Goddess of Genesis Tier List: The Best SSR as well as SR Heroes in the Game

Goddess of Genesis remains to bring in even more gamers as its extraordinary mix of high quality graphics as well as addicting gameplay definitely interest both newbies as well as knowledgeable RPG fanatics. Although every technique RPG’s success can be attributable to a great deal of aspects, having a huge selection of personalities to blend as well as match, along with the concept of developing your extremely own one-of-a-kind group, functions as among the most significant contributing consider video games like Goddess of Genesis.

Given that programmers will probably cancel each personality taking into consideration every element of the video game, it is absolutely difficult to have every one base on equivalent ground. As such, some will certainly verify to be much better than others in one location of the video game while others might be dominantly prominent on 2 or even more facets. In any kind of situation, each hero in the video game is developed distinctly as well as has his/her very own well worth. Given the restriction of sources as well as improvement products, however, it is best to limit heroes you spend for to a minimum.

If you have actually simply begun playing the video game or have actually not yet begun diving right into it, make certain review our Goddess of Genesis novice’s overview. Our first overview gives a fast review of the fundamental functions as well as technicians of the video game along with deals lots of straightforward pointers as well as techniques to assist you proceed via the very early facets of the video game quicker. For this overview, we will certainly be concentrating completely on our choices of the very best heroes along with those whom you might not wish to purchase in any way as you proceed via your journey.

goddess of genesis best characters

In basic, a hero’s rarity will normally be a variable to identifying his/her total stamina, although there are some exemptions. Like all various other rate notes available, this set is subjective as well as will expectedly not synchronize completely with any person else’s choices. Just the exact same, we really hope that the reasonings we give regarding why we arranged them the means we did will completely provide you a suggestion of which heroes to select for your major group, which ones to likewise spend for, as well as which ones to divert far from.

Note too that future updates as well as spots to the video game might change each hero’s abilities, statistics, as well as total worth, all for accomplishing equilibrium throughout the whole lineup. With that claimed, listed below we offer you our Goddess of Genesis tier listing, consisting of the very best SSR as well as SR heroes that are offered in the video game.

Goddess Of Genesis S-Class Heroes

These are the personalities in Goddess of Genesis that you would certainly reroll for as well as every one can make your trip via the PvE material a walk in the park. Beyond that, each of these personalities can do well in PvP too. Regarded by some as a little OP, if an upgrade does wind up nerfing some heroes, these are the ones that might be affected.

Dracula [SSR – Guardian – Fire]

dracula goddess of genesis

Probably a leading prospect too if this was an appeal competition, Dracula measures up to what followers would certainly anticipate from the Lord of theUndead Being a guardian by duty currently makes him hard to eliminate as well as with life-leeching assaults as well as a single reincarnation, it will certainly simply be harder for everybody else to take him down. Beyond iron durability, Dracula sustains the group with protection increases as well as can likewise decrease the assault worths of his opponents.

Dracula’s skill, Dracula’s Kiss, allows his assaults to transform 10% of damages done right into HP as well as neglects the target’s guard. This likewise improves the magic protection of Dracula’s allies by 50% of his MDEF. Instead of passing away like everybody else, Dracula’s HP will certainly fall to 1 as well as will certainly be brought back to 30% as soon as per fight. Bloodscar bargains 100% of STR as damages as well as causes assault down on a target.

Shackles of Sin minimizes damages gotten by allies by 50% as well as reroutes 25% of the damages toDracula Requiem of Twilight is an AoE best that might not load as much strike however has actually worth for assured ailment of ATL down on all opponents. Dracula can likewise be a suitable assistance with AoE damages as well as ATK down however if you have him in your group, after that he should not remain in the assistance duty.

Isabella [SSR – Priest – Light]

isabella goddess of genesis

It will certainly be an obstacle to develop a group in any kind of technique RPG without an assigned therapist as well as Isabella is the very best therapist in Goddess ofGenesis It’s not even if of her recovery abilities too. Isabella has an opportunity of eliminating debuffs from allied systems as well as can likewise eliminate enthusiasts from opponents. She is finest for protective groups as she can likewise position guards in allies.

Whenever Isabella recovers an ally, her skill, Merciful Redemption, has a 50% opportunity of eliminating 1 debuff. Divine Punishment does refrain much damages on the target however it can eliminate 2 enthusiasts when it strikes as well as can combo with Valkyrie’s assault too. Holy Protection is a powerful solitary target recovery spell that likewise places a guard on the target if their HP is listed below 50%.

Her best ability, Aurora Miracle is an AoE recovery spell worth 130% of her INT + 700 that includes a guard that has an HP worth 30% of her INT. As an assistance participant, she can provide the celebration a guard with HP equivalent to 90% of INT + 700.

Lucifer [SSR – Assassin – Earth]

lucifer goddess of genesis

The most effective solitary target damage-dealer, Lucifer is certainly a reward for gamers that can totally complete the Angelic Trial restricted occasion to get her. Often branded as a one-shot awesome, Lucifer will certainly be the one to keep an eye out for particularly if you have mages on your group. Increasing Crit, Poison, added turns, insta-kill, as well as large damages are all within his ability.

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Fallen Angel’s Pact increases Lucifer’s vital damages by 15% for a turn as well as likewise uses whenever he obtains an additional turn. If he efficiently land an essential hit, he obtains an additional turn for it however just as soon as. Shattering Blade is a solitary target assault with 2 toxin heaps. Void Break gets rid of guards as well as does 400% of STR as damages to a solitary target if target was formerly protected, deals an additional 205% of STR as damages.

His best, Saint Slayer does 550% of STR as damages as well as acquires him an additional turn if it eliminates the target. If 550% of STR as damages is not nearly enough to excite, this ability enhances vital price by 20% versus infected opponents.

Goddess Of Genesis A-Class Heroes

With just 3 heroes on the top-most rate as well as you will certainly require 8 for a complete group, these are the very best choices to function about with. It is a considered that SSR-grade heroes are extremely hard to get so if you take care of to catch any one of these heroes, they are definitely worth the financial investment.

Abe no Seimei [SSR – Mage – Water]

abe no seimei goddess of genesis

Although Abe no Semei is not developed for dealing straight damages, her effective capacity to ice up can assist your group take control of the suit if made use of tactically. Frost marks might take a while to start as well as some undergo possibilities, however her best ability is a certain showstopper. She does require some defense up until she can ice up however after she does, it comes to be a very easy roadway to triumph.

Abe no Seimei’s passive ability enables her to a 15% opportunity to cause an additional frost mark on an adversary as well as having 5 frost marks will certainly ice up an adversary for 3 complete turns, disabling activities as well as counterattacks along with lowering both avert as well as strength to 0. Howling Snow does magic damages to a solitary target as well as locks a frost mark. Frosty Ground is a more powerful spell that loads 300% of INT as damages as well as causes 4 heaps of frost mark.

Icy Words, her best ability, has a 40% opportunity to ice up all opponents. Abe no Seimei is a superb assistance too with her Love of Snow having a 30% opportunity to cause freeze on all opponents. She is most likely the very best hero to lodge in your assistance row.

Alice [SR – Mage – Light]

alice goddess of genesis

The finest SR-grade hero in the video game, Alice is a mage that can recover, appeal, as well as also placed an adversary to rest. Her capacity to recoup power is likewise a large and also.

Moonlight Lullaby is a suitable solitary target recover that recoups an ally with the least HP amounting to 40% of Alice’s INT. Dream Devourer allows Alice gain 2 power. Alice’s best ability, Midsummer Night causes appeal on all opponents, lowering their STR & & INT by 5% for 2 turns, as well as likewise places a target adversary to rest.

Hades [SSR – Warrior – Shadow]

hades goddess of genesis

Like Lucifer, Hades is likewise a really solid solitary target damages dealership. He is extremely simple as well as only bargains raw damages. He likewise has an AoE ability as well as can conditionally eliminate an adversary instantaneously.

Through Mark of Oblivion, Hades deals 10% even more damages if his HP goes down listed below 20%. Ravage is a suitable fundamental ability that expands 50% more powerful versus a target that has greater than 50% HP as well as can likewise combo withLucifer Soul Reaper is an AoE assault that purs 130% of STR as damages as well as instantaneously modifies if it eliminates an adversary.

Hades’ best ability is the one to be feared as it can eliminate any person instantaneously if their HP is listed below 50%. If not appropriate, it still deals an enormous damages equivalent to 600% of Hades’ STR.

Lilith [SSR – Assassin – Shadow]

lilith goddess of genesis

Debuffs might not appear much prominent for gamers that wish to experience fights as rapidly as feasible, however stackable enthusiasts function actually fantastic particularly if they influence offending stamina. Lilith’s specialized is simply that with her spells locking appeal versus opponents at each turn.

Charm is a debuff that minimizes an adversary’s STR as well as INT by 5% for 2 turns per pile. When an adversary passes away, Charm’s skill allows her cause a pile on an arbitrary adversary. Her fundamental assault, Thorned Rose does damages as well as a pile of Charm too. Succubus Lash is an AoE assault that piles Charm on everybody. Beyond that, it likewise places Lilith on stealth setting, protecting against adversary abilities to target her.

Her best ability, Evil Blooming, is a solid solitary target assault that deals 500% of ATK as damages as well as likewise detonates all heaps of appeal for added damages worth 10% of target’s Max HP each.

Mary [SSR – Mage – Water]

mary goddess of genesis

Mary is one-of-a-kind mage that has a large variety of abilities to sustain allies as well as annoy adversary systems. She can eliminate debuffs, provide everybody leech capacity, as well as can reduce recovery by fifty percent on opponents. She does not have much for straight payment however certainly an assistance personality you can conveniently collaborate with.

Every activity Mary does allows her to eliminate a debuff. Eye of Sin is a suitable fundamental capacity that neglects the target’s protection.Lunar Blessing is the ace up her sleeve as it gives all allies a leech capacity that lasts for 2 turns. This indicates that succeeding assaults made by allies will certainly recover their HP by 35% of the damages dealt.

Mary’s best ability, Taint of the Void, is an AoE assault that deals 165% of INT as damages as well as causes recovery down on each adversary. This reduces any kind of recovery done by 50% for 2 turns as well as can be piled two times. Mary’s assistance capacity functions similarly with much less damages so it is an excellent concept too to have her in your assistance lane.

Valkyrie [SSR – Guardian – Earth]

valkyrie goddess of genesis

Valkyrie stands as the normal storage tank by duty that makes herself hard to eliminate as well as secures all her allies too. On top of showing high protection statistics, she secures allies, gives them guards, as well as likewise makes herself harder with her individual guard. Her assistance ability that gives damages resistance is likewise fantastic to have.

Valkyrie places the remainder of the celebration under her defense while her HP is over 50% via her skill,Chivalry In significance, this improves the survivability of everybody in the celebration as Valkyrie herself comes to be the usual target of the celebration’s therapist. War Goddess’ Will does damages to a solitary target however even more notably offers her a guard worth 35% of her STR. Oath Shield makes an ally obstruct the following assault.

Her best ability, Bladestorm, is an AoE assault that deals 150% of her STR as damages. The lion’s share of this ability is giving all allies a guard worth 5% of Valkyrie’s HP.

Goddess Of Genesis B-Class Heroes

These heroes can work as respectable replacements if you are missing out on some vital areas within your group. If you occur to get them beforehand, after that do not hesitate to purchase them up until after you have actually obtained a much better alternative. Not every one of them are poor contrasted to equivalents in greater rates as well as have a possible to master particular video game settings.

Athena [SSR – Priest – Earth]

athena goddess of genesis

Athena is still a suitable therapist as well as one capacity that offers her worth is the fatality avoidance that includes her best ability. While having the ability to recover as a clergyman is useful, she sinply fades in contrast with Isabella that gives greater than simply recovery.

Athena’s skill is fantastic to have as it recovers all allies after she acts, restoring shed HP as much as 20% of her INT. Focusing on one of the most broken ally is an attribute that likewise contributes to Athena’s worth as well as Celestial Whisper does that with a recover worth 20% of her INT in addition to harming an adversary. Grace of Purity is a two-pronged solid recovery spell that can recover a target as well as the ally with the most affordable HP by 200% of Athena’s INT + 1000. Origin: Oracle avoids an ally from taking deadly damages as well as leaves them with 1 HP rather for 2 turns.

Chang’ e [SSR – Priest – Light]

chang'e goddess of genesis

Chang’ e is a really unique clergyman that comes not simply with recover as well as harm decrease, however appeal too. She most likely is much from the very best option for major assistance in the group however must be the very best 2nd therapist if you select to load 2 clergymans in your celebration.

Moonshadow Barrier transforms damages done by Chang’ e to recover an ally with the most affordable HP. Luminous Moon does fundamental solitary target damages however includes a pile of Charm on the target. Chill Crescent is a powerful AoE assault that deals 160% of INT as damages as well as includes a totally free pile of appeal for all opponents struck. This is a sort of ability you would certainly not anticipate from a clergyman however fantastic to have however. Her best ability, Moon Lantern, can obstruct damages to allies as well as decrease AoE damages by 30% while existing.

Gabriel [SSR – Mage – Water]

gabriel goddess of genesis

While Lucifer as well as Hades might dissuade some gamers from taking into consideration mages in their group schedule for concern of being one-shot eliminated, Gabriel stands as a Mage that at first has much better protection than the remainder. Though it might still be not enough in many cases, having a guardian as well as clergyman about, which prevails method, makes her attract attention among mages for being much less at risk. Adding a pile of existing debuffs as well as defense from debuffs develop component of her abilities too.

Unsullied, Gabriel’s passive, minimizes damages from solitary target assaults by 25%, offered that her HP is over 50%. Original Sin does damages as well as includes an additional pile for every single debuff existing on the target. Last Judgement is Original Sin’s AoE equivalent as well as both will just be sensible if you have a debuffer in the celebration. Holy Hymn gives debuff resistance to all allies for 2 turns.

Hattori Hanzo [SR – Assassin – Fire]

hattori hanzo goddess of genesis

Speed is a really crucial element in every turn-based battle video game. Being able to increase your group’s rate or decrease your adversary’s jobs significantly similarly as well as can turn the wheel of benefit to your side of the combat zone. Hattori Hanzo’s worth originates from the last as she can slow down opponents down. Having conditional possibilities of dealing added damages as well as high physical evasion price comes as a reward.

Shadow Clone Technique offers Hanzo an additional physical evasion price of 5%. Shuriken bargains damages as well as includes a pile of slow-moving, which reduces rate by 15% for 2 turns. Iga: Shadow is an effective solitary target assault worth 350% of STR as damages as well as includes a pile of slow-moving too. Iga: Shadow likewise makes it possible for Hanzo’s best ability, Hell Naraku, to find with forbearance, which deals 50% of Hanzo’s STR as damages on an essential hit. Hell Naraku is an AoE assault with 150% of STR as damages as well as likewise lodges forbearance on Iga: Shadow.

Jester [SR – Assassin – Shadow]

jester goddess of genesis

Jester is an all right damage-dealer whose ability package consists of protection decrease as well as conditional crit increase, both of which enhance his very own assaults along with his colleagues’.

Jester’s vital damages boosts by 20%, which is substantial, whenever his HP goes listed below 50%. Triple Strike does fantastic damages worth a total amount of 500% of his STR. Blade of the Deceiver, his best ability, is an AoE assault that does 170% of STR as damages as well as has a 50% opportunity to cause protection down. %0% is a sufficient possibility particularly given that it is an AoE assault as well as the 10% protection decrease it can cause for 2 turns will considerably influence Jester as well as his allies’ succeeding assaults.

Merlin [SSR – Mage – Light]

merlin goddess of genesis

Merlin has a suitable collection of abilities making her an all right personality total however finest in tandem with a solid AoE assailant. She has solid protection versus magic assaults, a solid as well as simple AoE best, as well as can cause arbitrary debuffs.

Celestial Mantra minimizes magic damages by 20% when her HP is over 50%. Prophecy is a suitable solitary target magic assault that does damages as well as causes 1 arbitrary debuff. Scryer’s Song makes it possible for all allies to cause an extra 40% AoE magic damages to opponents if they do an AoE assault. Meteor Shower is a strong AoE magic assault that does 30% of INT as damages.

Michael [SSR – Warrior – Fire]

michael goddess of genesis

Michael really has a superb passive that offers him a 2nd life, however is simply not that simple to count on with 50% possibility. Ignite is a suitable debuff to pile on opponents particularly to prepare for his best. Overall, he is an all right warrior however, once more, just does not compare to various other physical damage-dealers in the rates over.

Michael, via Endless Light, has a 50% opportunity to restore after dropping as well as will certainly reclaim 50% of his HP too. This can just occur as soon as per fight. Fire Blade does 100% of STR as damages as well as creates spark, which minimizes the target’s physical protection by 5% as well as minimizes Max HP by 3% after acting for 2 turns. Wings of Judgement is an effective solitary target assault worth 450% of sTR as damages that include Ignite too.

Michael’s best ability, Purgatory: Judgement is likewise a powerful solitary target assault that causes 500% of STR as damages +4% added damages for every single pile of spark on the target. This will certainly likewise detonate heaps of ignites on all various other opponents if the target is eliminated.

Poseidon [SR – Guardian – Water]

poseidon goddess of genesis

Most tease capacities in various other video games make opponents incapable to target allies besides the hero that teased however can still cast AoE spells or trigger AoE abilities. In Goddess of Genesis, nonetheless, being teased leaves systems incapable to make use of AoE impacts along with safeguard their allies. This is one factor that makes Poseidon a suitable protector.He can eliminate stun, freeze, petrify, as well as rest from allies, cause frost mark on an adversary, as well as likewise safeguard his allies by obstructing a strike.

Whenever Poseidon is assaulted, Wrists of the Tides has a 50% opportunity of bring upon a frost mark on the assailant. Tidal Ward is a solid assistance spell that gets rid of numerous adverse condition impacts from allies as well as likewise makes it possible for Poseidon to obstruct an inbound damages to a target ally.

Strom Step, his best ability, includes his physical protection worth to stamina as well as with it deals 85% of STR as AoE damages, bring upon ridicule too. Each adversary teased will certainly decrease the damages that Poseidon takes by 8% as well as damages decrease can pile 5 times.

Venus [SR – Priest – Fire]

venus goddess of genesis

Venus is an excellent therapist with both a solitary target as well as AoE health and wellness repair ability. She functions well as an assistance personality too as well as can raise her rate conditionally.

Venus’ Wings of Love offers her +10 rate whenever her HP goes listed below 50%. Idol’s Cure is a solitary target recover that deserves 270% of INT +1000. Rose Garden Soliloguy is an AoE recover worth 135% of INT +350.

Goddess Of Genesis C-Class Heroes

These are the heroes you will certainly spend for since you do not have personalities. It is fine to update them to a factor however possibilities are that you will certainly be benching them after a couple of 10x rolls. Some of these heroes are extremely concentrated on that they depend upon the presence of various other heroes to be efficient. In any kind of situation, their energy is rather restricted so purchasing them must be significantly restricted too.

Apollo [SR – Mage – Fire]

apollo goddess of genesis

Apollo functions finest if an additional ally can cause spark, likeMichael He can provide allies a guard, eliminate debuffs, has an AoE assault that causes spark as well as deal added damages to stired up opponents.

Cleopatra [SSR – Ranger – Earth]

cleopatra goddess of genesis

Cleopatra can have a crit increase based upon the variety of allies in play. She can cause toxin on opponents as well as has an AoE assault that can eliminate 2 enthusiasts too.

Cupid [SR – Priest – Water]

cupid goddess of genesis

Cupid really has an excellent package however not actually concentrated a lot on her meant course as a clergyman. She can give allies with a little bit of guard, increase assault, provide regrowth, as well as can likewise cause appeal on opponents.

Lancelot [SR – Warrior – Water]

lancelot goddess of genesis

Lancelot can tease as well as acquire conditional guard depending on an effective evasion, making him an all right storage tank. He can likewise avoid an adversary from getting heals. As much as containers go, there are a great deal of much better prospects.

Loki [SR – Mage – Earth]

loki goddess of genesis

Loki begins the fight bring upon toxin on all opponents. Beyond that, all he can do is provide even more toxin covered up by an utmost that instantaneously deals all toxin damages from toxin heaps.

Marco Polo [R – Guardian – Water]

marco polo goddess of genesis

Marco Polo is a container that can safeguard allies when her HP is over 50%, can recover herself as well as she can likewise stun. These capacities are quite respectable however simply not as powerful as the various other containers detailed above.

Medusa [SR – Mage – Earth]

medusa goddess of genesis

As her name suggests, Medusa can startle, which is outstanding also if it just lasts for a turn. Her skill appears to draw her rating down as a result of the “after eliminating” problem as well as past startling, she just has toxin.

Pandora [SR – Mage – Shadow]

pandora goddess of genesis

Pandora’s worth depends on her passive as well as best that makes her more powerful in time. The 3-turn hold-up for her Demonic Gift to trigger, nonetheless, makes her a difficult personality to function about with.

Protagonist [R – Warrior – Fire]

protagonist goddess of genesis

The personality you reach call that leads your military via the very first fights of the tale is virtually a suitable warrior. He has an utmost that ultimately improves his assault as well as an ability that conditionally deal much more damages. His skill that allows him to deal even more damages to opponents with much less than 50% HP is excellent. Again, the reason that gets on this rate is since lots of physical damages suppliers can still do even more.

Snow White [SR – Warrior – Light]

snow white goddess of genesis

Snow White can cause tons of charam around as well as has a 10% opportunity of bring upon stun on charmed opponents. The reduced possibility makes it a great deal much less reputable though, as well as Charged Might, much like Pandora’s ability with the 3-turn waiting time, virtually provides it near to pointless.

Tamamo [SSR – Assassin – Water]

tamamo goddess of genesis

Tamamo’s best ability, Ghost little bit can increase its 550% of damages to a solitary target if the target is brought upon with freeze as well as while this can one-shot some regrettable opponents, Tamamo just has 1 various other ability to accumulate freeze. The accumulate will certainly require time on her very own however if in a group where at the very least another hero can cause frost marks, Tamamo would certainly be fantastic to have.

Goddess Of Genesis D-Class Heroes

What commonly establishes R-grade heroes from SRs as well as SSRs is the lack of an extra impact to their abilities. As the majority of these heroes come from that rarity quality, you can definitely anticipate much better replacements to be offered for you quickly.

Invest in them just if you can not develop a complete group without doing so as well as if you can conserve the sources as well as can still take care of to make development also without purchasing them, then that is the much better option. Perhaps several of them will certainly see some improvements in future updates but also for currently, they just have numerous much better options.

Angel [R – Angel – Light]

angel goddess of genesis
Captain Kidd [R – Assassin – Shadow]

captain goddess of genesis
Fenrir [R – Warrior – Dark]

fenrir goddess of genesis
Gawain [R – Guardian – Earth]

gawain goddess of genesis
Holmes [R – Ranger – Fire]

holmes goddess of genesis
Little Red [SR – Ranger – Fire]

little red goddess of genesis
Michelin [R – Warrior – Earth]

michelin goddess of genesis
Robin Hood [R – Ranger – Earth]

robin hood goddess of genesis
Shakespeare [R – Mage – Water]

shakespeare goddess of genesis
Slime King [R – Priest – Light]

slime king goddess of genesis
Vivian [R – Mage – Fire]

vivian goddess of genesis

And that finishes our rate listing for Goddess ofGenesis Before we go, we would love to keep in mind that given that gacha rolls are the major resource of heroes as well as fragments to advance heroes, it is most likely that you will certainly have heroes coming from reduced rarity qualities that will certainly exceed your SSRs. As much as SSRs are worried, possibilities are that you will certainly obtain fragments of an SSR hero coming from the A-tier greater than the ones in the S-tier, making them much more effective at the same time. Be certain to continuously examine heroes you can advance as doing so just has advantages as well as do not have any kind of extra prices.

We anticipate as well as recognize that if you have actually played Goddess of Genesis enough time as well as have actually gathered a great deal of heroes, you will certainly have your extremely own suggestions of which ones come from which rate. Though, once more, among the aspects we thought about is convenience of usage as well as performance, several of these heroes will certainly outperform others when they develop component of extremely particular groups.

Like all various other rate checklists, please allow ours work as a standard overview for you to confirm your appraisal of each hero in your collection. In completion, it is still best to collaborate with whom you really feel best shows your choice as well as play design. A great deal of prospective group mixes have yet to be uncovered too so do not hesitate to experiment with what you really feel might function past or versus what others view.

We are significantly interested to understand which heroes you think about must get on which rate so if you wish to share your sights as well as viewpoints on any kind of hero or just how we ranked them, do not be reluctant to share them with us down in the remark area!


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