LifeAfter Vault Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Vault System

For the lengthiest time, LifeAfter gamers have actually needed to pick in between having a gorgeous house as well as making room for loads of storage space cupboards. This superb survival ready Android as well as iphone gadgets provided gamers the alternative to develop their very own residence, however the demand to keep loot usually hindered. The video game will certainly have you investing the majority of your time collecting products, eliminating zombies, as well as battling gamers from adversary camps. If you do not prioritize your survival, you will certainly locate on your own incapable to advance as well as can end up being a simple target for raiders.

The great information is that the designers have actually discovered a means to ultimately provide gamers what they desire. The brand-new below ground safe system enables gamers to keep all their loot in a various location, providing lots of flexibility to construct their desire houses. The brand-new system, nonetheless, includes its very own complicated auto mechanics. So make certain to take a look at our LifeAfter safe overview to find out whatever you require to understand to obtain one of the most of out of the safe system.

1. How To Get A Vault

how to get a vault in lifeafter

The below ground safe isn’t easily offered for gamers. If you are brand-new to LifeAfter, you will certainly require to get to Manor degree 3 very first. You may intend to take a look at our ideas as well as methods for understanding the video game to get there swiftly. Once you satisfy the Manor degree demand, you simply require to head over to the Manor Controller outside your residence. Tap on the Manor Vault alternative after that touch on the Join Security Plan switch. You will certainly be asked to pay 500 New Dollars for it, as well as you will certainly obtain a Vault door that you can put someplace on your residential or commercial property. This is where you will certainly have the ability to go into the below ground location as well as handle your products.

2. Why Should You Use The Vault?

If you are not right into structure rather houses, the video game still offers you a reward to make use of the brand-new safe system. First of all, you obtain 4 gas ports in every flooring of your safe. This is an additional protection step that gradually launches harmful gas when there is a burglar. The trespasser will continually take damages if he does not leave the safe. This will certainly aid you safeguard your priceless loot from raiders also if you do not have a great deal of protective things in your structure toolbox.

benefits of a vault in lifeafter

Another factor to make use of the safe is the Security Point system. Storing things in your safe will certainly permit you to makeSecurity Points Security Points can after that be made use of to trade for upgrades as well as things via the Manor Controller food selection. The much more things you keep, the even more factors you can make.

Finally, the safe system enables you to swiftly access every one of your storage space cupboards by merely speaking with the safe door. Just faucet on the Manage Supplies switch as well as you will certainly have the ability to change in between every one of your cupboards in order to shop things swiftly. It made use of to be that you needed to fit every one of your storage space cupboards right into a solitary flooring of your Manor to be able to change to and fro.

3. Earning More Security Points

There are 2 points that impact just how much Security Points you make per hr. The initially one is yourSafety Rating It starts at 1000 as well as you make 25 factors for each day that your safe isn’t breached. The greater your Safety Rating, the even more bonus offer Security Points you make. There are 5 protection qualities: S, A, B, C, as well as D. When you go beyond 1750 score, you will certainly make the S quality. That suggests you obtain a 200% bonus offer when making Security Points.

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The Vault can see this in the You food selection. Manor Vault greater the worth, the even more factors you will certainly make per hr. The having a great deal of things saved will certainly enhance the worth score of your safe however maintaining the appropriate type of things will certainly aid make best use of the storage room as well as factors made. Simply have actually provided several of the typical things listed below in addition to their particular worths to aid you obtain a much better image of just how your rating is calculated.We •

Upgrade Material

1 Lv– 80Reagent •
1 Lv– 80Crystal •
1 Lv– 120Film •
2 Lv– 150Reagent •
2 Lv– 150Crystal •
1 Lv– 150Component •
2 Lv– 750Film •
2 Lv– 750Component •

Mineral Resources

— 0.6Stone •
— 30Iron Ore •
— 35Tin Ore •
— 40Aluminum Ore •
— 45Copper Ore •
— 60Gold Ore •
— 60Malachite •
— 70Flint •
— 75Sulfur •
— 75Potassium Nitrate •
— 90Kyanite •
— 100Galena •
– planet Rare– 125Ore •
— 155Silicon •
— 159Silver Ore •
— 516Pyrargyrite •

Hemp Resources

— 5Hemp •
— 35Plant Roots •
— 40Hemp Stem •
— 45Flax Leaf •
— 55Jute Leaf •
— 70Nettle Leaf •
— 90Hemp Bast •
— 90Hemp Seeds •
— 105Flax Petals •
— 120Kenaf Leaf •
— 155Castor Bast •
— 183Sisal Hemp Leaves •
— 185Jute Stes •
— 411Sea Hemp Leaves •
— 618Kenaf Bast •

Wood Resources

— 0.15Wood •
— 25Twigs •
— 30Resin •
— 35Old Cypress •
— 40Boxwood •
— 50Redwood •
— 60Hardwood Vines •
— 65Little Branch •
— 65Wood Core •
— 75Tree Oil •
— 75Cypress Leaf •
— 110Cracked Tough Hide •
— 120Cedar Leaf •
— 130Broadleaf •
— 138Old Oak •
— 438Birch Root •


— 10Berries •
— 10Mushroom •
— 10Cave Mushroom •
— 10Sea Mushroom •
— 20Rapeseed •
— 20Corn •
— 20Ice Cube •
— 20Wheat •
— 30Carrot •
— 40Watermelon •
— 40Matsutake Mushroom •
— 40Egg •
— 50Rib •
— 60Strawberry •
— 60Coconut •
— 60Pepper •
— 60Pumpkin •
— 60Crude Flour •
— 60Milk •
— 60Honey •
— 70Leg Meat •
— 100Tenderloin •
— 100Fine Flour •

Weapon Workables

— 70Titanium Alloy •
— 195Pig Iron •
— 380Gunpowder •
— 620Iron Casting •
— 800Steel •
— 820Hexagon Nails •
— 1000Hard Aluminum Alloy •
— 1000Smokeless Gunpowder •
— 1000Steel Pipes •
— 1000Springs •
— 1000Engineering Plastic •
— 1350Screws •
— 1480Weapon Part •

Medical Supply

— 45Bandage •
-Anti– 45Infection Medicine •
— 60Adrenal Injection •
— Rainbow Paradise– 200Zero •
& &Red– 200 Green Bottles •
— 400Portable Medkit •
— 1000Advanced Antiseptic •


— 15Vegetable Fish Bait •
— 25Metal Fish Lure •
— 32Meat Fish Bait •
— 50Shrimp Bait •


— 1Mailbox Key •
— 1Vault Key •
— 20Manor Detector Battery •
— 20Manor Battery •
— 400Climbing Rope •
— 400 Lasso 4.

you have actually been betting a while, you possibly have a great deal of storage space cupboards as well as various other things that require to be relocated underground. Move Your Items Quickly

If’ t concern due to the fact that there is a simple method to do this. Don will not need to relocate them individually.You speak with the safe door as well as pick

lifeafter items

Just Building Movement will certainly see a tab for your You as well as one more for your safe. Manor tab note downs all the portable cupboards, furnishings, as well as protection things that are presently in yourThe Manor Manor safe tab provides the ones that are currently in your safe. The can basically a look at all the things you intend to relocate after that touch on the You switch.Move you relocate your cupboards as well as furnishings to the safe, they will certainly all be unloaded in the unpacking location.

When should not leave them there due to the fact that you will not have the ability to construct defenses around them, as well as burglars will certainly be totally free to loot them. You, you will certainly require to relocate them to the facility location as well as construct defenses appropriately.Instead:

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You you open the various other floorings, you can make use of the Once alternative to move your things to the reduced floorings for included protection.Building Movement 5.

‘s Building Up Your Vault we discussed previously, you require to relocate your cupboards to the facility location in order to construct defenses around them. Defense

lifeafter vault defense

As you initially go into the safe, you will certainly discover that you can not simply put your cupboards as well as furnishings straight on the facility location. When’s due to the fact that you require to put down floorings initially. That as well as craft a great deal of straightforward floorings till you have actually covered all the ceramic tiles in the facility location. Go will certainly currently have the ability to put furnishings in addition to them.You that you can improve the facility flooring, it is time to intend your protection.

Now in mind that unlike in the Keep location, you can not put protective things in the Manor without setting floorings initially. Vault ideal protection for your safe is to make best use of using the toxin gas. The a puzzle around your cupboards. Build even more time burglars invest trying to find your cupboards, the most likely they will certainly catch the toxin. The you were fortunate sufficient to open electrical wall surfaces as well as floorings, you need to put them around your facility location to reduce any type of burglars, subjecting them to the toxin much longer.If 6.

‘ t Don optimum variety of Forget The Upgrades

lifeafter vault upgrades

The you can have is 50,000. Security Points you make factors every hr, you will at some point strike that cap if you do not invest them. Since are some wonderful things you can buy from the There, however you need to likewise set aside Exchange for Security Points upgrades. Permanent Technology will certainly permit you to open even more safe floorings as well as enhance the ability for protection, framework, as well as furnishings. These can likewise acquire solutions that can improve your You’s HP or enhance the price of toxin spread when safeguarding.Manor your saved things is an indispensable component of survival in LifeAfter.

Managing to our safe overview over as well as you will certainly be safeguarding your loot with no troubles.Stick

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