Exos Heroes Team Guide: Team Roster Samples and also Suggestions to Dominate Each Game Mode

LINE Games’ Exos Heroes is definitely among those technique RPGs that can be extremely addicting. While there are a huge selection of freely comparable video games in the mobile video gaming market, there are rarely that lots of within the category that can come with the same level with what the video game has in its bundle. Beyond the high quality of its graphics and also the amazing computer animation series, in addition to the range of special web content and also its total discussion, among Exos Heroes leading difference originates from its fight system, especially the guardian rocks and also break system that can virtually make a decision the fight’s end result.

With every special facet that Exos Heroes has, newbies and also knowledgeable technique RPG gamers have much to get and also absorb at the beginning of their journey so if you are among those palyers that have actually simply begun playing the video game or still ready to, after that you need to certainly review our Exos Heroes novice’s overview initially. To assist you with the first hrs or two of gameplay, our novice’s overview has all the standard functions and also auto mechanics you require to acquaint on your own with in addition to some standard ideas and also approaches to boost your journey.

Exos Heroes is loaded with greater than 200 personalities to accumulate and also update. While we have yet to look deep right into every one of these heroes, our Exos Heroes rate checklist places every one of the Fated- quality heroes in the video game to provide you a suggestion regarding every one’s toughness and also constraints and also assist you choose the appropriate ones for you to reroll for or purchase. Of program, it can occur that you are the sort of RPG gamer that delights in the randomness of what you can leave the gacha, yet some heroes simply make it a whole lot much easier for you to go across the PvE web content if you have them right at the beginning of your trip.

exos heroes best team

As just selecting the best-rated heroes and also abiding them with each other might not always cause having a reliable group, and also considered that Exos Heroes makes it to make sure that each video game setting will certainly frequently need various approaches and also techniques, our emphasis in this overview is to supply you with recommended group constructs. We will certainly supply some practical alternative to each group also thinking about the loved one problem of acquiring some heroes within one account. Note that we will certainly not be diving right into each group’s particular approaches yet rather make it to make sure that you will certainly comprehend every one’s worth.

For one of the most component, it does take a while of having fun with the whole very same group prior to you can totally optimize the group effectively. In significance, what you need to do is established on your own much besides vehicle setting and also discover to plan around each device’s special abilities and also skills. For one, even if an ability is readily available might not always indicate that you need to trigger them. While some abilities might load even more damages in specific problems, timing of usage is a vital facet of fights in Exos Heroes, many particularly in PvP and also Dragon Raids.

Exos Heroes Story Mode Team 1

story mode team 1 in exos heroes

Bathory [Frost – Attack – Magical]

Rachel [Fire – Attack – Physical]

Anastasia [Frost – Support – Magical]

Baraka [Machine – Chaos – Physical]

Garff [Light – Defense – Physical]

Exos Heroes’ tale setting, as one of the most standard video game setting, in fact stands as the least challenging facet of the video game that is not as requiring as the various other difficulties. For one of the most component, you possibly able to take your beginning group with mid-game offered that you level them sufficient and also update their devices continually. Having a top-tier hero or 2 makes one of the most component of the tale fairly very easy and also one of the most tough phases might just need changing in a hero or 2 in situation of abilities not readily available within your present group.

To be truthful, developing a group to overcome the video game’s tale setting is the least of every gamer’s concerns. As selecting to opt for various group constructs to fit the special need of the sector in addition to the one in charge raids take a great deal of time and also perseverance, and also also good luck in RnG draws. With this in mind, what you need to think about opting for, are heroes that carry out well throughout many otherwise all video game settings. Although the group over looks a little bit of an excessive early, contending the very least 1 of them and also solid options in equilibrium are very important for the extra tough phases of the tale. Again, we can not anticipate everybody to have these in their lineups particularly the fated variations.

On top of Bathory’s outstanding AoE expertise, the cutting edge mana increase can assist her established for her more powerful AoE strike. Her single conditional defense from fatality might not be as necessary early yet there will definitely be circumstances that make it a needed ability to have. Bathory has a high possibility of damaging guardian rocks and also make it much easier for solitary target aggressors to remove adversaries one by one.

Rachel is maybe the best solitary target damage-dealer in the video game and also has a great deal of valuable bonus in his package also. Counterattacks and also transform resets are certainly valuable in every battle and also causing dishearten on adversaries is a substantial encouraging plus also. Rachel includes mana to all back row allies, flawlessly matchingBathory He will certainly probably surface of even more adversaries than many heroes in your group.

Anastasia is the most effective therapist in Exos Heroes and also while it can be hard to value recovery on much easier degrees, you will definitely require it in the future. A great deal of gamers might go with an extra hostile group for tale to clear phases quicker or might also go with PvP groups without a therapist. We think about Anastasia an useful participant of any type of group throughout all video game settings particularly if you have actually not collected or updated sufficient solid devices. On top of the outstanding recovery, Anastasia can eliminate debuffs and also various other adverse standing conditions develop all allies also. Since Bathory is the just various other magic damages dealership in the group, Anastasia can help with dealing magic damages with her Sorceress Desperado.

Baraka is one more incredibly popular solitary target damage-dealer inExos Heroes He is taken into consideration among, otherwise, the most effective finishers with his passive and also turn-resettingAssassin Art He is quick in regards to striking and also evasion also and also can take mana from an adversary to a back row ally.

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Last, yet not the least, is Garff, that is the most effective storage tank in the video game. Again, you might dislike a container’s capabilities and also function early in the video game yet eventually in the future, you will certainly rejoice to carry your cutting edge. Garff has large HP and also protection statistics that make him really difficult to remove. He can supply wellness remediation also an includes mana to front row allies also. For a container, he shows respectable damages.

If it’s a worst situation circumstance and also you do not have any one of these heroes, the following group stands as our alternative to the tale setting. These heroes might not be leading rates yet can still make it very easy for you to advance with the phases.

Exos Heroes Story Mode Team 2

story mode team 2 in exos heroes

Bernadette [Frost – Attack – Magical]

Bernadette’s AoE ability might not resemble Bathory’s yet it is still an extremely solid one. Her Single target strike is really solid and also mana application can assist her give out her best more frequently.

Sabrina [Fire – Attack – Physical]

Much like Bernadette that deals physical damages, both of Sabrina’s solitary target and also AoE abilities are solid also. She has counterattack, which is a substantial and also and also can renew mana also. She is a little squishy, though, so you will certainly require some protection systems to utilize her effectively.

Talia [Nature – Support – Magical]

Talia is not as solid as Anastasia thinking about total performance yet she does wonderful at recovery with a conditional passive that can recover allies in addition to 2 energetic abilities that does a little bit of damages, recover allies, and also eliminate debuffs also.

Magi [Fire – Attack – Magical]

Magi likewise sporting activities 2 AoE abilities that load respectable damages and also with mana application amongst her sets, she can certainly produce adequate mana to receive pounding adversaries with her AoE strikes.

Shufraken [Darkness – Defense – Physical]

Shufraken is the most effective option to Garff and also while he might not be as solid in regards to offending expertise, he can in fact increase up on the function of the storage tank with his group control abilities. Shufraken can stun and also ice up adversaries as well as likewise gives mana to front row allies. Self- recovery includes even more to his protective toughness.

If you are simply starting, or had actually dreadful attracts a commonly good luck out from safeguarding fated-grade heroes, the fabulous (4 celebrities) heroes in the video game are never that poor. Some of them can take you much throughout the video game’s tale and also might offer valuable also in a few other video game settings. Below is the legendary-grade group we advise for tale setting.

Exos Heroes Story Mode Team 3

story mode team 3 in exos heroes

Annie [Fire – Attack – Magical]

Annie can conditionally gain mana as she requires 5 for her solid AoE ability. Both her energetic abilities cuase AoE damages yet she actually does not have in protection and also HP so a great protector and also assistance is a need to use her in the group.

Adams [Darkness – Attack – Physical]

Counterattack is an useful ability in many technique RPGs and also Adams will certainly constantly respond to with a possibility to obtain mana if the target passes away. He has solid solitary target physical strikes that can be utilized to round off adversaries compromised by his allies’ AoE strikes or his counters.

Karin [Nature – Support – Magical]

Karin’s passive supply conditional recover on an ally in addition to mana gain. She has a solitary target recover and also an AoE recover also and also can eliminate debuffs on both matters.

Yao [Machine – Chaos – Physical]

Yao is a fantastic factor to dealing damages to targets and also improving the damages ability of the entire group. Final Hit allows her contribute an assault under problems and also Eight Trigrams offers a 32% strike increase for the entire group. Blooming Red Lotus is a fantastic finisher that resets her turn if the target passes away.

Tantalo [Nature – Defense – Physical]

Tantalo has a suitable package with a number of chances to prompt, and also immobilize. He normally does not deal a great deal of damages yet can conditionally self-heal and also gain mana also.

Exos Heroes PvP Team 1

pvp team 1 in exos heroes

Unlike the tale setting and also most PvE web content having extra predictability, PvP generally supplies a whole lot even more difficulty particularly when you reach greater organizations. Having Fatecore variations of several of the most effective heroes might frequently be not nearly enough as you will certainly likewise need to get and also outfit the most effective equipments and also antiques for each and every personality.

Beyond in fact thinking of a suitable group for sector, this is where understanding exactly how each personality functions compensate. It takes a great deal of suits to be familiar with exactly how some personalities actually deal with the opposite side of the area although checking out them aids a little bit. Knowing which of the adversary group’s heroes to obtain initially is crucial and also for some also, being omitted much longer makes them extra hazardous.

Bathory [Frost – Attack – Magical]

Rachel [Fire – Attack – Physical]

Anastasia [Frost – Support – Magical]

Baraka [Machine – Chaos – Physical]

Uloom [Machine – Defense – Physical]

As we discussed previously in addition to in our rate checklist, Bathory, Rachel, Anastasia, and also Baraka are all heroes that carry out extremely well throughout many, otherwise all video game settings. While Garff likewise works as yet one more personality that does relatively well in PvP, Uloom, on the various other hand is preferable for his guardian stone-breaking capabilities. Uloom will certainly not add to damages yet synergize extremely well with any type of solid AoE dealership likeBathory Of program, any type of Fatecore upgrade of these heroes will certainly function much better.

Exos Heroes PvP Team 2

pvp team 2 in exos heroes

Bathory [Frost – Attack – Magical]

Rachel [Fire – Attack – Physical]

Anastasia [Frost – Support – Magical]

Baraka [Machine – Chaos – Physical]

Fatecore Zeon [Fire – Attack – Physical]

Rood Zeon is a prominent beast in PvP and also if left unattended expands more powerful as the fight proceeds. His capacity to respond to in this kind is extra enormous and also his passive permits some allies to respond to also. He has a solitary target strike and also an AoE damages ability also that both bring upon respectable damages. Paired with Rachel, the 2 can do a great deal of damages to any type of opposing group.

Exos Heroes Dragon Raid Team

dragoin raid team in exos heroes

Dragon Raids in Exos Heroes are even more delimiting than many, otherwise all, of its various other video game settings. Although the initial stage is a regular employer raid, the 2nd stage is where your whole group can enter problem particularly without heroes with dragon range passives. Instead of opting for full-scale damages, it is more vital for raids to focus on the groups survivability and also rather count on damages with time results.

Bathory [Frost – Attack – Magical]

Anastasia [Frost – Support – Magical]

Fatecore Zeon [Fire – Attack – Physical]

Uloom [Machine – Defense – Physical]

Baileysh [Darkness – Chaos – Magical]

With this group, it is very important to have Anastasia not specifically for heals yet likewise for her Dragon Knight Blessing passive. Bathory’s single defense from fatality is available in convenient also. Uloom’s protective capacities and also guardian stone-breaking abilities can be valuable And Baileysh’ damages with time capabilities can contribute some damages. Rood Zeon’s passives will certainly furthermore be necessary for this fight.

On top of all these groups, Special Dungeons that have differing problems daily are yet one more team of video game settings that will certainly need you to have actually a specialized group of types. Banking on each personality in these groups we provided, however, you can essentially complete the spaces for each and every day-to-day problem to attempt and also function points out.

The fact exists are still lots of wonderful personalities in Exos Heroes that have yet to be totally made use of. In enhancement to checking out all kind of overviews and also ideas on the video game, it is very important for each and every gamer to in fact check their very own concepts on exactly how specific heroes will certainly function extra synergistically with others.

We really feel that as even more updates can be found in the future, a great deal of the heroes will certainly undertake specific modifications. Some might show to end up being more powerful while others might be softened for equilibrium. In any type of situation, among the extra interesting elements of technique video games with large lineups originate from in fact discovering wonderful mixes and also combinations of heroes.

That finishes up our Exos Heroes group overview. Just like the groups we provided, there are a lot more groups around that might show to be a lot more strong and also reliable. Beyond checking out each lineup in addition to basing your improve these or any individual else’s groups, it is very important to essentially have the ability to create your very own group that can take on numerous difficulties or to leading arrangements in the sector. If you have a group you want to share or talk about any one of the groups we provided in this overview, do not hesitate to drop us a note in the remarks!


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