Illusion Connect Equipment Guide: Our Recommended Gears to Boost the Efficiency of Each Partner

Since its worldwide launch 4 months earlier, Superprism Technology’s Illusion Connect remains to draw in method RPG gamers as well as anime followers alike, preserving its near ideal typical customer evaluation rankings on both the Apple App Store as well as theGoogle Play Store Despite the huge selection of freely comparable video games in the mobile pc gaming market, Illusion Connect broadens the lineup of its followers as well as fans with its continually expanding globe as well as the unlimited supply of occasions for old as well as brand-new gamers alike.

If you have actually simply begun diving right into the Dream World within Illusion Connect, as well as wish to boost your experience, we advise that you review our thorough newbie’s overview. Our overview offers all the devices you require to protect a solid understanding of the video game’s auto mechanics as well as functions along with consists of beneficial ideas as well as techniques to accelerate removing problems that base on your method.

Whether or otherwise you will certainly pick to reroll for the very best Radiants to accompany you as companions in your trip, our Illusion Connect tier checklist can give you a strong concept concerning our choices for the very best companions in the video game. As constantly, our rate checklist is subjective as well as will definitely vary from various other rate checklists however at least, must still be a great resource of factors for factor to consider specifically for gamers that are simply beginning in their experience.

With more than 60 radiants to accumulate as well as update, about limit variety of 10 companions in a group, Illusion Connect establishes gamers up for near-infinite opportunities as for group structure goes. With each personality having various collections of abilities as well as courses, it can be a frustrating experience to select from amongst your expanding variety of employees which ones to take into consideration as participants of your group. If you are having some troubles picking from amongst several of the radiants in your collection, after that our Illusion Connect group overview can offer you some suggestions on exactly how to find up with a well balanced as well as collaborating group lineup for numerous video game settings in the Dream World.

illusion connect best equipment

Investing in the ideal companions along with having the ideal ones blend all right in a group are actions in the direction of the ideal instructions. As efficient as your lineup of radiants can be with both rates as well as group constructs in mind, it can still be of some range from the ideal arrangement as equipments you can gear up on each companion adds a whole lot to their efficiency in fight.

As such, our emphasis for this overview facilities around equipments or devices for every companion you might have. For beginners, it can be a difficulty to have superb equipments for every glowing you make use of in your group. Eventually, nevertheless, you will certainly protect far better equipments to select from. Like the companions themselves, equipments are covered by a rarity system. While SSR quality things are normally anticipated to have remarkable statistics as well as impacts, SR quality equivalents will certainly commonly get the job done well. For the R quality equipments, however, they will definitely be changed quickly sufficient as well as will certainly not deserve spending right into.

To make it less complex, we will certainly be offering our suggestions for equipments on systems by course. Although we will normally be considering on details radiants in the conversation, make sure to maintain an open mind on exactly how each advised tool will certainly be furthermore ideal for various other radiants not stated in the overview.

Attackers– Raw Damage

[Weapon – Butterfly Hunter, Armor – Butterfly Rattan Shirt, Boots – Falling Butterfly, Accessory – Fiery Shawl]

attackers raw damage illusion connect

Attackers have an important duty in Illusion Connect thinking about that a lot of them are relied upon to be in charge awesomes. Attackers usually focus on dealing hefty damages to a solitary target, which is why they are generally released to strike essential targets. As opponents do not have a great deal of protection too, timing their implementation can be necessary to their usage although there are numerous means to maintain them on the area too.

Basically, what you would certainly desire out of your assigned opponent or opponents is to pump their infraction as long as you can. Gears that give a straight increase to assault should be the top priority. As straightforward and also as simple as it appears, making sure that your opponent releases the optimum damages she or he can is the major top priority.

Butterfly Hunter is the ideal tool for opponents constructed for pure damages. It includes the normal assault reward of 1 to 8% plus an added damages to the adversary leader of 1 to 8%, relying on upgrade degree. Though Sakura Yukata as well as Scarlet Cuirass are similarly ideal, we like the Butterfly Rattan Shirt that boosts damages resistance when completely wellness. Sakura Rain as well as Scarlet Warboots are both exceptional boots for opponents although at greater equipment degree, we pick to select Flying Butterfly as well as its 5 to 35% opportunity of recovering 100 craze. Finally, Fiery Shawl’s assault increase as well as crit damages increase after eliminating an opponent is our leading choice for the device. Sincere Prayer as well as Swaying Wine Glass are practical alternatives too.

Kasumi, Maki, Hersey, Saya, as well as Gigi are one of the most ideal opponents for this develop.

Attackers– Critical Rate

[Weapon – Dragonhowl, Armor – Sakura Yukata, Boots – Victory Cornerstone, Accessory – Fiery Shawl]

attackers critical rate illusion connect

While some radiants in Illusion Connect have even more raw assault power than others within their course, some have innate abilities or capacities that make them radiate brighter the greater their important price as well as important damages goes. While profiting from important prices as well as problems normally still drop on chances as well as opportunity, there are a lot of equipments to increase a companion’s important price as well as properly enhance the possibilities of an important hit.

There are various means to develop an opponent to master touchdown important hits as well as you can blend as well as match various equipments relying on the overall important hit price your glowing has actually collected. Our leading choice for the tool is Dragon Howl as it offers an assault increase as well as 2 to 15% crit price increase in fight. Bloodsucker is an additional choice while Reversed Blade boosts crit damages. This suggests that you can choose the last if your crit price is high sufficient.

Sakura Yukata is an increases protection as well as minimizes damages from AoE strikes. We like opting for Victory Cornerstone for the boots with its 75% opportunity of boosting crit price with every activity. Again, if the companion has a high sufficient crit price, after that Sakura Rain will certainly be the far better choice as it boosts crit power. We like opting for Fiery Shawl for the device for the assault increase as well as 2 to 15% crit price boost after downing an opponent. If the accessory port is your ways of boosting crit price to go with alternate equipments in various other ports, after that Sincere Prayer is the practical selection.
Edward, Pan, Kasumi, as well as Mei can each be constructed to have high crit prices.

Attackers– Lifesteal

[Weapon – Nightmare Hunter, Armor – Uniform of Justice, Boots – Rythmic March, Accessory – Swaying Wine Glass]

attackers lifesteal illusion connect

Given that opponents usually do not display high protection statistics, the value of releasing them just to get important targets is since doing so a little very early might establish them as much as die prior to they can also damage their desired targets. Although you will normally have protectors as well as therapists, a self-reliant opponent can still be a respectable bet additional protection. With this in mind, a life-stealing opponent can be considered as an ideal develop.

Nightmare Hunter is the leading choice for a Life- thief’s tool, with its assault increase as well as a 1 to 8% lifesteal in fight. For shield, we went with the Uniform of Justice, which increases protection by 2 to 15% whenever the companion’s HP is greater than 50% as well as changes the reward on assault if HP goes listed below the 50% mark. Rhytmic March functions similarly approving a protection increase if HP is majority as well as changes to enhance crit damages when it goes less than 50%. Swaying Wine Glass is the only device that approves 1 to 8% lifesteal in fight which begins top of the assault increase.

Gemmy as well as Yume are most ideal for the life-stealing opponent develop.

Guardians– Tank

[Weapon – Rosa, Armor – Knight’s Oath Armor, Boots – Knight’s Dress Boots, Accessory – Jeweled Crown]

guardians tank illusion connect

Having a strong protector in any kind of group structure is important not just to expand the survivability of the whole group however most specifically to maintain the leader active. For one of the most component, protectors are released at the front row as well as take a lot of the damages from adversary strikes. This fundamental method will certainly commonly have the protector safeguard most, otherwise all, colleagues as long as she or he gets on the area.

In this feeling, it is additionally fundamental to take into consideration financial on greater protection as well as HP as well as at the very same time profiting from block possibilities. While Sandstorm Shirt is additionally a practical shield for containers because it leaves them an opportunity to stun whoever strikes them, thinking about Knight’s Oath Armor for a 50% opportunity to increase damages resistance is an easier as well as much more efficient strategy generally.

As a complete container, protectors can not count completely on boosted protection statistics. Being efficient in damages decrease as well as not greatly relying upon therapists is a vital quality for any kind of container to have, as well as for this develop, obstruct comes to be a vital capability.

Rosa includes a 1 to 8% protection increase as well as 2 to 15% block in fight. We like Knight’s Oath Armor for the container with its 50% opportunity to enhance damages resistance by 2 to 15% for 2 rounds after being struck. Sandstorm Shirt as well as Azure shield are respectable factors to consider for shield too, if you like protection plus stun opportunity or HP plus protection increase when struck, specifically.

Knight’s Dress Boots increases max HP by 1 to 8% as well as gives obstruct price of 2 to 15%. Pharaoh’s Boots is a practical option too with its 75% opportunity of boosting block price by a stackable 2 to 15% with each activity. Jeweled Crown gives the very same quantity of block price as well as provides the container HP repair from 1 to 8% of max HP whenever blocks are set off.

Angela, Selena, Annie, Kiraya, as well as Victoria can be brushed to come to be very efficient containers.

Guardians– Damage Reflect

[Weapon – Emerald Heart, Armor – Gentleman’s Poise, Boots – Go, Accessory – Ghost Lamp]

guardians damage reflect illusion connect

If your group is constructed even more steadily as well as can manage to have a protector add even more in the direction of dealing damages to challengers, after that opting for a protector that is constructed to show damages to challengers is a possible choice for you.

Expectedly, your protector in this instance will certainly not be as difficult as one constructed to be a pure container, however also the percentages of shown damages can still have its benefits in fight. Emerald Heart offers a 1 to 8% damages review top of limit HP increase. Gentleman’s Poise functions precisely the very same.

Go offers an HP increase along with a 0.5 to 4% HP regen. Alternatively, you can go with Divine Boots, which brings back HP two times as much whenever the guardian’s HP goes listed below the 50% mark. Ghost Lamp finishes the show equipment established with 1 to 8% damages show. Royal Cloak as well as Holy Crown each give an HP guard, which functions all right as alternatives.

Camille, Selena, Kiraya, Angela, as well as Victoria can be thought about for this develop.

Healers– Pure Heal

[Weapon – Coffin of Protection, Armor – Holy Rose, Boots – Boots of Praise, Accessory – Silver Necklace]

healers pure heal illusion connect

The most reliable improve each course in Illusion Connect, similar to in various various other method RPGs is sticking to the essentials. Letting opponents have as much increase to their strikes statistics as well as having guardians accumulate their protection are strong instances. In the instance of therapists, you must largely take into consideration improving the impacts of their recovery capacities.

Healers must furthermore be released in fight purposefully as well as commonly in the direction of the last end of the round. In a great deal of situations, their first recovery ability must be enough as a testimony of their energy however if you handle to maintain them about much longer, after that the additional wellness replenishment is valued too. While you can develop therapists in a different way sufficient to either enhance their offending or protective toughness, financial on their major duty must be the fundamental method to do so.

While Wonder Pocket Watch, White Vow, as well as Angel Song are practical options too for a pure therapist develop, we like furnishing Coffin ofProtection Coffin of Protection gives a 1 to 10% recover price boost as well as additionally increase recovery impacts by 1 to 8% on allies with the most affordable HP with every recovery ability made use of. For shield, Holy Rose includes a protection increase as well as provides a 50% opportunity to enhance recover price by 1 to 10% adhering to inbound strikes.

Boots of Praise offers a 75% opportunity of self-healing worth 0.5 to 4% of the therapist’s max HP. Silver Necklace, once again, increase recover price by 1 to 10%. Alternatively, you can go with the Angel’s Rose Ring for a device as it brings back 1 to 8% of assault as HP to the leader with every activity.

Anna, Ming, as well as Polly are one of the most efficient therapists for this develop.

Healers– Heal as well as Damage

[Weapon – Myoo’s Wings, Armor – Bloody Shirt, Boots – Boots of Praise, Accessory – Phoenix Eyeglasses]

healers heal and damage illusion connect

While the advantages of having a therapist on your group can be really felt by everybody on the area, one of the most essential systems to maintain active are the guardians as well as the leader. At the very same time, some therapists do not always profit a whole lot or whatsoever from greater recover prices, in which instance, having them add to infraction comes to be a practical choice.

Myoo’s Wings give a 1 to 8% assault increase as well as additionally minimizes the target’s assault by the very same portion for 2 rounds. You can additionally go with Holy Banner as a tool as it boosts damages dealt on opponents with HP less than 30%. For shield, Bloody Shirt offers protection as well as leaves a 50% opportunity off inbound strikes to recover 20 to 140 craze. Bone Cloth can be an extra protective option with a damages resistance increase well worth 2 to 15% whenever wellness is more than 70%.

The Boots of Praise leaves every activity done a 75% opportunity to restore 0.5 to 4% wellness. Alternatively, Witch’s Dance Boots boosts max HP by 1 to 8%, making it possible for every activity to have a 5 to 35% opportunity of silencing an arbitrary adversary. Phoenix Eyeglasses give a max HP increase as well as boost spreading opportunity of unique abilities by 1 to 8%. Sapphire Hairpin includes an HP increase too as well as whenever an unique ability is made use of, it boosts the spreading price of the succeeding one by 1 to 8%.

Both Jasmine as well as Diana can be constructed to recover as well as at the very same time bargain damages. They normally will still not deal as much damages as various other systems however can still add in addition to offering heals to allies.

Light Types– Damage

[Weapon – Myoo’s Wings, Armor – Phoenix Petticoat, Boots – Go, Accessory – Phoenix Eyeglasses]

light types damage illusion connect

Light kind systems are a special course in Illusion Connect, commonly offering assistance abilities to allies however can additionally add to dealing damages. Going with either one is a possible selection as well as needs to depend on your group’s structure as well as the difficulty handy.

As Light kind systems do not generally appreciate leading concern when it pertains to equipments in your collection, taking advantage of the staying devices after you have actually selected the very best ones for your leading systems is anticipated. There is a great deal of versatility when it pertains to picking equipments for your Light kind systems, however make sure to explore exactly how every one will certainly synergize with the develop you want.

Although Tyrfing appears a whole lot even more enjoyable to carry a light kind companion, with its capability to obstruct a deadly damages as soon as as well as recover 3 to 22% HP, our liked tool is still Myoo’sWings Phoenix Petticoat increases protection as well as additionally boosts damages resistance price by 2 to 15% when HP goes down listed below the 50% mark. Key Protector is a just as efficient shield too with its 1 to 10% recuperation price increase in addition to the included protection.

We like to select Go for boots for the HP increase as well as included HP regen per activity. Pharaoh’s Boots can additionally be thought about for its 75% opportunity to enhance block price by 2 to 15% after each activity. Phoenix Eyeglasses continue to be as our selection of accessory although Dark Tale can be an ideal option with its 75% opportunity to enhance damages price by 2 to 15% prior to an activity.

Phoebe as well as Brooke are light kind systems you can develop for pure damages.

Light Types– Support

[Weapon – White Queen, Armor – Knight’s Oath Armor, Boots – Pharaoh’s Boots, Accessory – Holy Cross]

light types support illusion connect

With the options on developing your Light kind device resting throughout opting for even more offending toughness or greater protective capacity, opting for the last is comes to be the evident selection for a Light kind device that is maintained in your group for energy or assistance abilities. If the selected device does not actually add a lot in regards to dealing damages or his/her abilities substantially surpass her damages results, after that guaranteeing they remain as long as feasible on the area is your ideal strategy.

For an assistance develop light device, White Queen stands as the very best tool, approving the companion a 2 to 15% block price in fight. Knight’s Oath shield is the shield of selection for the 50% opportunity of improving damages resistance. Pharaoh’s Boots ups obstruct price with a 75% opportunity. For the device, Holy Cross is our recommended one for limit HP increase as well as the 5 to 35% opportunity of recovering power to allies.

Alice as well as Amon can be respectable light kind systems that can be constructed to be assistance kinds.

Sorcerers– AoE Damage

[Weapon – Staff of Hope, Armor – Bloody Shirt, Boots – Victory Cornerstone, Accessory – Phoenix Eyeglasses]

sorcerers aoe damage illusion connect

While opponents are the leading systems for dealing damages to specific targets, sorcerers are the leading DPS systems in regards to total damages considered that they have AoE damages. Just like opponents as well as protectors in your lineup, focusing on sorcerers in regards to equipments is essential despite exactly how you develop them.

While sorcerers can display control as well as assistance abilities along with or for dealing even more damages, you would generally desire an extra simple develop as well as concentrate on damages. It can be an usual function of several groups to have greater than 1 sorcerer, however the main kind is generally constructed around dealing damages over various other builds.

Staff of Hope is a simple tool that approves a 1 to 8% assault increase along with a 2 to 15% AoE damages increase. Staff of Ceres is a less costly option that just offers the AoE damages increase. Cursed Sword functions well also with an assault increase as well as a 20 to 140 craze decrease on opponents with greater than 800 craze. Defense as well as a 50% opportunity to get 20 to 140 craze can come sync well with the tool as well as you can get it from Bloody Shirt as a shield. You can choose Bone Cloth or Nightmare Robe for additional protection too.

For the boots, Victory Cornerstone offers you with a 75% opportunity to enhance crit price by 2 to 15% adhering to every activity. Phoenix Eyeglasses featured a max HP increase as well as boosts the spreading price for unique abilities by 1 to 8%.For an extra protective option for device, you can choose Swaying Wine Glass that gives 1 to 8% lifesteal in addition to the included assault.

Yuffie, Nicola, Nina, Rotania, Rie, as well as Fenebeth can match this develop well.

Sorcerers– Crowd Control

[Weapon – Now or Never, Armor – Lava Suit, Boots – Witch’s Dance Boots, Accessory – Phoenix Eyeglasses]

sorcerers crowd control illusion connect

While most sorcerers in Illusion Connect focus on dealing damages to teams of opponents, several of them normally delay a little bit behind in regards to damages result. Instead of outfitting them with equipments to enhance their assault as well as damages results, one more method of placing them to great usage is to use them for group control rather.

Arming them with equipments that cause unfavorable standing impacts on opponents will certainly not decrease their worth as damage-dealers. Instead, their AoE abilities will certainly be propounded better usage with its damages in addition to the additional impacts.

Now or Never includes a 5 to 35% opportunity of silencing a target for 1 round. Alternatively, you can pick to gear up Lance of Ascalon for the recuperation price decrease well worth 2 to 15% in addition to the included assault. Our shield of selection is the Lava Suit, which increases protection by 1 to 8% as well as impact resistance by 2 to 15% in fight. Bloody Shirt as well as Bone Cloth can act as respectable options.

Witch’s Dance Boots offers a 5 to 35% opportunity of silencing an arbitrary adversary with each activity, flawlessly matching Now orNever Phoenix Eyeglasses stand as the selection of device once again.

Fenebeth stands as the very best selection for the group control sorcerer develop although Chiyo, Rotania, Mary, as well as Yuffie are respectable factors to consider too.

Spell Types– Damage

[Weapon – Staff of Hope, Armor – Lava Suit, Boots – Crimson Longboots, Accessory – Phoenix Eyeglasses]

spell types damage illusion connect

Spell kind systems function quite like sorcerers however generally have actually included impacts to their strikes. While some spell kind companions do have high damages results too, their strikes are usually less than that of sorcerers.

Investing in boosting the assault as well as AoE damages of spell kinds function well if they have high damages results to start with. In comparison, spell kind systems whose ability impacts are even more important than the damages they enforce are preferable for group control constructs.

For a spell kind companion with even more damages results, our tool of selection is the Staff of Hope, improving both assault as well as AoE damages. Another superb tool to take into consideration is the Ama no Murakumo, which can increase assault by 0.5 to 4% per adversary companion on the opposing group. This can accumulate to 5 times too. Lava Suit is once again thought about as the shield of selection with its included protection as well as impact resistance.

Crimson Longboots is the boots of selection for max HP as well as damages decrease increase. Again, Phoenix Eyeglasses are our leading choice for device.

Miyuki, Rikia, as well as Beatrice can be constructed as spell kind systems that concentrate on damages.

Spell Types– Crowd Control

[Weapon – Fortune Caller, Armor – Bone Cloth, Boots – Boots of Praise, Accessory – Smart Hairband]

spell types crowd control illusion connect

With the normal prioritization of equipments on sorcerers over spell kind companions in the group, there are possibly a wide array of ideal equipments that you can gear up on spell kind radiants however are made use of by various other personalities. In this feeling, what issues is for you to be able to use various other equipments for them as though they can still have worth in the group with damages increase running out the inquiry.

As some spell kind companions do have actually abilities constructed much more for group control, or just unsatisfactory when it pertains to taking on others as for damages results are worried, one of the most practical method to far better use them is with equipments that add to incapacitating enemies in teams at once.

For group control constructs, Fortune Caller stands as the very best tool to take into consideration with its 10 to 80 craze decrease in addition to the assault increase. Going with Bone Cloth can offer the companion enhanced damages resistance well worth 2 to 15% if HP is over 70%. Boots of Praise boosts survivability with a 75% opportunity of renewing 0.4 to 4% wellness with each activity. Smart Hairband boosts impact hit price by 2 to 15%.

Although Miyuki can function as a controller too, it is best to take into consideration Rikia as well as Beatrice for the duty as Miyuki is the very best damage-dealing spell kind glowing in Illusion Connect.

Summoners– Attack

[Weapon – Dream Chaser, Armor – Scarlet Cuirass, Boots – Falling Butterly, Accessory – Bagua Belt]

summoners attack illusion connect

Summoners in Illusion Connect are fundamentally a special course because every one plays in a different way from others. If you have actually reviewed our Illusion Connect Tier List, you would certainly observe that we can rule out a Summon kind device for the S rate while there are reps from all various other courses. As much as prioritization of equipments go, mobilize kind systems are, typically, amongst the least top priority.

Summon kind radiants might largely give cannon-fodders or fillers on a vacant area however every one provides various ability impacts too. As some may swerve much more in the direction of dealing damages to opponents, you can profit from that as well as develop your summoner to be an offending kind.

Our tool of selection for an offense-driven summoner is the Dream Chaser, improving assault by 1 to 8% as well as minimizing the target’s rate by 2 to 15% for 2 rounds with its strikes. Lance of Ascalon can be thought about too for its recuperation decrease impact on its targets. Scarlet Cuirass is the very best shield for this develop for its increase on assault adhering to an inbound assault.

Our selection for boots is the Fallen Butterfly for the 5 to 35% opportunity of each activity renewing 100 craze. Bagua Belt is ideal for the assault increase as well as the 5 to 35% opportunity of recovering 1 power to every ally at the beginning of fight. You can additionally go with a less costly Party Mask for an assault increase.

Ashwaya, Gagaku, Flora, as well as Frantiva are respectable prospects to take into consideration for this develop kind.

Summoners– Defense

[Weapon – Fairy Tale Doll, Armor – Distant Memories, Boots – Falling Butterfly, Accessory – Holy Cross]

summoners defense illusion connect

If your mobilize kind companion offers much more worth with the advantageous impact she or he offers, after that boosting survivability should be the strategy of selection. It decreases to primarily brushing your summoner to add to harm or remain as long as feasible in the area so if you pick the last, after that gear up equipments that add to improving protection.

Fairy Tale Doll gives an assault increase as well as additionally offers a 1 to 8% HP increase to mobilized animals. Distant Memories offers a 1 to 8% protection increase as well as additionally boosts block price by 2 to 15%. For boots, Falling Butterfly can give the companion much more HP as well as a 5 to 35% opportunity for every activity to produce 100 craze. Holy Cross is our recommended device, approving the customer a 1 to 8% HP increase as well as a 5 to 35% opportunity of recovering power to allies upon fatality. In pick scenarios, Divine Crystal can be the far better choice for the 1 to 8% HP guard it can cast on the leader upon the customer’s fatality. Ann, the Enforcers, Frantiva, as well as Flora can be thought about for this develop.

And this completes our devices overview forIllusion Connect We wish that you grabbed a great deal of suggestions create the example constructs we shared as well as, much more significantly, grabbed tips on exactly how to prepare the remainder of the radiants we did not point out as an instance. Illusion Connect will certainly probably present even more web content in future updates, which might entail having brand-new radiants along with even more equipments. If you have actually an equipment established for your preferred companions or course constructs you wish to share, we are quite interested to learn through you so do not hesitate as well as leave a remark down listed below!


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