Food Fantasy (iphone) Ultimate Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Create a World Class Restaurant

Names like Milk, Tiramisu, Coffee, Spaghetti, as well as Red Wine will certainly make you interested, as well as a bit starving. Food Fantasy is an RPG experience video game with an one-of-a-kind idea. Elex Technology’s brand-new mobile video game attributes personifications of prominent food things from worldwide. Not just will you be dealt with to the various luxurious recipes, you additionally reach delight in the stunning anime-style versions of your favored food things. Each personality is masterfully given birth to in brilliant information.

Collect the various Food Souls as well as learn more about the various traits as well as attributes of the food characters. Assemble an effective group as well as battle battles to conserve the globe. Don’ t fail to remember to pair the ideal recipes for fight rewards. You can additionally relax from your journeys to develop as well as handle your very own 5-star dining establishment! There are many points you can do in this video game as well as our Food Fantasy rips off, pointers as well as methods will certainly aid stroll you via whatever!

1. Start Your Quests

Food Fantasy is not your common gacha RPG where you simply touch below or there while your personalities virtually do whatever by themselves. Quests are not instantly tracked below, so you require to in fact listen. If you simply experience the video game without beginning your pursuits, you will certainly not obtain your incentives. On top of that, you might wind up squandering sources because you will certainly require to duplicate the very same jobs after you bear in mind to begin your pursuit.

Take time to inspect your Story Missions prior to doing anything in the video game. Accept the objectives that will certainly be finished by any one of your approaching jobs prior to continuing. This method, you will immediately obtain incentives for points that you would certainly have done anyhow. This consists of leveling up a food spirit, preparing recipes, entering into fight, investigating dishes, and even mobilizing brand-new animals. Never do anything without inspecting your pursuits initially!

2. Summon Food Souls

There are 2 means for you to mobilize food spirits via the video game’s gacha system. The initially one is by investingSoul Embers You require 150 Soul Embers in order to mobilize one personality. You will certainly require to mobilize one by one because this choice does not have a per set mobilize. Alternatively, you can invest Crystals to mobilize food spirits. You just require 100 Crystals per mobilize. This time around, you will certainly have the ability to mobilize several food spirits if you have sufficientCrystals The decrease price of food spirits as well as their rarity do not transform, however.

There are 4 rarities readily available in Food Fantasy: M, R, SR, as well as UR. Among the 4, M food spirits are the hardest to draw in gacha. Don’ t obtain also delighted when you obtain them, nonetheless. M food spirits are just beneficial in the dining establishment. You can take them on fights, yet they will not be much aid. In regards to battling capacity, your best choice is still the UR rarity.

3. Gather Ingredients

You can not run a dining establishment without active ingredients to prepare with. To solution that, you require to combat battles in order to grab active ingredients that go down later on. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that not all fight phases go down food. Pay interest to the feasible declines for each and every phase. Some phases are just great for farming remedies as well as onions which can be made use of for updating spirits. While that’s not completely poor, you require actual food things in supply for your dining establishment.

If you wish to have the ability to collect active ingredients swiftly, you can utilize the Sweep choice. This appears when you have actually defeated a phase. You can additionally take in Hearts in order to utilize the Sweep x5 choice that enables you to collect active ingredients from a phase much more swiftly. Just maintain Sweeping phases that you have actually finished in order to conserve time.

4. Don’ t Forget To Prep Dishes

Now that you have active ingredients, ensure you in fact utilize them. Dishes do not prepare themselves! Don’ t fail to remember to go back to the dining establishment every so often to place recipes on the prep line. You can not offer any type of recipe that you have actually not prepped, you understand. When you begin, it is alright to offer whatever is readily available. Later on, you must begin focusing on what your clients desire. Tap on each consumer to see what their choices are. Serving food that they such as will certainly lead to larger pointers. More cash is constantly great for a dining establishment.

5. Keep The Freshness Up

This might appear complicated in composing because your personalities are food as well as they offer food. The Freshness degree, shown by eco-friendly fallen leave symbols, in fact relate to your personalities, not the food they offer. As they remain to operate in your dining establishment, their quality degrees drop. When it obtains truly reduced, they come to be ineffective. Think of it as their endurance. They obtain worn down as they function much longer, so it is essential for you to have a variety of food spirits on turning.

If you truly desire a specific personality to maintain operating in the dining establishment, you can utilize Refresh Meds on him. To obtain Refresh Meds, you will certainly require to study it initially. Researching will certainly need one Large Soul Fruit as well as oneMagic Bottle To obtain these 2 things, you will certainly need to search the various stores readily available in the video game till you discover the important things that you require.

6. Open Up Loot Boxes

A great deal of brand-new gamers obtain perplexed when they obtain loot boxes as well as food scraps since they can not discover a method to open them. That’s since you will not discover them in any one of the common benefit displays. The location for opening them is unmarked, you would certainly virtually point the video game programmers does not desire you to open them. Regardless, you can discover your loot boxes by touching on home plate with a fork as well as blade on the reduced ideal edge of the display. Once there, faucet on Vault to open your boxes as well as scraps.

7. Know Your Skills

Each personality in Food Fantasy has 2 collections of abilities. The initially is the specific ability that can be updated in the Souls display. You require gold to update these, as well as you can just update them as much as a specific factor depending upon the personality’s degree. The 2nd is the food preparation ability ability which is just one of the reasons gamers usually require specific personalities to maintain operating in the dining establishment. These abilities are designated before the begin of fight. You will certainly require cooking factors in order to unlock as well as update them. The just method to gain cooking factors is by having the personality operate in the dining establishment. Check each personality’s food preparation skills as well as choose early what type of develop you wish to concentrate on. The ideal solution truly depends upon your play design, so simply review the summary of each ability as well as select intelligently.

8. Assemble A Powerful Team

There are 4 sorts of personalities in the video game: Defense, Strength, Magic, as well asSupport Defense kinds are your containers. Strength as well as Magic are your damages dealerships. Supports are your energy personalities that either recover or rub the remainder of your group. It is an excellent suggestion to construct a well balanced group that has each of these key ins order to guarantee you are gotten ready for any type of circumstance. Of program, there will certainly be circumstances where you will certainly require an extra customized group. Just focus on the challenger’s group structure as well as change as necessary.

Aside from canceling your group, you must additionally focus on which personalities have combination abilities. For instance, Black Tea as well as Milk have a respectable combination ability, as well as you can obtain both of them early in the video game. Keep in mind that you will certainly require to utilize these combination abilities by hand throughout fight. You will certainly discover them on the ideal side of the display classified Link.

9. Pay Attention During Battle

Just since your personalities instantly battle throughout fight does not indicate you must discover another thing to do. You still require to listen throughout fight since there are minigames that are set off in various combat zone. Make certain you touch on the numbers on the bigger challengers as this will certainly maintain them from utilizing their extremely capacities or reduced their statistics.

Keep an eye out for flying opponents on the ideal side of the display. These bothersome points will on a regular basis recover the huge beasts, making it virtually difficult to do actual damages. Take them out as quickly as you detect them to maintain them from recovering your opponents. If any one of your personalities are caught or iced up, faucet on them as soon as possible to release them. They will not have the ability to utilize their unique capacities as long as they are caught.

10. Assign The Right Staff

When you begin, you will certainly have restricted ports for personnel on your dining establishment. You will just have one port for a cook as well as a number of ports for waitress. If your emphasis gets on the success of your dining establishment as opposed to fight performance, you can hold back on making food preparation factors for your warriors as well as rather appoint the most effective feasible personnel. Check if your food spirit has a Restaurant Skill tab next to their fight abilities. This suggests they will certainly be better in the dining establishment than others. They additionally normally have greater quality degrees, enabling them to proceed functioning without requiring to be exchanged out so commonly.

11. Get Rid Of Bad Customers

As with any type of facility, you can never ever truly anticipate the sort of clients you will certainly obtain. There are excellent clients as well as there are truly poor ones. Bad clients consist of pirates as well as criminals that reject to pay their costs regardless of having their fill of your food. Do not hesitate to choose a battle with these individuals. You require to educate them a lesson as well as kick them bent on include paying clients. Don’ t stress over customer support now since you are doing every person a support by removing them.

12. Claim Your Freebies

The video game breaks down numerous giveaways for energetic gamers. To begin, you can gain 150 Soul Embers when a week by sharing your most recent mobilize or Fallen Angel filtration. You can after that utilize these cinders to mobilize a brand-new food spirit. You must additionally stop by the Benefits as well as Side Storyline Mission displays to see if you have actually lately finished objectives. If you see that you are close to finishing any one of the objectives, you can focus on that in order to assert the reward as soon as possible.

Aside from these, you additionally obtain Star Rewards from finishing phases. Each phase in the video game will certainly haveStar Rewards You simply require to finish all phases with 3 celebrities. Once you do, you will certainly obtain 25 Soul Embers as well as 30Stamina Bottles Stamina Bottles can be kept for later usage because they do not end, so do not hesitate to maintain accumulating them.

13. Participate In Events

Food Fantasy normally has recurring Events where you can gain various incentives consisting of uncommon food spirits. For instance, when you begin, you can sign up with the Foie Gras occasion that will primarily aid you find out the ropes of the video game. As an included incentive, you stand to win UR Food Soul Foie Gras for your initiatives. Having her on your group early will absolutely provide you an excellent begin in the video game, so ensure you finish the Event jobs prior to the moment is up.

14. Complete Your Dailies

Your Daily Activity is made up of a collection of jobs that are developed to maintain your progression on the right track. What’s also much better if that you obtain awarded for completing all these jobs. Each job will certainly provide you numerous incentives like Seasoning, Cooking Points, Soul Embers, as well as various other sources. Once you finish every one of the day’s jobs, you will certainly be awarded with numerous Red Tea fragments which will certainly aid you get the SR qualityFood Soul You additionally obtain Magic Crystals for your initiatives.

15. Reputation Or Money?

If you wish to swiftly boost your dining establishment, you will certainly require to raise your online reputation. You can do so by marketing reputation-based food. Unfortunately, reputation-based food things commonly do not make a great deal of cash. This is where you will certainly need to make a difficult option. Do you wish to concentrate on online reputation or on generating income? There is no right or incorrect solution below because all of it depends upon what you value much more for your video game. Just ensure you choose early to make sure that your dining establishment will not be all over the location when it involves offering food.

16. Increase Your Intimacy Scores

Your connection with each food spirit will certainly identify your success in the video game. Food spirits that are close to you are a whole lot more powerful. This is why you must work with raising your affection rating. You can quickly do that by gifting them with their favored food. If you are brief on active ingredients, nonetheless, you can additionally raise your affection rating with a personality by taking them to fight. Make certain you do not utilize the Sweep function for the affection rating to raise.

17. Strengthen Your Food Souls

Aside from raising affection ratings, you can enhance your food spirits by leveling them up. Don’ t moan right now since you will not truly be doing a great deal of grinding in order to level up your personalities. You simply require to gather EXP remedies after that feed them all to your selected food spirit. You can feed remedies one by one or immediately degree up your personality to the greatest feasible by touching on the Upgrade switch. Make certain you maintain farming EXP remedies since these are one of the most effective method of leveling up food spirits in the video game.

As you play the video game, you will ultimately discover food spirit fragments. These can be acquired as incentives from numerous occasions as well as objectives. You can additionally obtain them if you occur to mobilize a replicate from the gacha system. Each replicate is instantly exchanged 15 fragments. These food spirit fragments can be invested in the equivalent personality in order to raise his Ascension degree. Each degree of rising can significantly raise your personality’s power score, so ensure you take some time to do it.

18. Watch The Tip Store

As we stated previously, you will certainly obtain even more pointers if you offer your clients what they desire. You are most likely asking yourself, after that, what the pointers are for. You can invest your pointers in theTip Store Just faucet on the store as well as most likely to the Tip Store tab. Here you can discover numerous things consisting of food spirit fragments. Make certain you do not simply get whatever gets on sale, however. Save your pointers for getting UR Food Soul fragments. The Tip Store revitalizes every couple of hrs, as well as you can by hand freshen two times a day. You will certainly require to inspect back on a regular basis to be able to get adequate fragments to obtain that UR Food Soul.

19. Equip Those Fallen Angels

Each food spirit can be furnished with an effectiveFallen Angel This will substantially raise their power in fight. When you begin, you will just have one port forFallen Angels You can open much more ports by utilizingMagic Crystals Save up your crystals till it is time to unlock Fallen Angel ports. Unlocking them as quickly as they appear will certainly enable you to benefit from their increases quicker.

20. Rush Your Player Level

Nearly whatever you carry out in Food Fantasy will certainly provide you experience that goes in the direction of increasing yourPlayer Level This is essential since a great deal of the video game’s attributes are secured behind degree needs. Make certain you play as proactively as feasible in order to open all the video game’s attributes as soon as possible. We have actually provided the turning point degrees listed below for you to understand what you will certainly have the ability to unlock.

Level 2– Story Quests
Level 3– Improve Recipe
Level 5– Develop
Level 7– Cooking Talents
Level 9– Mischief & & Additional Delivery Team
Level 10– Decorate
Level 12– Hard Mode
Level 13– Daily Missions
Level 14– Restaurant Upgrade
Level 15– World Map
Level 16– Ice Arena
Level 22– Airship
Level 23– Showdown
Level 24– Exploration
Level 26– Fallen Angels
Level 28– Marketplace
Level 30– Team Up

Managing your very own dining establishment is difficult, specifically when you need to handle connections as well as fights at the very same time. Make certain you depend on our Food Fantasy best overview to aid you handle whatever! Do you understand any type of various other pointers or methods for the video game? If so, do not hesitate to share them with us listed below in the remark location!

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