Light of Thel Treasure Map Guide: A Complete Guide to All Treasure Maps

Anyone that has actually played Light of Thel, understands that it provides a myriad of web content. As a mobile MMORPG, this much web content can be an invited idea/sight. Some might discover this as a little bit frustrating as well as some might discover it as fantastic. In any type of instance, this totals up to large loot for you.

Included with right to acquire loot are prize maps. Some prize map pursues are finished as conveniently as touching the switch. Others are not so very easy to handle. In this brand-new Light of Thel prize map overview, we’ll offer you all the information to assist optimize your gains.

Note: All prize maps offer incentives arbitrarily. You can wind up with something terrific. You can likewise wind up with absolutely nothing and/or simply silver. Either method it’s not a wild-goose chase primarily as a result of the covert advantages. Also note that the prize maps can all be obtained free of charge.

Treasure Maps Small And Medium Guide

All prize maps in Light of Thel are placed. This consists of: Small, Medium as well as Large (S, M as well as L). The prize map S is your evident beginning factor. From there, you can collect as well as acquire prize maps M as well as L. Just examine the loot checklist by touching the “Eye” symbol in the top right edge of the prize map concerned. If you see a “?” enigma on the symbol of a prize map, simply maintain touching the Use switch up until it/they develop into the prize maps.

light of thel treasure map s loot

When you see the loot checklist for the prize map S, you’ll observe that it’s not an extremely huge checklist. However, you can conveniently see that a few of the loot you can acquire is most definitely worth the initiative. The trouble is that the majority of or every little thing you loot from the prize maps will certainly be bound. So you can not market it in theTrading Post The great information is that you’ll have some much less purchasing requires from the Trading Post.

light of thel traveling merchant coupon

As for the “initiative” of managing the prize map S, you’ll observe that it’s completely automated. Just click the Use switch as well as when your personality quits relocating, you’ll see the Dig switch.

light of thel treasure map s

Tap the Dig switch as well as begin expecting the most effective!

The suggestion is comparable with the prize mapMs Unfortunately, it’s not so automated.

Once you touch the Use switch, you’ll be instantly teleported to the map concerned. When you examine it, you’ll see it’s displaying in the prize map’s summary. This coincides for the prize map S. In the above screenshot, this prize map M will instantly send you toSteam Valley That’s where the automation quits.

light of thel treasure compass

Instead of instantly mosting likely to the prize’s place, you’ll see a compass as displaying in the above screenshot. The Light of Thel devs really did not desire every little thing to be a huge free gift so reach running! Thankfully it’s still a rather simple suggestion. Simply adhere to the compass up until you see the Dig switch. The ideal method to recognize you’re close is when you see the compass kip down the various other instructions rapidly.

light of thel treasure map m

The prize map M has a bit larger checklist of products you can loot. You can examine every one of the loot provides similarly. You pick the prize map as well as touch the “Eye” symbol in the top right edge of the prize map.

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With all the various loot in each of the prize maps, the concern ends up being why not simply concentrate on gaining/using the prize map L just? Honestly, it’s a great deal of running about as well as additional excavating time. Simply placed, take a look at the checklist of loot. What did you assume the most effective method to acquire the prize map L is?! The prize map L is terribly costly in the Trading Post if they’re also offered when you go looking.

You likewise will not obtain them so easily/readily from incentives. Also note that you normally have the very same opportunities to acquire Legendary placed products from each prize map kind. Lastly, if you need to ask, you plainly missed out on the covert advantages of the prize maps S as well as M.

The Hidden Benefits Of Treasure Maps S And M

The really hope currently is that you really did not assume the Light of Thel devs were obtaining careless regarding points. They behaved sufficient to consist of some advantages in the prize maps S as well as M. Of program, if they made them very easy to find out, they would not be so “concealed”, would certainly they ?! There remain in reality 4 covert advantages. The initially 2 are rather evident. They’ll turn up as incentives. One of them remains in the Achievements of the video game. Ok, that isn’t specifically a massive benefit yet it’s still a lot more loot for you!

The various other evident one remains in the Events of Light of Thel.

light of thel events for treasure maps

That certain covert advantage could not appear so covert yet the incentives are a whole lot even more worth it. This one is noted as the 2nd “evident” one considering that the little red dots turn up showing you have incentives to accumulate. Yes, significantly like the Achievement incentives. That’s all well as well as fantastic yet exactly how regarding the not so evident covert incentives?

As it ends up, you’ll be doing a whole lot even more running around while utilizing the prize maps S as well as M. What did you assume would certainly take place while doing all that running about? If you thought you’ll wind up acquiring the covert advantages, you thought right! The initially one occurs to be an extremely searched for collection of prize boxes discovered around each map.

light of thel treasure boxes

Yes, you’ll have an exceptional opportunity of locating all the prize boxes of each map. From there, it refers having a few of the Story Mode pursuits entering that map so you can loot those boxes. You’ll be impressed the amount of you can discover while instantly running everywhere!

The various other covert advantage of utilizing prize maps S as well as M is likewise consisted of in the running around the maps. Check your Exploration Level.

light of thel exploration level

As component of finishing your Exploration Level as well as acquiring titles as well as incentives, you’ll require to discover 2 Mining Points as well as 2 Collection Points on each map. This is utilized with your Life Skills so you have locations to acquire those points from. In order to acquire the Mining as well as Collection Points, you need to obtain within series of those factors. Initially, they’re disappointing on the maps. You’ll need to discover them by hand (or unintentionally!). So normally, what’s the most effective method to do that? Thanks prize map S!

The Treasure Map L Locations

The prize map L is the one most would certainly wish to utilize in Light ofThel These prize maps provide the most effective incentives. Unfortunately, they’re the hardest ones to acquire from.

light of thel treasure map l loot

light of thel treasure map l8

In the above screenshot you’ll see prize map L 8. The prize map L is the one where you need to utilize the offered hint to discover the excavating place. Too poor they do not offer the precise collaborates neither do they offer terrific information. So there’s an exceptional opportunity that you’ll be browsing for life for the excavating place.

The great information is that all 9 prize map L places will certainly be offered below. The trouble is that attempting to obtain all 9 of them will not be very easy considering that they’re all obtained randomly. This likewise consists of if you get them. So it boils down to “take what you can obtain”. Sorry, we can not do every little thing for you! The great information is that you can acquire all 9 of them free of charge. So you really did not need to get them. It’s an examination of your good luck so best of luck!

light of thel treasure map l2

When you examine the prize map L, there’s a great chance you’ll find out which map to be in. For instance, the prize map L 8 over discusses an “Eternal Ocean”. So the map would certainly beEternity Beach Treasure map L 2 discusses an extreme warm, water as well as an entryway. So Steam Valley (warm + water _ would certainly be the map as well as the Steam Valley Cave (the entryway) is the location to search in.

The great information is that the excavating places are spread out throughout 3 maps just. This consists of: Steam Valley, Fluoro Forest, as well asEternity Beach So it will not take lengthy! The trouble is that the Use switch does not switch over to show you remain in the best place.

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So below are all the prize map L places from 1 to 9. Get right into the map concerned as well as take a look at the screenshot. Pay focus to the offered collaborates. The great information is that you can still obtain the loot from remaining in the prompt location. This indicates you can be a couple of factors off (1 or 2) on the collaborates as well as still obtain the loot when you click the Use switch. To see the collaborates touch the “+ magnifying glass” symbol on the small map. It’s on the small map’s reduced best edge. Those with bigger fingers might have problem touching on that particular.

Treasure Map L1 Steam Valley

light of thel treasure map l1 steam valley

Treasure map L1 is discovered near the large feline sculpture in the reduced left location ofSteam Valley Check the environment-friendly circle in the screenshots. You can car transfer to the place from the collaborates map also.

Treasure Map L2 Steam Valley

light of thel treasure map l2 steam valley

Treasure map L2 is discovered to the left of the Steam Valley Cave entryway. That’s in the top best location of the Steam Valley map.

Treasure Map L3 Steam Valley

light of thel treasure map l3 steam valley

Treasure map L3 is discovered in Steam Valley in the reduced center location. Yes, there’s a huge windmill there!

Treasure Map L4 City of Thel

light of thel treasure map l4 city of thel

Treasure map L4 is discovered on Epsilon’s left. Tap the small map as well as click the Return to the Main City switch discovered on the left side. It’s over the Side as well as World Quest listings (relying on the map as well as your degree). Sorry, the cannon will not assist you reach Epsilon!

Treasure Map L5 City of Thel

light of thel treasure map l5 city of thel

Treasure map L5 is likewise discovered in the City ofThel This time, just succeed of the lengthy spiral tower on the right.

Treasure Map L6 Fluoro Forest

light of thel treasure map l6 fluoro forest

Treasure map L6 is discovered right around the center ofFluoro Forest If you have the products, you can capture a sprite below also.

Treasure Map L7 Fluoro Forest

light of thel treasure map l7 fluoro forest

Treasure map L7 is likewise discovered inFluoro Forest The great information is that this set runs you within series ofZaza That’s one approach to activate thatAdventure Quest Those pursuits have some good incentives so look after it if it appears for you.

Treasure Map L8 Eternity Beach

light of thel treasure map l8 eternity beach

Treasure map L8 is discovered inEternity Beach The enjoyable component is that there’s a route to reach it. Check the summary in the screenshot over. Just utilize the Cannon to arrive.

Treasure Map L9 Eternity Beach

light of thel treasure map l9 eternity beach

Treasure map L9 is likewise discovered inEternity Beach It’s where the “ranches” are. While you exist, if you seem like entering some Tarot Challenges, you’ll currently exist!

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