novel striker that may provoke enemies, can heal herself, and trigger harm equal to the quantity of HP she misplaced, and has a burst ability that ignores the goal’s protection. Her beginning assault stats are already fearsome and she will additional improve her harm output with one passive and a few ability results.

Shellshot comes filled with life leech and one of the best a part of the ability is that it will increase harm the extra HP Olivia loses. Flash Bomb is an AoE assault that comes with a 60% probability to impress targets for a flip. While this ability possibly higher appropriate for a guardian, Olivia’s fundamental ability works nice in tandem with this. Precision Sniping is a really robust single goal burst ability that ignores the goal’s protection. It additionally comes with a thorns buff that damages enemies who assault Olivia, making full utilization of her provocation abilities. Passives can enhance Olivia’s harm in opposition to darkish elemental enemies and her well being.

Rosanna [Mermaid’s Elect – Fire – Striker]

rosanna mermaid's elect lord of heroes

This model of Rosanna is a striker that does very effectively supporting her personal workforce with pace boosts besides. Given that survivability is an important trait any workforce must have measure of, Rosanna might be squeezed into nearly any workforce throughout all recreation modes in Lord of Heroes.

Dolphin Leap is a wonderful fundamental assault that has an 80% probability to spice up her pace. Boon of the Sea casts a protect for the entire workforce depending on Rosanna’s assault. Her burst ability, Argonaut Slam, is an AoE assault that may heal her in proportion to the harm she offers. Her passives additional improve her assault and harm in opposition to water elemental varieties.

Rosanna [Caleccian Pirate Queen – Dark – Guardian]

rosanna caleccian pirate queen lord of heroes

Yet an equally potent model of Rosanna, this one sports activities extra protection and is a guardian. An outstanding guardian that may pump extra protection together with her passives, this model of Rosanna can enhance filling up of her allies’ motion gauges and may also provoke enemies.

Dolphin Leap has harm based mostly on the enemy’s present well being. Boon of the Sea fills up the motion gauges of the celebration by 35% and likewise grants Rosanna a counterattack buff for the flip. Argonaut Slam is an AoE assault that begins off with a 60% probability to impress the targets.

Lord of Heroes A Grade Heroes

Given the problem of incomes sufficient S-grade heroes to type a full celebration and contemplating workforce synergy as effectively, you’re probably to depend on a pair or extra A-tier heroes to fill in as you look forward to probabilities to safe higher ones. The heroes inside this tier should not unhealthy in any respect and might be very helpful all through the sport throughout most of its content material. Each one is unquestionably well worth the funding as effectively with some arguably being akin to S-listers in some features of the sport.

Alev [Heir to Dakkeon – Fire – Striker]

alev heir to dakkeon lord of heroes

This model of Alev is one other hero that banks on crucial hits. With it, she will heal herself and ignore the enemy’s protection though her passives don’t contribute to rising her crucial hit probabilities.

One of her notable perks come together with her fundamental assault, Reverse Slash, as it might probably grant her an additional flip at any time when it offers sufficient harm to kill the enemy. This might be achieved greater than as soon as as effectively. Ignis Buster is an AoE assault that may heal Alev if she lands a crucial hit and her final, Deatchscythe, will ignore the goal’s protection if it lands a crucial hit as effectively. Alev’s passives can improve her well being and harm.

Alev [Cyan Stormreaper – Water – Warrior]

alev cyan stormreaper lord of heroes

This model of Alev can makes a speciality of dealing harm in opposition to enemies with max HP will increase. She might be removed from one of the best candidates in PvP fight however will certainly be helpful within the story chapters and raids.

Reverse Slash comes with life leech, boosting Alev’s survivability. Ignis Buster is an AoE assault that may deal as much as 5x harm based mostly on the rise within the enemy’s max HP. Deathscythe is the stronger model of Ignis Buster and works the identical method. Both of Alev’s passive contribute to boosting her survivability with extra well being and higher protection.

Alev [Letiakus Mercenary Captain – Earth – Guardian]

alev letiakus mercenary captain lord of heroes

It appears that we can’t ignore the third model of Alev for this tier as this one supplies nice assist to any workforce throughout all recreation modes.

Reverse Slash will enhance the motion gauge of an ally with the best assault worth. Ignis Buster, then again, will generate a protect for two activates her and an ally with lowest well being along with inflicting AoE harm. Deathscythe likewise causes AoE harm, and the well being regen buff it might probably present to the workforce for two turns works nice on any battle.

Charlotte [Telluric Spiritmancer – Earth – Cleric]

charlotte telluric spiritmancer lord of heroes

One of the beginning characters you should have in your workforce, this model of Charlotte is value each little bit of funding as you possibly can depend on her to maintain your workforce alive even on the more durable contents in a while. A single goal heal and an AoE heal makes her value it and the harm discount she will impose on enemy items is an added bonus that additional improve her worth.

Spirit Strike is a fundamental assault that has worth for its beginning 50% probability to scale back the assault energy of its goal. Mystic Aid is a single goal heal based mostly on Charlotte’s energy and may also improve the ally’s motion gauge by 50%. Hymn of the spirits is a potent AoE heal based mostly on her assault as effectively and comes with a protect for everybody proportional to Charlotte’s max well being that lasts for two turns. Her passives embrace a protection enhance and harm discount from fireplace elemental assaults.

Laphlaes [First Archmage – Fire – Sniper]

laphlaes first archmage lord of heroes

This model of Laphlaes focuses on debuffing enemy items as a substitute of dealing uncooked harm.

Solar Sting can fill his motion gauge by 20% enabling him to do extra actions in battle. Vortex Drive is a single goal assault that has 80% probability to take away a latest buff from the goal. It will even grant Laphlaes a protect for two turns proportionate to his max HP. Fires of Destiny is an AoE assault that ensures to scale back the enemy workforce’s crucial hit fee. It comes with an 80% probability as effectively to scale back their crucial harm and a 60% probability to additionally scale back pace for two turns. One of his passives improve his debuff fee additional.

Mei Ling [Shamaness of Temperance – Light – Sniper]

mei ling shamaness of temperance lord of heroes

Mei Ling might not have a powerful set of stats to start with however her package makes her an awesome assist character throughout all recreation modes. Mass heals, well being regens, and further flip chances are high all the time good to have on any workforce.

To begin off, her fundamental ability, Safflower Talisman, can heal allies by 10% of the assault if it lands a crucial hit. Shaman’s Flare is an AoE assault that additionally grants allies a well being regen buff for a flip.Divine Invocation can also be an AoE assault that can provide her an additional flip if it kills an enemy though the additional flip can’t be activated in a row. Her passive enhance her crucial hit fee and harm in opposition to gentle elemental items.

Mikhail [Solitary Ranger – Dark – Sniper]

mikhail solitary ranger lord of heroes

As one of many heroes who will be part of you early on, Mikhail is yet one more character value investing on from begin to end. He has respectable assault and significant hit stats and abilities that enhance his offense by means of pace will increase and enemy motion gauge discount.

Twin Shot is a single goal fundamental assault depending on Mikhail’s pace. Raven Rush works the identical however grants him a pace enhance for the following 2 turns. His burst ability, Dire Eclipse, is a potent AoE assault that begins off with an 80% probability to cutr down the enemy unis’ motion gauges by 15%. Passives can additional enhance Mikhail’s crucial hit fee and improve his harm output in opposition to gentle elemental items.

Nine [Subject #9 – Water – Warrior]

nine subject #9 lord of heroes

This model of Nine is a warrior match for a tank position. He can provoke, present a protect for himself and likewise heal.

Nimble Slash grants Nine a protect based mostly on his assault energy and lasts for a flip. Shadowy Banishment is an AoE assault that begins of with a 40% probability to impress all enemies. It might be upgraded to have a 60% probability at degree 5. Blade Storm is a powerful AoE assault that additionally heals Nine based mostly on the harm he offers. One of his passives can additional improve his assault energy whereas the opposite boosts protection in opposition to earth elemental sources.

Olivia [Coastal Warden – Water – Sniper]

olivia coastal warden lord of heroes

Coastal Warden Olivia has a really simple package you could simply handle throughout all recreation modes and allies. She can heal herself, enhance her assault energy, and even scale back the protection stats of her enemies.

Shell Shot can leech some HP from enemies if executed as a profitable crucial hit. Flash Bomb is an AoE assault that begins with a 50% probability of decreasing the enemies’ defenses. Her burst ability, Precision Sniping, is a strong single goal ability that can enhance her assault energy for the following 2 turns.

Schneider [Gentle Knight – Water – Striker]

schneider gentle knight lord of heroes

The finest model of Schneider but, Gentle Knight Schneider is a good debuffer that displays respectable general stats as effectively, though he begins out with solely 3 stars.

Brave Bash begins off with a 60% probability to take away a latest buff from his goal. Spin Attack is an honest AoE assault that has an 80% probability to scale back the motion gauges of enemies by 15%. Finally, his burst ability, Valiant Charge can fill his motion by 50% on the preliminary price of three spirits. Further upgrades can scale back the fee to 2 and max out his motion gauge as effectively. Passives enhance his assault stats and harm in opposition to earth elemental items.

Vanessa [Fallen Kingdom’s Heir – Water – Cleric]

vanessa fallen kingdom's heir lord of heroes

This is whom we think about as one of the best model of Vanessa most particularly for the cleric position. Self-heal, AoE heal, and AoE revive make her a useful member of any workforce throughout all recreation modes and had certainly one of her passives embrace a protection enhance throughout the board, we might think about her for the highest tier.

Melody of Passion heals Vanessa based mostly on the harm it offers. Melody of Salvation heals all allies based mostly on her assault energy and likewise grants them a leech buff for the following 2 turns. Battleground Symphony does mass revival with therapeutic proportionate to Vanessa’s protection. Her passives can enhance protection in opposition to earth elemental assaults and her assault values.

Vanessa [Noble Royalty – Fire – Cleric]

vanessa noble royalty lord of heroes

Another model of Vanessa that’s virtually as equally good, Noble Royalty Vanessa has an AoE heal as effectively and a novel buff that grants invulnerability.

Melody of Passion offers harm equal to her protection. Melody Salvation is an AoE heal based mostly on her protection as effectively that may enhance the workforce’s protection for two turns. Battleground Symphony is an AoE based mostly on Vanessa’s max well being and can grant the workforce invulnerability for the following flip. Her passive abilities can additional improve her protection and scale back harm taken from water elemental assaults.

Walther [Tyrant’s Bane – Earth – Guardian]

walther tyrant's bane lord of heroes

Last, however not the least, for our A-listers is Tyrant’s Bane Walther. He is a guardian with very robust defensive capabilities, and may provoke and fill motion gauges for the workforce as effectively.
Mirage Slash will enhance his protection as he assaults an enemy. Lightning Burst is an AoE assault that begins off with a 60% probability to impress enemies. Heavenly Judgement is an AoE assault whose harm might be additional elevated with upgrades and can refill motion gauges for the workforce by 20%. His passives can additional improve his protection stats and enhance harm in opposition to water elemental items.

Walther [Isolan Romanticist – Water – Striker]

walther isolan romanticist lord of heroes

Although now we have but to check this character out within the area, we are able to assume that based mostly on his stats and ability units that we are going to slot in along with his different model on this tier. He generally is a little difficult to make use of with harm scaling that chains from decrease well being and elevated pace but when utilized effectively sufficient, he has potential to trigger some huge harm.

His fundamental assault, Mirage Slash has harm depending on his present pace. Lightning Burst is an AoE assault that grants him a buff for two turns that will increase his pace by 6% for each 10% of HP misplaced. Heavenly Judgement is an AoE burst ability that offers harm based mostly on his pace as effectively. His passive can earn him extra pace as effectively.

Lord of Heroes B Grade Heroes

The heroes underneath this tier are commendable sufficient to speculate on however solely to a restricted extent. Especially think about them just for the shortage of a greater hero to fill within the position you want in your workforce. Some of those heroes are akin to those within the greater tiers for some recreation modes but pale in utility so far as general worth is worried.

Astrid [Free Spirit – Water – Warrior]

astrid free spirit lord of heroes

This model of Astrid is a viable contender in PvP with concentrate on single goal harm. Her burst ability, Party Time!, makes her a fearsome combatant with its assured motion gauge discount of fifty%. Hit It! Is additionally nice to have even on the low 35% probability of beautiful her goal.

Astrid [Old Soul – Fire – Striker]

astrid old soul lord of heroes

Old Soul Astrid can also be a powerful single goal damage-dealer whose assaults all depend on having elevated pace. It is nice that certainly one of her passives can help you enhance her pace additional. She is relatively too simple, although and lacks any results on all her abilities.

Dhurahan [Vengeful Warrior – Dark – Warrior]

dhurahan vengeful warrior lord of heroes

This is whol we think about as the one believable model of Dhurahan. He has self-heal, can petrify an enemy, and ignores the targets protection along with his burst ability. Another plus is his being a darkish elemental unit. The reliance of each regular assault and lively ability on crucial hits would have been higher if his passive abilities assist it.

Fram [Stout Defender – Water – Guardian]

fram stout defender lord of heroes

Fram is amongst your beginning heroes within the recreation and whereas she might impress you within the earlier battles, there are merely numerous higher guardians within the above tiers. She is okay to have throughout all recreation modes as effectively and value investing on to a degree. Defense discount, assault discount, and stun are amongst her package and each passives can enhance her defensive capabilities.

Helga [Legendary Dragon Knight – Water – Striker]

helga legendary dragon knight lord of heroes

This model of Helga can also be whom we think about as one of the best of the bunch and an honest all-arounder so far as story, PvP, and raids are involved. Her fundamental ability, Hydra Hunting, grants her a life leech potential, which boosts her personal survivability in battle. Both lively abilities begin off with a 30% probability to inflict sap harm.

Johan [Gallant Knight – Light – Warrior]

johan gallant knight lord of heroes

Another beginning member of your workforce, Gallant Knight Johan is well-rounded sufficient to do effectively throughout the entire recreation modes in Lor of Heroes. His fundamental ability has a forty five% probability to impress the goal. Luminous Slash is an honest AoE assault that has a 50% probability to chop down the enemies’ assault energy whereas his burst ability, Exelion Barrage, ups his personal assault and protection values for the following 2 turns.

Joshua [Imperial Commander – Fire – Striker]

joshua imperial commander lord of heroes

As a hero you possibly can receive after occupying Gallus Empire in regular mode and spending 500,000 renowns, this model of Joshua is likewise an honest assist unit to make use of throughout all recreation modes. Pendulum Kinesis begins off with 70% probability to scale back the goal’s motion gauge by 20%. Higher Order grants an ally momentary invulnerability in addition to elevated assault energy. His burst ability, Gravitational Tempest, has an 80% probability of decreasing each assault and protection stats of an enemy.

Krom [Crimson Lightning – Fire – Warrior]

krom crimson lightning lord of heroes

This model of Krom may match as equally appropriate in PvP as greater tier heroes do and does effectively within the story battles as effectively. His fundamental assault, Cyclone Flurry, begins with a 70% probability to clock therapeutic, making him a fearsome unit in PvP. This additionally leaves him a ten% probability to disregard the goal’s protection. Both of his lively abilities grant him an additional flip, although not in a row, however can nonetheless be a crucial strategic component in battle as it should allow him to dam therapeutic for different enemies as effectively. One of the largest draw back of getting him is the existence of higher selections from contracts.

Lucilicca [Judicious Dignitary – Earth – Striker]

lucilicca judicious dignitary lord of heroes

An glorious alternative of hero for raids, this model of Lucilicca has self-healing, harm based mostly on her well being, and may protect herself for two turns, tremendosuly boosting her survivability in fight. We would in all probability think about her for a better tier if her passive grants a well being enhance and the absence of higher heroes you possibly can recruit with a contract.

Lumie [Crimson Snow Sentinel – Fire – Sniper]

lumie crimson snow sentinel lord of heroes

Crimson Snow Sentinel Lumie banks so much on inflicting crucial hits however her abilities’ results are effectively sufficient by itself even when she fails to land a crucial hit. Definitely an awesome offense and assist character on the identical time.

Frost Strike has a 60% probability to scale back the assault energy of the goal for a flip and can enhance Lumie’s assault if it lands a crucial hit. Icicle Dance is an AoE assault begins with a 40% probability to stun enemies on hit and can scale back every goal’s motion gauge by 20% if it’s a crucial hit. Her burst ability, Glacial Rush, is one other AoE assault that has a 60% probability to decrease the defenses of enemy items. The enemies’ protection might be ignored as effectively if it lands a crucial hit.

Mei Ling [Shamaness of Harmony – Earth – Striker]

mei ling shamaness of harmony lord of heroes

Shamaness of Harmony Mei Ling is value it to recruit in case you have an additional 3,000 crystals that can not be put to raised use and in want of one other robust unit for PvP fight. Safflower Talisman begins with an 80% probability enhance her pace. Shaman’s Flare is an AoE assault that fills up all allies’ motion gauge by 10%. Her burst ability could possibly be higher, however an AoE assault with a 40% probability to inflict 2 stacks of sap harm is okay to have as effectively. Again, she is a wonderful unit for PvP however there are higher alternate options.

Olivia [Gifted Markswoman – Earth – Sniper]

olivia gifted markswoman lord of heroes

A free unit you possibly can recruit after logging in on the sport for 7 days, Olivia is an honest unit as effectively that focuses on slowing down enemies and may have an additional flip as effectively. Shell Shot is a assured 20% motion gauge discount on a goal enemy. Flash Bomb is an AoE assault that begins with a 50% probability to scale back the enemies’ pace for a flip. Precision Sniping can provide her an additional flip as soon as if it kills the goal.

Schneider [Courageous Knight – Fire – Striker]

schneider courageous knight lord of heroes

Great to have in raids, this model of Schneider has elevated survivability because of life leech granted by his fundamental and lively ability. Valiant Charge is an okay burst ability that grants him a thorns buff, damaging people who assault him for a flip.

Vanessa [Princess of Alderune – Light – Cleric]

vanessa princess of alderune lord of heroes

This model of Vaneesa can also be a superb alternative for a cleric in PvP, and adequate as effectively for all different content material. Her fundamental ability, Melody of Passion will heal allies based mostly on the harm she offers and comes with a 50% probability as effectively to scale back the assault of her goal. Melody of Salvation supplies a 1-turn invulnerability to the workforce and boosts their assault values for the following 2 turns. Battleground Symphony is an AoE heal depending on her max HP. It comes with well being regen for the workforce as effectively, lasting for two turns.

Lord of Heroes C Grade Heroes

As there’ll all the time be higher and lesser heroes in any tier record, these are those we deem to be on the backside of the effectively. They should not full rubbish, by the best way. It is simply that different heroes are extra becoming for his or her respective roles and given the restrictions of sources wanted to strengthen every hero in your assortment, some will merely should be uncared for for effectivity’s sake. Some of those heroes can also do effectively sufficient in a recreation mode or a pair, however once more everybody else can simply fill of their roles extra successfully.

Astrid [Bold Bladefighter – Earth – Sniper]

astrid bold bladefighter lord of heroes

Charlotte [Tidal Spiritmancer – Water – Cleric]

charlotte tidal spiritmancer lord of heroes

Dhurahan [Literary Lorekeeper – Fire – Warrior]

dhurahan literary lorekeeper lord of heroes

Dhurahan [Noble Scion – Earth – Guardian]

dhurahan noble scion lord of heroes

Helga [Dragon Hunter – Dark – Warrior]

helga draon hunter lord of heroes

Helga [Wyrmfire Knight – Fire – Warrior]

helga wyrmfire knight lord of heroes

Lucilicca [Motivated Dignitary – Water – Sniper]

lucilicca motivated dignitary lord of heroes

Lumie [Warden of Calamity – Earth – Guardian]

lumie warden of calamity lord of heroes

Mei Ling [Shamaness of Balance – Fire – Sniper]

mei ling shamaness of balance lord of heroes

Nine [Synthetic Soldier – Dark – Sniper]

nine synthetic soldier lord of heroes

Schneider [Virtuous Knight – Earth – Warrior]

schneider virtuous knight lord of heroes

Zaira [Sable Tempest – Fire – Guardian]

zaira sable tempest lord of heroes

And that completes our Lord of Heroes Tier List. We actually hope that the collection of heroes and the way we grouped them has offered you with an enlightenment as to which of them are value recruiting and investing on. Keep in thoughts that this tier record was written utilizing model 1.0.092203 of the sport and every hero’s abilities and stats could also be adjusted in future updates.

Likewise, we’re assured that new heroes and new variations of present characters will be part of Lord of Heroes’ rising roster in addition to new content material can also be launched additional difficult every hero’s versatility and general energy. Be reminded as effectively that your development and efficiency in your journey is much less related to what number of S-listers you will have in your workforce, however relatively how every of those heroes synergize with each other.

Again, we welcome and settle for discerning opinion on all features of our tier record so if you wish to share your views on every hero, notably your favorites and their relative concerns within the tier record, don’t hesitate to share them with us by means of the remark part!

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