Kitty Keeper: Cat Collector Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Build a Cat Paradise

If you like pet cats, after that you will certainly enjoy Kitty Keeper: Cat Collector! This charming simulation video game from Mighty Kingdom allows you maintain a whole manor full of pet cats! Technically, you’ll begin with simply a number of pet cats as well as one space. You will certainly need to restore the remainder of the manor in order to make them risk-free for the pet cats to stay in. After that, you will certainly additionally need to locate pet cats to place in each space.

The manor just features a couple of furniture pieces, so you would certainly require to acquire much more, or your felines will not have anything to have fun with. Don’ t neglect to level up your pet cats too in order to open their possibility. The much more pet cats you gather, the harder it will certainly be to take care of every one of them. If you locate on your own bewildered by those cosy felines, simply look into our Kitty Keeper: Cat Collector overview for some valuable suggestions, cheats as well as methods!

1. Play The Game Every Day For Rewards

kitty keeper cat collector daily rewards

The video game does not truly need a great deal of energetic play, so it should not be way too much to ask to visit on a daily basis. If you’re hectic, you just require to visit for 5 mins at the majority of because that’s all it requires to mark time every little thing you require. Of program, you can remain in the video game as well as have fun with the felines as high as you such as. You also gain a little additional experience as well as coins for every single communication your pet cats have with the furnishings. And isn’t having fun with the pet cats the entire factor of having a simulation video game? If you require one more factor to visit, Kitty Keeper: Cat Collector additionally hands out daily benefits, with a brand-new pet cat waiting on you at the end of the week.

2. Link Your Facebook Account

kitty keeper cat collector link

This must be the initial point you carry out in Kitty Keeper:Cat Collector You can connect your Facebook account on the major display, prior to you struck the Play switch. This is the only method for you to recoup your development in instance you shed your tool or need to reset somehow. Remember, there more than a thousand pet cats to gather in the video game. You do not intend to take the chance of shedding your development as well as need to begin again. As an included reward, you additionally obtain a beginning present if you connect your Facebook account, so rush as well as do it.

3. Check The Lucky Spin Tab

On the left side of your display is an orange tab with the symbol of a feline with a wheel. Tap on it to broaden the food selection as well as you will certainly see the Lucky Spin switch. You obtain a complimentary spin every couple of hrs, so see to it you examine it typically. After you assert your cost-free spin, you have the alternative to rotate once again for viewing a video clip promotion. Always make use of this due to the fact that the wheel hands out structure products, coins, deals with, treasures, as well as also brand-new pet cats.

kitty keeper cat collector lucky spin

Another factor to examine the tab is the advertisement deal switch. At all-time low of the Lucky Spin tab is a switch that resembles a motion picture cam. This is the advertisement deal switch as well as it hands out cost-free coins or treasures every couple of hrs. Check on it typically in order to optimize your source gain. Nearly every little thing in Kitty Keeper: Cat Collector expenses coins, as well as they can be fairly pricey, so see to it you order every chance to gain much more.

4. Put Your Cats To Work

The pet cats in your manor can be sent to various areas to discover. Tap on the map symbol under ideal side of your display. This will certainly take you to the city map where you can select the place you intend to discover. You will just have the ability to discover Waverly Park at first, yet as you level up, you will certainly have the ability to open brand-new areas. You can send out up to 3 pet cats per place. After time, they will certainly go back to the manor with coins, experience, treasures, constructing products, furnishings, hats, as well as perhaps even a brand-new good friend.

kitty keeper cat collector tips

Each place has an uncommon pet cat, a hat, as well as a selection of furnishings that can all be located with expedition. If you intend to boost your opportunities of improving things, you can utilize attractions. Lures price coins, as well as you will certainly require to utilize numerous to max out the good luck meter. If you have the additional coins, do not hesitate to max out the good luck meter up until you gather all the offered rewards from an area. You will certainly occasionally see a Watch switch listed below a feline that is out checking out. Tapping on it will certainly play one more advertisement. After the video clip plays, your pet cat will quickly finish his expedition.

5. Visit The Mystery Islands

Aside from the city areas, you can additionally send your pet cats bent on enigma islands. Tap on the island switch on the leading right when you remain in the discover display. This will certainly take you to a brand-new map that has a handful of islands on it. You can send out one pet cat to discover each island. You can just discover the islands every 12 hrs, so see to it you do so.

kitty keeper cat collector mystery islands

Each island hands out one upper body per expedition. Since you do not obtain a great deal of opportunities daily, attempt to invest sufficient coins to max out the good luck meter when checking out enigma islands. This will certainly make sure that your pet cat will certainly return with an uncommon upper body. There are 3 kinds of upper body that can be located on the islands. They all have pet cat cards, yet the uncommon breasts have much more cards after that the typical ones. You can just stand up to 3 breasts each time unless you invest genuine cash to open the fourth as well as fifth ports.

The cards you gather from the breasts are utilized to level up your pet cats. The greater the degree of the pet cats, the even more experience as well as coins they get from checking out as well as making use of furnishings. They additionally unlock much more furnishings as their degrees increase.

6. Fill Them Up With Treats

The fish symbol at the end of your display is for deals with. You can feed each pet cat with a reward in order to provide short-lived increases. There are 3 kinds of deals with in the video game, each with its very own collection of impacts. Make certain you constantly feed your pet cats deals with prior to sending them bent on discover in order to optimize their making possibility. You can purchase even more deals with from the in-game shop, yet you can additionally gain cost-free deals with every couple of hrs by viewing an advertisement. Just faucet on the film cam switch on the My Treats food selection. Check out the impacts of each reward listed below.

kitty keeper cat collector treats

Cookies: This reward lasts for 24 hr. It increases coin incomes as well as triples experience gain.

Cupcakes: It lasts for 32 hrs. It triples good luck as well as quadruples your experience gain.

Jelly Mice: This increases your pet cat’s good luck, coins made, as well as experience got for 16 hrs.

7. Keep On Leveling Up

kitty keeper cat collector level up

Nearly every little thing your pet cats carry out in Kitty Keeper: Cat Collector gains experience. This is an advantage due to the fact that you intend to level up as quick as you can. Leveling up benefits you with coins as well as treasures. The greater your degree, the far better the benefits. You additionally open brand-new things in the shop when you get to specific degrees. New spaces in the manor as well as brand-new areas in the expedition map are additionally opened by satisfying the degree demand.

8. How To Unlock More Rooms

kitty keeper cat collector cheats

As we pointed out above, you will certainly require to satisfy specific degree demands in order to open brand-new spaces in the manor. Unfortunately, that’s not all you require. When you get to the degree needed to open a certain space, it will certainly transform eco-friendly. Tap on it as well as you will certainly be offered a checklist of needed structure products in addition to the restoration price. The initial space you open belongs to the tutorial, so it’s truly economical. Unfortunately, the cost increases truly quick, so it will certainly cost you a whole lot to open all the spaces. You can obtain structure products from expedition, the fortunate spin, as well as from day-to-day benefits. If you do not have sufficient, simply maintain sending your pet cats up until you obtain all the structure products you require.

9. Leave The Game Running

kitty keeper cat collector tricks

As you open much more spaces as well as hire even more pet cats, points can obtain quite complex. You usually intend to send out as lots of as you can out on expedition. Of program, there will certainly come a time when you have much more pet cats than explorable areas, so you will certainly have a couple of even more pet cats left in the manor. You can utilize them to press your earnings even more. Just maintain your video game visited as well as most likely to a space that still has pet cats. You can after that leave the video game open on the tool also if you will not be playing proactively. Cats will certainly engage with furnishings by themselves, enabling you to gain some even more while you are waiting on the travelers to return.

10. How To Manage Your Cats

kitty keeper cat collector cat management

If you intend to engage with a certain pet cat, yet can not appear to locate him around the manor, faucet on the pet cat symbol at the end of your display. This will certainly reveal you all the pet cats you have actually accumulated as well as those that you still have not opened. Navigate with the various tabs up until you see the pet cat you intend to have fun with. Tap on the Find switch as well as you will certainly be required to where the pet cat is. If it remains in among the spaces, you will certainly have the ability to have fun with it. If the pet cat is out checking out, you will not have the ability to do anything up until it returns.

Playing with loads of pet cats is enjoyable, yet it additionally takes a great deal of job. Don’ t neglect any one of our Kitty Keeper: Cat Collector suggestions, cheats as well as methods in order to stay on top of those requiring felines! In instance you have something to contribute to our checklist of suggestions, do not hesitate to drop us a line!

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