Lumia Saga Pets Guide: How to Feed, Train and also Unlock Pets

Lumia Saga is a brand-new open-world MMORPG that includes adorable chibi personalities. Available on Android and also iphone systems, the video game allows you develop and also personalize your very own personality. Choose among the beginning courses after that leap right right into the adorable 3D globe. Lumia Saga isn’t your ordinary mobile MMORPG where your simply auto-path and also auto-battle your method to triumph. Underneath the video game’s charming outside is a complicated network of gameplay technicians that need perseverance, technique, and also a great deal of effort. Lumia Saga’s family pet system is an archetype of a remarkably complicated component of powering up your personality.

Most various other MMORPGs would certainly provide you adorable animals to flaunt to other individuals, possibly include an arbitrary stat or more, after that quit there. In Lumia Saga, nonetheless, you will certainly need to keep several animals, upgrade and also educate them, and also designate them to the best ports. We have actually discussed the topic of animals in our comprehensive Lumia Saga newbie’s overview, however if you desire a much deeper understanding of just how it functions, after that make certain to look into our Lumia Saga animals overview listed below!

1. How To Get New Pets In Lumia Saga

Pets have actually constantly been the utmost device in any kind of MMORPG. Everyone desires an adorable fuzzy animal following them about as they beat beasts. The video game offers you a complimentary family pet throughout the tutorial, however you additionally reach open a pair extra if you pre-registered. If you was available in late to the event, you would possibly be asking yourself just how you can obtain your hands on a couple of even more animals. Remember, you require at the very least 5 animals to fill all the ports in Funland.

how to get new pets in lumia saga

At the top of your display is a cup symbol that is classifiedCeremony Tap on it after that most likely to the Pet Capsules tab. This is where you can invest Capsule Vouchers and also Crystals for an opportunity to obtain a brand-new family pet. You additionally obtain Pet Hearts, Starlights, Pet Training Balls, Pet Food, and also Velvet below. If you do not mind investing a great deal of actual cash, you might attempt your good luck below. Otherwise, simply attempt it if you break out coupons. Don’ t invest your Crystals below.

An alternative method to obtain even more animals is by acquiring them from Niya’s shop. Niya is the Pet Store NPC that resides inLumia Capital Just faucet on the map and also scroll via the listing of NPCs up until you discover[Pet Master] Niya She markets Purple quality animals forPure Velvet You can additionally acquire Gold quality animals if you have actually the needed Velvet kind.

2. Farm Pure Velvet

lumia saga farm pure velvet

Pure Velvet is the only kind of Velvet that you can farm. Exotic Gold Velvet and also Flaming Red Velvet can just be obtained via the Pet Capsule gacha. The initially choice for obtaining even more Pure Velvet is by acquiring them from theHonor Store You can get Pure Velvet for 60 Honor Coins each. Honor Coins can be obtained by taking part in Bright Peak suits.

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The 2nd method to ranch Pure Velvet is by kipping down the Old Captain’s Treasure Map at theTreasure Fishing Boat You can quickly obtain 10 maps by finishing all Class Armament missions daily. Keep in mind that kipping down prize maps does not assure Pure Velvet considering that the incentives for this occasion are randomized.

3. Working With Pet Attributes

Before we enter into the challenging components of the family pet system, allow us damage down the fundamentals of thePet Attributes This will certainly assist you recognize where you require to search in order to examine your family pet’s well worth. There are additionally a great deal of points that you can do within the Pet Attributes food selection that aren’t totally clarified in the video game’s tutorial, so make certain you focus. There are 4 components in the Pet Attribute food selection, and also we have actually detailed them listed below.

lumia saga pet attributes

Attributes: This web page opens by default when you access the Pet food selection. It reveals you your family pet’s Type and alsoVariety You will certainly additionally see the Aptitude Attribute area which note down 4 qualities in addition to an eco-friendly bar each. The environment-friendly component is your family pet’s existing statistics and also the whole bar reveals your family pet’s optimum possibility. Further listed below is the listing of your Pet Skills.

Train: This is the 2nd component of the Attributes food selection. Choose a pet dog on the left side after that invest Pet Training Balls to transform the qualities of your family pet. Keep in mind that some qualities might decrease throughout Training, so you might require to Train a whole lot prior to you can max out all your family pet’s qualities.

Star- up: This is where you can enhance the celebrity ranking of your family pet by costsStarlight The kind of Starlight made use of need to match the rarity of your family pet. That indicates you require blue Starlight for blue animals, purple Starlight for purple animals, and so forth. The greater the celebrity degree of your family pet, the even more incentive statistics it will certainly get. Your family pet additionally ends up being larger aesthetically relying on its celebrity ranking.

Comprehend: This is where you can utilize Pet Essences to instruct your family pet brand-new abilities. Pet Essence can be obtained via Auctions, Trading, and alsoDark Invasion Just pick the family pet that you intend to instruct a brand-new ability, faucet on the plus symbol to pick a Pet Essence, after that touch onUse Proceed with care, however. Learned abilities may often overwrite existing abilities.

4. Feed Your Pets

Your animals can level up in order to end up being more powerful. However, they do not get experience similarly you do. You require to feed them to enhance their degree. You can quickly make numerous sorts of family pet food via the various Daily Events, however you can additionally acquire extra from the various in-game shops if you are ever before brief. Make certain you just feed the animals that are designated to your Funland ports to save money on sources. You can constantly simply level up the others in the future if you determine to switch over out animals.

Pet food can be found in various qualities. The greater the rarity of the family pet food, the even more experience it hands out. Since your family pet’s degree is restricted by your very own degree, make certain you do not utilize state-of-the-art family pet food when your family pet’s degree is nearing the cap. Otherwise, you might wind up throwing away all that added experience. You will certainly see an experience bar close to the Feed switch that shows just how much experience your family pet requires to level up. Use this bar to evaluate what kind of family pet food you must provide.

5. Assign The Correct Pet

lumia saga pet tips

The 2nd tab on the Pet Menu is the Funland tab. This is where you can designate animals to various ports in order to get numerous increases. The facility port is the Caring Principal port. Any family pet designated below will certainly provide transfer 100% of all its credit to you. All of the abilities of the family pet designated to this port will certainly additionally be turned on.

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All various other ports will just partly move a certain credit to your personality. Make certain you designate the family pet that has the greatest The 2nd port transfers 40% of the family pet’s ATK. The 3rd port transfers 40% of the family pet’s DEF. The 4th port transfers 40% of the family pet’sLife The 5th port transfers 40% of the family pet’s MAG DEF. The percent moved can be raised by investing the right kind ofLight Rod Light Rods can be purchased with rubies from the in-game shop. They can additionally be obtained by playing the Border Cleanup occasion once you get to Level 70.

6. Check Out The Gallery

The 3rd tab of the Pet Menu is theGallery This is where you can discover all the animals offered in the video game. As of this writing, there are just 12 Pets offered. More animals will definitely can be found in future updates. The Gallery will certainly reveal you where you can obtain each family pet. You can additionally check out the qualities and also the abilities of each family pet in this area. You will not invest a great deal of time below if you currently have a complete lineup, however this is a great area to begin if you are attempting to determine which animals you would certainly intend to obtain.

7. Release The Extra Pets

lumia saga extra pets

As you advance in the video game, you will ultimately have added animals. You may improve animals in occasions, or you might obtain fortunate with thePet Capsules It’s just an issue of time prior to you have extra animals than you have ports for them. When this takes place, do not hesitate to launch your animals. This is specifically real for low-grade animals that you have actually purchased very early in the video game. Releasing animals will certainly reimburse all sources that you invest in updating them. You can utilize the reimbursed sources to update the brand-new animals that you will certainly be utilizing. Pet Skills that were found out via Comprehend will certainly additionally be gone back to you asPet Essences Finally, launching animals is additionally an excellent way to make even moreCrystals You can after that invest the Crystals for getting even more Starlights and also various other essential products via the Crystal Store.

Pets are terrific buddies that assist make you more powerful. Master Lumia Saga’s Pet system by following our technique overview over! If you have anything to include in our listing of ideas and also methods, do not hesitate to allow us understand in the remarks!

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