Illusion Connect Redeem Codes (April 2021 Codes)

Welcome to our Illusion Connect retrieve code checklist! Illusion Connect is a gacha approach video game entailing great deals of charming anime-looking personalities. As a battle advances, you organize your team on a grid versus one more team of adversaries. Positioning is extremely essential, as personalities have a specific kind of AOE they follow. You would not desire a personality with a straight strike to be on the grid row where there’s just one target to strike!

In any type of gacha video game, you require cash and also products not just to maintain your personalities prepared to fight, yet additionally to obtain them a lot more good friends to aid them deal with. Not to point out perhaps buddy about in your customizeable real estate location. And just like gacha video games such as Azur Lane and also Guardian Tales, occasionally the devs like to break down an assisting hand via making use of that ever before prominent idea: Free things!

Redeem codes (Often called voucher codes or present codes) are located in video games like Cookie Run Kingdom, Guardian Tales, and also naturally,Illusion Connect Usually, they are a code you send out to the video game’s retrieve site or via an in-game user interface to break out things, generally as component of an occasion on their Facebook or Twitter.

illusion connect ssr nicola

To locate them, you frequently need to be included with a video game’s online areas such as their Reddit discussion forum or Discord web servers, as they are seldom ever before provided in the real in-game statements. Or you might simply seek overviews like ours!

Do you like cost-free things? If you do, overlook listed below for our overview on exactly how to utilize retrieve codes. If not, review our overview anyhow, because cost-free things is fairly great (unless it’s via a five-finger discount rate) and also you are doing on your own and also your team a large disfavor by not taking it!

How To Redeem Illusion Connect Codes

After you search the net for codes (Thankfully for you, we’re right here to allow you miss that action), currently you require to place them in.

Step 1: Tap your instead good-looking anime personality picture in the top left edge of the Main food selection display.

illusion connect redeem code step 1

Step 2: Tap the “Redeem” switch under of your ID card.

illusion connect redeem code step 2

Step 3: Type down your retrieve code in the area.

illusion connect redeem code step 3

Step 4:Tap Confirm Thankfully, unlike in several various other video games, you do not require to undergo the trouble of rebooting your video game. Illusion Connect simply provides you your cost-free things instantly.

illusion connect redeem code step 4

Step 5: Enjoy your cost-free things!

illusion connect redeem code step 5

Here are the energetic Illusion Connect retrieve codes we have actually located until now:

Illusion Connect Active Redeem Codes

illusion connect active codes

#iconnect— 5 Broken Destiny Prisms (You utilize these to obtain SSR personality fragments for mobilizing), 30 Nightmare Bottle M, 50000 Gold

#illusion— 20000 Gold, 50 Diamonds, 10 Nightmare Bottle M

#sala — 30000 Gold, 20 Nightmare Bottle M, 10 Partner Silver Stones

#bestic — 200000 Gold, 30 Nightmare Bottle M, 5 Cheese Croissants (Provides Energy), 1 Trinity SR Partner (Allows you to choose an SR Partner from a selection of 3), 1 SR Gear Chest

Illusion Connect Expired Codes

illusion connect expired codes













#ICFG 3000

















#IC 777










#DC 20000








#ICVK 12



This ends our Illusion Connect retrieve code checklist. Keep this web page on your radar for updates, and also do not wait to allow us understand if you have actually discovered a functioning code!


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