Hero Wars Halloween Event Guide: A Complete Look at the Spooky Festival Event and also the All-New Highwayman Coins Feature

Nexters Global, the firm that launched Island Experiment a while back, had perhaps their most significant hit of all-time when they launched Hero Wars, an action/adventure RPG that permits you to develop an event of as much as 5 Heroes as they deal with the pressures of wickedness in a range of video game settings. These consist of the common project setting, the gauntlet-style Tower setting, Arena and also Grand Arena fights versus various other gamers, and also guild battles that need you to function carefully with your guild’s leader and also various other participants as you make every effort to rise your present organization’s positions. And while you can just make use of an optimum of 5 Heroes per specific fight, the video game includes near to 50 unlockable Heroes– a number we would certainly claim strikes the best equilibrium when interesting laid-back and also hardcore RPG players alike.

Given that we’re simply a couple of days far from Halloween, it’s not a surprise that Nexters ensured to commemorate the event with an unique occasion that lasts greater than two times as long, without any lack of rewards and also incentives, in addition to a brand-new Hero for every one of you that might have been questioning when the firm would certainly include one more one to the video game.

How do you play this unique occasion, what should you do to open the brand-new Hero, and also what else has Nexters altered in the previous couple of weeks? Sit tight, as we’ll be covering every one of this in our Hero Wars Halloween occasion overview– a total check out the Spooky Festival occasion, in addition to a vital upgrade Nexters presented simply days prior to the occasion released, one that considerably affects a specific video game technician (yet not the general gameplay).

Hero Wars Halloween Event Overview

For a great 7 days– that’s from Monday, October 28 to Sunday, November 4– Hero Wars gamers can participate in an unique occasion that differs the typical three-day occasions where you can win Soul Stones, Titan Chests, Glyphs, or various other rewards for boosting your Heroes or gathering brand-new ones. Obviously, among the most significant distinctions below is that the occasion lasts every one of 7 days, yet there are several others you might intend to take notice of as we chat you via Hero Wars’ Halloween occasion– or as they call it, the Spooky Festival occasion.

hero wars halloween event overview

Just customarily, this occasion will certainly prefer those that might have invested a couple of real-life bucks on emerald greens, though it is, as constantly, open up to everyone. There will, once more, be incentives for everyday logins, buying a specific variety of emerald greens or utilizing a specific quantity of power, yet rather than Soul Stones of a details Hero or the various other giveaways we stated above, you will certainly win Ghost Scrolls, which resemble symbols you can make use of for in charge fights in the Spooky Festival occasion. The manager fights, which we will be going over in a little bit, will certainly be your major resource of Ghost Candy– the major source in case.

The occasion includes a number of pursuits, which will certainly gain you much less Ghost Candy (claim, a couple of hundreds), yet are fairly very easy to finish– for instance, you might be asked to finish a specific variety of objectives or get many Soul Stones, so all you require to do is comply with the directions so you can proceed to the following mission and also unlock a lot more manager fights.

It need to do without stating that even more Ghost Scrolls indicates even more opportunities to win Ghost Candy and also have sufficient for the products readily available in the Ghostly Shop, that include 3 Devil Skins (Aurora, Ziri, and also Elmir), a Magic Pumpkin with “unanticipated” rewards, and also Soul Stones for the brand new Hero,Andvari But you do not require to fret about shedding those hard-earned Ghost Scrolls if you ever before shed in an employer fight– they will certainly continue to be there as you’ll be offered as several opportunities as you require to beat any kind of among the 3 managers, and also will just be invested when you have actually arised successful from these fights.

Once once again, there’s no demand to acquisition Emeralds in order to carry out well in this seven-day occasion. But if you pick to do so, we advise looking into the 4 deals that will certainly be online throughout of the Spooky Festival, consisting of a $15 bundle that consists of 5,000 Emeralds, 1.7 M Gold, 10 Bottled Energy, and also 600 VIPPoints This specific bundle uses a lot more worth than the common 3,900 Emeralds bundle valued at $20, so you might intend to provide it a great appearance if you have not a problem paying genuine cash in order to fast-track your development in the video game.

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In enhancement, we could also point out that there is likewise a pumpkin-shaped symbol in case map where you can get Ghost Candy with your Emeralds– 650 Emeralds will certainly obtain you 850 Ghost Candy, while 6,000 Emeralds provide you a little a bulk price cut and also enable you to get 8,500 of the event-specific source. We would not advise this choice unless you’re flush with exceptional money and also intend to fast-track your means via the occasion pursuits that need you to invest many Emeralds.

Completing The Event Quests– Regular Quests And Boss Battles

This is something we spoke about briefly in the summary, yet in order to offer an absolutely thorough check out the Spooky Festival, we’ll require to look closer at both the normal pursuits and also the 3 manager fights in case food selection.

As we stated above, the Halloween occasion pursuits might need you to finish objectives, gather Soul Stones, invest Energy, or in a pair instances, gather a specific product, which would certainly indicate grabbing all the pieces needed for that product and also in fact obtaining it crafted. Completing a pursuit would certainly be assigned on the occasion map with a hidden sword symbol, although it is very important to keep in mind that when the mission is completed and also you have actually gathered your Ghost Candy, you can not replay it once again! If the video game permitted you to grind for Ghost Candy, it would perhaps be as well very easy to obtain this source and also utilize it solely on Andvari Soul Stones.

hero wars boss battle

As for in charge fights, the 3 managers are Bone Head, that has actually boosted Armor and also prices 3 Ghost Scrolls to fight, with a benefit of 750 Ghost Candy for triumph. Next up is Death Song, that has actually boosted Magic Defense and also prices 6 Ghost Scrolls, with the reward for defeating her a much healthier 1,500Ghost Candy Lastly, Mora the Witch is, as the video game calls her, “extremely effective,” though it isn’t clarified just how so– defeat her and also you obtain 3,000 Ghost Candy for your financial investment of 12 Ghost Scrolls.

Given that Bone Head is the “least expensive” manager to eliminate with the most affordable incentive for beating him, one would certainly believe that he’s the simplest to beat. Based on our experience, the reverse holds true, as all mixes of Heroes we have actually attempted are just able to remove half his wellness at one of the most prior to he rounds off all 5 Heroes in an issue of 30 secs or much less. At the minute, we do not advise combating Bone Head, though if you have actually located a mix of Heroes that functions well versus him, we ‘d actually like to speak with you.

Death Song, on the various other hand, seems the simplest difficulty amongst in charges; simply see to it you have a Support personality that isn’t as well squishy (Jorgen, for instance, would certainly be a lot more a good idea to make use of than Celeste) and also a minimum of 2 tested damages suppliers and also you’ll have (fairly) little problem beating this manager. She can deal out a lots of damages and also get some personalities (particularly the squishier Healers) in one go, so you might intend to abandon using a Healer if they will not have the ability to utilize their main ability anyhow.

Mora is considerably more difficult to beat, and also her abilities stop particular personalities from utilizing their very own unique abilities in fight. But a comparable kind of schedule can likewise work– you might intend to hold back on frontline containers like Astaroth and also choose an extra offensive-oriented schedule. (Should you pick to consist of a storage tank in your celebration of 5, Galahad would most likely be the very best option as he deals a lot more damages than the standard container personality.)

Regardless of in charge you’re combating, you will certainly not shed any kind of Ghost Scrolls unless you in fact beat them, as stated over. However, be alerted that each manager will certainly come to be gradually more difficult to beat as you maintain defeating them! At some factor, you might require to stockpile on coins and also XP remedies in order to level up your much better Heroes and also provide a far better possibility versus in charges once they themselves begin leveling up.

All About The Latest Hero, Andvari

It’s been a long time given that Hero Wars presented any individual brand-new to its expanding (albeit gradually) secure of heroes– late this springtime, the video game debuted Martha, the trusted old woman whose abilities enable her to silently and also efficiently recover allies while utilizing her capacity to recover herself to act as a reliable backline container. Since after that, we have not seen any kind of brand-new Heroes sign up with the layer, and also it is as difficult as ever before to gather Jet’s Soul Stones and also almost difficult to obtain Cleaver from theHeroic Chest However, that transforms in the brand-new Halloween occasion, as Andvari has actually been presented as the most recent unlockable personality.

hero wars andvari

As his biography checks out, Andvari “does not like it when others call him a tale,” as he sees the Titan Artifacts he produced as being definitely required versus the pressures of wickedness. As a frontline Hero, he plays Support and also Control functions and also his main stat is Strength– keeping that in mind, he appears really comparable toJorgen However, that’s where the resemblances end, as he has his very own distinct collection of abilities that aid him stick out as one of those often underrated, yet often required assistance personalities in the video game.

Andvari’s major ability is Titan Fist, which permits him to make use of a large clenched fist to strike the nearby adversary, sensational them for 3 secs and also dealing out damages. His Green ability, Living Earth, is an easy one that permits him to secure all allies behind him from variation or knock-up impact. Stone Grasp appears in blue, and also this is perhaps Andvari’s coolest ability, as it summons a rock hand that deals out physical damages by getting the adversary with the most affordable wellness, likewise including a sensational impact that maintains them on the ground for 2 secs. Lastly, Nature’s Barrier is the violet ability, and also it secures allies by covering the one with the most affordable Armor statistics with an obstacle that takes in both physical and also pure damages, likewise permitting them to acquire bonus offer power comparable to the damages soaked up.

At the minute, Andvari’s Soul Stones are solely readily available by means of the Spooky Festival Event, though there’s constantly the possibility you’ll have the ability to obtain even more Soul Stones if and also when they appear by means of the Heroic Chest or any kind of among the different in-game shops. Now this is what you’ll intend to conserve your Ghost Candy for, as opening a two-star Andvari will certainly cost you 3,000 of this event-specific source. Leveling him as much as 3 celebrities will certainly set you back one more 5,000Ghost Candy Next, it will certainly set you back 10,000 Ghost Candy to obtain him as much as 4 celebrities, and more.

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Especially if you’re betting complimentary, there are just many Ghost Scrolls you can gain by finishing event-specific jobs, so we would certainly recommend intending to advertise him to 3 or 4 celebrities (depending upon whether you’re betting complimentary or making an in-app acquisition every once in a while), and also waiting up until he appears via even more traditional methods prior to intending to obtain him as much as 5 star or past.

What’s Inside The Magic Pumpkin?

If you’re not thinking about opening Andvari, you can constantly pursue obtaining adequate Ghost Candy to buy among the 3 Devil Skins– no matter if you’re acquiring a brand-new skin for Aurora, Elmir, or Ziri, the impact will certainly continue to be the exact same and also enhance their Armor statistics when geared up. However, there is one economical product that you can buy for “just” 750 Ghost Candy, which’s theMagic Pumpkin What’s inside this product and also what remains in it for you if you invest your additional sweet on a pumpkin with “unanticipated” rewards inside?

hero wars ghostly shop

The Magic Pumpkins operate in a comparable means to Keira’s Demon Dolls from a number of occasions back– preferably, they can have a lots of gold coins, yet in some cases, you might obtain several pumpkins that, subsequently, provide you a lot more opportunities to gain gold or various other kinds of incentives. These “various other” incentives might consist of, yet not be restricted to unusual product pieces, Artifact Coins, or Artifact Essence, though if you resemble a lot of gamers, it’s the gold you ‘d most likely be most thinking about. As specified in the News area, you might likewise win some Dorian Soul Stones by opening up the Magic Pumpkins– we have actually stated him several times as an underrated assistance Hero that can offer you well in different video game settings, to ensure that’s something else you can anticipate!

Simply faucet on the Inventory choice under food selection after that most likely to Consumable– scroll down and also you’ll see the Pumpkins, prepared to be utilized and also opened up as you with any luck gain some incentives that can offer you well in boosting your Heroes.

What Happened To Friendship Chips?

Now that we’re done going over the Halloween occasion, allow’s discuss the one significant adjustment presented a couple of days prior to the occasion started– completion of Friendship Chips.

Back in the day, Friendship Chips were exceptionally very easy to accumulate, as gamers can conveniently amount to 100 pals to their accounts– in our instance, we really did not also do any kind of including and also we stood up to 100 pals in an issue of days, though this did drop to the mid-80s gradually. You can obtain 100 bonus offer Friendships Chips conveniently as an everyday mission, equally as lengthy as you sent out chips to a minimum of among your pals– actually, all you required to do was to strike one switch to send out to Every One Of your pals.

Combine that with the percent (allow’s claim 40 to half and also over) of pals that would certainly do the exact same, in addition to the choice to remove non-active pals, it was very easy to heap Friendship Chips and also swiftly obtain the similarity Faceless and/or Cornelius as much asUltimate Star There was, nevertheless, one issue, as Nexters talked about in the Newsfeed area of Hero Wars– the Friendship Chips technician was developed to drive much deeper player-to-player communication, yet that clearly really did not take place as a result of just how all it took was striking one switch to verify your “relationship” to the get in touches with you included.

With the above in mind, some adjustments were made to Hero Wars regarding a week back, and also this entailed transforming all Friendship Chips to Highwayman Coins and also permitting gamers to gain this brand-new kind of money by beating the different Highwaymen in theOutland Once once again, you can do this by touching on Outland, after that touching on “Open” under the Highwaymen area. Once there, you can fight as much as 5 out of 7 various Highwaymen, beginning with the simplest to beat (Ferey) to one of the most hard (Vederri). As the kinds of incentive enhance as problem increases, we would certainly recommend neglecting the simplest 2, so regarding gain on your own a lot more Rare and also Epic Chests that feature even more Highwayman Coins and also various other rewards.

However, Every One Of the Highwaymen are really simple to beat if you have actually obtained the majority of your Heroes in three-star region or much better. (You’ll observe it anyhow as the video game will certainly notify you of the suggested total amount Team Power for each and every Highwayman fight.) Best of all, you have the choice to invade these Highwaymen in order to finish the fight quickly, while obtaining the exact same incentives!

Based on our experience, the brand-new upgrade hasn’t altered points a lot, as we often tend to gain equally as several Highwayman Coins as we did Friendship Chips, though it does take a little bit a lot more job than just touching on one switch to send out to all your pals and also a journey to the Daily Quests area to gather your bonus offer 100 chips. But if it’s any kind of extra alleviation, a 3rd Hero’s Soul Stones are currently readily available by means of the newly-renamed Highwayman Shop– Satori has actually simply signed up with Faceless and also Cornelius, so if you’re attempting to advertise him swiftly and also painlessly, you no more require to await the following occasion where he’s included.

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