Athenion: Tactical CCG Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build a Powerful Deck

Athenion: Tactical CCG integrates collectible card video game as well as parlor game components for an extremely personalized as well as varied experience that supplies a fresh take on the category.

Going up versus the similarity Hearthstone as well as Magic: The Gathering Arena, Athenion obtains several of the preferred facets of the card video game category as well as infuses brand-new auto mechanics to give a special method of accumulating cards, constructing decks, as well as taking part in fight versus various other gamers.

Athenion is a free-to-play title, which indicates that gamers that invest real-world cash will certainly have much more possibilities of getting effective cards from electronic packs. However, spending money is not a demand, as the video game is extremely charitable in distributing cost-free packs, specifically for those that hang around on playing suits as well as chasing after objectives.

athenion gameplay

For card video game followers that are trying to find something much more vibrant while keeping the accumulating element of the category, look no more thanAthenion With a fight system that concentrates on technique greater than the cards that you have in your ownership, as well as a benefits system that maintains the electronic packs coming, Athenion is an excellent alternative for newbies as well as professionals alike to collectible card video games.

If you are seeking to construct an effective deck as well as control your opponents, after that stick with us as well as review our Athenion: Tactical CCG newbie’s overview listed below for some helpful suggestions, methods as well as approaches!

1. Learn The Rules

The numbers on the cards’ sides as well as a having fun board recollects Triple Triad, the card video game in Final Fantasy VIII for the PlayStation. Athenion, nonetheless, takes that formula as well as includes numerous brand-new auto mechanics to produce a a lot more amazing video game.

The purpose of the video game is to take your challenger’s life overall from 30 to no. Players begin the video game with 5 cards in hand, as well as at the start of each turn, they attract as numerous cards as required to return approximately 5 in hand. Players are likewise offered 3 Soul factors, which likewise renew at the beginning of each turn.

athenion soul

Playing cards consume Soul factors, as well as the expense for every card, likewise called its Soul, is displayed in the upper-left edge. This indicates that in a turn, you can play 3 1-Soul cards, one 2-Soul card as well as one 1-Soul card, or one 3-Soul card. Any extra Soul factors at the end of each turn are not rollovered to the gamer’s following turn.

The cards, which stand for different personalities as well as animals, included various other numbers, mostly a number on a yellow sword symbol as well as an additional number on a red blood symbol. These stand for the card’s power as well as wellness. The cards likewise include blue arrowheads at the sides as well as edges, which determine the instructions where the card can assault. The wellness of your challenger’s card will certainly reduce according to your card’s power after a strike, as well as when a card’s wellness gets to no, it is gotten rid of from the board as well as sent out to the graveyard.

athenion hp attack

Attacking your challengers’ cards, nonetheless, will certainly not reduce their life factors. That occurs at the beginning of your turn, when you release a strike based upon the Soul that you have actually collected on the board. This indicates that any type of cards you play will certainly need to endure with your challenger’s turn prior to they can add their Soul to assault your opponent’s life factors.

In Athenion, your technique will certainly focus on maintaining as a number of your cards on the board as feasible to enhance Soul as well as the damages that you deal to your challengers, while removing as a number of your challengers’ cards as you can to maintain their Soul at a minimum.

2. Start With Casual Matches

Upon establishing Athenion, you might really feel overloaded with all the important things that you need to discover the video game. Fortunately, the tutorials will certainly obtain you with the beginning, as well as the Missions will certainly direct you in comprehending whatever concerning the video game.

athenion casual match

To jump-start your understanding, it is extremely advised to play laid-back suits, utilizing among the pre-constructed decks used by the video game. At initially, you should not stress over tailoring your deck or winning in all suits– your concern needs to be obtaining a feeling for the video game, its auto mechanics, as well as the approaches that you will certainly require to use, depending upon the intrigue.

The laid-back suits, together with the Prologue phases, will certainly aid you discover the standard key phrases in the video game along with the one-of-a-kind key phrases for every intrigue. It will certainly be fantastic if you can win a suit occasionally, as that will certainly aid advance your Missions, however eventually, the factor of beginning with laid-back suits is to have you strike the ground operating.

3. Choose Your Faction Wisely

There are 6 intrigues in Athenion, as well as each intrigue has its very own one-of-a-kind method of playing the video game.

Flame Legion

athenion flame legion

The Flame Legion intrigue includes a fast as well as hostile playstyle with compelling animals that might end up being much more effective with the Berserk capacity, which activates to approve various sort of rewards when the cards have actually been harmed however not eliminated.

Tidal Nether

athenion tidal nether

The Tidal Nether intrigue concentrates on protecting your animals from being removed the board. The main technician of the intrigue is Link, which gives your cards rewards whenever they have arrowheads encountering each various other, expanding more powerful as even more cards are included in the Link chain.

Cyclone Fury

athenion cyclone fury

The Cyclone Fury intrigue concentrates on the tactical positioning of cards on the board. The Move mechanic adjustments the settings of cards as well as enables them to assault once more, as well as the Backstab mechanic gives rewards if your card is striking a challenger’s card at a side where they do not have an arrowhead.

Planet Guardian

athenion planet guardian

The Planet Guardian intrigue intends to restrict the choices of challengers with the Lock technician, which obstructs particular places on the board for a minimal time. The intrigue features cards that feed upon Locks, or expand more powerful for every single Lock on the board.

Divine Grace

athenion divine grace

The Divine Grace intrigue attracts stamina from numbers, as it intends to bewilder challengers by piling rewards on top of each various other. This is sustained by the Aura technician, which gives various sort of rewards to devices near a card with the capacity.

Shadow Realm

athenion shadow realm

The Shadow Realm intrigue uses the undead for a continuous crowd of beasts. The main technician of the intrigue is Dark Matter, which gamers might put with different methods on the board to activate rewards for cards on those places.

By having fun in laid-back suits, you ought to have a suggestion on which of the intrigues appeal one of the most to you. At this factor, you ought to choose on 2 or 3 intrigues that you intend to concentrate on, depending upon the one-of-a-kind key phrases that attract you as well as the cards that you have readily available, after opening up the packs offered totally free to brand-new gamers.

4. Deck Construction Tips

Once you have actually picked the intrigues that you intend to concentrate on, it is time to begin constructing your very own decks. Each deck contains a total amount of 40 cards, approximately 3 duplicates for every card, as well as all originating from the intrigue that you pick or the Mercenary cards, which might be included in any type of deck.

athenion card collection

Before you start, you ought to have a look in all the cards in your collection, as well as pick the cards or auto mechanics that you intend to construct about. Starting a deck with such an emphasis will certainly guarantee that you have sufficient cards that will certainly perform your picked technique, as well as sufficient cards to sustain it.

For instance, if you intend to concentrate on Flame Legion’s Berserk technician, you ought to have sufficient cards in your decks with Berserk, along with cards that deal damages to your very own devices to activate the Berserk rewards to make sure that you will certainly not rely upon your challengers to cause them for you. Another instance is the Aura technician of Divine Grace, which ought to be sustained by cards that have capabilities that activate when under an Aura impact, as it will certainly be difficult to rely upon simply the Aura rewards alone.

So that you will certainly have a great deal of cards to deal with, getting as well as opening up packs ought to be a concern. In enhancement to the cost-free packs that brand-new gamers get, finishing Missions as well as proceeding up the Battle Pass will certainly obtain you even more packs. You ought to open up the packs as quickly as you get them, to make sure that you can continue updating your decks or constructing brand-new ones.

You can likewise get even more cards with the Craft alternative in the Deck food selection, which enables you to fill in the cards that you require in a deck. This will certainly take in Fragments, which you can get from the Missions as well as Battle Pass.

how to craft cards in athenion

You ought to likewise make use of the Recycle Duplicates alternative, which transforms duplicates of cards past the optimum 3 in each deck right intoFragments After opening up numerous packs, you ought to constantly inspect the Recycle Duplicates display if there are any type of additionals that you can become Fragments.

Lastly, you ought to watch on the details at the top component of the deck building display. It will certainly reveal you the number of cards of each expense remain in the deck. While 3-Soul cards are effective, you ought to restrict their number in your deck as they will certainly reduce you down significantly if you are required to just play one card each turn. You ought to construct your deck to have 1-Soul cards occupy one of the most ports, complied with by 2-Soul cards, after that a couple of 3-Soul cards. This will certainly make certain that you will certainly have the ability to play numerous cards in a lot of turns, which not just broadens your board visibility, however likewise allows you dig deeper right into your deck to make sure that you can access much more cards that you require for your technique.

5. Battle Tips

Athenion is a video game of responses, as well as the loser is normally the gamer that is unable to maintain in responding to the challenger’s activities.

In fight, gamers ought to play boldy by ensuring that you optimize your Soul factors each turn, which will certainly accumulate your board visibility as well as Soul as well as existing numerous troubles for your challengers. However, gamers ought to likewise play defensively by maintaining the challenger’s Soul at a minimum. There requires to be a fragile equilibrium in between being hostile as well as protective, as being as well hostile might cause your challengers having the ability to address your cards, while being as well protective might put your Soul as well much behind your challenger’s.

athenion board

One point that gamers ought to bear in mind is that strikes just activate in one circumstances– when a card is included in the board. This will certainly make the card that you played assault in all the instructions of its arrowheads, however any type of close-by cards of your challengers that have arrowheads directing back to your card will certainly likewise assault. You can utilize this to your benefit by putting cards ready where a lot of its arrowheads are revealed, to make sure that when the challenger positions a brand-new card near it, there is a likelihood that it will certainly be struck by your card.

In deciding on which cards of the challenger to beat, the optimal targets are those with greaterSoul This is because, regardless of the number of opposing cards you send out to the graveyard, your life overall will certainly constantly remain in risk if your challenger has the ability to maintain a consistent variety of Soul on the board.

All that stated, there is no solitary technique in Athenion that will certainly benefit all intrigues as well as deck constructs, so the very best pointer for determining exactly how to win fights is to maintain exercising. You will certainly shed a great deal of video games in the process, as well as you will likely require to make numerous modifications to your deck, however there is absolutely nothing else that can instruct you exactly how to win with your picked intrigue than experience.

6. Seek Rewards

In Athenion, one of the most crucial incentive are packs, as they offer you the very best possibility of getting much more effective cards, however at an arbitrary price. There are various other sort of incentives however, as well as ensuring that you obtain as a number of them as you can will certainly aid you construct your desire deck as quick as feasible.

athenion daily gift

The Daily Gift provides you different incentives simply by logging right into the video game, proceeding right into much better presents as your touch expands much longer.

The Battle Pass, at the same time, enables you to go up the rankings by accumulating BP from finishing particular jobs as well as goals.

Players are likewise able to get incentives from leveling up their personality as well as their picked intrigues, along with finishing different in-game success as well as submitting their card collection.

To make one of the most out of Athenion, you ought to chase after these objectives, specifically the ones that are closest to your reach. Some objectives, at the same time, are attained equally as you play the video game. Before long, you will certainly have sufficient incentives, cards, as well as experience to end up being an Athenion master.

There you have it! This concludes our newbie’s overview for Athenion: Tactical CCG. If you have actually encountered any type of various other suggestions or approaches, please allow us understand in the remarks listed below!


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