Guardian Tales Tier List: Our Picks for the Best Heroes in the Game

Guardian Tales is an one-of-a-kind as well as interesting brand-new parlor game on iphone as well asAndroid Publisher Kakao Games did an actually great work in crafting a globe that is both funny as well as fascinating. With a great deal of gamers remaining for the long-term in the video game, a whole lot wind up playing competitively despite the fact that they simply began to play the video game as an informal gamer.

However, since you have actually played the video game for a very long time, it does not implied that you prepare to play competitively. There are some points that you will certainly still need to get ready for. For instance, you require to have an effective hero in your group prior to you can wish to defeat affordable gamers. You ought to likewise have personality certain tools that will certainly enhance the stamina of your event. With these in mind, we developed this Guardian Tales tier listing, showcasing the very best personalities that are offered in the video game.

guardian tales best characters

As with every gacha or hero collection agency video game, there exists a rate listing for the devices that we mobilize with our attracts. These tier listings aid gamers accumulate their group make-up for the numerous web content that the video game needs to provide. Guardian Tales’ tier listing is both for breezing with the primary story as well as for climbing the PVP ladder. Always bear in mind that also if you have a complete collection of S-tier heroes in your disposal, you should not mash them up right into your group if their ability chains do not accompany each other.

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So other than providing you a listing of heroes that you ought to intend to contribute to your event, we will certainly likewise talk about exactly how you ought to construct your event around them. We really hope that this overview will certainly be valuable to you, as the competitors in Guardian Tales is extremely challenging. Rest ensured, recognizing which heroes as well as tools to require to fight will certainly be the secret to your success. Reading with this overview will immediately make you a lot more most likely to climb up the leaderboards.

Meet The Guardians: A Full List Of Heroes

There are presently 58 heroes that you can enter Guardian Tales– 21 Natural 1-Star Heroes, 27 Natural 2-Star Heroes, as well as 10 Natural 3-Star Heroes Let’s start by providing a quick review of all the acquirable heroes together with their certain tool (if any kind of) as well as their all-natural celebrity ranking.

Natural One-Star Heroes

These heroes do not have any kind of certain tools as well as are the ones you would typically see when you attract for heroes. They’re not typically advised for PvP fights, however they can still be utilized for the onset of the story.


Natural Two-Star Heroes

Character Specific Weapons begin standing for 2-Star heroes. Generally, heroes with their very own tools are a lot more powerful than the ones that do not. There are, obviously, exemptions to this policy.

As drawing 4-Star as well as 5-Star Character Specific Weapons are in fact rarer contrasted to obtaining Natural 2-Star as well as Natural 3-Star heroes, it’s a great suggestion to concentrate on the heroes you presently have that you likewise have the personality certain tool for. Some Natural 2-Star heroes can also go toe-toe versus Natural 3-Star heroes, as long as the 2-Star hero has their Character Specific Weapon, as well as the 3-Star hero does not. Listed listed below are the all-natural two-star heroes, with their personality certain tools created in vibrant.

Catherine– Marauder
Coco– Witch Heart
Craig– Silence
Dolf– Helios
Elvira– Trouble Maker
Eva– Justice
Karina– Crescent Moon
Knight– Libera
Marianne– Merciless
Marvin– Vulkan
Rachel– Blue Rose
Ranpang– Ranpang
Sohee– Magiton Buster
Yuze– Tartaros

Natural Three-Star Heroes

3-Star heroes are, generally, astronomically much better than 2-Star heroes. All of them have their very own Character Specific Weapon, which implies they all have limit capacity for any kind of hero you can enter your pulls. Natural 3-Star heroes can be utilized also if they do not have their Character Specific Weapon.

Arabelle– Genocide
Bari– Mayreel
Eugene– Brave Heart
Eva (Idol)– Angel Voice
Lahn– Pure Mind
Lapice– Innocent
Lupina– Amarok
Marina– Armada
Plitvice– Prominence
Tinia– Samga

Guardian Tales Tier S Heroes– The Cream Of The Crop

We begin our listings with the very best of the very best. They’re the toughest heroes you can utilize in any kind of circumstance, might it remain in the single-player project or PvP. We talk about in these areas their key duty, their chain ability, event ability, as well as card recommendation which ought to aid assist you in your event development.


marina guardian tales

Role: Tank, DPS

Chain Skill: Blessing of the Ocean
Prerequisite condition: Any
Status after actors: Injured
Inflicts 250% of DPS to adversaries as well as develops 20% water guard around all event participants

Party Skill (Full Unlock): HP +40%

Card Suggestion: Since Marina’s typical strike has an opportunity to tease adversaries, it’s great to offer her one card to enhance her strike as well as one card to enhance her HP.


bari guardian tales

Role: DPS

Chain Skill: Rose Grab
Prerequisite condition: Injured
Status after actors: Downed
Inflicts 300% of DPS as well as lowers planet kind resistance of those struck by 30% for 5 secs

Party Skill (Full Unlock): Skill Atk +80%

Card Suggestion: Bari is fairly squishy, however her damages result is leading rate. You can do 2 builds for Bari: Full glass cannon with 2 pure DPS cards, or split construct with one HP as well as one protection card.


lahn guardian tales

Role: Healer, DPS

Chain Skill: Fu of Balance
Prerequisite condition: Airborne
Status after actors: Injured
Inflicts 400% of DPS as well as recovers event participant’s HP by 15%

Party Skill (Full Unlock): HP +40%

Card Suggestion: Healing isn’t truly a suitable path for your event make-up in PvP, so do not offer Lahn any kind of cards for recovery. Instead, concentrate on boosting her DPS, so furnish one card for her strike, as well as an additional for her HP.


tinia guardian tales

Role: DPS

Chain Skill: Storm Arrow
Prerequisite condition: Injured
Status after actors: Airborne
Shoots arrowheads that bring upon 300% of DPS. The damages caused relies on the variety of marks the opponent has (Marks are caused upon being struck with her typical strike)

Party Skill (Full Unlock): Range Atk +40%

Card Suggestion: With an exceptionally high DPS, you will not require to enhance her strike any longer. She’s extremely breakable though, so you’ll need to utilize both of her cards to enhance her HP.


hekate guardian tales

Role: DPS

Chain Skill: Bullseye
Prerequisite condition: Downed
Status after actors: Injured
Several shots that deal 420% of DPS.

Party Skill (Full Unlock): Crit Hit opportunity +24%

Card Suggestion: Hekate is the only Natural 2-Star hero in the Tier S listing, as well as in fact the only personality from the 2-Star hero listing that can be utilized in PvP. Use both of her cards to enhance her HP.

Guardian Tales Tier A Heroes– Temporary Placements

The following heroes can never ever hold true substitutes of the Tier S heroes, however they suffice to scratch by in the leaderboards. These heroes are solid sufficient to hold their very own in the single-player project, dungeons, however they are quickly beat by Tier S heroes over.


arabelle guardian tales

Role: DPS

Chain Skill: Plasma Shock Wave
Prerequisite condition: Injured
Status after actors: Downed
Inflicts 310% of DPS Damage

Party Skill (Full Unlock): Dark Atk +40%

Card Suggestion: She’s mainly utilized for her DPS, however she still requires to obtain 2 ATK cards for her to be reliable.


lapice guardian tales

Role: DPS, Tank

Chain Skill: Giant Umbrella
Prerequisite condition: Downed
Status after actors: Airborne
Inflicts 360% of DPS Damage

Party Skill (Full Unlock): Light Atk +40%

Card Suggestion: As Lapice can hold the line for a very long time, her damages result isn’t on-par with various other DPS heroes. That’s why you need to place 2 ATK cards for her.


eva(idol) guardian tales

Role: Support

Chain Skill: Brave Sound
Prerequisite Status: Any
Status after actors: Downed
Inflicts 200% DPS around the target as well as enhances event participants’ Atk by 30% for 5 secs

Party Skill (Full Unlock): Basic Atk +40%

Card Suggestion: Eva(Idol) is extremely breakable, so you require to make certain she makes it through sufficient to be able to utilize herChain Skill Her Chain Skill is truly effective, however you require to utilize either 2 HP cards or more Def cards to enable her to live enough time to make a distinction.


plitvice guardian tales

Role: DPS

Chain Skill: Power Liberation
Prerequisite Status: Injured
Status after actors: Downed
Increases damages of her typical strikes by 50% as well as enhances her protection by 50% for 10 secs

Party Skill (Full Unlock): Fire Atk +40%

Card Suggestion: She pair fairly well with various other Fire heroes, that makes her an important component of high DPS event structures. With that in mind, there’s truly no factor for you to purchase her survivability. Go complete glass cannon with your event as well as offer Plitvice 2 ATK cards.

Building Up Your Ideal Party

Aside from the rate listing that would certainly aid you pick what hero you would certainly focus on over the remainder, there are still various other points to think about whenever you are picking your line-up: Elemental Counters, Elemental Bonuses, as well as Chain Skills.

Elemental Counters While video games typically just have a solitary triangular of important counters with a side-dish of Light vs Dark, Guardian Tales offers us a benefit triangular that includes Basic strikes right into the mash of Light vs Dark.

elemental counters in guardian tales

Therefore, an additional factor to consider you need to think about in making your event is this important system. Remember that the aspects with the benefit offer 130% even more damages to the weak component, while the reverse outcomes to just 70% damages.

There might be times that your heroes are truly at a negative aspect in regards to their important weak points. In these situations, it’s also much better to choose somebody of the component discovered on the various other triangular. With this, you as well as your challenger will certainly offer a level 100% damages result– no boosting, however at the very least no damages decrease.

Elemental Bonuses

marina attributes in guardian tales

There will certainly be times where you will certainly not discover the personality certain tool of the hero that you intend to utilize. The finest backup strategy is furnishing that hero with a tool with the very same important qualities as the hero you picked. If ever before you do not recognize the hero’s natural important characteristic, simply look no more than your collection publication or glance at the personality devices display. Equipping them with a tool that has the very same important characteristic would certainly lead them to deal 10% even more damages. This might very little, however it may be the damages you simply require in clutch minutes in the PVP Arena.

Chain Skills

The last point to think about is if the heroes’ chain abilities appropriately mash up with each various other. The optimum quantity of chain that you can do (every 30s) is 4. These chains can result in an advancing overall of 10 seconds-disable to your challenger that obtained struck. 10 secs ought to suffice to trim their life to 0. With that in mind, you ought to likewise outfit your primary personality (the one that you are presently regulating) with a tool that has the correct ability that brings upon the correct disorder to start your chain, else that 4 chain would certainly never ever can be found in fulfillment.

Closing Words

New personalities might reoccur in Guardian Tales as the video game progresses as well as brand-new heroes are presented in the video game. With that being claimed, this rate listing might alter in the future, as the meta modifications together with the heroes that are included in the video game’s lineup. As an affordable gamer, you need to pay very close attention on which heroes are trending, as well as construct your event around what’s prominent. Sometimes, also the toughest group make-up can be beat by a celebration that straight counters its technique. When that holds true, you need to recognize exactly how to respond, as well as construct a counter-meta event that can handle them.

However, some points could take greater than simply newly-introduced heroes to defeat. For instance, the video game truly prefers high DPS event constructs, as well as healer/sustain builds are truly not a good idea. Knowing this, you’ll be sensible sufficient not to purchase brand-new healer/sustain heroes when they appear, or at the very least not till you have actually seen them utilized by others in a really solid schedule that counters the meta.

The key below isn’t simply remaining in advance of the contour. It’s having the ability to observe brand-new patterns as well as staying on top of the meta. Your capacity to be adaptable in your event make-up will certainly be your greatest possession in playing competitively in Guardian Tales.


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