Genshin Impact Boss Guide: How to Dominate Each Elite Boss

Genshin Impact leaves gamers with an enormous world to discover and all kinds of challenges to interact in. Despite the preliminary availability of solely 2 areas at launch, there’s already a plethora of content material to maintain everybody enjoying for hours discovering new issues and grinding for assets. As there’s a fixed want for lots of supplies and expertise to remain at par with the rising degree of challenges, an environment friendly methodology of farming and grinding by every repeatable problem in Genshin Impact turns into essential.

There are, in fact, quite a few challenges to partake in with every one providing loads of rewards. While domains, commissions, and different quests every have their very own number of enjoyable and pleasure to experience, we really feel that boss battles are essentially the most strategically attractive, whether or not you play by yourself or with different adventurers.

If you may have simply found Genshin Impact and have only recently dived into its fantasy world, we extremely suggest testing our Genshin Impact newbie’s information first. Our newbie’s information gives essentially the most primary suggestions and techniques that will help you get began proper in your journey. Along with it, now we have a sophisticated information with extra suggestions and techniques that will help you progress quick and effectively within the recreation.

One of Genshin Impact’s greatest supply of enjoyable and pleasure lies with the large roster of heroes you’ll be able to recruit to hitch you in your journey. Being in a position to immediately change throughout 4 distinctive heroes in a celebration of 4 and provoke a wide range of elemental combos makes every battle a singular expertise. Despite every hero having the ability to provide one thing new to the desk, although, some merely stand out over others and in case you are inclined to know which heroes are prime tier and which of them will not be, in our opinion a minimum of, you’ll be able to try our Genshin Impact tier record.

genshin impact boss tips

Each hero in Genshin Impact is exclusive from others past their elemental affinity and weapon used. The set of lively and passive abilities every hero possesses give every one a special utility inside and outdoors of fight. Though roles will not be readily assigned to every hero, they are often constructed to extra suitably match their essential goal within the workforce and with the fitting weapon and artifacts, every one can grow to be much more environment friendly. If you’re on the lookout for some concepts on the right way to construct your favourite heroes, then we advise heading over to our character builds information.

Provided that you’ve got already learn our earlier guides or have performed Genshin Impact extensively sufficient, then you must have already got your justifiable share of boss encounters. Bosses scattered throughout the totally different areas in Genshin Impact provide a various degree of challenges and experiences. On the preliminary world degree, it may be pretty simple to beat even the hardest bosses however as you attain greater journey ranks and lift your world’s degree, enemies, together with bosses measurement up in problem as nicely.

Bosses in Genshin Impact may be categorized into 3 varieties: regular bosses, elite bosses, and weekly bosses. Normal bosses are the best of the bunch and are usually encountered in random missions or areas with a treasure chest below its guard. Claiming rewards from these bosses don’t eat authentic resin. Elite Bosses are constantly positioned in a selected spot on the map and have their very own icons on the map as nicely for simpler navigation. After beating an elite boss, you might want to spend 40 authentic resin to say the rewards from their chests. Weekly bosses are essentially the most tough of the bunch and in addition require 60 authentic resins so that you can declare rewards after beating them. For each regular and elite bosses, merely teleporting to a special location will immediately respawn them. Weekly bosses have a 1-hour cooldown interval that must be noticed previous to difficult them once more.

genshin impact boss strategies

Repeatedly participating bosses generally is a good supply of artifacts and each elite bosses and weekly bosses will earn you ascension supplies to your heroes. As every ascension degree would require greater grades of every ascension materials, the necessity to constantly farm it and craft its greater degree variations of every materials turns into a essential grind. Though some rewards can earn you these supplies as nicely, understanding precisely which of the bosses to interact to farm those you want greater than others is a crucial data to have.

To be trustworthy, endurance and repetition will ultimately lead you to beat any boss you encounter. However, in case you are farming particular supplies and need extra out of your gaming time, effectivity in every enterprise turns into vital. As such, understanding the fitting methods and the very best heroes to deliver alongside for every boss battle turns into an vital adventuring element, particularly within the case of the elite bosses and the weekly bosses.

In this Genshin Impact boss information, we can be specializing in all six of the elite bosses within the recreation to provide you an thought of what every one can probably earn you for rewards in addition to a very powerful suggestions and techniques to dominate them in battle.

Anemo Hypostasis [Stormbearer Mountains, Mondstadt]

Unique Drops: Vayuda Turquoise Sliver / Fragment / Chunk / Gemstone, Hurricane Seed

Possible Artifact Drops: Blood-Soaked, Instructor, Lucky Dog, Gladiator’s Finale, Wanderer’s Troupe

anemo hypostasis genshin impact

Anemo Hypostasis is only one of three elite bosses that each one look the identical, save for his or her totally different elemental affinities, which determines the kind of harm they’ll deal and their vulnerabilities, in addition to a singular set of strikes you might want to familiarize your self with to lift your probabilities of surviving by their assaults and defeating them in a shorter span of time. The susceptible half is definitely the diamond-shaped crystal guarded by 8 cubes and, for starters, you must know that every of the hypostasis bosses are invulnerable when these cubes encompass them.

Regardless of which hypostasis you battle, every one makes use of the 8 cubes that encompass them to assault. The normal technique is to maintain a protected distance and keep away from these assaults whereas on the identical time prepping for a counter-attack, as these cases will shortly after go away them susceptible. Knowing every of its assault patterns nicely sufficient ought to inform you when to start out closing the hole, as you’d need to chip in as a lot harm as you’ll be able to when it turns into susceptible.

One of Anemo Hypostasis’ widespread assaults is using cubes to generate a vacuum and sucks you in nearer to its eye to inflict harm. Once you see the wind swirling round you inside the space, you’ll be able to simply sprint away from it. There is an explosive impact on the finish of it that may nonetheless harm you however you’ll be able to instantly sprint in after it to start out squeezing in some harm.

Once you see Anemo Hypostasis levitate and wings seem on either side, a small whirlwind additionally seem on the bottom instantly beneath you. You have a fraction of a second to sprint away from it as getting caught in its wind will preserve you afloat and unable to dodge from the anemo assault that follows. After the assault, Anemo Hypostasis will drop right down to the bottom and it is possible for you to to assault it as nicely.

Towards the center of the combat, Anemo Hypostasis will summon quite a few small tornadoes that transfer about on the bottom. There are gaps in-between the tornadoes which you can keep protected in, although, so merely retaining a god distance from every one can be okay. The assault lasts for about 4 seconds, so near the tip of it you can begin shifting nearer to Anemo Hypostasis to deal some harm afterwards.

Once Anemo Hypostasis’ HP goes right down to about 25%, it’s going to begin charging up, and a powerful anemo pulse will cowl a large space quick, dealing heavy harm to you if it hits. It is feasible to leap over it however leaving the platform additionally works. A secondary pulse is emitted after 3 seconds or so and as soon as the anemo aura subsides, you can begin attacking once more.

Anemo Hypostasis can heal itself when it’s near expiring and floating orbs may be seen hovering above wind gusts which you can journey as nicely. Grabbing these orbs can heal your heroes and take away a few of its therapeutic so be able to journey every one as a lot as you’ll be able to and begin a barrage of assaults as soon as the gusts of wind subsides.

Cryo Regisvine [Thousand Winds Temple, Mondstadt]

Unique Drops: Shivada Jade Sliver / Fragment / Chunk / Gemstone, Hoarfrost Core

Possible Artifact Drops: Blood-Soaked, Legacy, Lucky Dog, Gladiator’s Finale, Wanderer’s Troupe, Prayers to Springtime

cryo regisvine genshin impact

Regisvines really appear to be gigantic variations of whopperflowers. While having totally different elemental affinities and units of strikes, each of those elite bosses share some traits. For starters, regisvines at all times have a weak spot on the base of their our bodies that may stun them if hit with sufficient harm. These weak spots may be vividly seen because it constantly glows. Initially, when their heads fall into the bottom, their weak spots are on their heads however on subsequent stuns, their weak factors can be randomly place on different spots that may solely be clearly hit with bows.

Fire and lightning are highly effective parts towards ice elemental creatures and Cryo Regisvine isn’t any exception. The soften elemental response in addition to overloaded will render it extra prone to break and any pyro or electro elemental assault can deal extra harm to it. It is greatest to avoid wasting elemental abilities and elemental bursts for when regisvines are shocked however utilizing both making certain that it hits the regisivne’s weak spot works greatest.

One of Cryo Regisvines most simple assaults is launching a trio of cryo spikes that burst from the bottom in direction of you. Simply shifting to the aspect will dodge the assault however the vital be aware to bear in mind is that it may well launch this assault 3 instances. You will discover a glimmer of sunshine shine throughout the regisvine’s leaves indicating it’s about to assault so in-between these photographs, you’ll be able to squeeze in some harm and transfer out of the way in which as soon as the leaves begin to shine.

If Cryo Regisvine’s stems transfer to its aspect and begin to glow, it’s going to unleash twin ice beams that may cross in your actual location. These can deal enormous harm however in any other case simple to keep away from by operating sideways away from the assault.

As ice crystals start to kind round Cryo Regisvine, you must know that what occurs subsequent is that homing cryo darts will quickly seem to start out chasing you round. With 4 darts showing on every of its sides, 8 darts will pursue you in a single assault and Cryo Regisvine will do that 3 instances, one after one other. It can be tough to dodge this assault by strolling so it’s best to avoid wasting stamina for operating whereas it launches this assault. Once you’re cleared after the three photographs, you’ll be able to shut in and chip in some assaults.

When Cryo Regisvine begins to cost up its ice powers as ice particles kind round it, blue pillars of frost seem inside the battle area. The falling glimmer of ice is not going to deal any harm to you however as soon as they hit the bottom, an explosive burst of cryo shards can deal quite a lot of harm inside a small AoE. Once you see the AoE, it is going to be simple to avoid the remainder and these showers of ice additionally comply with you to some extent so continuously shifting round will assist you to keep away from being hit by them.

At round 50% HP, Cryo Regisvine will unleash a robust ice beam across the complete area, freezing its outer radius. Beyond the preliminary harm of the ice beam itself, stepping on the frozen grounds will trigger steady harm. It takes a couple of full second for ryo Regisvine to cost up for this assault and you’ll discover the spectacular glow in its head earlier than it unleashes the ice beam. Moving a bit in direction of its left aspect and following its head round because it freezes the sphere clockwise will assist you to keep away from the beam. Staying near Cryo Regisvine on this scenario, likewise saves you from the bottom’s freeze harm.

Electro Hypostasis [Cape Oath, Mondstadt]

Unique Drops: Vajrada Amethyst Sliver / Fragment / Chunk / Gemstone

Possible Artifact Drops: Instructor, Legacy, Prayers of Wisdom, Curative, Lightning Prism

electro hypostasis genshin impact

Just like Anemo Hypostasis, Electro Hypostasis is invulnerable when the 8 cubes encompass it. For essentially the most half, the one alternatives to deal harm to it comes after it has launched an assault. Any type of assault is helpful towards the hypostasis itself however as soon as it summons electro obstacles to heal itself, solely elemental assaults will work on it. Further, utilizing a cryo ability to inflict a supercharged standing can enhance its harm consumption.

One of Electro Hypostasis’ artistic assault ability is the “rock-paper-scissors” transfer the place it takes the type of a rock-shaped fist first to attempt to punch you out. Constantly shifting round makes it simple sufficient to dodge it, however you should definitely at all times keep prepared for the opposite 2 assaults that comply with. There can be a brief time period afterwards to provide you some alternative to assault.

Another widespread assault from Electro Hypostasis makes use of the cubes to spin quick and kind a drill assemble that does a straight sprint in direction of you. It is pretty simple to dodge as nicely and what follows is a steady barrage from every dice that shoot themselves in direction of you. Continuously shifting till the final dice hits the bottom works nicely so be prepared to maneuver in nearer because the hypostasis lowers itself to the bottom for some beating instantly after.

Once the 8 cubes kind a round sample on the aspect of Electro Hypostasis, you shoul know that it is able to unleash a steady beam of electro rays in a counter-clockwise route. Note that solely 4 of the 8 cubes can be firing so there’s ample area in-between the lasers the place you’ll be able to transfer in. The nearer you’re to the middle, the shorter the gap you might want to stroll or run in. Once the beams extinguish, you can begin pounding on Electro Hypostasis.

Electro Hypostasis has a visually complicated assault that seemingly spray cubes alongside the bottom randomly. Once the cubes begin rotating beneath the hypostasis, you must transfer farther from it and extra simply be capable of dodge the cubes by shifting left and proper. Electro hypostasis can be spraying cubes in a clockwise sample for about 10 seconds and should you can handle to rely in your head at some point of the assault, you’ll be able to establish the fitting time to shut in because the assault ends.

When Electro Hypostasis is near expiring, it’s going to lock you in an space with an electro barrier. Within it, bolts of lightning will randomly drop down from the sky and as intimidating because it seems to be, particularly in an enclosed area, retaining your eyes on the bottom makes the sequence of assaults simple to foretell and dodge.

With its well being at round 20% or beneath, Electro Hypostasis will summon a trio of electro prisms as a final ditch effort to heal itself. These constructs are invulnerable to regular assaults and may solely be broken by elemental assaults. Saving up your elemental ability or elemental burst for this can be a surefire manner of profitable and, should you can afford to, switching round all characters to deploy out there abilities can be tremendously useful.

Geo Hypostasis [Guyun Stone Forest, Liyue]

Unique Drops: Prithiva Topaz Sliver / Fragment / Chunk / Gemstone, Basalt Pillar

Possible Artifact Drops: Instructor, Legacy, Curative, Gladiator’s Finale, Wanderers Troupe

geo hypostasis genshin impact

Geo Hypostasis is probably essentially the most defensive of the elite bosses in that it makes use of quite a lot of constructs that you might want to destroy on prime dealing harm to it at each alternative. The rock pillars are powerful to destroy however like most obstacles is essentially prone to assaults from a claymore-wielding unit. The geo cubes that seem close to it ought to at all times be disposed of first as these cubes can render Geo Hypostasis invulnerable or assist it unleash highly effective assaults.

Geo Hypostasis’ primary assault may have it spit geo bullets in direction of you however you’ll be able to simply dodge it in an open subject. As there could also be rock pillars within the space, you’ll be able to cover behind one whereas additionally taking it down. Note as nicely that whereas Geo Hypostasis is atop the geo pillar that you just destroy, it is going to be staggered and be susceptible to assault. While you need to constantly be engaged on destroying the rock pillars, take alternatives to take action as nicely whereas Geo Hypostasis in on prime of 1.

As Geo Hypostasis floats atop one of many stone pillars, you’ll discover a stream of sunshine movement right down to the pillar. When a change within the sample seems and light-weight shortly strikes down throughout the rock pillar, a pulse can be unleashed that may knock you away from it and dealing a bit of harm. Instead of shifting away from it, although, it’s best to squeeze in as many assaults as you’ll be able to particularly in case you are near destroying the pillar whereas the hypostasis in on prime of it.

Geo Hypostasis will emit a stronger, extra harmful pulse from every of the pillars within the battlefield. You will know that it’s going to come when a geo dice seems beside the stone pillar on the middle of the ring. It can be very tough to avoid the pulses until you step off the world however when you destroy the geo dice, the assault ends.

Geo Hypostasis also can solid a rain of rocks identical to Electro Hypostasis’ lightning storm. In the identical method as nicely, checking the bottom for marks as to the place every assault will land tremendously helps to keep away from getting hit. You can nonetheless squeeze in bits of harm to the pillars or to the hypostasis however it is going to be difficult.

Once Geo Stasis solely has bits of HP left, it’s going to summon 3 geo pillars that you might want to destroy shortly. If you fail to take action, Geo Stasis will replenish some well being however should you destroy all 3 quick sufficient, then it’s going to solely take a few hits to complete off this elite boss.

Oceanid [Qingce Village, Liyue]

Unique Drops: Varunada Lazurite Sliver / Fragment / Chunk / Gemstone, Cleansing Heart

Possible Artifact Drops: Blood-Soaked, Legacy, Prayers of Destiny, Adventurer, Gladiator’s Finale, Wanderer’s Troupe

oceanid genshin impact

From this elite boss’ title, you’ll be able to already inform that it’s going be a battle that entails water and as you shut in on Oceanid’s location, the pouring rain that retains the world and everybody inside it moist, would be the ultimate affirmation that it’s a hydro elemental battle. Oceanid’s look could initially appear to be that it may be damage, however Oceanid is definitely invulnerable to assaults and the one strategy to beat it’s by defeating the basic creatures that it summons at random.

There are 5 totally different elemental animals that Oceanid can summon, and a few of them are available pairs or in teams, with every one packing its personal distinctive assaults that may damage you severely. After summoning 2 units of water elementals, Oceanid will sink 2 platforms within the area, making it tough so that you can transfer across the longer the battle stretches, until you may have Lisa who can stroll on water.

Although every of Oceanid’s summons may be damage with any sort of assault, electro aspect customers can deal essentially the most harm to every of them. Likewise, water elementals identical to the hydro slimes can simply be frozen, so having each an electro and cryo person in your workforce will assist make the battle simpler. Some of the summoned elemental animals are tough or inconceivable to break with melee assaults, so being prepared with a ranged attacker can be vital.

To begin off, the water elemental frog may be essentially the most annoying summon from Oceanid, and essentially the most damaging. It can splash water on you from a medium distance and leap proper to the place you’re. For essentially the most half, having a hero who can summon a companion as an agro taker helps on this scenario as it’s a lot simpler to deal harm to water froggy when its consideration is away from you. In any case, there are pauses in-between its assaults so you’ll be able to at all times squeeze in some hits. Just steer clear of its face as a lot as doable and assault on its aspect or again as a substitute.

The water elemental hawks that Oceanid summons work identical to flying archers and may harm you with their spit from a sure distance. As they’re flying, it’s tough to hit them with melee assaults so eliminating them with a bow person or catalyst person is vital.

The hydro crabs constantly spray bubbles at mid vary and can be laborious to cope with close-ranged assaults until their consideration just isn’t on you. These crabs could not deal as a lot harm however the price of fireplace every one has may be very troublesome. For these elementals, a ranged attacker can be vital.

The cranes, then again, appears quite a bit simpler to cope with. Cranes will assault you with water waves directed in direction of you, and dodging it leaves you time to squeeze in some hits on them. There are just a few seconds in-between every of their assaults so after a while, it is possible for you to to simply work with a sample to assault them intermittently between their hydro assaults.

The water elemental squirrels can transfer quick however solely have short-ranged assaults. It may be laborious to dodge their assaults and on the identical time counter-attack with a melee assault however they’re pretty simple to cope with should you preserve your distance with a bow or catalyst person.

The water boars appear to be the hardest of the bunch however transfer the slowest. Their solely manner of dealing harm to you is with their cost assault, which might solely go ahead. They have this typical gesture of real-life or cartoon animals which might be about to cost, so it is extremely simple to foretell when they’ll begin charging at you.

Note that there’s an invisible time restrict inside which you should get rid of Oceanid’s minions as soon as they’re summoned. If you fail to remove the water elementals quick sufficient, Oceanid will launch a fast paced water sphere that travels the bottom and hits you want a practice. Likewise, keep away from letting any of the water elementals fall into the water round or inside the area, in case some platforms have been sunk by Oceanid, as they’ll respawn again within the battlefield with full well being.

Pyro Regisvine [Cuijue Slope, Liyue]

Unique Drops: Agnidus Agate Sliver / Fragment / Chunk / Gemstone, Everflame Seed

Possible Artifact Drops: Blood-Soaked, Instructor, Prayers for Illumination, Adventurer, Gladiator’s Finale, Wanderer’s Troupe

pyro regisvine genshin impact

Like Cryo Regisvine, Pyro Regisvine’s elemental affinity makes it susceptible to a sure aspect and on this case, hydro elemental heroes are on the highlight. Anything moist turns into extra prone to elemental reactions like being frozen or electro-charged, so having a cryo person and an electro person in your celebration will assist as nicely.

One of Pyro Regisvine’s assaults mix homing hearth missiles with flame spikes that run on the bottom. The hearth orbs that seem on the regisvine’s sides keep afloat for some time earlier than they residence in in your location, supplying you with a head begin to begin dashing to the edges. Pyro Regisvine will unleash two units of homing fireballs, earlier than lastly sending a trio of fireplace spikes from the bottom to strike at your location. All these may be simply averted should you transfer round Pyro Regisvine and when you make it previous the ultimate stretch of this assault, you’ll be able to chip in a few of your individual assaults till you see it able to strike as soon as extra.

Once Pyro Regisvine’s leaves begin straightening to its aspect and glow brighter than normal, it implies that it is able to let a rain of fireplace strike down on you and the complete area. Each strike’s space of impact may be seen with its apparent glow, though it’s quick sufficient that merely strolling about is not going to be sufficient to avaoid it. It is greatest to maintain operating when you see the the flame-lit circles pop up whereas retaining an eye fixed as nicely on the world the place you’re operating to. Once the rain of fireplace involves a halt, there can be a quick second when you’ll be able to hit Pyro Regisvine with some assaults.

If you see Pyro Regisvine with its head staring on the bottom, the following factor to count on is a fast hearth spike assault that travels by the bottom to the place you’re. A fast aspect step will dodge this assault but when Pyro Regisvine continues to be staring on the ground afterwards, it means he’ll do it once more, and as much as a 3rd time. You can assault in-between every shot however have little or no time to take action. Once it finishes with a trio of assaults, there can be a bit extra time to deal it some harm.

With Pyro Regisvine’s stems or arms stretching a bit to every aspect, it’s going to barrage you with a machine gun-like sequence of fireballs that residence in in your location. Constantly shifting will assist you to to simply keep away from it and operating in direction of one aspect works greatest. A complete of 16 photographs can be made, 2 at a time, which implies that should you run on both aspect, you’ll be able to swoop in a bit nearer in direction of the tip of the barrage to start out with a counterattack sooner.

Similar to the homing missile and hearth spike combo we talked about earlier, Pyro Regisvine also can comply with up the homing hearth missiles with an exploding plant bomb that may deal harm in addition to knock you away. The plant bomb will trigger an AoE harm when it hits the bottom and can explode a second time after a short time. You will know that he’s going to throw one with the cost animation so it’s best to proceed operating to the edges as soon as he does.

These 6 elite bosses sufficiently cowl every hero’s wants so far as ascension supplies go nevertheless it doesn’t imply that no new elite bosses can be added in future updates. We could but cowl the opposite bosses in a future information as nicely however for now, although, that is the place our Genshin Impact boss information ends. We definitely hope that each little bit of tip and technique we shared with you on this information will degree up your efficiency in your succeeding bouts with every of them. If you may have some extra suggestions, methods, or methods you wish to share along with what now we have supplied, you’re very a lot welcomed to lodge them down within the remark space!

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