Dragon Quest Tact Tier List: Our Picks for the Best Monsters in the Game

Square Enix’ Dragon Quest Tact definitely holds a whole lot to use, not simply to hardcore followers of the prominent RPG franchise business yet additionally technique RPG lovers generally too. Dragon Quest Tact supplies a general simple gameplay and also controls, making the experience pleasurable for complete newbies to the category. However, the different qualities and also functions that make each beast distinct, combined with the near-infinite opportunities of group structure, make a selection of complicated yet interesting tasks fixated constructing the best group.

If you have yet to begin on this impressive turn-based technique experience, or have actually simply studied it yearning for a fast development, we suggest that you review our Dragon Quest Tact novice’s overview. Our novice’s overview includes various pointers and also techniques to lead you in the very early hrs of your trip. It consists of actions too on just how you can reroll to begin with the very best feasible beasts off the gacha.

In this Dragon Quest Tact overview, we will certainly be ranking each of the presently offered beasts in the video game. Like all various other rate listings, it is anticipated that this set is very subjective. There are various rate details available and also while several of the beasts in Dragon Quest Tact might all be taken into consideration as leading rate, it is just all-natural for some to be taken into consideration in different ways on each rate checklist.

dragon quest tact best characters

As we stated in our Dragon Quest Tact novice’s overview, the beasts you hire have various rarity qualities, and also while these qualities extend from F completely to An and also lastly S, We will just take into consideration those coming from the leading 2 rarities. Given the distinctive problem of protecting greater rarity beasts off the gacha, it is just all-natural for you to work out making use of reduced quality beasts early in your experience. Keep in mind, however, that you ought to just update those systems to a limitation, and also button to far better ones as quickly as they appear.

Remember, that the beasts detailed under each rate are taken into consideration to be of equivalent worth with the remainder. Monsters in each rate are detailed in indexed order and also do not comply with a far better to even worse factor to consider.

Dragon Quest Tact S Grade Monsters

These are the first-rate beasts that you ought to either reroll for at the beginning of your experience or press to safeguard from their restricted banners whenever you can. Given that greater rarity beasts generally show far better statistics than their reduced rarity equivalents, it can be anticipated that the leading rate will certainly be occupied completely by rarity quality S beasts. While you ought to not always concentrate upgrade financial investments on simply any type of rarity quality S, the ones under the S rate are definitely worth all source.

Dragonlord (Rarity: S, Family:???, Role: Magic)

dragonlord dragon quest tact

Dragonlord sporting activities the greatest max knowledge worth in the whole lineup of beasts inDragon Quest Tact His assaults are primarily Frizz- kind varied spells and also his management capability elevates Frizz- kind spell strength by 20%, most likely not that valuable unless you have a whole Frizz- kind spell staff.

He has 2 solitary target assaults and also his 3rd ability, Hellfire Blast, does Frizz- kind spell damages to 4 arbitrary adversaries in an AoE. His stiring up easy allows him lower prices of his Frizz- kind assaults by 10% and also elevates their strength too.

Dragonlord’s True Form (Rarity: S, Family:???, Role: Attack)

dragonlord's true form dragon quest tact

Dragonlord’s True Form is developed for the function of an enemy and also has fantastic strike worths along with a helpful management capability, which reduces the protection of all adversaries by 20%. With a management capability that is not limiting and also can supply a mass debuff to the advantage of the whole group, this variation of Dragonlord can lead a group with different family members and also function kinds.

Dragonlord’s True Form sporting activities a solitary target physical strike along with an AoE physical strike. He additionally has a Frizz- kind dragon breath that deals high damages to a fan-shaped AoE. His initially stiring up passive is additionally exceptional, as it elevates strike for 3 complete turns.

Great Troll (Rarity: S, Family: Demon, Role: Defense)

great troll dragon quest tact

Great Troll might not be an S rate beast for lots of people, yet we consider him one as he is a container that reduces the strike statistics of all adversaries on the area for his management capability. This is additional magnified as soon as his initial awakening passive is opened, as it boosts protection for the first 3 turns of battle.

Great Troll has a solitary target Zam- kind strike too a 2 AoE physical assaults. Range and also damages outcomes are not his strengths, yet you can rely on him to be a wall surface at the center of your group’s development.

Killing Machine (Rarity: S, Family: Material, Role: Attack)

killing machine dragon quest tact

Much like a physical equivalent of Dragonlord in regards to statistics, Killing Machine is the leading beast in regards to strike worths. His management abilities might not suggest much unless you have a complete group of Crack- kind damage-dealers, yet he is definitely valuable in exterminating adversaries.

Killing Machine sporting activities 2 Crack- kind solitary target physical assaults along with a solid physical AoE damages. As he is a short-ranged contender, his initial awakening passive will certainly be rather valuable as it boosts his activity array from 2 to 3.

Squidzilla (Rarity: S, Family: Nature, Role: Attack)

squidzilla dragon quest tact

Squidzilla has relatively respectable statistics and also effective short-ranged physical assaults yet what elevates his worth is his management capability that can improve the strength of physical assaults by 10%. This management capability can have an impact on the whole group if made up completely of physical damage-dealers.

Squidzilla has 2 solitary target physical assaults, among which bargains Bang- kind damages. His initial ability, nevertheless, does damages to 4 arbitrary adversaries in a fan-shaped location of impact. His stiring up passive can significantly improve his strike for 2 turns too.

Wight King (Rarity: S, Family: Undead, Role: Magic)

wight king dragon quest tact

Along with Killing Machine, Wight King stands as one of one of the most highly-coveted beasts to carry out of the first rerolls. He has high knowledge statistics, effective varied spells, and also most importantly, has a management ability that increases spell assaults by 10%. A guaranteed leader for a spellcaster group.

Wight King has 2 AoE Woosh- kind assaults along with a Zam- kind solitary target spell. Once his initial awakening passive has actually been opened, Wight King will arbitrarily recuperate 10% of his MP with every activity.

Dragon Quest Tact A Grade Monsters

As Dragon Quest Tact is a team-based video game and also needs communication and also synchronicity from amongst each employee, just abiding with each other beasts from the S rate will certainly not function. In this feeling, the beasts in the A rate are still significantly worth all financial investment and also ought to be the initial swimming pool of factor to consider for a group headed by beasts in the above rate.

As several of the S rate beasts are not all desired for their management capacities, you can discover that some A-listers can tackle the leader function for some efficient group develops.

Archdemon (Rarity: S, Family: Demon, Role: Magic)

archdemon dragon quest tact

Archdemon might drag various other magic customers as for knowledge is worried, yet he definitely triumphes for having one of the most MP. He is additionally a respectable stand in to lead a group of magic customers as his management abilities reduces the price of spells by 10%.

Archdemon has 2 Bang- kind spell assaults that deal damages to adversaries in a cross pattern AoE. His 2nd ability, Glacier, does physical Crack- kind damages to adversaries within its span. Like Wight King, Archdemon can additionally recover 10% of his MP arbitrarily every activity as soon as his initial awakening passive is opened.

Emperor Slime (Rarity: S, Family: Slime, Role: Support)

emperor slime dragon quest tact

Good assistance certain is challenging to discover and also Emperor Slime is presently the only assistance system within the S rarity team. He has the 2nd greatest protection in the lineup and also his management ability can improve the protection of all sludges by 30%.

Kabuff elevates the protection of allies in an AoE for 3 turns. Cheer can elevate both strike and also protection of an ally for 3 turns. Finally, Multiheal recuperates a substantial quantity of shed HP to allies within its location of impact.

Great Dragon (Rarity: S, Family: Dragon, Role: Attack)

great dragon dragon quest tact

With his high dexterity stat and also respectable strike worths, Great Dragon can be a superb participant of a complete dragon team. His management might be restricted as it elevates dragon breath strength by 20% as not also all dragons have actually dragon breath abilities yet it can be a self-involved lover mostly to enhance his very own abilities.

All of Great Dragon’s assaults are Crack- kinds with the initial and also 3rd abilities being dragon breath assaults that harm adversaries in a straight line AoE. After his initial awakening passive is opened, Great Dragon even more increases the strength of his Crack- kind assaults, and also reduces its MP price by 10%.

Hell Gladiator (Rarity: S, Family: Undead, Role: Debuff)

hell gladiator dragon quest tact

With high HP and also total respectable statistics, Hell Gladiator can be a respectable debuffer that can remain in fight practically as high as a container can. His management ability might not be much usage for the group unless every one can affect toxin to the opponent as it can decrease toxin resistance by 50%, yet his worth depends on his stiring up passive, which regrows 10% his HP arbitrarily each turn.

His initial ability, Mince, assaults an adversary 3 times with a reduced chance of lowering the target’s protection for 3 turns. Skill 2 is a Woosh- kind physical strike and also ability 3 does physical damages to an adversary 4 times, with an opportunity to bring upon toxin.

Hybird (Rarity: S, Family: Nature, Role: Attack)

hybrid dragon quest tact

Hybird has the greatest dexterity stat throughout all the beasts inDragon Quest Tact Being able to relocate 4 squares is a huge plus too. His management capability, which decreases all adversaries’ resistance from Frizz- kind assaults by 25% is respectable too.

All his assaults are breath abilities and also deal damages to adversaries in a straight line with 2 abilities having Frizz- kind components and also an additional one with Sizz- kind component. Unlocking his awakening passive reduces MP price of breath assaults by 10% and also boosts their strength too.

King She-Slime (Rarity: S, Family: Slime, Role: Debuff)

king she-slime dragon quest tact

Slimes are most likely among the most convenient households to function about with and also we take into consideration King She-Slime as one of the top in the sludge team. Her management capability can expand its advantages to all martial attack-users and also elevates martial strength by 10%.

King She-Slime has 2 atatcks that deal martial damages to adversaries and also knock them back too. She additionally has a Sizz- kind AoE spell.

Prism Peacock (Rarity: S, Family: Beast, Role: Magic)

prism peacock dragon quest tact

Prism Peacock has high dexterity and also respectable statistics too. His management ability increases Frizz- kind strike strength by 10%.

Frizzle is a varied Frizz- kind solitary target spell. Blessed Breath bargains modest Zap- kind damages to adversaries in a straight line. Cremate is an effective Frizz- kind AoE spell. Prism Peacock can additionally renew 10% of his MP with each activity as soon as his awakening passive appears.

Royal Reptile (Rarity: S, Family: Dragon, Role: Attack)

royal reptile dragon quest tact

As a dragon with strike worths just 2nd to Killing Machine, Royal Reptile functions ideal amongst a complete group of dragons. His management capability gives all dragons an added 30% increase to protection and also while the majority of might favor dragons having an increase on infraction, playing defensively is very important in some fights.

Royal Reptile does physical assaults, with 2 abilities causing Zap- kind damages, and also 1 that deals Bang- kind damages. All assaults target just 1 opponent and also are close quarters. Unlocking his initial awakening passive offers Royal Reptile a boost in activity range.

Dragon Quest Tact B Grade Monsters

With just 13 beasts manning the leading 2 rates, it is still sensible to take into consideration the beasts under this rate to finish your all-star team. Naturally, it can take some time for you to also assemble the whole lineup with each other and also might make a decision every now and then to change lineups. These beasts might function as the last factors to consider to finish your leading group yet are still really important and also still worth spending right into.

Bone Baron (Rarity: A, Family: Undead, Role: Magic)

bone baron dragon quest tact

Bone Baron can be taken into consideration as on equivalent premises with rarity quality S beasts that did deficient to the above rates. He might drag various other magic customers within his rarity team yet his strike array in tandem with his action array ups his worth. His management is much from pleasant yet he must be a respectable participant of any type of complete magic group.

His initially 2 abilities are Zam- kind spells that target 1 opponent while his 3rd ability is an AoE Woosh- kind strike. His initially stiring up easy increases the strength of his Zam- kind spells by 10%.

Green Dragon (Rarity: A, Family: Dragon, Role: Attack)

green dragon dragon quest tact

Green Dragon is a respectable participant to finish a complete group of dragons. He has excellent HP and also strike worths for a rarity quality A beast and also his leader ability elevates dragon breath strength by 10% too.

Each of his abilities can harm numerous adversaries with the last 2 being Frizz- kind breath abilities. His stiring up easy reduces the MP price of Frizz- kind breath assaults.

Handsome Crab (Rarity: A, Family: Nature, Role: Attack)

handsome crab dragon quest tact

Handsome Crab has respectable strike statistics and also functions excellent versus sludges. His management capability that increases physical strength by 5% is okay too.

All of Handsome Crab’s assaults are close quarters and also target just a solitary opponent. His initial ability does Woosh- kind damages while his 3rd ability does zap kind damages. His 2nd ability, Slime Dunk, deals dual damages versus sludges. Unlocking his awakening passive elevates his activity array by 1.

Hellion (Rarity: A, Family: Beast, Role: Attack)

hellion dragon quest tact

A complete team of monsters does not appear that negative and also in the lack of Night Clubber, Hellion can be a respectable stand in for a leader. He has high strike and also dexterity worths specifically contrasted to beasts within the exact same rarity quality and also activity series of 4 can be a substantial benefit too. His leader ability boosts monster physical strength by 10%.

His initially 2 abilities offer Frizz- kind physical damages to a solitary target while his 3rd ability does physical damages and also can reduce the protection of his target randomly. Unlocking his awakening passive additional rises his Frizz- kind strength by 10%.

Lethal Armour (Rarity: A, Family: Material, Role: Attack)

lethal armour dragon quest tact

If you are going with a complete group of Material kind beasts, after that Lethal Armour might be an ideal leader. He has high strike statistics and also respectable HP too. Lethal Armour’s leader ability supplies a 10% increase to physical strength of beasts coming from the product family members.

His initial ability does physical damages and also can additionally reduce the strike of his target for 3 turns. His various other assaults are Crack- kind and also Sizz- kind, additionally causing damages on a solitary target. His stiring up passive will certainly additionally enhance his activity array by 1 once it is opened.

Metal Dragon (Rarity: S, Family: Material, Role: Attack)

metal dragon dragon quest tact

Although his statistics are over those of beasts coming from a reduced rarity quality, we just can rule out Metal Dragon to be at the same level with the various other rarity quality S beasts. He has greater HP and also protection than the majority of opponents yet much from the very best when it involves his strike worths. His leader ability boosts the strength of Woosh- kind assaults by 10%, making him a not likely prospect for a leader too.

Both of Metal Dragon’s initial and also 3rd abilities are Woosh- kind AoE martial assaults. His 2nd ability is a solitary target physical strike. His stiring up easy allows him to reduce the price of martial assaults by 10% and also improve their strength too.

Moosifer (Rarity: A, Family: Demon, Role: Magic)

moosifer dragon quest tact

A magic customer with relatively respectable knowledge and also total statistics, Moosifer can reduce the adversaries’ resistance versus Bang- kind abilities by 15% with his leader ability.

All of Mososifer’s abilities can harm numerous adversaries within its location of impact. The initially 2 abilities are Bang- kinds while the last one is Crack- kind. He has respectable array and also his awakening passive reduces the price of his Bang- kind spells by 10%.

Night Clubber (Rarity: S, Family: Beast, Role: Defense)

night clubber dragon quest tact

Potentially the very best option of leader for a complete monster team, Night Clubber has a leader capability that elevates monster physical strength by 20%. He presently holds the leading place for protection stat worths and also has respectable statistics too.

All of Night Clubber’s assaults are physical damages not attributable to any type of component kinds. The initially 2 abilities are solitary target assaults and also the 3rd one can strike numerous adversaries in a fan-shaped AoE. His stiring up easy increases his crucial hit price by 5%.

Silvapithecus (Rarity: A, Family: Demon, Role: Magic)

silvapithecus dragon quest tact

Silvapithecus can be really squishy also by mage criteria yet can have an incredible increase to his knowledge after opening his awakening passive. His leader ability rises Zap- kind strength by 5%.

Both key and also additional abilities deal Zap- kind damages to a solitary target at a series of 3. His 3rd ability Deals Bang- kind damages in a cross-shaped location of impact. Unlocking his awakening passive has a little possibility of giving him an increase to knowledge for 4 turns.

Slimeshroom (Rarity: A, Family: Slime, Role: Debuff)

slimeshroom dragon quest tact

Slimeshroom is a debuffer with high dexterity and also respectable HP. As sludges can be a simple group to construct about in, Slimeshroom can be a prospective prospect if you are going all out. His leader ability increases the protection of sludges by 15%, which is fifty percent of what Emperor Slime supplies.

His 2nd ability, which deals Zam- kind spell damages to an adversary is ignorable yet his initial and also 3rd abilities are important. Snooze can place an adversary to rest and also Kazap is an AoE spell that can decrease the protection of his targets. His stiring up easy rises the strength of his Zam- kind ability by 10%.

Striking Sabrecat (Rarity: A, Family: Beast, Role: Attack)

striking sabrecat dragon quest tact

Striking Sabrecat has respectable total statistics and also has a motion series of 4. His leader ability can enhance the group’s martial strength by 5%.

All of Striking Sabrecat’s abilities deal AoE damages. His initially 2 abilities are Frizz- kind while his 3rd ability is a Zam- kind martial ability. His stiring up easy reduces the MP price of his Frizz- kind assaults.

Wyrtoise (Rarity: A, Family: Dragon, Role: Defense)

wyrtoise dragon quest tact

With a high protection and also HP stat, Wyrtoise can be an ideal protector or container too. Like Striking Sabrecat, his leader ability additionally increases martial strength of the group by 5%.

His initial ability bargains physical damages to a solitary target. His 2nd ability does Zam- kind AoE damages to adversaries. His 3rd ability, Thin Air, additionally does AoE damages yet is a Woosh- kind ability. Unlocking his initial awakening passive boosts his activity ranger by 1.

Dragon Quest Tact C Grade Monsters

While the beasts in this rate are still 2nd from the leading as for rarity qualities are worried, these are 2nd to the base of our rate checklist, taking into consideration that beasts coming from rarity qualities B, C, D, and also E all make up the unformulated rate listed below this set. They have a side over the reduced rarity quality beasts in regards to statistics and also having leader abilities yet ought to be your the very least concern as for purchasing employee are worried.

Axesaurus (Rarity: A, Family: Dragon, Role: Attack)

axesaurus dragon quest tact

Cosmic Chimaera (Rarity: A, Family: Nature, Role: Magic)

cosmic chimaera dragon quest tact

Dark Skeleton (Rarity: A, Family: Undead, Role: Attack)

dark skeleton dragon quest tact

Devilmoth (Rarity: A, Family: Nature, Role: Magic)

devilmoth dragon quest tact

Dragon Zombie (Rarity: A, Family: Undead, Role: Attack)

dragon zombie dragon quest tact

Gigantes (Rarity: A, Family: Demon, Role: Defense)

gigantes dragon quest tact

King Slime (Rarity: A, Family: Slime, Role: Attack)

king slime dragon quest tact

Living Statue (Rarity: A, Family: Material, Role: Defense)

living statue dragon quest tact

Slimecicle (Rarity: A, Family: Slime, Role: Magic)

slimecicle dragon quest tact

There are definitely extra beasts in the Japanese variation of Dragon Quest Tact that have yet to sign up with the beginning lineup of beasts in the worldwide variation. As a growing number of beasts take part, the rate checklist will absolutely end up being various taking into consideration that there are extra effective systems ahead adhering to future updates. Likewise, additional efforts to cancel beasts can additionally lead to several of them obtaining amped up or nerfed down.

Beyond that, there are additionally capability scrolls and also equipments that can be outfitted on each beast. How efficient each beast and also each group lineup can expand is partially based on both these functions. Be certain to take into consideration both additional capacities and also equipments to your builds specifically in connection with their function within your group.

In any type of instance, this finishes our Dragon Quest Tact tier checklist. We really hope that while each gamer will certainly have varying point of views on the relative toughness and also restrictions of each beast, our rate checklist has actually worked as a basis for novices to take into consideration which systems to spend their hard-earned sources in. Did we consider your favored beasts on the rate you feel they should come from? We regard and also worth your point of views and also invite you to share your ideas concerning our rate checklist in the remark location!


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