Force Master (Voodoo) Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Complete All Levels

Force Master, an addicting mobile video game created as well as launched by Voodoo, will certainly assist you on your course to understand your telekinetic abilities as well as boost your control with the pressure. This French video game workshop lags a variety of preferred mobile titles, such as Helix Jump, Scribble Rider as well as Uphill Run among others. You can rely on them to proceed making blockbuster, as well as Force Master will certainly likewise maintain you glued to your phone while you pass through the numerous degrees it provides.

Throughout this Force Master overview we will certainly be dealing with the various pointers as well as approaches you can utilize to finish all the degrees. We will certainly likewise discuss the various methods of sprucing up your video game over time– methods to offer it a little bit extra range. The essentials of this video game are quite easy to get as well as find out, yet there are various other variables to Force Master that you’re mosting likely to need to find out if you intend to make one of the most out of your experience.

So, unwind as well as allow your mind roam totally free. It’s time to beat some baddies with the flick of a wrist.

1. Understand The Basics

Before we study the much deeper layers of this video game, we initially require to comprehend the essentials. Movement in this video game can be categorized right into 2 components. The initial sort of activity is moving forward– the needed activity to obtain us via a degree. In order for us to move on, we simply require to drag our fingers along the display. Remember that it is feasible for you to encounter the things that are scattered around the degree.

the basics of force master

You might not see it, yet I likewise require to utilize my legs.

You can eliminate these things as well as baddies that impede our development with simply the actual flick of the finger. The manner in which the pressure triggers is when we snap our finger to particular instructions. Flick right, you’ll send them flying to the right. Flick left, you’ll send them flying to the left. You understand, right?

2. Use Your Environment To Your Advantage

We spoke about exactly how we can eliminate the challenges that obstruct our method by simply pushing them apart, eliminating them from our view so we can stroll previous them. One various other method of eliminating them is to utilize them is by transforming them right into our extremely own tools.

Being the pressure master that we are, we can virtually consider whatever as well as anything in this video game. Be it from those arbitrary boxes that you see on the right to the autos that are parked from the left– every one of these can be utilized as projectiles to supply an unpleasant message to those that oppose us.

using the environment as an advantage in force master

Time to chuck this in your instructions. You individuals prepared?

As you proceed even more right into the video game as well as when the baddies begin making use of projectiles versus you also, those things that are within your line of vision can likewise be utilized as a guard device to shield you from inbound damages. You do not precisely require cover auto mechanics with this beneficial power!

While you might desire some little order in your stroll in the direction of triumph, order that you can attain by relocating points off the beaten track, it will certainly likewise remain in our benefit to spread out some turmoil to assist us make proceeding even more right into the degrees less complicated.

Remember to be in search of particular things dressed in black as well as yellow red stripes. They’re things you’ll need to relocate them to locate completion of the degree. These things might vary from doors that you need to literally press, bridges that you need to reduced, or a little glass home window to your right. They stick out like an aching thumb so it is not likely you will certainly miss them.

3. Protecting Yourself From Bullets And Projectiles

A couple of degrees right into the video game, you’ll be presented to various other sorts of baddies. Initially, you’ll simply see the routine adversaries that stroll in the direction of you as well as put you to oblivion. You will certainly after that come across some adversaries that hold a collection of weapons, some likewise double possess! While we are not totally interested in the weapons that they possess given that we have no control over that, we do nevertheless require to review the bullets.

protection from bullets in force master

Time to send out both you as well as your bullets flying.

Bullets turn up on your display as touches of yellow, conveniently appreciable from all the turmoil that is occurring throughout your display. You can conveniently swipe left as well as right prior to they reach you so you will not take any type of damages, yet where is the enjoyable because? Let’s utilize them as well as swipe in the direction of the instructions where the bullets originated from to show them back at the baddies that discharged them. If they strike any type of vulnerable adversaries, they’ll pass away right away. Nothing like transforming a great protection right into a great infraction, right?

4. Arming Yourself With A Weapon Of Your Own

There are particular phases where there are mini-turrets shooting at you. There are likewise some phases where there is an arbitrary bazooka pushing the ground. Rather than simply swiping away at it as well as dealing with these intriguing tools, why not make points a little intriguing? Grab that little point bizarre or choose it off the ground as well as rake via the adversaries that stand prior to you.

weapons in force master

Two can dip into that video game. Say hello there to my little close friend.

It’s fairly unfortunate that you can just utilize these tools while fixed as well as you can not bring them via the remainder of the degree, yet it’s a large assistance to remove a great deal of adversaries in a brief quantity of time. You can likewise have a little enjoyable as well as exterminate every adversary besides one, after that chuck the tool you utilized to round off the last person.

5. Don’ t Rely On One Movement

There will certainly be times that you could obtain tired from all package training as well as bullet dispersing that you would certainly determine to simply utilize one activity to remove the entire degree. This is really a fine strategy yet there are degrees with throngs of adversaries that will not be so conveniently removed with straightforward motions.

pushing in force master

Push, press, press, possibly one pull, after that press once more …

Aside from simply the adversaries, there will certainly likewise be minutes that simply pressing as well as drawing will certainly impede your development because of the ecological particles that could obstruct the door to the following space.
The ideal technique is to constantly attempt to blend your steps. This will certainly likewise make the video game extra intriguing given that you’ll see plenty extra communications instead of simply seeing your adversaries fly far from you.

6. Facing The Boss

Every couple of degrees, you’ll be matched versus an employer. It’s generally a one versus one battle embeded in a tiny phase with various things spread out throughout the space. The employer likewise generally is dual-wielding handguns with a high fire price, something that we ought to be worried concerning given that we can just take a couple of bullets prior to needing to reactivate the degree because of passing away.

fighting the boss in force master

Who brought weapons right into a telekinesis battle? You certain concerning that?

You can take the very easy escape as well as simply toss some challenge the one in charge, striking him keeping that barrel, after that keeping that box, after that with a little press or 2 till he passes away, yet where’s the enjoyable because?

Remember when we had the discuss mirroring bullets back to where they originated from? This is the very best area to evaluate your abilities as well as see if your technique has actually actually settled. You can test on your own to attempt as well as eliminate the one in charge making use of simply the bullets that he discharges at you.

7. Take Advantage Of Special Moves

One various other point that we ought to make note of is that little circle with the little lightning symbol inside. It’s our unique relocation that will certainly assist us remove some difficult areas at particular degrees. This unique relocation bills up whenever we eliminate an opponent. It takes about 10 to thirteen eliminates for it to totally bill, making it useful at the very least one or two times per degree if ever before you utilize it instantaneously when the cost is complete.

You ought to not get involved in the practice of instantaneously utilizing this convenient ability whenever it’s offered though. It is ideal if you wait when you are managing a large pressure of baddies. This is so you can stay clear of taking damages as well as simply instantaneously clear that large wave of baddies.

special moves in force master

Excuse me, coming through, absolutely nothing to see below!

Breaking the practice of losing your unique go on a number of adversaries will certainly make points less complicated for you when you get to the greater degrees of the video game. Use it moderately as well as you make sure to go the range, along with your adversaries as they go flying concerning because of your telekinetic expertise.

8. Other Points Of Interest

Perfect Games

There might come a factor where you would love to test on your own to make points a little bit extra intriguing. If eliminating crooks is inadequate enjoyment for you, you can tip it up a notch as well as offer on your own the demand of removing the phase without obtaining hit also when.

how to be perfect in force master

Practice might just cause excellence.

You will certainly be amazed at exactly how this could alter your gameplay. You could simply spam particular flicks simply to instantaneously eliminate any type of adversaries along your course or you might turn to being as well protective so no bullets will certainly touch you.

Won’ t it interest have a video game setting where you will fail it if ever before you take one circumstances of damages? Let’s hope that Voodoo provides us a setting like that in the future versions as well as updates of the video game however, for currently, allow’s opt for seeing that PERFECT display at the end of the degree.

Environmental Damage

Let us alter points up a notch as well as offer ourselves a need in defeating a degree. Challenge on your own in removing the degree just with the use of the things spread around the phase. No pressing or drawing, or making the adversaries fly throughout the phase. No dispersing bullets also. Only squashing them with various sorts of things will certainly do.

environmental damage in force master

I will certainly not lay also a finger on you.

This will certainly offer you the chance to value even more of the video game by checking into methods regarding exactly how you will certainly be making use of the various things along with each various other. Be it from flinging a torpedo at your adversaries, chucking a barrel that takes off on call, or possibly tossing a number of wheels to a mine on the ground to make the last take off.

Let your creative thinking cut loose as well as see the various communications the various things in the video game needs to supply.


Every degree you full, you’ll be revealed a component of the following cosmetic that will certainly be offered for you. After clearing up 3 degrees, you will certainly be offered the chance to obtain the disclosed cosmetic by seeing a brief ad video clip. These cosmetics alter the sprite of your hands right into something extra intriguing. It can be a wolf’s paws, a robot onslaught, or possibly simply a gold ring on your third finger.

These cosmetics, while not actually impacting the gameplay, offer the gamer an opportunity to personalize their personality also by simply a little. They do not offer any type of strike up or protection up stat, yet at the very least these cosmetics will certainly assist you eliminate your adversaries in vogue. Pretty elegant!

cosmetics in force master

I like what you have actually done to your nails!

Overall, Voodoo provided us one more video game that we can sink our time as well as teeth in. Force Master is an enjoyable video game that will certainly assist you melt some still time. It is a video game that needs gamers to take issues right into their very own hands, actually. There are lots of methods to clear each degree, making each playthrough various from each other. Different play designs are likewise urged by the video game, you can never ever be constantly on the offensive as well as you can never ever constantly depend on evading as well as block.

If ever before you desire a mobile video game that provides you near godlike telekinetic powers which rise of joy whenever you remove a variety of adversaries, we suggest you orderingForce Master A video game that will certainly maintain you glued to your phone as you discuss to on your own “I’ll complete another phase”. Always keep in mind: the pressure is your ally.


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