Exos Heroes Tier List: Our Picks for the Best Fated-Grade Heroes in the Game

Exos Heroes has actually absolutely taken the mobile RPG neighborhood by tornado. Often contrasted as well as contrasted with the similarly brand-new approach RPG, Hero Cantare, Exos Heroes offers ample factors for followers of the category as well as anime fanatics to obtain connected know the impressive journey that entails a great deal of hero event as well as improvement.

This video game presently has a substantial lineup of greater than 200 heroes. Despite laying the concept that each personality in the video game is as great as the major hero in regards to general high quality, the rarity quality connected with each hero has actually ended up being a very prominent consider figuring out which ones to spend time as well as sources on, as well as forever factor. While also typical or 1-star heroes can be placed up, it will certainly take much more sources as well as also at the exact same degree or celebrity quality as the heroes that are normally at fated (5 celebrity) or fabulous (4 celebrity) rarity merely top them in regards to statistics as well as inherent capabilities.

Another indicate take into consideration in Exos Heroes is the Fate Core system. This is a distinct attribute that functions primarily like an unique tools for certain heroes that approve a look overhaul as well as remarkable increases. For this rate listing, we will certainly not be taking into consideration Fate Core variations of the heroes. It need to be enough to recognize that each hero equipped with their Fate Core goes to the very least a tier more than their routine variation. Fate Core is furthermore not restricted to fated rarity heroes as well as Zeon, the major lead character of Exos Heroes, has among the very best Fate Core variations on the video game.

exos heroes best characters

If you have actually not played Exos Heroes much or in all as well as if that last paragraph made you frown or scrape your head in complication, after that you absolutely require to go through our Exos Heroes newbie’s overview. Our thorough newbie’s overview covers the fundamental functions as well as video game settings you will certainly require to participate in to make progression in the video game. It is all right to be knowledgeable about the leading heroes in the video game prior to really playing that a far better understanding of why the heroes are ranked therefore can just originate from having a great quantity of real experience playing the video game. We have actually likewise developed an extensive group overview, showcasing the very best group develops for various video game settings.

Like all various other rate listings on Exos Heroes in addition to various other video games around, this set is subjective. Let it assist you to have a suggestion concerning which heroes are well worth the financial investment however at the exact same time, do not allow it or any person deter you from trying out various other heroes that attract you. Similarly, it is extremely feasible that heroes will certainly be readjusted in future updates as well as some perhaps improved while others might obtain nerfed.

Exos Heroes S Class Heroes

These are the heroes that need to most definitely remain in any kind of group. Coveted as a result of their expertise throughout all video game settings, these are the heroes you would certainly intend to contend the soonest to take your group quicker as well as much easier throughout the PvE web content as well as likewise win you much more battles in the sector. Definitely worth to buy if you have them as well as better also if you encounter the Fate Core variations.

Bathory [Frost – Attack – Magical]

bathory exos heroes

With Exos Heroes’ guardian rock system together with idea of damaging them to provide an adversary system pointless momentarily, AoE abilities as well as spells have basically come to be a better property in Exos Heroes than in a lot of various other approach RPGs. Bathory has both energetic abilities with AoE damages, as well as offered her assault statistics, it’s risk-free to state that she can take you with the whole major tale of the video game. She is a powerful hero to utilize in the sector too offered both AoE abilities as well as her passive ability that absolutely makes every group much better simply by having her about.

To start, Bathory’s passive ability, Mana Utilization 3, improves her assault damages based upon all allies’ mana matter as well as at the beginning of each turn, she acquires 1 mana if allies have 10 or even more mana as well as an additional 1 mana if opponents have 10 or even more too. This likewise gives front row allies a long-term +1 mana.

If that is insufficient to thrill, Bathory can secure allies from fatality when per fight with her Tranquil Mark, gave that allies have much less assault worth than her. As for energetic abilities, Mistelten bargains 102% damages to all opponents for 1 mana while Niflheim deals a substantial 357% damages to all opponents for 5 mana.

Rachel [Fire – Attack – Physical]

rachel exos heroes

If Bathory is taken into consideration by several as the very best AoE damage-dealer in Exos Heroes, after that Rachel stands as her solitary target matching. His toughness in fight exceeds his high assault statistics as well as the raw damages that his strikes deal. His easy ability is likewise exceptionally beneficial, enhancing his energetic abilities as well as his function in the group to the maximum.

You can forgive Rachel for the woman’s name due to the fact that he absolutely has the possible to declare the crown as Exos Heroes’ one-shot king. To start, his passive ability, Counter 3, is an outright counterattack whenever Rachel takes damages as well as gives him an added mana on both extremes. If the adversary struck by a counterattack passes away or contends the very least 70% HP to start with, after that Rachel will certainly obtain 1 mana after the counterattack.

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This passive likewise make it possible for Rachel to repay row allies 1 additional mana completely as well as opponents with reduced assault worth than him will certainly shed 20% protection as well as 50 evade. For 3 mana, Quick Slash is a solid solitary target physical assault that deals 315% damages that resets Rachel’s turn if it efficiently eliminates an adversary system. Silent Slash does 525% damages on an adversary for 5 mana as well as improves assault as well as hit of allies by 50% as well as their rate by 20 for 10 turns if the target passes away.

Exos Heroes A Class Heroes

With good luck as well as likelihood making it a difficulty to capture the S course heroes, or a lot of fated quality heroes for that issue, the heroes in this team are the ones you need to still be extremely delighted to acquire with the gacha. Although not as effective as the S quality heroes, these heroes are still worth all time as well as financial investment although several of them are not leading entertainers throughout every one of Exos Heroes’ several video game settings.

Anastasia [Frost – Support – Magical]

anastasia exos heroes

Anastasia presently stands as the very best therapist inExos Heroes If you have her, she needs to most definitely be the main assistance personality in your group despite which video game setting you are participating in. She has respectable statistics as well as likewise has a nuke up her sleeve.

First Aid 3, her passive capacity, is probably her largest point-earner. This allows her to recover an ally with 100% of assault worth whenever the ally is harmed as well as health and wellness decreases listed below 20%. On top of the substantial recovery it offers, this can gain Anastasia 1 mana if her HP is over 70% or much less than 20% when it triggers. She likewise has actually improved damages of 250% versus dragons when Dragon Scale of Order triggers. Frozen Tear might appear pricey at 4 mana however it is the ideal recover as it not just recovers all allies by 49% of her health and wellness, it likewise gets rid of all debuffs as well as damages in time conditions on every person. A little bit off-class yet terrific to have is Sorceress Desperado, which is a solitary target spell that deals 525% damages at the price of 3 mana.

Baraka [Machine – Chaos – Physical]

baraka exos heroes

Like Rachel, Baraka is an extraordinary solitary target assaulter. He has a greater assault stat than Rachel however drags in regards to protection. On top of the substantial damages he can create, however, Baraka’s passive ability that can offer the completing impact to a lot of opponents, together with abilities that siphon mana from opponents to his allies, can make him function conveniently as well as successfully with any kind of kind of group you can develop in your mind.

Final Hit 3 makes Baraka assault an adversary whose HP goes down to 10% or much less together with a totally free mana too. It might not seem extremely unique by itself however having him round off an adversary outside his turn will certainly leave him as well as his allies to trigger their even more powerful strikes versus opponents with even more HP. Assassin art deals 225% damages to a solitary target for 2 mana, an expense that is extremely inexpensive for Baraka.

If the target passes away, Baraka gains an added turn. This ability will certainly not just gain Baraka an added mana, it will certainly likewise leech off 2 mana to an arbitrary back row ally if the target is discouraged. Madman’s Flurry is the much more powerful variation that triggers 525% damages for a pitiful 3 mana. It does not included a conditional additional turn however it leeches mana all the same.

Garff [Light – Defense – Physical]

garff exos heroes

While limelights generally radiate on the very best aggressors in the video game, a wonderful group in Exos Heroes need a great equilibrium as well as communication throughout numerous duties or courses in a group. As much as protection kinds heroes are worried, Garff definitelt takes the leading area as the very best container inExos Heroes He shares the greatest HP worth with Shufraken however triumphes for having the greatest protection worth. Though his strikes are expectedly not at the same level with aggressors, his capacity to offer assistance to his colleagues makes him a beneficial participant of any kind of group throughout all video game settings.

Protect 3, Garff’s passive ability, gives him the capacity to recover an ally with the most affordable optimum HP at the start of each round matching to 30% of his very own HP. If the allied system’s health and wellness is listed below 20% or greater than 70%, Garff gets an added mana. Garff likewise offers a long-term mana increase to front row allies. Allies that have reduced max health and wellness than Garff gains 20% health and wellness as well as protection from him too. Eagle Blow is a solitary target assault that deals 375% damages for 2 mana while General’s Call bargains 420% damages to all back row opponents at the price of 5 mana.

Jinai [Nature – Chaos – Magical]

jinai exos heroes

Beyond damaging guardian rocks as well as the seasonal demand to have a wonderful damage-dealer, mana-generation is likewise an essential facet of team-building that each gamer need to take into consideration together with rate. Jinai might not have remarkable damages neither a bankable protection however has numerous energy abilities that not simply equip herself, however some allies too together with adverse condition conditions on the adversary lineup.

Jinai’s passive ability, Mana Absorb 3, is an ensured lover eliminator that functions as an added mana supplier for her. Beyond that, an added mana can be additional acquired if the adversary’s HP is over 80%. More terrifying also, is if the target’s HP is 30% listed below as Jinai will certainly still 1 mana from him or her. Like Rachel, Jinai likewise gives a +1 mana increase to back row allies. All opponents that have a reduced assault worth than Jinai likewise sheds 30 assault rate. Dark Knight Glow is an AoE assault that deals 51% damages as well as obviously does not load a great deal of raw damages. This, nevertheless, features an ensured poisonous substance condition that deals 31% damages for 2 transforms all for 1 mana. The awesome variation, Welcoming Shirosaku, does 178% raw damages as well as cuts with a 62% effectiveness for 4 turns. Poison is most likely not the fastest method to get rid of opponents as well as we are seriously not followers of it however in Exos Heroes, AoE poisonous substance is extremely efficient when thoughtlessly trying to damage guardian rocks of the opposing group.

Shufraken [Darkness – Defense – Physical]

shufraken exos heroes

Like Garff, Shufraken is whom we take into consideration as one of the very best protection devices in Exos Heroes, except being a container, but also for various other factors. His high HP as well as protection is significantly enhanced by his self-sustain capabilities as well as the numerous adverse condition impacts he can bring upon on opponents makes him a really harmful adversary to contend. While Garff has greater protection in general, Shufraken can be harder to get rid of as well as can be much more harmful.

Shufraken can stun opponents that assault him as well as create damages of 30% as well as past that, he acquires an added mana if the adversary has 80% health and wellness or even more. If the adversary’s HP, on the various other hand, is 30% or much less, after that Shufraken takes 1 mana from that adversary rather. HE alos has Breath of Mana, completely bosoting front row allies’ mana by 1 as well as Fear of the Abyss does 65% damages to a row with an adversary having 10% or much less health and wellness. Knight’s Spirt is a self-regen capacity that recovers Shufraken’s HP by as much 50% of the shed health and wellness for 4 transforms all at the price of 2 mana.

With his passive in position, Shufraken can most definitely renew mana quick to manage this. Marching Sword is a back row assault that lodges 210% damages for 5 mana however its worth hinges on the freeze result it brings upon on the opponents for 7 turns as well as the 150% reward damages if the opponents are affected by various other adverse condition impacts.

Exos Heroes B Class Heroes

With much less than 10 personalities coming from greater rates, these heroes are still well over standard. While those heroes are much more searched for, still catching heroes from this rate need to place a smile on your face. Some might work throughout a lot of video game settings while others just master one or a pair. Just the exact same, these heroes deserve buying till much better ones occur, as well as generally, sources invested in these heroes are not a waste in all.

Bernadette [Frost – Attack – Magical]

bernadette exos heroes

Bernadette is an excellent assaulter as well as has among the greatest assault statistics in the video game. Both her solitary target as well as AoE abilities are effective as well as her high base assault combined with a passive booster produces a solid as well as all-around adequate damage-dealer.

Mana Utilization 3 increases Bernadettes’s assault based upon the mana matter of allies as well as opponents as well as she likewise acquires mana if allies or opponents have 10 or even more mana at the beginning of her turn. She deals an added 250% damages on dragons if Dragon Scale of Order is energetic as well as she can likewise reduce Raging Breath’s damages by fifty percent on allies, a lot more if the ally has Dragon Knight Blessing.

Chati [Nature – Defense – Physical]

chati exos heroes

There does not appear to be much love for Chati if you take into consideration the in-game gamer rankings however she is really rather respectable, particularly for employer raids. Share health and wellness, mana healing, as well as back row obstacle make her a wonderful assistance personality as well as a capability to place an adversary to rest need to not be disregarded too.

Chati’s passive ability, Protect 3, allows her recover an ally with the most affordable optimum health and wellness by 30% of her present health and wellness. If the ally she aided has much less than 20% or greater than 70% HP, she acquires 1 mana. Lucky Chesi is a beneficial ability to have particularly in raids as it offers an obstacle worth 40% of Chati’s max HP to back row allies for 12 turns. Miracle Shooting Star might not load much damages as well as just deals 187% damages to a solitary target however affects the target with Sleep.

Jinn [Machine – Chaos – Physical]

jinn exos heroes

Jinn is quite similar to Baraka in regards to design. He has rapid assault rate as well as can possibly exceed that of also greater rate heroes. He is a wonderful finisher, can run numerous turns as well as can likewise silence opponents, making them not able to utilize their abilities.

Final Hit 3 makes him assault an adversary whose HP has actually dropped to 10% or listed below, making him an added mana in the process. Shadow Slash is an economical ability setting you back just 1 mana to deal 180% damages to a solitary target as well as can reset his turn if it gets rid of the target. An enduring target obtains 3 rounds of silence as well as mana is likewise lowered by 1 ifCharmed Shadow Dance is the more powerful variation of the ability that deals 375% damages at the price of 2 mana as well as without the additional turn possibility.

Rudley [Nature – Attack – Physical]

rudley exos heroes

If you were not privileged sufficient to nab Rachel or Baraka, Rudley does not drop that much behind in regards to being a solitary target death squad. His statistics are really similar adequate to Rachel however in regards to general package, can conditionally suffer his survivability together with his allies.

He has Counter 3 for a passive, much like Rachel’s. Lightning Attack bargains 525% damages for 3 mana while Decisive Strike bargains 750% damages at the price of 4 mana. Rudley is an instance of heroes that come to be extremely effective with his Fate Core furnished as it allows him to cast an obstacle not simply to himself however his allies too.

Sabrina [Fire – Attack – Physical]

sabrina exos heroes

Sabrina is similar to a softened fire essential variation of Bernadette that is a suitable assaulter that has both a solitary target assault as well as an AoE ability. She is still terrific to have particularly if you do not have much better prospects to take you with Exos Heroes’ tale setting. She has a wonderful passive that makes her a beneficial assaulter.

Sabrina’s passive, Counter 3, is essentially what collections her besides Bernadette regarding sets are worried. Counter 3 is assured counter with reward mana if the target passes away or has greater than 70% HP. Elegant Execution does 300% damages to an adversary for just 1 mana as well as Phoenix March triggers a 178% AoE damages for just 3 mana. With her mana-earning passive, Sabrina can conveniently work up adequate mana to easily select to deal AoE damages for a lot of the fight’s period.

Exos Heroes C Class Heroes

We are to the C rate heroes however even if there are 3 degrees over them does not suggest that they wear. Some of these heroes master a specific video game setting or might carry out well over averagely on 2 or even more. Just the exact same, there are a number of heroes that merely outpace them in the rates over which indicates that you need to ignore these heroes just if your groups throughout video game settings have lots of the greater rate champs. If you take place to obtain these ones in advance of the others, you might intend to quit spending sources on them as quickly as a far better personality appears for the certain video game setting.

Bernavas [Machine – Defense – Physical]

bernavas exos heroes

Bernavas is a protection kind personality that provides excellent protection as well as can likewise stun as well as shock opponents. He has a solitary target assault as well as a back ro ability assault too. Contrary to a lot of heroes, he is the kind that is all right for both tale as well as sector however need to most likely be left on the aircraft when you participate in an employer raid.

Emma [Darkness – Support – Magical]

emma exos heroes

What makes Emma terrific is her capacity, Soul Capture, which deals 375% damages to its target as well as lowers the assault by 55% of Emma’s assault worth. This can enormously aid you in raids. Cleanse 3 is not a negative passive as it can get rid of debuffs as well as damages in time conditions from allies with a possibility to gain some cost-free mana. As an assistance personality without recovery spell, however, Emma’ efficiency is overshadowed by assistance courses as well as protectors that can really renew health and wellness of their allies.

Magi [Fire – Attack – Magical]

magi exos heroes

Magi is a suitable AoE assaulter that has mana usage too. Both of her energetic abilities are inexpensive as well as virtually offered every turn. She is most definitely excellent to carry your event for advancing the tale setting if you do not have Bathory or any kind of more powerful AoE assaulter as well as likewise respectable in the sector. Basically having just raw damages, though AoE, is probably what makes her absence energy to get to greater rates.

Rera [Nature – Chaos – Physical]

rera exos heroes

Rera is similar to Talia in the feeling that she is likewise a suitable personality for her course however still have much better replacements in the above rates. She has solitary target abilities as well as AoE damages too together with respectable debuffs to bring upon on opponents. For absence of a far better assaulter, she can be a suitable personality to utilize in your event on a lot of video game settings too.

Talia [Nature – Support – Magical]

talia exos heroes

Talia is a suitable assistance that has an easy efficient in recovery in addition to 2 energetic abilities that renew health and wellness too. Although she can likewise clean allies from adverse condition impacts, the quantity of HP replenishment from both energetic abilities are not that much. In the lack of a far better therapist, Talia is an all right staff member throughout mostly all video game settings.

Uloom [Machine – Defense – Physical]

uloom exos heroes

Uloom really sporting activities the greatest protection worth in Exos Heroes as well as near the ones with the most affordable assault worths. His side is really having the ability to damage guardian rocks with either energetic ability, gave that opponents are noted withTranquil His easy allows him to prompt too although the problem that allies require to be harmed as well as their health and wellness requires to go down 30% or reduced appears a little as well alarming. His in general reduced damages outcome makes it required for him to be coupled with a solid AoE damage-dealer to completely use his guardian-stone damaging capacity.

Valentina [Frost – Chaos – Magical]

valentina exos heroes

Valentina has a variety of debuffs as well as condition conditions in her package. While her worth in a lot of video game settings is once again eclipsed by even more functional turmoil course heroes, that might not have as several debuffs, Valentina is likewise a wonderful hero to utilize in raids.

Exos Heroes D Class Heroes

For one, fated quality heroes can be challenging to draw, particularly beyond rerolls as well as if you have a really minimal option of personalities, these heroes are still good to utilize early. IF you are simply beginning in your journey within the Exos Continent, after that you can purchase these heroes if you do not have actually various other fated personalities yet. Be certain to spend sources within a limitation, however, as you will absolutely locate much better replacements in the above rates that can provide these heroes as bench-warmers.

Baileysh [Darkness – Chaos – Magical]

baileysh exos heroes

He has lover elimination, mana gain, as well as corrode (damage-over-time), making him a valuable personality in raids however there are so several much better options.

Mahar [Machine – Defense – Physical]

mahar exos heroes

He can prompt with his passive ability as well as one energetic ability, can obtain mana, as well as has extremely high protection however that appears to be it.

Ramge [Darkness – Support – Magical]

ramge exos heroes

Ramge has clean as well as can squash recovery on opponents. As long as that can be tedious to handle, there are a great deal much more harmful abilities to be careful of.

Shell [Machine – Support – Magical]

shell exos heroes

Shell can get rid of adverse condition impacts as well as can increase assault of an ally. Again, assistance heroes without recovery simply does not have a lot on them. Squeezing in 2 assistance personalities in your group might function however it results in the choice of much better personalities too.

Valarr [Nature – Defense – Physical]

valarr exos heroes

Valarr simply doe not have anything even more to provide than stun till after he is furnished with a Fate Core.

Xiakhan [Frost – Defense – Physical]

xiakhan exos heroes

Xiakhan I a protection kind hero that can stun as well as has actually assured vital hit if target is discouraged. Critical damages from storage tanks simply are not that eye-catching in our publication.

We would certainly like to check out each of the fabulous quality (4 celebrity) heroes in the video game too but also for currently, this is where we will certainly finish our Exos Heroes tier listing. Again, it can be anticipated that modifications to some, or a lot of, of these personalities might be available in future video game updates. Some of the reduced rate heroes might still expand better particularly those that do not have Fate Core variations yet. Keep in mind too that despite just how unbiased we desire our rate listing is, it can not be aided to have some subjectivity regarding considering statistics as well as energies are worried.

We completely recognize that lots of people will certainly locate some unpleasant factors to consider in this overview as well as we invite it. If you have several of the heroes in this rate listing as well as you highly really feel that they come from a various team, after that do allow us learn about your viewpoint as well as share them listed below in the remark area!


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