GrandChase Tier List (2021 Update): Our Picks for the Best SR Heroes in the Game

Almost 3 years following its worldwide launch, GrandChase remains to continue to be as one of one of the most appealing and also addicting method RPGs on mobile, banking more than 2 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone in addition to keeping mainly favorable typical individual testimonial rankings on both Android and also iphone systems. With a huge lineup of heroes to gather and also update, coupled with lots of web content that use a vast selection of obstacles, GrandChase is ensured to give hrs after hrs of immersive and also delightful journeys suitable for novices and also knowledgeable RPG lovers alike.

GrandChase does give a great deal of attributes and also auto mechanics that might show up frustrating to overall newbies. However, the guide session that includes it makes comprehending the keynotes very easy sufficient. Just the very same, if you have actually simply begun your experience in the dream globe of Aernas, we very suggest that you see our GrandChase novice’s overview. Our earlier overview takes on all the standard suggestions and also approaches you require elevate your group’s BP quickly and also effectively.

With more than a hundred heroes to develop a supreme group with, a piece of the enjoyable and also enjoyment in GrandChase emphasize the heroes you pick to spend sources in, as you will rarely have sufficient of it to boost and also update every person in your lineup. As it must be, being really careful when it begins which heroes you spend time and also sources in expands increasingly more important as you advance better and also come across even more difficult fights.

grandchase best characters 2021

Heroes in GrandChase been available in differing rarity qualities: A, S, and also SR. Naturally, greater quality heroes have far better statistics and also abilities, making most, otherwise all, reduced quality ones momentary alternatives till after you obtained the ones you actually require for your tem. A quality heroes just have 2 energetic abilities and also an easy ability while S quality heroes have unique abilities. SR heroes can obtain chaser abilities once they have actually undergone the 6th transcendence. In this respect, we will just be thinking about SR quality heroes for this rate checklist.

Like all various other rate listings we have actually released, it can be anticipated that this is similarly subjective. We recognize and also value too exactly how various gamers have various understandings regarding which heroes are far better than others thinking about a range of aspects. As every hero in GrandChase rightfully has various worths and also makes use of in various video game settings, our rate checklist is based upon their general expertise throughout every one of the video game’s web content.

Do keep in mind that heroes noted under any type of rate are thought about equivalent to others within the team and also are organized alphabetically on the other hand with greatest to weakest. From leading to base. Although the abilities and also characteristics of heroes coming from the very same rate are not definitely equivalent, they are extra similar to the rates they come from than the various other rates. Arsad [Tank] and also Gaian [Mage] are not yet consisted of in this rate checklist as they still do not have Chaser abilities, making it difficult to rank them versus all various other heroes.

GrandChase S Tier Heroes

Considering the 30 SR quality heroes in GrandChase, these are the ones whom we really feel are the very best financial investment alternatives. These heroes master practically any type of obstacle, be it PvE or PvP. You can not fail focusing on to construct these heroes up as soon as you acquire them as they are strong personalities to aid you wind via the very early video game too and also take you right via throughout video game components.

Europa [Assault]

europa grandchase

Undoubtedly the very best attack personality in all of GrandChase, Europa is an outstanding hero to bring with you via every one of the video game’s web content. Her abilities might take a little bit longer to cool however she can be at the same level or perhaps exceed the leading damage-dealers in the video game.

Nova Impact does 246% of AoE physical damages in addition to a lightning mark that lasts 10 secs, opening up a 10% for them to get extra damages worth 20% of their HP. Talos’s Shield minimizes damages taken of allies by 30% for 10 secs. Her passive capability, Hunting Time, sets off a lightning spear as soon as every 3 standard assaults, allowing AoE damages worth 84% of physical strike to opponents. Her unique ability, Howling Thunder, does enormous damages equivalent to 1,900% of physical strike as well as additionally summons her dog Laelaps for 15 secs.

Nelia [Mage]

nelia grandchase

Nelia is the mage matching of Europa in regards to being a hero whose adaptability cross all obstacles that come your method. She offers excellent damages both versus a solitary target and also teams of opponents, and also target prioritization of the previous is lodged versus the adversary with the greatest strike.

Her initial ability, Twilight Flames, generates a column that drags opponents and also minimizes their rate by 70% for 5 secs, in addition to the 260.7% of magic strike as damages it deals. Within 8 secs, it can be modified without price. Twilight Flowers summons a blossom that follows you about for 15 secs immediately shooting every 0.2 secs at the adversary with the greatest strike power.

Nelia’s passive capability, Twilight Curse, is troubled opponents obtaining damages from her abilities for 10 secs. Cursed opponents experience 50% even more magic damages and also has actually reduced recuperation price by 50%.

Tia [Tank]

tia grandchase

Tia is an exceptional protector regarding her function as a storage tank is worried, however method past that, her collection of energy abilities, which includes giving lovers to allies and also bring upon debuffs, make her a strong staff member throughout all PvE and also PvP obstacles.

Tia’s Dragon Orb passive, which allows her collect dragon orbs with each ability usage, can change her right into a dragon for 12 secs once she collects 7 orbs. Dragon setting includes a cool impact to her abilities, which can decrease the adversary’s motion rate by 30% for 6 secs.

Dragon setting additionally alters her standard strike right into an AoE strike that has a 16% opportunity of freezing opponents in addition to the 192% physical damages. The dragon mood acquired from orbs enhance her allies’ strike rate by 90% and also damages by 20% while dragon setting can restore the group’s HP and also inoculates Tia type condition results.

Her initially energetic ability, Icicle Stamp, offers a guard to allies comparable to 20% of their max HP for 10 secs. This additionally deals AoE damages equivalent to 324% of physical strike. Under dragon setting, this has a 50% opportunity of freezing opponents momentarily. Cramp Ice drags opponents with an ice wall surface, dealing 280% of physical strike as damages and also offers security to allies, decreasing last damages by 45%, conditionally restoring health and wellness too if they get greater than 30% damages at the same time.

Her unique ability, Ice Vortex collects opponents and also offers 855.9% damages, blowing up for an added 474% of physical strike as damages, freezing opponents momentarily too and also gaining Tia 3 dragon orbs at the same time.

GrandChase A Tier Heroes

With just 3 heroes manning our S rate, you can be certain that each hero within this rate is still worth all financial investment. Given that you require 4 heroes for a complete group, and also can not furthermore anticipate to have all 3 of the above to promptly develop component of your collection, these are the following collection of heroes to watch on. None of the heroes under this rate can function fantastically throughout all video game settings however they will certainly master a lot of obstacles.

Elesis [Assault]

elesis grandchase

Elesis might not be an exceptional attack personality regarding dealing damages is worried, however her general usage makes her an outstanding hero to lug the group throughout a lot of PvE web content and also is a suitable participant of an assaulting or protecting group in PvP too. Her capability to give a guard and also aficionado on her allies can establish her on the function of a storage tank and also her boosted survivability and also general energy greater than offsets her relatively typical damages results.

Critical X is a puncturing strike that originally deals 123% of strike as damages to opponents in its course, complied with by a jump strike that does 344.4% damages to the adversary, which can disturb an assault. Mega Slash gives Elesis a guard worth 30% of her max health and wellness for 8 secs, complied with up by a leaping strike that deals 252% of strike as damages in addition to collect opponents in the location.

Dauntless Skill is a passive that offers Elesis leader’s top qualities, boosting her allies’ strike rate and also strike damages. When near-death, Eleis comes to be unyielding for 3 secs and also recoups 20% of her HP.

Io [Ranger]

io grandchase

Although Io is not such as the S rate heroes that absolutely crossed every one of the video game’s web content with flying shades, her general energy and also ability set makes her an outstanding personality for a lot of the video game’s obstacles. In enhancement to her damages ability, Io offers practical lovers to her group too.

Io’s key ability, Justice, does 210% of strike as AoE damages, improving her arrack for 10 secs too. When updated, Justice offers a 10-second strike rate to the whole celebration. Imprison does 296.1% of AoE damages and also notes them with preconception too. This additionally launches unity state for 15 secs, decreasing damages taken by 20% and also stopping knockbacks. Io’s passive capability, Inquisitor, uses preconception to opponents for 10 secs on a 10% opportunity per hit, triggering damages taken by a significant adversary to be assessed approximately 10 opponents.

This additionally uses Angel’s Mark on allies, boosting their ability damages by 2% per pile, approximately an optimum of 10 heaps. Io’s utmost ability, Judgement, does an AoE strike worth 819.6% of physical damages for 3 secs.

Myung Hwarin [Healer]

myung hwarin grandchase

An exceptional therapist throughout all video game settings, Hwarin offers SP recuperation in addition to rebirth in addition to her excellent recovery powers.

Wandering Spirit does 244.8% AoE damages for 5 secs as well as additionally recovers the celebration worth 30% of her magic strike. The recovery results are additional enhanced based in the variety of opponents struck by the ability. Supernatural Power gives a belongings impact to an ally with the greatest strike power, dealing 86% of magic as AoE damages and also heals the ally’s HP by 6%. SP use and also ability cool duration are minimized by at the very least 30% and also damages is boosted by 25%. Hwarin’s passive, Queen of the Underworld, allows Shikigami Manyan and also Nanshin to join her in fight.

Her utmost ability, Returning Soul, draws neighboring opponents and also does 850.3% of magic strike as AoE damages, gives her everlasting life throughout, and also restores allies constantly to complete health and wellness, providing a 2-second invulnerability to them too.

Ronan [Tank]

ronan grandchase

Ronan might be much from outstanding at an early stage however does show the possible as one of the very best containers in the late video game. While he carries out well above-averagely throughout a lot of video game settings, conserve manager fights, he radiates brightest as a protector in PvP battle.

Sword Lancer allows Ronan use an irreversible guard to allies worth 20% of his max HP and also obtaining 30% much less damages for 7 secs.This is complied with up by a physical strike that deals 246% damages, boosting magic strike damages consequently gotten by targets by 25% for 5 secs. Magic Defender eliminates all adverse condition results on the group and also gives a 3-second invulnerability.

Ronan’s passive minimizes damages he extracts from opponents by 5% for 5 secs whenever he gets damages and also when abilities are made use of, damages got will certainly be additional minimized by 10%. His utmost does 140% of strike as AoE damages however, extra notably, gives invincibility to allies for 5 secs, eliminates all adverse condition conditions, and also improves magic damages by 30% for 15 secs.

Veigas [Mage]

veigas grandchase

Veigas, does not thrill whatsoever at an early stage once you struck his chaser degree 20, he begins to radiate nearly as brilliant asNelia His damage-dealing capacities make him appropriate for each obstacle needing crime and also he has good self-buff too.

Dark Hole produces approximately 12 dark openings based upon the variety of opponents in the location, which deals 78% of magic strike as damages for 8 secs. Once a dark opening blows up, it deals an added 64% of magic strike as damages. Dark Frenzy will certainly stun the target for 3 secs, drawing all various other opponents neighboring and also take off for 120% of magic strike as damages.

Dark openings existing will certainly be drawn right into the dimensional gorge too. Veigas’ easy capability, Dark Fury, improves her ability damages by 2% with every ability consume to an optimum of 20%. Dark Spear, her utmost ability, does 1,344.3% of magic strike as AoE damages.

GrandChase B Tier Heroes

Given the 8 heroes in the top rates, the heroes under this rate might feel like poor financial investments however considered that these heroes still execute extremely well for a wide range of video game settings, they are still worth spending quality time and also sources on. Naturally if you have actually gotten heroes from the S and also A rates, they should certainly be focused on for sources. Just the very same you can think about these heroes as alternatives till far better ones occur.

Amy [Healer]

amy grandchase

Still amongst the very best therapists, Amy’s capability to restore big quantities of HP, in addition to regrow SP and also decrease ability cool makes her the following option of therapist in the lack ofHwarin Considered by lots of as the very best option of therapist for PvE web content, Amy’s worth is better boosted by her excellent utmost ability.

Loving You recoups health and wellness equivalent to 249.9% of magic strike and also offers a love aficionado for allies that lasts 10 secs. The enjoy aficionado allows allies acquire 0.1 SP for each essential hit. Let’s Dance recoups health and wellness for allies too by 120% of magic strike. Further, it reduces harmed gotten by 15% for allies. Everyone’s Favorite is a passive capability that allows Amy make grains with her standard assaults.

These grains recoup 1 SP and also when her SP is listed below 5, she renews 0.25 SP per secondly. Idol Stage, her utmost ability, gains her 12 SP for 15 secs as well as additionally heals allies worth 23% of magic strike per secondly. The group’s ability damages is boosted by 100% and also ability cool duration is lowered by 70%.

Asin [Tank]

asin grandchase

Asin integrates protective expertise with reasonably high damages results for a storage tank. There is absence of group control abilities, which is a regular attribute of containers however Asin functions fantastic versus solitary managers contrasted to all various other containers.

Quivering Palm offers allies with a guard worth 20% of his max HP for 7 secs. This is complied with by an assault that does 240% of physical strike as AoE damages to opponents, leaving a devil mark for 7 secs too. Enemies affected with the devil mark get 10% of physical strike as damages per pile and also max pile is 3. Within 7 secs, the fee can be made use of 2 even more times without SP price.

Demolition does 300% of physical strike as AoE damages, decreasing the targets’ last strike damages by 50% for 20 secs. Asin’s passive, Blue Fox’s Energy, gives SP recuperation and also added damages to opponents. Turbulence gives allies a guard worth 40% of Asin’s max HP that lasts 10 secs. This is complied with by an assault that deals 476% of physical strike as damages to a target, bring upon 3 devil marks and also decreasing the target’s last strike damages by 70% for 20 secs.

Grandiel [Healer]

grandiel grandchase

Grandial additionally displays fantastic recovery and also buffing capacities. He is an outstanding therapist to take your group via a lot of the experience web content from starting right to the late video game obstacles.

Rapid Heal recovers his allies’ HP by 246% and also enhance their ability damages by 30% for 8 secs. Within 5 secs, he can utilize Magic Circle of Healing at no added price, recovering HP worth 70% of magic strike as damages and also developing a guard worth 30% of HP for allies within Healing Marble’s array for 5 secs. Healing Marble complies with allies around for 20 secs, recovery HP worth 30% of magic strike and also 0.2 SP per secondly.

Time Reverse is a passive capability that offers a 5-second invincibility to an ally that is near-death, recovering them for 60% HP too. Grandiel’s utmost ability, Time Distortion, recoups allies’ HP by 550% of magic strike for 20 secs, boosting standard strike and also motion rate by 70%, decreasing ability spreading rate by 100%, and also decreasing cool duration by 20%.

Jin [Tank]

jin grandchase

Like Asin, Jin is a kind of storage tank that masters dealing damages too. Beyond solid individual crime and also protection, Jin comes loaded with an aficionado that can be a significant offending device for certain groups.

White Flower Technique produces a guard for the group matching to 15% of HP for 5 secs. This is complied with by a fee strike that does 120% of physical strike as damages, consuming 2 chi pressure however has a 5% opportunity to produce 1 and also eat it. Another fee strike can be executed within 7 secs at no charge. Stone Immortal eats all chi pressure, providing rock never-ceasing condition to all allies for 15 secs, which minimizes damages taken by at the very least 40% and also boosts magic damages dealt by at the very least 10%.

Additionally, allies with the aficionado fire chi bullets at the adversary with the greatest strike power, dealing damages equivalent to 20% of Jin’s physical strike, at least. Chi pressure is created with standard assaults and also Jin’s utmost, Flash of Light, deals 420% of physical strike as AoE damages to opponents.

Ley [Mage]

ley grandchase

Ley is not the very best mage for any one of the lots of obstacles or video game settings in GrandChase however she is absolutely an exceptional prospect for several of them. She is a practical alternative for DPS on the experience setting in addition to crime in PvP. As a mage with high damages results, she works too versus manager fights.

Ley’s initial ability summons Jeeves to deal 246% of magic strike as damages. Once mobilized, Jeeves will certainly bill and also deal 239.8% of magic strike as damages. Follow! Haunt does 108% of magic strike as damages with a mobilize and also Haunt complies with the closest adversary to deal 110% of strike as damages per 2nd, decreasing the target’s health and wellness recuperation too by 50%.

Demon Resonance upgrade’s Ley’s standard strike when she summons, bring upon 35% of her magic strike as blowing up damages, sharing her magic power with her summons at the same time too. Her utmost ability, Center of Gravity, produces a great void, drawing neighboring opponents in the direction of it and after that blows up for 644% of her magic strike as damages.

Lime [Healer]

lime grandchase

Lime is a total good therapist with countless recovery capabilities that can enormously enhance her survival in addition to that of her group. She masters eliminating adverse condition conditions too and also comes loaded with a short-lived invulnerability spell for her group.

Bless recoups allies’ HP equivalent to 110% of her magic strike damages in addition to allow her to execute a Holy Smash strike on opponents to deal 120% of her magic strike as damages, boosting her magic strike better by 25% for the being successful 5 secs. This will certainly give extra HP recuperation for allies based upon the variety of targets struck by Lime, in addition to give a guard worth 30% of Lime’s HP for 5 secs. Glory additionally promptly recoups allies HP worth 120% of her magic strike as damages.

In enhancement, it detoxifies adverse condition conditions for allies for the following 3 secs. Oracle is a passive capability that allows Lime’s standard strike have a 10% opportunity of recovery allies for 30% of her magic strike. When opponents are close, Lime’s strike changes to a sprinkle strike, providing each struck adversary to have a 20% opportunity of recovery allies by 30% of her magic strike.

This passive capability additionally makes allies unyielding for 5 secs when they go to the edge of fatality, recovering their HP for 30% of her magic strike too. Liberation is a supreme strike that does 280% of strike as AoE damages, heals allies for 50% of magic strike, and also detoxifies adverse condition results too.

Rufus [Ranger]

rufus grandchase

Rufus is a regular glass cannon that has remarkable crime however hangs back on protection. Beyond high damages results and also abilities that better enhance his damages, Rufus can additionally decrease the opponents’ motion rate and also health and wellness recuperation.

Final Shot fires an effective bullet that deals 120% of his physical strike as damages, noting them with a wolf seal at the same time. Make it Rain is an AoE strike that does 196.8% of his physical strike as damages for 5 secs, decreasing the motion rate of his targets by 60%. Wolf’s Seal is Rufus’ passive that offers him a 10% opportunity to cause a wolf’s seal on opponents with each strike.
The seal lasts 5 secs and also boosts damages taken of significant opponents by 50% in addition to decreasing their health and wellness recuperation by 35%. Rufus’ utimate ability, Expunge, is an AoE strike that loads 447.6% of physical strike as damages to opponents.

Ryan [Tank]

ryan grandchase

Ryan is a strong storage tank that comes loaded with solid damages decrease abilities, justification, and also an exceptional aficionado for allies that deal physical strike damages. He is a strong personality for the PvE tale project and also does well adequate for a lot of various other video game settings too.

Nature’s Punishment offers 120% of strike as damages and also prompts opponents. This ability changes Ryan right into the Guardian of Nature for 15 secs, providing him resistance from adverse condition results, damages decrease by 50%, and also health and wellness recuperation by 3% of max health and wellness. Using this ability additionally moves 60% of damages taken by allies to Ryan and also he comes to be unyielding for 2 secs.

If Ryan passes away in fight, Ressurection gives him a 2-second invincibility and also a 40% immediate HP recuperation. Finally, Ryan’s utmost ability, Guardian Nephilim, deals 196% of his strike as damages to opponents. Using this ability additionally boosts strike damages of allies by 30%, recouping 5% of their max health and wellness gradually.

GrandChase C Tier Heroes

This is the lower rate for SR rarity heroes and also even if all the various other SR heroes remain in the above rates does not always imply that these heroes are pointless. For one, each of these heroes are still far better than reduced quality heroes and also while they might fade in contrast with heroes in the above rates, they are still efficient in carrying out well in some video game settings.

Arme [Mage]

arme grandchase

Dio [Assault]

dio grandchase

Edel [Assault]

edel grandchase

Kanavan [Assault]

kanavan grandchase

Lass [Assault]

lass grandchase

Lire [Ranger]

lire grandchase

Mari [Mage]

mari grandchase

Rin [Healer]

rin grandchase

Serdin [Healer]

serdin grandchase

Sieghart [Assault]

sieghart grandchase

Werner [Ranger]

werner grandchase

Zero [Tank]

zero grandchase

This ends our GrandChase rate checklist (2021 Update) and also we wish that our choices regarding which SR heroes are the very best and also which ones are the most awful has actually been appropriately according to your choices too. Keep in mind that each hero in GrandChase can be developed in a different way too, which can enormously influence their efficiency in different endeavors.

As GrandChase will absolutely be having even more updates to find in the future, it can be anticipated that brand-new heroes will certainly be contributed to its lineup while the here and now heroes noted right here might additionally undertake some modifications.

Also, constantly think about that GrandChase is a team-based video game where one system’s worth on one group might vary enormously in one more group. In most instances, just abiding with each other heroes within the leading rate will certainly not always cause having the very best group, which is why factor to consider of each hero’s private abilities and also duties should certainly thought about in regard to the capabilities and also restrictions of every personality in the group.

Did your preferred heroes in GrandChase make it to the top of our checklist? We are quite interested to become aware of your sights on our rate checklist so do not be reluctant to share them with us via the remark area listed below!


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