Legend of the Phoenix Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become the Most Powerful Woman in the Land

Legend of the Phoenix is Modo Global’s 3rd technique video game launched for Android and also iphone systems however the very first one that’s offered in English language worldwide. As yet one more refutation to the idea that computer game attract the male dream, Legend of the Phoenix is an otome video game, which actually suggests first video game and also is a story-centric dream intended in the direction of woman gamers. Beyond the enchanting dream story that establishes you approximately fulfill a wide range of companions, there are a lot of various other personalities to communicate with and also allies to join you in your reason.

This video game comes loaded with a lots of attributes and also web content and also can be played delicately or extremely greatly, relying on the quantity of spare time you have. While the normal gameplay intends to be an informal, stress-free experience, the continuous demand to accumulate power and also impact as needed by the expanding obstacles of the tale, can make it a habit forming experience also.

In comparison with many technique RPGs that enforce everyday restrictions to many in-game web content, Legend of Phoenix makes it to make sure that all efforts or power required to take part in the majority of its attributes renew in an issue of mins. As such, anybody can invest as much time as they desire on the video game to accelerate their development to the max.

legend of the phoenix guide

With the wide variety of symbols and also banners that welcome you as you enter the globe of Legend of the Phoenix, it can be a frustrating begin, particularly for gamers fairly brand-new to the category. With the fast tutorial strolling you via every one of the video game’s standard attributes and also the major tale pursuits working as your overview in the direction of continual development, understanding which jobs to focus on addressing come to be a simple task. There are extremely valuable signs also on locations that need your interest.

As much as playability is worried, Legend of the Phoenix is a video game that is extremely simple to get and also play. If you intend to proceed in the direction of coming to be one of the most effective female in the land, after that remain with us and also review our Legend of the Phoenix newbie’s overview listed below!

1. Prioritize Accomplishing The Main Quest

Legend of the Phoenix really offers you a great deal of freedom early to venture right into its globe all by yourself. As each task you participate in adds also indirectly to making even more power, there is minimal time thrown away as long as you proactively take part in any kind of task. Some attributes, nevertheless, normally ended up being based on various other facets of the video game and also, somewhat, focusing on various other tasks will certainly result in a much more reliable development price than others. As such, it is best to stick as purely as feasible to the major goals outlined near the bottom left side of the display.

What you go for to accumulate even more power and also impact is a promo in ranking and also while going up and also making brand-new titles is quick and also simple early, it comes to be a great deal a lot more tough as you make progression offered the needed personality XP that expands greatly with each brand-new ranking. The finest method to tackle it is the allow the major mission function as your overview. Although the tutorial offers you all the standard knowledge you require to make it through, complying with the major mission will inevitably function as a vital to opening the remainder of the video game’s web content and also attributes.

how to complete the main quest in the legend of the phoenix

The Main Story Quest, which you can access via the reduced left side of the display is made as though you will certainly not have the ability to see the various other pursuits aligned. Objectives show up one by one although if a brand-new mission is opened after you have actually completed the task, the achievement will certainly still be counted. With that, there need to be no fear going a little past what is needed although it will certainly be a lot more reliable to stick to the goals as purely as you can.

Each mission you accomplish makes you instantaneous benefits and also these benefits are frequently sources you require to press through the succeeding pursuits. Despite the quantity of attributes and also auto mechanics that inevitably lead you to making even more power, some recurring jobs within the major mission line will at some point leave you acquainted with every information. Note that mission conclusions will certainly frequently award you with one-of-a-kind benefits that are challenging or difficult to acquire anywhere else. With that, you need to press as high as you can to achieve the mission available.

One crucial indicate take into consideration when it come to finishing major pursuits associate with constraint of efforts or power and also palatable things. As you full one major mission after one more with rush, you are bound to entirely use up power or efforts throughout a selection of the video game’s attributes and also would certainly need to await them to renew to continue. In most instances, nevertheless, particularly considering that you will certainly gain a selection of palatable things from pursuits and also occasions early, you can promptly renew a few of these efforts or power and also continue with finishing the mission.

There will certainly constantly be a concept of conserving palatable things for later particularly when you are a newbie and also seem like hoarding things. In the situation of Legend of the Phoenix, nevertheless, it is frequently a lot more useful to invest them immediately and also improve performance at an onset. This is due to the fact that what you would certainly desire is to get to a particular ranking faster and also begin making a lot more from opened attributes. The faster you boost or establish any kind of or all attributes you have actually opened, the far better it will certainly be for your development and also growth progressing.

Eventually, you will certainly get to a point where achieving the mission is just past your capacities. An instance would certainly be development in the tale setting needs a particular quantity of authority and also degree of popularity. Over time, though you will definitely have the ability to gain sufficient of both to handle the tale obstacle however if you go to a negative aspect, after that it is best to manage your various other events.

2. Regularly Execute Palace Duties

The Palace Duties holds one of the most standard jobs you require to continuously take care of. As simple as it is to declare earnings from each of the 3 jobs, these earnings function as one of the most standard needs you require to continuously progress with your occupation. Do not allow the responsibility titles misguide you as they might offer stereotyped ladies responsibilities of the old times.

legend of the phoenix palace duties

Clothes cleaning creates EXP based upon your overall knowledge and also EXP is extremely crucial to level up your expanding variety of companions. Clothes making makes you silver based upon your political competence or just national politics and also silver stands as one of the most standard money you will certainly constantly have a requirement for. Clothes stitching is one-of-a-kind in the feeling that every boost in popularity you gain from it requires to be paid in silver. Your personal appeal affects just how much popularity you can gain per implementation.

As you get to seniorities, these jobs will certainly pile a lot more, leading to a longer amount of time in-between successive implementations. Likewise, the greater the statistics you have, which works as the basis for the quantity of sources you can gain with each case expand, the longer it will certainly consider added implementations to renew. In any kind of situation, attempt your finest to constantly clear out the efforts you have and also remember of just how much time it would certainly consider the royal residence responsibilities to completely max out. The even more times you can carry out each responsibility within a day suggests the much faster you can proceed in your trip.

3. Enhance Your Partners Strategically

Finding and also gathering confidants or enchanting companions are maybe a singular job however enduring a severe and also uncertain life in a royal residence, along with developing popularity, impact, and also power, can be way too much for someone to take care of on her very own. Your enchanting companions can often supply aid but also for many obstacles, your companions or friends will function as your relied on allies.

There are 39 companions to open in Legend of the Phoenix although some are secured behind VIP degrees. As you remain to finish major tale pursuits and also proactively take part in time-limited occasions, you can acquire ample of them for your requirements. Each companion has one-of-a-kind collections of possible, features, and also abilities, which can establish their development, power, and also expertise.

how to enhance partners in the legend of the phoenix

The EXP you gain from clothing cleaning within the royal residence responsibilities are required to update your companions. Each upgrade lead to a rise in statistics and also the price at which details statistics expand relies on the companion’s capacity. In this feeling, it is alright to update all your preferred companions similarly however when it involves providing publications to elevate details statistics, it is best to utilize details publications on the companion or companions with the highest possible capacity for the details stat.

Potential fruits, which you can acquire from finishing major tale pursuits, can be made use of to enhance the capacity of any kind of companion. If you take place to gain these priceless consumables, it is best to pile them all on your most effective companion. Potential can be progressed also via development factors and also you can gain them in 2 means.

The initially one is the academy, which you can open early and also the various other is via offering your companion to sign up with a discussion competition. Each companion’s abilities can likewise be improved making use of ability factors and also in addition to what they gain from the academy, there are present loads you can give out to your preferred companions also to grant them with added ability factors.

Upgrading each of your companions is not simply crucial for enhancing your very own power. As advancing via the major tale pursuits depends on having even more power than the resistance, and also with completion phase per phase financial on your companions’ total toughness, contending the extremely the very least one extremely solid companion with high authority or warrior statistics is extremely crucial. If you need to select one companion that you will certainly spend a lot more greatly in than the remainder, after that make certain to take into consideration somebody with a currently high sufficient authority capacity.

4. Always Grab Opportunities To Raise Bonds And Intimacy

The course in the direction of power and also impact does not imply just anticipating your confidants and also companions to assist you in your mission as you will certainly need to deal with both teams to the very best of your capacity so they can offer you much better. While training is a needed task for companions to improve their statistics and also possible, dating and also talking with your confidants is the matching of making them more powerful for you. There are numerous attributes in Legend of the Phoenix that aim in the direction of taking notice of your confidants and also every chance to do so need to not be entrusted to pass.

To start, you need to constantly get hold of efforts to day accustomed confidants. You have an optimum of 3 successive days to enter into and also once you do so, extra possibilities will certainly renew gradually. Dates existing various tales, making it resemble various selections of reactions will certainly produce various outcomes. As participating in several days will certainly expose or else, do not hesitate to select whichever reactions in the day tale as the outcomes will certainly coincide. The arbitrary aspect originates from events that comply with days, where you birth foster kids.

how to improve bonds and intimacy

Each day with an accustomed confidant makes you bond factors. Each confidant has bond companions whose abilities can be enhanced via spending bond factors. The quantity of bond worth you obtain from each day is straight pertaining to your affection degree with the confidant. Giving the confidant presents can promptly gain them affection EXP and also considering that days are arbitrary, it is best to divide financial investment of presents amongst your accustomed confidants.

Both Intimacy EXP and also bond can be promptly enhanced via the Tryst function however after that you will certainly need to invest ingots to do so. As ingots are a superior money you can trade for practically anything, it is best to conserve them for even more important expenses.

In enhancement to heading out on days, you can open tales about each accustomed confidant via talking with them making use of pigeon mail. You will originally have just 1 pigeon you can send however extra ones can be bought making use of ingots. Different subjects appear as you start to finish some tales. The even more subjects removed, the greater the possibilities you will certainly experience them in your trips.

Relative to taking a trip, you can spend some time far from your house by clicking the “royal residence” symbol at the reduced best side of your display. There are countless facilities to endeavor right into, however the map takes you out of the royal residence and also right into even more journeys. You can take a trip to various locations you have actually opened based upon your ranking or overall power. Travels are arbitrary and also each area provides a chance to fulfill brand-new confidants.

You have an optimum of 3 endurance however it renews gradually also. As you take a trip, your ton of money drops and also you need to renew it making use of silver or ingots. Naturally, the greater your ton of money, the greater the possibilities of satisfying brand-new confidants or making benefits.

5. Attend To Your Daily Duties And Foster Children

The Phoenix Hall residences yet one more collection of jobs you continuously require to take care of. As you ready to come to be a magnificent and also well-informed leader, you need to constantly choose on a great deal of issues given your interest. The everyday problems award you with numerous things and also sources if you choose the affirmative and also will certainly gain you personality EXP or else so any kind of choice you make assurances to award you with something. At specific points, a 3rd alternative appears where you can request for recommendations from an accustomed confidant and also selecting to do so will certainly gain you affection factors.

legend of the phoenix marriage

Every from time to time, dating accustomed confidants finish with an event that causes having a child and also the Phoenix Hall is where you will certainly head back to once again to support them to the adult years. Initially, you will just have sufficient area for 1 youngster, however you will certainly require to invest a raising quantity of ingots to enhance the variety of kids you can support. Note that you can not birth even more kids if there are no voids in the Phoenix Hall.

As you instruct kids, their degrees and also affection expand. Once the youngster gets to degree 10 and also becomes maturation, she or he will certainly no more remain in the godchild listing and also will certainly be offered for matchmaking. On the intermediator function, you can either await one more gamer to make a proposition to your unwed youngster or you can eat fate rocks or ingots to use as your collection your youngster up for a proposition. Having unwed kids gives no added advantages for you however as quickly as they wed, both you and also the various other celebration will certainly appreciate the features of both kids.

In significance, you require to have as several children as feasible and also joined them off as each wed youngster generally makes you two times as much feature factors that significantly improve your power.

6. Invest As Much As You Can In The Academy

As you will rely upon your companions to a lot more successfully accumulate power, it is best for you to spend as high as you can in their development. While updating them with experience factors have a noticeable impact on the increase in their power, even more can be attained via the academy.

The academy is where your companions can gain development factors and also ability factors impacting just how much power they get with each brand-new degree got to. You will just have one port for training in the academy for beginners, however you need to invest ingots to include even more ports. Each brand-new port to open prices a lot more ingots. Each publication or port in the academy concentrates on details features and also considered that each of your companions have one-of-a-kind attributes and also specializeds, some will certainly be preferable than others for details ports.

legend of the phoenix academy investment

Although it is best to comply with referrals, make certain that your leading companion, or the one you greatly spend upgrades in, will certainly constantly sit at the academy. Academy training takes 3 hrs and also quickening training will certainly set you back even more ingots also.

Beyond spending ingots to broaden the academy and also accommodate even more companions back to back, you can click the construct switch and also degree up the training sessions given by the academy. It will certainly set you back silver and also ingots to do so with each succeeding upgrade setting you back a lot more. It is definitely worth it, though as it raises the ability factors and also development factors your companions acquire from each training session.

7. Accomplish Daily Quests And Achievements

Legend of the Phoenix definitely awards you with a lots of sources and also things every which way. Every task you participate in will certainly constantly gain you something, other than when you press to take a trip when your ton of money goes to a lowest level. In enhancement to all the straight-out benefits you acquire, nevertheless, even more can be gotten through the everyday pursuits and also accomplishments attributes of the video game.

Both of these attributes connect straight to the normal tasks you participate in as you make progression in the video game. As such, you will normally finish a few of the goals provided under each function without also attempting to do so. Some goals might seem a lot more testing to achieve or maybe you have actually not yet ventured right into every one of the video game’s attributes. Instead of just seeing both symbols at the end of the display when there are red dot signs, make it a routine to check into each collection of accomplishable tasks and also allow both function as your overview in the direction of progression.

legend of the phoenix daily quests

The everyday pursuits are what you would certainly intend to take into consideration as everyday duties along with the routine jobs you routinely participate in. You can just click the “most likely to” switch next to the mission to be promptly transferred to where you can accomplish the purpose. Each mission you achieve makes you awards in addition to task factors.

At the top of the everyday mission home window, task factors you gain can open much more benefits. Clearing all everyday mission goals can gain you as high as 240 task factors and also you just require to accumulate 200 indicate open all the upper bodies on top of the home window.

Achievements function as the document of your turning points throughout all facets of the video game and also Legend of the Phoenix gives a lots of accomplishment goals for you to achieve for benefits. Given that some facets or attributes of the video game unlock behind others, some accomplishments are a great deal a lot more tough to achieve than others. All accomplishment goals you have actually removed will certainly open a following degree collection of targets for you to achieve, developing a considerably modern criteria for you to aim to get to.

8. Take Advantage Of Time-Limited Events

Beyond the everyday pursuits and also accomplishments that award you with a huge selection of sources and also various other important consumables, Legend of the Phoenix holds a selection of occasions that can even more improve your progression in your experience. There are a lot more time-limited occasions offered for your very first days within the web server, which suggests that you need to be particularly effective as the benefits in these occasions are made to assist more recent gamers reach everybody else.

One of the occasions you need to peek right into early is the limited-time occasion that launches as quickly as you log right into the video game. There are goals organized right into areas that generally gauge your progression under each area. Every tier you achieve in every one gives you important benefits and also you can press to achieve each purpose from rate 1 to tier 20 within 7 days.

legend of the phoenix events

A great deal of the goals to discover below in addition to the various other time-limited occasions are well according to the goals you achieve for everyday pursuits and also accomplishments. To some level, nevertheless, the targets laid out within these occasions call for even more time and also devotion from you however likewise supply benefits and also sources challenging to acquire anywhere else.

The Path of the Phoenix furthermore sets out a collection of goals you can achieve within 7 days. You will just have the ability to see goals for the present day and also days that passed and also can remain to achieve tasks for claimed days. Every unbiased you full makes you empress seals and also getting to a particular turning point with it opens a collection of benefits.

Beyond that, there are unique benefits you can likewise acquire for finishing all goals within every day. Although some goals need you to invest ingots on present packs, every one is well worth the expense.

9. Explore All Other Features In The Game

Legend of the Phoenix definitely holds even more attributes that we can not thoroughly review in one overview. Additionally, a few of these attributes take some time to unlock, and also have auto mechanics preferable for sophisticated gamers. In any kind of situation, having an adequate understanding of what you require to focus on originally and also daily later on leaves less issues for expedition by yourself.

Back in the house, among the important things that you might quickly miss out on is the positions at the left side of the display. For one, you might not want it as a newbie, particularly considering that you might really feel that your ranking within the web server is much behind many various other gamers. Within each classification, nevertheless, sending out appreciation to leading gamers via the “prayer” switch will certainly gain you ingots as benefits. You can do this for all groups daily and also cost-free ingots need to constantly be asserted.

Just a click far from your house is the royal residence, which is house to a selection of frameworks to go to and also hang around on. One of the locations you will often head right into is the map where you can take a trip throughout the nation in look for ton of money and also some even more love.

legend of the phoenix hints

The Hunting Ground, on the various other hand, will certainly not as much belong of the major goals however is still worth participating in. You can release companions to begin searching and also added factors in addition to various other benefits can be made for efficiently searching down fabulous monsters. Points made can be traded at the factor look for a selection of crucial sources.

Back at the royal residence, you might periodically go to the difficult labor camp to “enlighten” the major tale opponents you have actually recorded. The credibility you gain everyday relies on just how much via the major tale pursuits you have actually proceeded in. By touching on the archrival’s picture on top of the display, you can see the possible benefits you can gain with each instructional whipping you provide.

The Shouangong houses the globe employer. It will certainly be open for a restricted amount of time every day and also you just need to use all your companions to deal damages to the globe employer. Every quantity of damages you sustain makes you factors that establish your ranking within the web server at the end of the day. The a lot more factors you gain, the far better it is as you can trade factors at the factor look for important things.

It might take a while to appear however you need to sign up with a guild via the guild home as quickly as you have the ability to. Applying for a guild can be a difficulty as you would certainly need to await a reaction from the guild leader prior to you can sign up with one. If denied, you will certainly need to use once again with one more guild and also you can just obtain one guild at the exact same time. Guilds unlock extra attributes and also function as an excellent resource of in-game allies. This suggests even more reception invites or propositions simplified for your kids.

And that summarizes all the suggestions and also methods we have for you when it come to Legend of thePhoenix There are some attributes left in the ready individual exploration so we wish that what we covered works as a solid column for you to deal with advancing quick and also successfully in the video game. If you have actually checked out deep right into the video game’s components and also searched via some deeply concealed trick we have actually yet revealed, after that do inform us concerning it through the remark area!


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