Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Conquer Dungeons Easily

Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord is Korean mobile video gaming firm Cat Lab’s new mobile title, that’s offered on iphone and also Android systems. Like previous launches develop Cat Lab, you can anticipate Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord to give you with an one-of-a-kind experience right from the beginning of your journey.

As basic and also uncomplicated as the video game appears, coupled with its retro-styled, cartoony graphics, you would quickly presume that it’s as simple as it looks. Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord, nevertheless, comes loaded with a great deal of difficulties that surpasses merely having an effective adequate hero, as planning from your personality’s construct to making use of sources in battle goes a lengthy means.

From the journey’s property alone, you can inform that Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord loads an one-of-a-kind experience for also seasoned and also experienced RPG gamers. The hero starts beating the emperor, however at the expense of shedding his flesh and also removing his extremely being to plain bones. Your pursuit starts as you fight with dungeons, gathering and also furnishing beast components for flesh, each equipped with its very own distinct attributes and also capacities.

There actually isn’t much tutorial provided at the beginning of your journey in Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of theOverlord To be straightforward, you can make development despite you play your cards in the video game. If you have actually simply begun your trip and also you are seeking to reinforce your hero and also control each difficulty, after that look no more. Our Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord newbie’s overview will certainly give all the suggestions, techniques and also techniques you require to defeat every beast that comes your means!

1. Prepare For Different Types Of Dungeon Runs

Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord establishes you on the function of a warrior whose optimal power is latent on a pursuit with dungeons with an unidentified end. Given this circumstance, you can anticipate that there will certainly be a great deal of grinding entailed for you to maintain progressing. Each dungeon has 10 degrees and also you require to get rid of the tenth degree to be able to proceed to the following collection of dungeon degrees and also it will certainly not take wish for you to experience diing prior to the completing the dungeon.

With this in mind, you are particular sufficient that you will certainly unclear all 10 degrees of a dungeon on your very first go, occasionally not also on the 2nd or umpteenth time too. It appears that you require to collect sources and also power up your hero every action of the means as every brand-new collection of dungeon degrees are particular to be a lot more difficult than the previous one.

dungeon runs hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

What you require to take into consideration very first is that you generally have 2 kinds of dungeon goes to execute. The initially and also a lot more regular runs resemble supply or farming runs where your objective is to merely gain gold coins and also equipments to make your personality more powerful. The 2nd sort of run is intended in the direction of getting rid of the tenth degree. This is where you can invest additional sources like remedies and also be a lot more concentrated on the real battle occurring.

Based on your efficiency in the supply or farming runs, you need to have the ability to inform if you prepare to get rid of the dungeon. If you make it to the tenth degree without recovery or making use of any kind of sort of remedy, after that you will likely have the ability to beat in charge at the end of it after investing some recovery products or two. For beginners, this is the technique we suggest. If you are really feeling a little bit a lot more hostile right from the beginning and also rather over-encumbered by the myriad of sources you feel you have, after that load a complete bag of recovery and also rubbing remedies also if you are having a hard time prior to the tenth degree.

Naturally, each dungeon run guarantees that you obtain something from it. Monsters arbitrarily go down components that you can furnish along with gold coins that you require for a selection of usages. This basically ensures that your hero can do a far better efficiency on every succeeding operate on the exact same collection of dungeon, gave that you use the gold coins and also flesh components that you discover.

battle tips hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

There are a great deal of arbitrary components associated with Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord, the majority of particularly when it pertains to each dungeon run you participate in. Monsters show up arbitrarily and also while it might not appear initially, it will certainly be quickly obvious once you proceed with greater dungeons and also run into even more opponent kinds. Specific beasts go down particular flesh components and also considered that each beast component gives a various collection of capacities, you will mainly be having various lovers after altering equipments.

Monster goes down normally adhere to decline prices too and also getting to greater degrees does not always suggest surefire far better decreases. While you might see a red dot sign on the hero symbol near the bottom left edge of the residence display, representing far better equipments for you to furnish, there will certainly be countless circumstances that a complete dungeon run will certainly not net you far better equipments.

In reality, you might additionally die from a dungeon run without capturing a solitary item of flesh, however that need to be alright as there will certainly constantly be gold coins from each beast you slaughter.

2. Consistently Activate Free Buffs From The Store

The Hybrid Warrior can absolutely make development with the dungeons with his very own toughness and also the aid of his dependable radiance friend. Dungeon runs come to be a whole lot much easier, however, with the aid of the totally free lovers you can trigger with the shop. You can inspect the shop with its symbol at the top left side of the display and also there are 4 totally free lovers you can trigger under the thing tab.

The strike aficionado, activity rate aficionado, gold purchase aficionado, and also handwear cover auto-attack function can each be triggered by investing treasures. Given that treasures are superior money that are not as simple to get as gold coins, you will normally decide to buy the lovers free of cost though playing a 5 to 30-second video clip advertisement per circumstances.

activating free buffs hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

Each aficionado will certainly continue to be energetic for 10 mins and also the most effective component of it is that the timer runs just when you are inside the dungeon or in any kind of various other battle. As a disadvantage, however, you can not pile the exact same aficionado and also will certainly need to await every one to shed its impact prior to heading back to the shop to re-activate them.

With this, you will certainly experience needing to withstand a dungeon kept up the last component of the trip having no lovers. Giving up on a dungeon is not an alternative, as the continuing to be time of each aficionado prior to you went into the dungeon will certainly reset too.

3. Prepare Your Hero Before Each Dungeon Run

Every dungeon run you participate in typically internet you a lot more gold and also some brand-new items of flesh. As you get rid of the tenth degree of each dungeon and also carry on to the following collection, the quantity of gold you obtain per run boosts and also the variety of the degrees of equipments you can get additionally rise. While you might not constantly protect far better flesh components as we stated previously, the gold you collect should, generally, still leave you with adequate to boost your personality.

Every little bit of improvement you buy your hero adds favorably to your succeeding efficiency in each dungeon run and also, therefore, you need to make it a practice to reinforce your hero prior to taking place an additional journey to the dungeon.

For beginners, take into consideration switching over to far better flesh components if there are whenever you see the red dot sign on the hero symbol. At the exact same time, make certain to buy some improvement on both strike and also HP or either of them.

hero preparation hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

As a novice, you would normally be inclined to furnish beast components that have the most effective statistics, as suggested by the eco-friendly up arrowhead on the flesh tab. As you highlight a port on your hero, you can see offered components you can furnish at the best side.

While statistics are obviously essential, however, you need to additionally take into consideration the passive increases that each component includes. If the distinction in statistics are not that much and also the get rid of the reduced stat has far better lovers for your preference, after that you need to go all out.

Each beast you run into and also get components from has distinct characteristics. These attributes commonly consist of a resistance to a specific aspect along with different easy increases. You can see all the passive capacities that your crossbreed flesh includes at the reduced component of the “Flesh” tab along with the residence display.

Each component additionally adheres to a rarity system and also a degree, that makes it a little bit a lot more complex to select the most effective one to furnish from amongst a variety of options with differing rarity qualities and also degrees. Just the exact same, make certain to explore what each component can provide you as you can later limit options when you have the ability to craft your very own flesh components.

hero info hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

Under the “Enhance” tab of the hero food selection, you can see fundamental statistics of your hero along with his crossbreed meter, which informs you particular resistances from fire, water, and also planet. This will certainly assist you make crucial changes on flesh component options particularly when violating a manager having a certain essential fondness.

Using gold coins, you can boost your hero’s strike statistics and also HP. Doing so making use of treasures give a different collection of degrees however, once again, now treasures are best made use of for more crucial financial investments. You can select to buy improvement by 10s or perhaps by 100s as long as you can manage it. While you are quite totally free to spend nevertheless you like, we suggest maintaining a well balanced financial investment technique.

As expenses of improvement increases based upon its degree, you will practically have the ability to buy even more upgrades by maintaining both strike and also HP improvements at the same level with each other.

4. Dismantle Flesh Parts To Earn Crafting Materials

With automobile fight and also all lovers triggered, each dungeon run takes just a number of mins or two to finish. In simply a couple of mins, you can discover on your own incapable to get extra flesh components because of having a complete stock.

You can constantly decide to take into consideration immediately taking down substandard components prior to the beginning of a dungeon run, however after that if you wish to guarantee that no flesh components are disposed of that might be far better than what you have actually geared up, after that the option is to dismantle them back in your home.

dismantling flesh parts hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

The take apart alternative can be discovered at the last tab of the hero food selection and also you need to routinely see it to guarantee that you constantly have sufficient vacuum in your bag. Flesh components took down makes you crafting products that you can make use of to produce flesh components of particular beasts along with remedies to assist you in difficult fights.

Every beast component you take apart additionally adds to the research study journal that you can access using the “Log” symbol at the top best side of the display. Progress is identified by percents and also as soon as you have actually taken apart adequate components of the particular beast, you can begin crafting its components considered that you have the essential quantity of the crafting products required.

crafting materials hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

Keep in mind that while crafting flesh components specify to the beast you picked, the real component will certainly be randomized. More commonly than not, however, the components you obtain are far better than the ones you can get with the existing dungeon you are involving. Completing a dungeon additionally enhances the degree of components you can craft, which is constantly greater than the ones you commonly get from beasts you eliminate.

As much as remedies go, it is constantly best to craft and also utilize them just for important fights like completion manager in the tenth degree of the dungeon, manager fights, or perhaps a difficult challenger in the PvP field. Considering that the exact same source products are required to craft flesh components and also remedies, it is best to restrict use of remedies so you can craft bulks for your hero. Each remedy you craft includes a counter that degrees up the remedy’s effectiveness as soon as entirely loaded, besides the Purify Potion, which goes to max effectiveness as soon as you open it.

potion bag hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

New remedies appear for crafting as soon as you got rid of a dungeon. There is a restriction too to the remedies you can bring at once and also the very first 3 offered in fight are randomized too. For fights that call for particular remedies, it is best to maintain less selection of remedies in your bag to guarantee that the one you require is offered precisely when you require them.

5. Remember To Check Your Equipment And Glove Companion

On top of the Hybrid Hero being equipped with beast components that give different easy capacities, strike and also HP statistics that can quickly be boosted, totally free lovers, and also different remedies to make use of in battle, Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord still has even more to supply under its sleeve to more reinforce your hero. These are tools that additionally increases the hero’s statistics and also the various handwear covers that accompany you in your journeys.

One of the distinct functions of Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord is that you generally furnish on your own with various beast body components equivalent to just how traditional RPG heroes furnish themselves with equipments.

equipment hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

This might originally lead novices to assume that there are no equipments equip your hero with particularly because tools can not be gotten from dungeon runs. The hero can, nevertheless, arm himself with a tool, guard, ring, and also necklace each with its very own stat increase offered along with below statistics to unlock.

Weapons rise strike while guards boost protection. Necklaces increase important opportunity while call important damages. Equipment additionally have a rarity system, which establishes the quantity of increase they give. Like flesh components, tools can additionally be taken apart to get improvement products.

Enhancement products required boosts and also improvement success price drops as the improvement degree increases. With the shortage of sources and also decreasing success likelihoods, it is best to be extremely careful when it pertains to improving tools. For beginners, restrict them just to at the very least rare-grade products. Every 3 effective upgrades open a sub-stat for the tools. These sub-stats are randomized too.

equipment lottery hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

Through the shop within the tools food selection, you can get totally free tools as soon as every hr by enjoying a 5 to 30-second video clip advertisement. You can obtain typical, unusual, or rare-grade tools with a 10% come across the rare-grade ones. Through pursuits and also success too, you can get tickets that you can make use of to buy additional ones.

There is additionally a costs lottery game if you scroll down within the tools shop. Each acquisition sets you back 300 treasures however can net you unusual, legendary, or perhaps epic tools. This is what we suggest you conserve your treasures for and also change throughout the various tools kinds as soon as you protect at the very least an epic-grade equipment for one tools kind.

It’s simple to presume thatDr Hand, the handwear cover friend you contend the beginning of your journey will certainly remain the exact same all throughout the trip. If you glimpsed upon its symbol at the end of the residence display, after that you need to uncover that there is a whole collection of improvement functions for your friend.

enhancing glove hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

Dr Glove can have various skins, each with its very own rarity quality and also included benefits. Each handwear cover has advantages opened as soon as you have them, and also an one-of-a-kind aficionado when geared up. You can get variousDr Hand skins from unique boxes that you can buy from the web page for 100 treasures each. These unique boxes can additionally be made as benefits from beating managers in unique dungeons.

Each handwear cover can be manufacture to make them more powerful and also sporting activity a various take care of getting adequate matches of the skin. Each one can additionally be boosted making use of string and also some gold. For effectiveness’s purpose, you need to just buy handwear covers that go to the very least rare-graded.

6. Venture Through Each Unlocked Game Mode

Although biking in between dungeon runs and also different improvement tasks can currently eat a great deal of your spare time as an outcome of the video game’s habit forming allure, even more video game settings can be opened under the unique dungeons.

One of the factors you require to constantly aim to proceed with the dungeons is that the remainder of the unique video game settings are secured behind degrees of dungeons you defeat. Being able to access the additional video game settings faster indicates acquiring possibilities to gain additional benefits faster too.

The initially unique dungeon you can open is the gold dungeon, which can gain you large amounts of gold for all your improvement requires. Keys are required for every effort and also defeating one opens a greater degree. Gold dungeons are everything about offending toughness and also you will certainly not be assaulted by the depository that you require to snuff out.

gold dungeon hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

You will certainly gain gold despite your efficiency however the most effective benefits originate from when you efficiently defeated a degree. Note that gold dungeon degrees cycle with various essential fondness so if you can manage to, furnish a tool that has solid damages on the depository’s aspect.

The PvP Arena leaves you 5 efforts day-to-day to test various other gamers to gain honor factors along with climb the rankings. You can inspect the stat distinction in between your hero and also the challenger you want to test. Note that you will certainly constantly have a benefit in the field because fights are refrained from doing in actual time. It’s generally automobile setting for both warriors and also you can protect a benefit if you make use of remedies. You can make use of honor factors made to trade for various sources and also products at the shop.

pvp arena hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

There are 3 essential managers to open and also emulate under the unique dungeons too. These manager fights are difficult and also have various degrees too. Beating the very first degree makes you a lots of benefits and also opens the following one too.

There are no actual fines for shedding a battle with any one of these managers unless you eaten remedies and also still shed the fight. You can not deal with the exact same manager within the exact same degree after you defeat them within the day.

special dungeon hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

As a technique, take into consideration both you and also in charge’ wellness bars throughout the battle. If in charge sheds HP faster than your hero does, after that you can absolutely win the fight. If its the other way around however the void is not that a lot, after that you can buy remedies for the fight. Be certain to have enough continuing to be time throughout all your lovers throughout these important battles too.

7. Accomplish Quests And Achievements For Extra Rewards

There are a great deal of products and also sources that you can gain with normal energetic having fun however even more can still be declared by completing day-to-day pursuits and also accomplishment goals. You can access the listing of pursuit and also case benefits with the “Quest” symbol at the top left side of the residence display.

Daily pursuits and also accomplishments are set apart by various tabs. Bothe these collections of goals straight connect to the typical tasks you participate in within and also beyond fights, which indicates that all goals can be completed typically.

Daily pursuits are simple adequate to complete and also you can get rid of some goals without also attempting. Gems are up for grabs for every goal you get rid of so allow the listing work as your overview early and also guarantee that you obtain one of the most from it each day.

quests hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

Achievements, on the various other hand, work as landmarks you get to and also mirror your general development on various facets of the video game. Some of these tasks take a while to complete and also a greater degree one commonly changes the job you finished. With treasures as a continuous benefit for every accomplishment, it is best to take a peek right into each job to determine which ones you require to function a lot more on.

Relative to pursuits, there are goals that show up individually in your house. It might be difficult to observe initially however it is right under the flooring whereDr Hand strolls on. These are basic tasks that gain you treasures upon conclusion. It is finest to complete the goal available and also assert the treasures to present the following one.

It can take place that doing well goals will certainly currently show up completed if you have actually executed the task before seeing the goal previously in the day. Rushing in between dungeon runs and also improvements can quickly make you ignore these goals so make it a practice to examine it every now and then.

8. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

We currently experienced the advantages of enjoying video clip advertisements in Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord early. The initially was the 10-minute lovers that can enormously enhance your efficiency in dungeons that include various other video game settings too. As much as totally free tools are worried too, playing an advertisement as soon as every hr additionally covers a constant supply of it. Beyond these 2 beneficial advantages, there are a lot more possibilities to play video clip advertisements in the video game to quicken your development.

Given that Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord is completely totally free to play, it can be anticipated that advertisements play an indispensable component in maintaining it offered for everybody to take pleasure in forever. While declaring treasures as a benefit for landmarks in the research study journal will certainly play advertisements without included advantages, the remainder of the video clip advertisements you will certainly see are entirely volunteer. You can quite avoid all of it, however the included rewards they bring are really difficult to overlook, particularly if you are getting ready to proceed much faster in your trip.

earning rewards hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

One of one of the most regular possibility to play video clip advertisements seeks finishing a dungeon run. Regardless of whether you defeat all 10 dungeon degrees or otherwise, you will certainly gain gold and also you can promptly triple the quantity you can obtain if you select to play a video clip advertisement. It can be a little challenging to observe early however there is a benefit symbol on top of the residence display.

This is a still earnings of types that produce gold with time, despite whether you are on the internet having fun. You can promptly assert the gathered quantity of gold or three-way it with playing a brief advertisement. Once every thirty minutes too, you can assert totally free treasures from the shop after playing a 5 to 30-second video clip advertisement.

That finishes our newbie’s overview for Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of theOverlord Hopefully, the suggestions, techniques and also techniques we showed to you has actually left you with even more expertise on just how to proceed with your dungeon journeys a lot more successfully. If you have actually invested a long time playing the video game and also came across something we stopped working to reveal, do not hesitate to inform us regarding it!


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