Exos Heroes Legendary Characters Tier List: Our Picks for the Best Legendary-Grade Heroes

One typical attribute of turn-based approach video games on mobile is having a huge selection of personalities to gather and also select from regarding which ones to spend time and also sources in. While Exos Heroes absolutely flaunts greater than simply its durable option of champs, what establishes it in addition to many various other gacha RPGs is that while the high-grade heroes are normally the very best choices for team-building throughout every one of the video game’s materials, reduced quality heroes are not totally pointless.

With Exos Heroes’ Fatecore attribute, which can significantly increase particular personalities; a few of the lineup’s legendary-grade (4-star) or reduced rarity heroes can also go beyond fated-grade (5-star) heroes. Although some fated-grade heroes still have no fatecore variations yet and also epic heroes have much less devices within its lineup that are just as honored, it can be anticipated that each of these heroes will certainly have their time to beam.

If you have actually simply started your trip right into the impressive dream globe within Exos Heroes, we recommend that you review our Exos Heroes novice’s overview initially. Our novice’s overview gives all the fundamental ideas and also techniques you will certainly require to begin your experience right.

With over 200 heroes in its lineup, not counting fatecore variations of some heroes, selecting the very best from amongst them can be an uphill struggle. Regardless of whether you pick to reroll to obtain the very best heroes beforehand, you will certainly require to recognize which from amongst the video game’s enormous lineup are much more worth buying over others. As such, make sure to take a look at our initial Exos Heroes rate listing that places all fated-grade heroes in the video game from ideal to worst.

best legendary grade heroes in exos heroes

Exos Heroes, similar to all various other approach RPGs, lugs a significant piece of the enjoyable and also enjoyment in its group production facet. As there are a lot of heroes to gather and also update, so also does the variety of mixes you can construct out of them to find up with your group for every video game setting. If you require some concepts on just how to construct groups for the much more essential elements of the video game, you can discover some recommendations on our Exos Heroes group overview.

In this brand-new Exos Heroes overview, we will certainly be concentrating on the very best legendary-grade heroes in the video game. Although all eyes are normally on the top of the rarity graph, novices, particularly those that picked not to choose the preliminary rerolls, might not have as numerous 5-star heroes in their collection.

For others, it might occur that they have actually safeguarded sufficient fated-grade heroes, yet can still think about some legendary-grade ones to find up with an extra reliable lineup. With some video game settings having actually specialized problems too that press you to make modifications to your lineup, having some suitable replacements end up being a need to for you to execute effectively throughout every one of Exos Heroes’ web content.

There are 54 legendary-grade in Exos Heroes and also while it might take a while to obtain every one of them, possibilities are that you can do so well in advance of getting all fated-grade devices. Even for beginners, you will normally safeguard ample 4-star heroes to load various groups and also although it is best to spend sources in your 5-star devices, there are a lot of 4-star heroes quite worth investing sources on. Note that we consider this listing completely independent of the preliminary one that we released and also each personality within a rate all rate the very same for us.

Exos Heroes S Class Legendary Heroes

These are the 4-star heroes in the video game that you need to not hesitate about spending sources in. Although you need to normally focus on leading rate fated-grade devices within your collection, these heroes can be beneficial throughout different web content too.

Adams [Darkness – Attack – Physical]

adams exos heroes

Adams presently has a fatecore variation yet also without it, he can still load a strike and also is possibly the very best single-target damages supplier amongst the legendary-grade devices. He has Counter 2, allowing him to deal a little bit of damages whenever he takes damages from an opponent and also an gain mana if he eliminates with a counter. Crushing darkness can cause 300% damages to an opponent for 2 mana while Reaper’s Sickle does two times as much damages for 4 mana. His statistics are quite suitable too.

Annie [Fire – Attack – Magical]

annie exos heroes

Annie resembles the wonderful AoE equivalent ofAdams She has both AoE damages abilities and also excellent ones at that. Her easy ability, Mana Utilization 2, increases her strike based upon allies’ mana matter and also can acquire mana if allies have 10 or even more. Flame Kaboom is an AoE spell that does 81% damages to all opponents at the expense of 1 mana. Flame Tornado does 285% damages to all opponents too and also sets you back 5 mana.

Tantalo [Nature – Defense – Physical]

tantalo exos heroes

Tantalo is probably the very best legendary-grade storage tank in the video game and also if you come across opening his fatecore variation, can also stand toe-to-toe with some fated-grade heroes. Provoke is an useful ability to have for containers although at base, Tantalo can not contrast to many 5-star equivalents in regards to using it completely. Block 2 inflicts prompt on all opponents if an ally’s wellness goes down to 30% and also gives him self-healing equivalent to 20% of his strike. Ground Flip is an AoE strike that additionally prompts all opponents. Body Check does 300% damages to a solitary target yet the its worth rests on the paralysis result it can cause on the target for 6 turns.

Exos Heroes A Class Legendary Heroes

If you are not fortunate sufficient to construct a complete group of fated-grade heroes as well as additionally do not have sufficient of the greater rate 4-stars for your groups, after that you can easily purchase these heroes. You might have sufficient far better heroes yet if you require somebody for a certain duty, after that these devices can function as practical fillers.

Cybele [Light – Support – Magical]

cybele exos heroes

There are really a lot of suitable assistance personalities from the epic team of heroes inExos Heroes Though most can give out larger quantities of recovery than Cybele, what makes her stick out is the capability to revitalize all dropped allies. First Aid 2 is a passive that allows her recover allies with 20% HP or much less and also if her wellness drops within the very same problem, she makes 1 mana too.

Benevolent Judgement is a weak AoE strike yet heals allies and also eliminates debuffs and also damages gradually results. This sets you back 0 mana. Light of Serinne gives a little more powerful AoE recover, debuff elimination, as well as additionally revitalizes all dropped allies, all for the expense of simply 3 mana.

Degas [Frost – Defense – Physical]

degas exos heroes

Degas might be thought about by numerous as the very best legendary-grade storage tank yet considering that he does not have a fatecore upgrade yet, his application still has huge restrictions. Hs is still a caretaker, however, offered his statistics and also abilities. Without any type of 5 celebrity containers within your lineup or Tantalo, he deserves buying. He has Block 2 much likeTantalo Aegis of Faith increases his HP by 37% for 8 turns and also shares his wellness with allies for 16 turns. Cursed Trident is an AoE strike that causes Freeze on all opponents he strikes.

Karin [Nature – Support – Magical]

karin exos heroes

Most gamers really choose Cybele over Karin due to mana application. Considering prices, Karin does need a great deal even more mana. However, her capability to offer a solitary target recover and also AoE one makes her our liked 4-star therapist. Three White Shadows is a solitary target recover that can bring back as high as 40% of her HP to an ally while Moonlight Flower is an AoE recover worth 27% of her HP. Both recovery abilities include a debuff and also damages gradually elimination. Like Cybele, Karin’s Moonlight Flower additionally revitalizes all allies.

Otard [Fire – Attack – Physical]

otard exos heroes

Otard is a respectable assailant that can contribute some littles damages thru responding to and also has an excellent mix of a solitary target strike in addition to an AoE ability. She does wonderful damages also without a fatecore upgrade yet mana intake is significant too. Brutal Axe bargains 420% damages to a solitary target while Destruction Blow does 285% damages on all targets.

Scarlet [Fire – Attack – Magical]

scarlet exos heroes

Scarlet is additionally a solid AoE damages supplier that can use her passive, Mana Utilization 2, to raise her strike better. Although she does require a great deal of mana for her spells, her passive can additionally be made use of to have her gain added mana. Chain Fireball does 142% damages to all opponents at the expense of 3 mana. Flames of Destruction bargains 285% damages to all opponents for 5 mana. Like most mages, Scarlet has reduced protection and also calls for some protective allies and also therapists to remain in battle long.

Sharpei [Darkness – Chaos – Physical]

sharpei exos heroes

Another solid legendary-grade assailant, Sharpei functions a little bit like Baraka and also has the possible to strike regularly than any person in the celebration. Her assaults are solid too and also can additionally drain pipes mana quickly yet her passive can be made use of to have her gain some added mana. Final Hit 2 allows Sharpei strike an opponent device whose HP goes down to 10% listed below and also makes her 1 mana if the opponent endures. Cross Execution bargains 252% damages to an opponent and also resets her turn if the target passes away. Feather Blast bargains 336% damages to all back row opponents.

Yao [Machine – Chaos – Physical]

yao exos heroes

Works practically like Sharpei, Yao additionally has possible to reset her turn and also function as a finisher. While much less offending than Sharpei, her strike lover can be really beneficial in a selection of group arrangements and also video game settings. She has Final Hit 2 as a passive and also Blooming Red Lotus is a solitary target damages ability that loads 360% damages. Eight Trigrams is an exceptional group increase that provides all allies an added 32% of her strike.

Exos Heroes B Class Legendary Heroes

With 25 fated-grade heroes and also 10 heroes in the above rates, these are the 4-star heroes you can still purchase yet just to a restriction. Although a few of these devices can be critical to a few of the video game’s web content. You can purchase them beforehand yet quit doing so when you safeguard a much better choice.

Astarte [Nature – Attack – Magical]

astarte exos heroes

Astarte stands as a fairly well balanced assailant as her strike statistics are not as high compared to various other aggressors yet she offsets it with suitable protection. She concentrates on solitary target assaults and also has the possible to gain added mana too to sustain the family member high prices of her abilities. Counter 2 aids her contribute littles damages when assaulted and also can gain her 1 mana if the target passes away. Spinning Attack does 420% damages to an opponent while Reckless Scratching deals a significant 840% damages.

Corgi [Fire – Chaos – Magical]

corgi exos heroes

There are a great deal of personalities in Exos Heroes that can deal damages gradually results and also about set you back, Corgi can spam it with the ideal colleagues. She has Focused Shot 2 as a passive and also Rhapsody of Explosions is the AoE strike that deals 51% damages with 31% DoT for 2 turns. Flaming Wave is additionally a respectable ability that loads 420% puncturing damages for 4 mana.

Deva [Machine – Chaos – Magical]

deva exos heroes

Like Sharpei and also Yao, Deva is additionally honored with a passive that can make her an assigned finisher for opponents with reduced HP. She can reset her turn with Acrobatic Dance too yet it is a little bit much more difficult to draw considering that it does just 72% damages to back row opponents and also have to eliminate a target for her count on reset. Lovely Arrow Shot is a respectable solitary target ability that loads 420% damages to an opponent.

Kirina [Frost – Chaos – Physical]

kirina exos heroes

Mostly well-known for her Dragon Scale of Blessing in mix with suitable offending abilities, Kirina might not be the very best legendary-grade assailant throughout all video game settings yet a guaranteed choice versus turmoil dragon raids. She has Final Hit 2 together with Dragon Hunter Blessing as passives. Shining Boomerang is a solitary target ability that deals 180% damages and also can reset her turn if it eliminates the target. Chain Slicer does 840% damages to a solitary target too.

Fergie [Machine – Support – Magical]

fergie exos heroes

As high as we choose assistance personalities that can really recover, Fergie’s abilities are wonderful to have particularly in groups where there is an additional assistance device that can concentrate on recovery. Fergie’s passive ability, Cleanse 2, enables her to eliminate debuffs and also damages gradually results on all allies and also makes her 1 mana and also lodges an added mana too if the target’s HP Is 20% or much less. Fan Meeting is a respectable AoE ability that does 102% damages to opponents and also lowers their strike by 19% of Fergie’s strike. Fantastic Time gives a protective obstacle to all allies worth 19% of Fergie’s wellness and also eliminates debuffs from them too.

Freesia [Light – Defense – Physical]

freesia exos heroes

For a protection kind device, Freesia hangs back various other containers regarding protective statistics and also abilities go, making her a not likely choice to be your storage tank if you have her in your celebration. Counter, Stun, and also Reflect Damage are great abilities to have, however, so if you have a group that can synergize well with her, she can be really beneficial. Thrust 2 allows her cause 30% of damages required to an opponent and also can stun the target for 5 turns if it strikes. She can acquire 1 mana from this ability too if the target’s HP is over 80%. Captain’s Will gives her back row allies show damages for 12 turns. Eviction Order is a solitary target ability that loads 300% damages to an opponent and also features a stun too.

Lepin [Frost – Support – Magical]

lepin exos heroes

Lepin has First Aid 2 similar to our favored therapists in the above rate as well as additionally has the capability to revitalize dropped allies with Blessing of Fairies.Light of Purification bargains 150% damages to a solitary target, gives Heal Over Time to allies, as well as additionally eliminates debuffs and also damages gradually results on them. While this is an excellent ability to have, single recovery is frequently much more reputable than HP regen, particularly in harder fights.

Luke [Fire – Defense – Physical]

luke exos heroes

Luke is a respectable storage tank considering his statistics and also abilities. Having a fatecore upgrade presently offered for him makes him a respectable storage tank to purchase. His easy ability, Block 2, causes prompt on opponents, provides him Heal Over Time, and also can additionally gain him added mana conditionally. Burning Hammer does 150% damages to a solitary target although it is very little offered his strike statistics. The added Provoke ailment it can lodge on the target increases its worth. Shield of Loyalty increases his HP by 53% for 9 turns and also allows him share his HP to allies.

Metron [Light – Chaos – Magical]

metron exos heroes

Metron presently stands as the only device in Exos Heroes that can approve Reflect Damage to the whole celebration. Beyond that, this lover means 16 turns and also provides all allies 1 mana. Clinch of the Absolute is additionally beneficial to have for employer fights with a 420% damages that features a curse that does 111% damages for 6 turns. Equally beneficial versus employers is his passive, Mana Absorb, as it eliminates an enthusiast and also makes him 1 mana with an added 1 if the target’s wellness is 80% or even more.

Monica [Frost – Chaos – Magical]

monica exos heroes

Monica might not be as functional as a few of the various other heroes we pointed out until now yet she has her very own usages. The Focus Fire Mark can gain her some added mana and also the decrease in evade and also obstruct of targets is an invited added. Magic Spear Charge has damages gradually results in addition to the 150% damages it deals to a solitary target. Magic Spear Rush, on the various other hand, has piercing result and also while it might just deal 420% damages, puncturing will certainly leave it to deal even more damages than regular.

Reedmarie [Frost – Chaos – Physical]

reedmarie exos heroes

Reedmarie functions a great deal like Monica yet has Dragon Knight Blessing and also has an AoE strike. She has Focused Shot 2 as passive along withDragon Knight Blessing Ultimatum bargains 120% damages to a solitary target and also lodges damages gradually too. Total Bombardment bargains 199% puncturing damages to all opponents and also is the ace up her sleeve.

Spica [Frost – Defense – Physical]

spica exos heroes

Spica might not be as tanky as various other protection devices yet she has a respectable collection of abilities, generally. Thrust 2 provides her counter, stun ability, in addition to a possibility to gain added mana. Reigning Strikes bargains 150% damages to a solitary target yet has worth for its freeze result that lasts 4 turns. Piercing Moon bargains 600% damages to an opponent for 4 mana and also while it might not be much for many opponents offered her strike statistics, it is important versus Monomos.

Vinity [Nature – Chaos – Physical]

vinity exos heroes

Vinity has great strike statistics and also reduced protection yet her abilities are suitable. A finisher passive, added turn opportunity and also back row targeting type component of her set. Final Hit 2 makes her strike a target that has 10% HP or much less and also makes her 1 mana if the target endures. Tumbling Shot bargains 96% to all back row opponents and also Approach Shot bargains 504% damages to a solitary target that can additionally reset her turn if the target is eliminated.

Exos Heroes C Class Legendary Heroes

Unless you are completely out of alternatives or if you have actually maxed out your major group and also require some devices for particular raids and also various other web content, you need to rule out buying these heroes. They are never poor yet merely drag in regards to total stamina or energy as compared to all heroes pointed out over. Perhaps we have actually not been detailed sufficient in screening every one of them yet prior to you determine to invest sources on them, reconsider.

April [Light – Support – Magical]

april exos heroes

For absence of a much better therapist, you can still utilize April in the very early video game web content. She has First Aid 2 for a passive, an AoE strike and also an AoE recover that heals all allies by 55% of her wellness and also eliminates debuffs and also damages gradually results too. Sky’s Doors expense 5 mana, however, and also while her passive ability might gain her littles mana, it is pricey.

Benten [Nature – Attack – Physical]

benten exos heroes

Benten has actually stabilized statistics, can respond to and also has both a solitary target strike and also an AoE ability. Dragon Knight Blessing is certainly a plus yet taking into consideration the whole plan, there are far better aggressors in the legendary-grade lineup.

Brook [Fire – Attack – Physical]

brook exos heroes

Brook has Dragon Hunter Blessing and also Counter 2 as passives and also has suitable solitary target abilities that set you back inexpensive. He has actually stabilized statistics too and also a fatecore upgrade yet at base, still hangs back various other strike devices in the very same quality.

Duncan [Machine – Attack – Physical]

duncan exos heroes

Duncan has ordinary statistics, a counter, a solitary target strike, and also an AoE ability. He is tolerable whatsoever as well as additionally hasDragon Knight Blessing Outside of Dragon Raids, however, there are far better challengers for major and even sub aggressors.

Heowon [Nature – Chaos – Magical]

heowon exos heroes

Heowon is an excellent suitable for group lineups choosing lengthy fights. He is a little susceptible yet poisonous substance can be made use of effectively in some video game settings. His passive, Mana Absorb 2, allows him gain 1 mana as he eliminates an enthusiast from an opponent and also both energetic abilities deal damages together with DoT thru poisonous substance.

Kinberra [Nature – Chaos – Physical]

kinberra exos heroes

Kinberra has puncturing damages and also poisonous substance under her set. Fit for lengthy fights too, her Ravia Bullet does 420% raw damages and also comes loaded with poisonous substance that deals 11% damages for 6 turns. It prices 5 mana, however, yet Focused Shot 2 additionally provides her a possibility to gain some added mana.

Leger [Light – Support – Magical]

leger exos heroes

Like numerous assistance devices over, Leger comes loaded with a total collection of the typical assistance abilities you would certainly intend to have in your group. She can recover, clean, and also revitalize dropped allies. Her heals are not as powerful as the heroes in the above rates and also her energetic abilities set you back 3 and also 5 mana, specifically.

Lyungen [Machine – Defense – Physical]

lyungen exos heroes

Lyungen is yet an additional protection device that does not sporting activity protective statistics similar to many containers. He can stun, shock, and also has a back row strike yet taking into consideration total energy, falls back all various other protection devices we have actually reviewed until now.

Obellia [Frost – Support – Physical]

obellia exos heroes

Obellia is an additional distinct assistance device that does refrain from doing any type of recovery. If you are up for 2 assistance personalities in your group, after that you might intend to consider her for protection increase for the group and also strike decrease on the opposite side. She can clean condition conditions too.

Pan [Fire – Support – Magical]

pan exos heroes

If protection decrease on the opponent group and also mana increase for your own will certainly function well for a collaborating group construct, after that Pan can fit right know your group. Pan does not have recovery abilities too so you maight intend to think about having an additional assistance device that can really recuperate HP.

Sefer [Darkness – Support – Magical]

sefer exos heroes

Sefer is additionally a distinct assistance device that concentrates on minimizing the opponent group’s possibilities of landing a vital hit. He additionally has Cleanse 2 as a passive.

Sernando [Light – Attack – Magical]

sernando exos heroes

Sernando functions similar to the reverse of Sefer and also has Call of Light to improve the essential hit of the group. He has Mana Utilization as an easy ability as well as additionally has an AoE strike. He can be beneficial with groups that have high crit prices to start with yet certainly not an excellent choice for major assailant.

Zeradin [Fire – Attack – Magical]

zeradin exos heroes

Zeradin is an inexpensive AoE damages supplier that has Mana Utilization 2 too. He is superb for damaging fire important guardian rocks on firing line and also does great damages for its family member prices. Definitely not appropriate as a primary assailant and also his worth is instead circumstantial.

Exos Heroes D Class Legendary Heroes

These are the heroes we prefer to avoid in the meantime. It does not always imply that they are pointless as each hero really has important abilities. From a relative viewpoint, however, and also taking into consideration the duties they should certainly play, these heroes have far better equivalents not simply within the 4-star quality yet particularly fated-grade heroes. As such, you need to just purchase them if you do not have far better heroes and also, once again, believe it with too.

Alexei [Frost – Defense – Magical]

alexei exos heroes

Bayer [Machine – Chaos – Magical]

bayer exos heroes

Bongkoos [Nature – Chaos – Physical]

bongkoos exos heroes

David Johnson [Fire – Attack – Physical]

david johnson exos heroes

Firis [Light – Defense – Physical]

firis exos heroes

Griesel [Nature – Defense – Magical]

griesel exos heroes

Guter [Fire – Defense – Physical]

guter exos heroes

Hawkeye [Light – Defense – Physical]

hawkeye exos heroes

Ivan [Machine – Chaos – Physical]

ivan exos heroes

Liechtenstein [Light – Defense – Physical]

liechtenstein exos heroes

Minea [Darkness – Support – Magical]

minea exos heroes

Nero [Nature – Chaos – Physical]

nero exos heroes

Nika [Machine – Defense – Physical]

nika exos heroes

Pitbull [Fire – Defense – Physical]

pitbull exos heroes

Risis [Nature – Chaos – Physical]

risis exos heroes

Tereia [Darkness – Support – Magical]

tereia exos heroes

Yorm [Machine – Chaos – Magical]

yorm exos heroes

Zarienne [Machine – Chaos – Magical]

zarienne exos heroes

And that finishes ourExos Heroes Legendary Tier List Understand that this set together with any type of various other rate listing is very opinionated and also will certainly differ with each gamer’s viewpoint. Just the very same, if you have actually played the video game for some time and also still uncertain regarding which from amongst your expanding collection of heroes deserve the moment and also financial investment, after that we really hope that our rate listing has actually supplied some knowledge.

With even more fatecore variations anticipated to find in addition to feasible modifications on some heroes’ statistics and also abilities in future updates, it might occur that some heroes’ worths will certainly be much better understood in the future. While fated-grade and also legendary-grade heroes are normally much more typically searched for, remember too that there are additionally 3-star heroes that can stand out particularly with fatecore improvements.

We anticipate that a few of your favored epic choices might not remain in the rate you feel they need to remain in based upon our overview and also we would certainly like to hear your viewpoint on them. Be certain to share your sights and also remarks regarding your favored heroes in the video game down listed below!


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